Asian Women Stabbed in San Francisco, Heinous Attack Caught on Video

Asian Women Stabbed in San Francisco, Heinous Attack Caught on Video

5/7/2021 5:14:00 PM

Asian Women Stabbed in San Francisco, Heinous Attack Caught on Video

Two Asian elderly women were stabbed in a brutal attack caught on video.

Dion Lim, who first obtained the videoThe older victim suffered a punctured lung, and her family shared her X-ray showing the huge blade which doctors later removed.This is the x-ray of the knife in 85-year old Mrs. Fong’s body.⠀Like my previous Tweet of the video showing the stabbing— I sat on this photo & debated if showing it provided value & context. Here is why my team & I believe it can.

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This stop happening damm its not right find some else 2 do theses wannbe killers preyin in these people int ok the lies trump had made up d blood us in him fucking sob. BIDEN just sign a plan what us going on damn stop the killing if any race🆘❌🛑 Time for the Asian people to riot!!! This is disgusting! These violent acts must stop. Fuking racists

Got to stop these white supremacist!! VISIT MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT FOR DETAILS ! When are the media going to start talking about what’s been happening? Black people are repeatedly attacking Asian people in America!!! Elderly Asian most the time! From behind!!! Over & over again! It’s always black people doing the attacks in inner cities!!! Why the silence!

This seems to not be a random occurrence. Why did the description omit the race if the offender? Wow another black man attacking elderly Asian people. What a surprise Sounds like a hate crime to me. Why won’t the media show a picture of this pos? Does he not fit their narrative of what they want him to be?

Wtf u fucking monster!!! Why are ppl hurting these innocent ppl!!!!god I’d watching!!! StopAsianHate Alllivesmatter 🤨🤔

2 Asian Women Stabbed In San Francisco Amid Rise In Anti-Asian ViolenceAttacks on Asian Americans have spiked in the California Bay Area and nationwide since last year.

Let's all pray for the america 🇺🇸 THE MOST LUXURY VASË THAT BEEN USE MATIRIALS IN SUPER HIGH END WITH THOSE GOLD SILVER DIAMOND AND THOSE GEMS STONE SOMETIMES THE MATIRIALS IS MOON SOIL ! THE VERY VERY LUXURY VASE IN NAME OF Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon BY There has been bad blood between these two communities for decades. Black people need to remember they want our money, they don't give a damn about anything else. Patronize them or don't but don't attack them unless it's self defense.

Well TMZ, you left the color out........ .No need to read it. It was a couple of black guys that did it. If it was white people..It would have read 'Racist white people doing hate crimes...' TMZ is hilarious. 🤦🏾‍♂️ First ones to weep about racism (when it’s more about avoiding responsibility & education), first ones commit dumb ass crime on camera. I’ll never get it. What kind of education are they getting? San Andreas academy? Why are Asians being targeted? Dip💩 dumb. Enbarassing.

Kind of proof that anyone can be racist. WTF wrong was with these black people? Fking RACISTS If black people don't call out this behavior then they're also at fault. BLM at it again. Awful. Can we call it like we see it? Violence on Asians is predominantly perpetrated by black Americans

Two Asian Women Stabbed In San Francisco Amid Rise In Anti-Asian ViolenceAttacks on Asian Americans have spiked in the California Bay Area and nationwide since last year. 😩 no good luck StopAsianHate StopAAPIHate 😞 legacy left over from that dude who shall not be named 😐

Another situation where black white supremacists attack Asian people in one of the most liberal cities in the country. Why do black people hate Asians so much? Only BLM. Disgusting

Two Older Asian American Women Waiting At A Bus Stop Were Stabbed By A StrangerThe stabbing was one of at least four unprovoked attacks on Asian people in several cities this week. How awful, lease do not let this monster get away with this hate crime

San Francisco police arrest man accused of stabbing 2 Asian American womenA San Francisco man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed two Asian American women in broad daylight, police said. The 55-year-old man is suspected of attacking the women in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon before fleeing the scene, according to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Robert Rueca. San Francisco resident Patricia Lee, who was working at a nearby flower stand at the time, said she saw the knife-wielding man approach the women at a bus stop. Those white supremacists are at it again😤 Although I did not vote for Trump, there is no way I WILL SUPPORT BLM!!!

Two Asian women attacked with cinder block as they closed Baltimore storeThe incident was captured on store cameras. 'It was pretty hard to watch the two elderly women being smashed in the head with a brick,' Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said. How is he only being charged with aggravated assault? He repeatedly hit the women in the head with a cinder block, he was trying to take their lives. Cowards. Always elderly, always alone. I want to know who this POS is that watched and just walked out of the store while this was happening 🤬🤬🤬