Asked for second-term agenda, Trump flunks (for the fourth time)

.@MaddowBlog: Asked for second-term agenda, President Trump flunks (for the fourth time)

8/6/2020 11:03:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: Asked for second-term agenda, President Trump flunks (for the fourth time)

Over the last six weeks, interviewers have asked Trump to describe his second-term agenda four times. In each instance, he's struggled to an amazing degree

Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty ImagesfileGet the Msnbc newsletter.Aug. 5, 2020, 7:11 PM UTCBySteve BenenAppearing on Fox News this morning, Donald Trump was asked,"Mr. President, what is your second term agenda? What are your top priorities?" It was the fourth time is six weeks the president was asked this question -- the most obvious and basic of any president seeking re-election -- and

Judge removes Trump's public lands boss after governor sued Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court: sources Trump has decided to select Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court

he still struggledto answer it."I want to take where we left, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, we were better than any other country, we were better than we were ever -- we -- we never had anything like it in this country.... What I want to do is take it from that point and then build it even better."

He soon after transitioned to whining about Germany being"very delinquent" toward NATO.At this point, we could note that Trump claims about the economy during his first three years aredemonstrably ridiculous. We could also note that the president's ongoing confusion about how NATO works is tiresome.

But putting these relevant details aside, what's far more amazing is Trump's inability to think of anything he wants to do if he's rewarded with a second term. Read more: MSNBC »

Trump again casts doubt on whether he'll accept election result in latest unfounded attack on voting process

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he's not sure November's election will be 'honest' because of the use of unsolicited ballots, extending his baseless assertion that widespread mail-in voting is rife with fraud and again casting doubt on if he will accept the results of the election.

MaddowBlog MSNBC has failed repeatedly to become a news organization instead of the democrat party propaganda machine. MaddowBlog We will have a fantastic health care plan in two weeks morgfair MaddowBlog He needs to be asked WHY he PERSONALLY wants to be President. Not WHAT he will do. Ask it as a follow up again. “Yes, but you say your life was why not go back to being a civilian?” “What is driving you?” He actually has a knack for telling us exactly who he is.

MaddowBlog He doesn’t know what he is doing on a daily basis, let alone planning for the future, the guy is so self centred on what’s happening at the moment, he is deluded and lacks logic, thinking and basic human intuition. MaddowBlog Lemme guess....he’s going to make everything great (again)! Amirite?

MaddowBlog trump’s agenda: 1. Do want Putin says, 4. Guess what else Putin wants and do that too, 3. Destroy evidence, 9. Avoid prison MaddowBlog Improve his short game and putting MaddowBlog His second-term agenda is the win, that is why Jesus died on the cross and gave himself. So DT could win. Nothing else matters, it never has. It's like a reality tv show. Just like it. Do U people have any clue as to the pain this is causing, any at all?

MaddowBlog 1. Steal more $$$ from U. S. A. 2. Avoid prison 3. Kiss Putin's ass MaddowBlog I remember when journalists were respected, now just political hacks MaddowBlog Hello, Everyone I have to give this testimony of how Prophet Joseph intervene in my marriage, as I had a problem with my spouse 3years ago was solve by prophet Joseph, contact him email or whatsApp him on +1 724 634 8880

MaddowBlog ... because there is no second-term agenda. MaddowBlog Better billionaire businessman at least. MaddowBlog Yet, 40% of Americans want Trump to have a second term, why? To achieve what exactly? MaddowBlog His agenda is to stay out of prison MaddowBlog Remember when he said he’d date his daughter? Lol

MaddowBlog I like how you guys posted this like it was news or something. 😂 MaddowBlog Dropping the damn ball Veronicaromm MaddowBlog Flunking is his go-to move MaddowBlog Results of Bidens Cognitive tests are in 'Come on man you take Cocaine are you a junkie' 😂🤣😅 CNN does not want you to see this Bye-Done interview.

MaddowBlog omg he needs to resign already MaddowBlog There’s no agenda. Hate and bullshit. MaddowBlog He doesn’t even have a 1st term agenda!

Asked About John Lewis' Legacy, Trump Gripes He Didn't 'Come To My Inauguration''...he didn’t come to my inauguration. He didn’t come to my State of the Union speeches, and that’s okay. That’s his right. And, again, nobody has done more for Black Americans than I have. He should’ve come. I think he made a big mistake.” Mojón. He also said Trump was illegitimate president Nah...he’s not childish 😢

Fact check: Another Trump briefing, more Trump falsehoods on coronavirus and mail-in votingPresident Donald Trump's Monday afternoon appearance in the White House briefing room was replete with the now-familiar Trump fare: dishonestly upbeat assessments of the pandemic situation, a series of inaccurate claims related to mail-in ballots and exaggerations about his own accomplishments. Here are the facts. Analysis: CNN is not journalism. They are an advocacy group for the DNC. Just a goof briefing again TDS continues to overwhelm CNN!

An Actual Study Asked: Are Women With Endometriosis Hotter?After years of criticism from the medical community, the authors of a scientific study that aimed to measure the “attractiveness” of women with endometriosis have requested that the study’s findings be retracted I’m currently suffering in a lot of pain from endo, and without even reading the article yet, I want to smash my face into a wall, or better yet I want to start punching the misogynistic scientific/medical community in their collective throats. 🤬 Maybe they were trying to link it to higher estrogen. My pharmacists told me that painful PMS cramps can be due to higher estrogen levels. Not defending, just trying to reason why the attempt to make that link. NYMag Dumb bunny study!

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Trump says vote by mail in Florida is 'safe and secure' - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Is it mail in ballots or absentee ballots? Makes a difference. He loves contradicting himself and blaming everyone else for his contradictions. Another day in paradise.

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