AskScience AMA Series: Hey Reddit! We are scientists working with forest and tree height data, including land cover and carbon. Many of us use a combination of satellite and ground measurements in our research with NASA and beyond. AUA about trees and how they can help us regulate climate change. : askscience

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5/6/2021 9:01:00 PM

HAPPENING NOW: NASAEarth and university scientists answer your questions on Reddit! \r\r🌳👉 Don’t miss this opportunity to talk directly to experts involved with tree science and how they can regulate climate change. \r\rSubmit your ?s here:

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Tree science experts are standing by. Ask us anything!Nancy Glenn, Remote Sensing Researcher, Forest Ecosystems, Boise State University (NASA ICESat-2 Early Adopter)Erika Podest, Physical Scientist, Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Group, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Lola Fatoyinbo, Research Physical Scientist, Forest Ecology and Ecosystems, NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterPaul Montesano, Physical Researcher, Remote Sensing of Boreal Forest Structure, NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterPeder Nelson, Researcher and Instructor, NASA GLOBE Observer Land Cover Science Lead, Oregon State University

Brian Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Specialist, NASA GLOBE Observer Trees Science Lead, NASA Wallops Flight FacilityWe'll be online from 2-3 PM ET (6-7 PM UTC) to answer your questions. See you soon! Read more: »

Decoding the Queen's colorful style

As Britain's longest-reigning monarch, the Queen is both a cherished and consistent part of public life -- her image synonymous with stability and tradition to the British people.

Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO How Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO How it takes to me a astronaut Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO If humans weren’t here would the trees be growing out of control ? Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Nice pic Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Why would you be spending so much time studying the trees, when grasslands absorb more CO2?

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Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Vision to the ascent to the pearly Gates... Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Stupidity but just imagine if earth and mars both are stationary If we connect both planet outerspace with unbreakable long solid pipe if we push a stick from one end then how much time it take to react in other end ? 4 stick for binary data transfer 😁 .

Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Stupidity but just imagine if earth and mars have parallel distance and parallel orbit angle, If we connect both planet with unbreakable long solid stick or pipe if we push a stick in one end then how much time it take to react in other end ? 4 stick for binary data transfer 🤣

Covid: Liverpool health boss 'confident' in gig pilot successScientists will now analyse data after some 11,000 people attended a series of experimental events.

Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Awesome 👍 Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO NASA is awesome! Reddit is... not awesome. So I will not go there. Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Hiện đang thất nghiệp Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO ✍️✍️😊😊.... Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO J’aime l’idée du glucose dans l’arbre ils se suffisent à eux même un peut de soleil un peut eau et beaucoup oxygène 🥳

Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Has koulis to do with global warming? Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Very cool! Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO Beautiful 😎👍 echomachineuk ❤️ Earth reddit GLOBEProgram GO 🤘

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A giant Sequoia tree in California is still smoldering from last year's Castle FireA smoldering Sequoia tree that is still burning from the 2020 Castle Fire in California has been discovered by scientists and fire crews with the National Park Service Wow...what goes around surely comes around So if you read the article this is not necessarily a bad thing, fire is a natural process for reproduction for this tree

Suzanne Simard Changed How the World Sees TreesPathbreaking ecologist DrSuzanneSimard's research has yielded startling discoveries about tree sociality. She spoke with robertmoor_ about interspecies collaboration, tree sentience, and nature’s resilience Oh so this IS Amy’s Oscar DrSuzanneSimard robertmoor_ Protect the oceans! Thread: