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Asteroid that killed dinosaurs was as powerful as 10 billion atomic bombs: Study

'Not all the dinosaurs died that day, but many dinosaurs did.'


Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was as powerful as 10 billion atomic bombs, new research finds.

'Not all the dinosaurs died that day, but many dinosaurs did.'

"We fried them and then we froze them," Sean Gulick, a research professor at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), said in a statement announcing their findings."Not all the dinosaurs died that day, but many dinosaurs did."

"It's an expanded record of events that we were able to recover from within ground zero,” Gulick added."It tells us about impact processes from an eyewitness location."

One of their biggest findings was that there was no sulfur in the core of the asteroid impact zone, but the area surrounding the crater was full of sulfur-rich rocks, researchers said in a statement. The lack of sulfur at the core supports a theory that the impact alone of the asteroid instantly vaporized sulfur minerals at the site, releasing them into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight and causing a global cooling.

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another joke. unproven theory passed off as fact And that AOC-hit piece you aired for GOP terrorists could do worse! Even get someone hurt! Why do I feel like ABC just sent me to 7th grade all over again? 🤔 Fake scientists. How did they know that? Only the almighty God knows what wiped out the dinosaurs.

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Was that AOC’s fault too? BoycottABC is that a lot Will an asteroid wipe out the human race? Wow The next one will be here when? Like 10,000,000,000 atomic bombs! And the earth recovered. Kinda makes you respect the earth even more. Humans need some perspective. Love how ‘scientist’ throw around huge numbers. ‘Inhabitable planet found, 253 thousand light years away’. ‘The earth is 350 Billion years old’. Just speculative garbage, that no one can ever verify how accurate or wildly inaccurate it really is. Just attention seeking nerds.

a big bang theory🤣 So what are we worried about? Both major powers have less than 10,000 combined. We need another one of those and fast! The dopey bastard's that vote DemoCunt and RepubliCant have destroyed this country. Politics has made everyone mentally ill. PLEASE hurry up and end this nonsense already haha

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There goes you’re climate change argument... aksluicy WOW!!! amandamayet94 Or maybe it was just an atomic bomb by an advanced race, to make way for humans... We don't need an asteroid to destroy us. We have Mr. Trump.... CBCAdrianH This brings to mind Samantha Bee calling Trump 'The asteroid that destroyed the party of dinosaurs' 😅

Who's to say that it couldn't happen again and wipe out mankind?! Reading a book and the author insists the meteors that have hit earth disintegrated a microsecond before impact and it was the propulsion’s force that created the craters. Had never heard the before. That's lovely 🙄

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Dopeness Science !!!!! Crazy! This can happen Again Wow it had to be to eliminate a Mass Race of Beasts or Dinosaurs.......... But would one stop a hurricane? And soon enough Man will destroy him self over greed. & this will trigger a new arms race 🤦‍♂️ I can’t seem to wrap my head around this theory More likely, a false flag operation by CIA. MKUltra leaks mentioned dinosaur genocide. Also, dosed T-Rex with LSD. Trust me, I’ve seen the documents. Used to be an asset.

Fake. We wouldn’t have earth lol All are myths unless God has proven it to us.

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