Asst. U.S. Attorney leaves Justice Dept. over Barr’s ‘slavish obedience’ to Trump

'This is a sad day for me when I feel it is necessary to speak out against the attorney general,' Phillip Halpern says. 'I've spent almost my entire life in the's therefore troubling when I see a bureaucrat basically supporting an autocrat'

10/16/2020 11:21:00 AM

'This is a sad day for me when I feel it is necessary to speak out against the attorney general,' Phillip Halpern says. 'I've spent almost my entire life in the's therefore troubling when I see a bureaucrat basically supporting an autocrat'

Phillip Halpern joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his resignation from the Justice Department after 36 years because of how Attorney General Barr has politicized the department “when he kowtows, acts as a lap dog to the president” rather than serving the interests of the American people.

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Former top special operations commander who oversaw bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Be loyal to me and you will be my favorite gulf coarse caddy. Also free trips around the world. Also money 💰 Money 💰 money 💰. So true!!! Hunter Biden for Secretary of State 2020!!! Sad day indeed that you decided now was the time to speak out against Trump since election is just few weeks away. Insurance Plan.

Why is it so hard for ppl to see thru DT! DishitUp310 He doesn’t want to be indicted along with Barr so he is taking the easy way out just before the landslide election. Rats jumping a sinking ship thinking they will get respect and sympathy. I think these people who are only now deciding to leave are just trying to save their careers

Eloka51 US Media is so compromised its scandalous realDonaldTrump has been raving about being set up & facts have proven that to be true. NOT ONE SINGLE person has been arrested or jailed or held to account. DOJ headed by his appointee has done nothing yet u claim.. Media-Fake News So interesting that Barr has never prosecuted a case in court. A political hack put into power by George HW Bush who would turn over in his grave watching this person make a mockery of the justice system.

Your fired. Beauracrats who will not do their job due to political motivations must be removed. Bar himself is on thin ice. There is ample evidence. We want to see indictments now. He is trying to placate Washington politicians. Delaying because of the election is chicken shit This is a good thing. Halpern has worked in government for 36 years and criticizing publicly through a leftist media outlet PROVES he is part of the problem DrainTheSwamp

pds53 Another one who lied under oath to serve trump. Barr needs to be in Prison. No matter who’s the elected president within the Oval Office- (The Power Is Within The Senate!)remember that when you cast your vote in 2020! That person has the “prerogative” to act outside of your & our country’s best interest for the next six years. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

The king and his jester Halpern? LOL. The absolute corruption of Donald Trump, corrupts everyone in proximity to him, William Barr made a pact with the actual Devil. He is not innocent 'the Devil made me do it' is no defense he made the bargain. Bye bye SWAMP creature. Barr is going be impeached along with Trump

Adam Schiff is at it again! He’s not trying to get to the truth of the Hunter Biden laptop, he’s trying to cover it up! That Hunter Biden has not denied the laptop or the information on it means he’s GUILTY! The Biden family has made millions from favors to China and Russia! Joe Biden created more jobs in China than America. And they paid him for it.

They thrive on Ignorance & Prejudice. Remember : Bill Barr is “little D’s” personal cadaver dog. It’s a Sad Day when the United States is Naive enough to let someone like Donald Trump make application for President with 0 Experience/Education and No Military Service and worst than that is requirements for President never “Amended” since it’s inception in the 17th Century!

He is right_ You have nothing of substance to say after you gave this mass murder a free town hall to spread his hate and disease on your platform, when hundreds of thousands could have been listening to Joe Biden spread his ideas of unity and grace!!! Shame on you MSNBC!!! Maybe 50-100 need to do the same thing to stick it in Barf’s ear or some other dark moist place. Biden could hire them back. This portly excuse for an Attorney General needs to inspect the Federal prison system FROM THE INSIDE! Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.

Lol another deep state DNC operative thinking by doing this he will change the outcome of the election and then he will go back again to his desk . Pathetic and desperate Hunter Biden needs to come out and tell the world that the laptop, emails and the porn found on it were not his. Both he and Joe Biden need to tell us that they did not benefit financially by political favors granted to China and Russia. That they haven’t means there GUILTY!

