Assault on female US service member by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss under FBI investigation

Assault on female US service member by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss under FBI investigation

9/25/2021 8:00:00 AM

Assault on female US service member by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss under FBI investigation

A female U.S. military service member was reportedly assaulted by several male Afghan evacuees being housed at Fort Bliss.

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on investigation is underway into an alleged attack of a female U.S. military service member by several male Afghan evacuees being housed at Fort Bliss.The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed to Fox News it is investigating a referral from a Fort Bliss Afghan refugee housing complex in New Mexico alleging that a woman, whose name and age are unknown at this time, was assaulted on Sept. 19 by a"small group of male evacuees."

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"We received the referral from Fort Bliss and our office is investigating the allegation," FBI Public Affairs Officer Special Agent Jeanette Harper told Fox News. Officials at Fort Bliss confirmed the report of the assault to Fox News."We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico," the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss Public Affairs said in an emailed statement."We take the allegation seriously and appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The safety and well-being of our service members, as well as all of those on our installations, is paramount."

The statement added that counseling and support has been provided to the service member."Task Force-Bliss is also implementing additional security measures to include increased health and safety patrols, additional lighting, and enforcement of the buddy system at the Dona Ana Complex," the statement continued."We will cooperate fully with the FBI and will continue to ensure the service member reporting this assault is fully supported."

Rep. Yvette Herrell, a Republican congresswoman who represents New Mexico’s 2nd congressional district, called the news a"vetting failure.""My prayers are with the courageous soldier and her family. This is yet another tragic failure in the vetting process for Afghan nationals," Herrell tweeted."The American people deserve answers."

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Some guy assaulted a female soldier? Hope she butt-stroked him with her AR. Now, I see you are ignoring AZ audit results Fox. Too busy stoking outrage/fear with negative partisanship? You are the problem. Liberal media bias is real, but your 'solution' is worse. TheWolfYouFeed Thank you, fox News for posting un-baised real information.

WSJ News Exclusive | Part of Air Force C-17 Fleet Undergoing Reset After Afghan MissionU.S. military cargo planes that led the emergency evacuation of Afghanistan over the summer underwent such heavy use that they are being taken out of service to undergo deferred maintenance and intensive cleaning. I am guessing this is more of a counter-intel check up to remove possible tracking devices. horrible How many Billions are we talking this time. Better planning, better execution, a few smarter Leaders could have saved us the global defeat and embarrassment we, and our Allies suffered with the poor Biden decisions. God help us and our Country in the coming Months.

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To protect Afghan girls, UN panel urges conditions on aidAid to Afghanistan should be made conditional to ensure the protection of women’s rights and access to education under the rule of the Taliban government, a panel of high-level speakers said at the United Nations. I’m Big Pimp Leadah In ZYE BlaKKK ZYE White Unity potus SecretService usairforce usarmy FBI NewYorkFBI FBIPhiladelphia FBIWFO FBIWFO FBILosAngeles September 17 2021 Friday Kabul Afghanistan We don't have equal omans rights here in the United States of America.This whole bullshit conversation about woman's rights in another Countries Culture is unnecessary babysitting.