Astros Release Preliminary Spring Training Roster

The Houston Astros have released their preliminary Spring Training roster, raising expectations for the upcoming season. The team’s top prospects will have a chance to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot on the major league ballclub.

Don’t look now but pitchers and catchers report for Astros Spring Training on Valentine’s Day and on Saturday the Astros released their preliminary Spring Training roster. Baseball is almost back and with the recent signing of closer Josh Hader, expectations are once again climbing for a team that made its seventh straight ALCS in 2023. This seemed like a good time to peek at the Astros prospect invites to the Grapefruit League to see who might get an early shot at the big league ballclub.

Most of the team’s top prospects who are above A ball will be in Palm Beach this spring and while the roster is well stocked, we all know it only takes one injury or a bad slump for a young player to get his shot.Be honest. You looked at Whitely’s age and thought,”No way he’s only 26.” It feels as if the team’s former No. 1 prospect has been in the organization forever and, in fact, you’re not that far off. He has been building towards what everyone has hoped would be a solid major league career for seven years now and this might finally be his real (and perhaps last) sho

Source: HoustonPress