No one has been more wrong, more often than JoeBiden. He voted FOR the Iraq War, he opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden, he opposed killing Soleimani, he oversaw the rise of ISIS, and he cheered the rise of China as a “positive development” for America and the world. Good he needs to go with 1000 more of them

where is bill barr? Phillip Halpern is corrupt and was asked to resign. People are smarter then your propaganda MSNBC😎 Disgruntled employee. All this because we replaced the FREE milk with powdered creamer to SAVE AMERICAN TAXPAYER MONEY. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣impeach BARR🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Trump is NOT an autocrat, and thank God for that: we still have Congress, the Supreme Court, Federal District Courts, and State governments--HELLO?!?!?!?

CrookedJoeBiden Thank goodness Thank you Harris Biden🇨🇳 Another Dem gone yeah! Bye Follow for follow back ♥️ Thanks to President’s strong leadership during a pandemic the death rate in USA is much smaller then in many industrial countries, he organized coherent, the multilevel approach to protect us from virus and initiated vaccine production ,

This attorney is probably like a lot of other attorney in the justice department that went along with Clinton, Obama, Biden , about making up the Russian collusion story, getting out the way Orr did to keep from losing there retirement. puppet WHY DONNA SHE COULD NOT DEAL WITG TRUMP SHE DID MORE LAUGHING AND SMILING AT TRUMP POOR EXCUSE FOR MODERATOR WHEN DEALING WITH DOG TRUMP. GET A SERIOUS MODERATOR NEXT TIME PLEASE. DONNA JOKE. MS. RHULE CAN DO THE JOB.

JoeNBC JoeNBC Bill Barf is the love child of Fred Flintstone and Al Capone JoeNBC Ohh please you love it not sad at all nor are you not sad about not reporting on Hunter Biden He was fired JoeNBC Trump destroys everything he touches. Another deep stater, bites the dust. JoeNBC I do not believe this at all. I think AG Barr is cleaning up the political DOJ . Those who do not like the change or afraid of change maybe leaving. No one would believe AGBarr is a lap dog. Your a tool of the Dem Joe

JoeNBC Not buying this story....I’m sure something more will come out....remember there are two sides to every story. JoeNBC There should be many more following you. After 36 years he needs to leave. The video Democrats don’t want you to see! Nobody cares about the former bureaucrat Trump is doomed. His ignorance and arrogance about C19 is going to cost him the election big time. His defiance about the science and medical advice is mind boggling. He’s going down in a ball of flames, its killing him and he will become more unhinged as Election Day approaches

Адвокат Кожемякин назвал СБУ террористической организацией Kozhemyakin's lawyer called the SBU a terrorist organization Keep rising up people! Speak up! Embarrassing to every true patriotic servant of this Country. 🤦‍♂️ Could Trump and Barr share an elevator without the alarm bell sounding? A man with integrity. I applaud you. Well done.

Could Trump and Barr share an elevator without the alarm bell sounding? 🥸

U.S. Justice official accuses Barr of 'scorn for apolitical prosecutors'A recently retired federal prosecutor in California on Thursday became the third career Justice Department official to claim in a recent newspaper letter or op-ed that Attorney General William Barr has politicized the department. Bannon or Barr? Lookalikes.

Barr’s Justice Department Touts Fighting Gun Violence as Election ApproachesAttorney General William Barr’s priorities have dovetailed with President Trump’s law-and-order campaign message, a move critics say could boost Mr. Trump’s re-election chances. Did you just ⏰ ☝? Lol. Sure it will. He’ll just be the next coffee boy.

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Tommy Lee Swears He's Moving to Europe if Trump Wins ReelectionTommy Lee says he's leaving the U.S. if Trump wins the reelection. Where’s tommy been living the last 3 years? BYE hey MrTommyLand can I come with?

Michael Cohen writing book about DOJ and Trump world“It is fair and accurate to state that President Trump has weaponized the Department of Justice,” the president’s former attorney said in an interview. No body cares he is writing yet another book full of 'Trump is bad' garbage. Wow a whole second book that will end up in the $0.25 bin next to his first book? No.

U.S. court agrees to expedite government TikTok app store ban appealA U.S. appeals court on Wednesday agreed to fast-track a Justice Department appeal of a ruling blocking the government from banning new TikTok downloads from U.S. app stores. Memes are serious business No problem stalling Trumps taxes though Trashtok 🔱