Asian Americans call on NBC to cut ties with Jay Leno after dog-eating joke

The comedian’s jokes “are offensive and propagate false perceptions of Asian Americans as suspicious, uncivilized foreigners...,” one group said.

12/18/2019 4:26:00 AM

Asian American groups are calling on NBC to part ways with Jay Leno, a guest judge on “America’s Got Talent,” for racially insensitive jokes he allegedly made about the community. - NBCAsianAmerica

The comedian’s jokes “are offensive and propagate false perceptions of Asian Americans as suspicious, uncivilized foreigners...,” one group said.

Justin Lubin / NBC“We understand that humor often can be used to try to connect, open doors, or defuse a situation,” Jiny Kim, vice president of policy and programs at Advancing Justice | AAJC, told NBC News. “Unfortunately, Leno's attempt at humor serves no purpose and plays on stereotypes that are hurtful and close doors on understanding our diverse community.”

Leno, whose show “Jay Leno's Garage” airs on CNBC, (which is owned by NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News), and NBC declined to comment on the situation.According to Variety’s report, fellow judge Gabrielle Union had called on producers to report Leno’s joke to the network’s human resources. However, insiders told the outlet the issue was brought to an executive on the set but not to the department. Union’s contract on the show was not renewed after the season ended.

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NBCAsianAmerica it’s disgusting common knowledge that specifically in China IN FACT they do eat dogs. Cats too. They have a fucking festival that consists of the torture and killing of dogs... to eat. When they stop doing that horrible shit, maybe people won’t speak on it. NBCAsianAmerica Koreans kill Akita-dogs and pheasants of the national bird of Japan and tear a piglet, in anti-Japan demonstrations in Korea. These are too cruel images, I will post in following tweets.

NBCAsianAmerica Ridiculous. Some Koreans in Korea eat dog. NBCAsianAmerica Why the offence? Some folks eat the following more or less or none of the following: Horse. Rabbit. Squirrel. Dove. Quail. Duck. Goose. Turkey. Camel. Goat. Lamb. Cow. Dog..... Ethnic restaurants are known to be more expert in one of the above

NBCAsianAmerica He's a comedian. They were jokes.. It's time to stop this hyper sensitive stuff. NBCAsianAmerica Korean Americans abandon Korea and go to America. However, in the United States, they impose their unique Korean thoughts on Americans. NBCAsianAmerica and that's why it's TRUMP 2020 NBCAsianAmerica Isn’t the truth a defense against this nonsense?

NBCAsianAmerica He mentioned something Asian cultures actually dogs. Europeans eat horses. Why does anyone give a crap.? NBCAsianAmerica I think there is a joke to be made about every race. People you need to lighten up. NBCAsianAmerica I have friends in LA who have a dog that was actually rescued from a dog meat market in S. Korea. This is not a stereotype. This is real.

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NBCAsianAmerica But they eat over 2 million dogs a year so... NBCAsianAmerica For the Olympics in 🇨🇳 they purposely we told to remove Dog off the menu. Its back on now! NBCAsianAmerica Wow such miserable lefty's whish they would go back across the pond, but I shouldn't wish that on our allies! NBCAsianAmerica Wishing Jay out into the cornfield!! adamcarolla AdamCarollaShow

NBCAsianAmerica As soon as this Asian group denounces the Boknal dog meat festival in Korea, Jay's joke was not off line NBCAsianAmerica Ban all comedians and any other people with a sense of humor from saying funny shit! NBCAsianAmerica Isn’t Jay a comedian? It’s a joke, stupid. NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica

NBCAsianAmerica But Koreans actually eat dogs.

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NBCAsianAmerica Whatever you do; do not tell the truth NBCAsianAmerica Liberal cannibalism. NBCAsianAmerica But they DO eat dogs! NBCAsianAmerica False perceptions? According to the Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), approximately 780,000 to 1 million dogs are consumed per year in South Korea. NBCAsianAmerica Oh quit crying, you big babies. Everyone is so sensitive today, it's ridiculous.

NBCAsianAmerica Breaking: People big mad at the truth. More at 11. NBCAsianAmerica Asian Americans just want their fair share of outrage as they've been feeling left out. NBCAsianAmerica It it’s not even America’s Got Talent anymore! It’s a bunch invaders from other countries! NBCAsianAmerica F Leno. He was never funny. Never.

NBCAsianAmerica It's Funny because it's True!😂

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NBCAsianAmerica this world is turning into a bunch of candy asses NBCAsianAmerica Except that he was right.... NBCAsianAmerica Don’t mind Leno’s decades long service to the comedic world—or the potential many more years into the future. He said one thing that hurt a few people, so let’s destroy his career.

NBCAsianAmerica No they aren't. Koreans don't watch NBC, no one does. NBCAsianAmerica Some do eat dogs. It’s an old tradition, but some Koreans still practice it today. NBCAsianAmerica They do eat dogs, not a joke. NBCAsianAmerica Stop with the politicians correctness BS! NBCAsianAmerica Yawn.. Americans are pulling away from the outrage culture… Nobody rational gives a fuck

NBCAsianAmerica HuffPost cnnbrk reuters maddow Sorry, but dog meat is still consumed in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria and other countries. Most Americans find it disgusting. I think it's fair game for a comedian. Groups standing up for minorities need to pick their battles. NBCAsianAmerica 'Racially insensitive'? GMAFB

Snap-on CEO: We're never going to make China into America so we should stop trying'We're never going to make them the same,' because China values community over individuality, says Snap-on's Nicholas Pinchuk. Then maybe we should stop investing in China. Good for Chiba Good for China!

NBCAsianAmerica Onion skinned? NBCAsianAmerica Facts vs feelings. Fact, times are changing in S. Korea. Fact they used to eat dog all the time. Ask any service member that has been there. NBCAsianAmerica You need money to do that girl. They don’t care about Asians like us. Just sue their butts. 👊🏽

NBCAsianAmerica Callem out JAY LENO, maybe they’ll leave THE DOGS ALONE. NBCAsianAmerica Lol. NBCAsianAmerica but they do eat dogs in some Asian countries? Why are they upset by facts? 🤦🏽‍♀️ NBCAsianAmerica ...but they do eat dogs. NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica WTF is wrong with people.

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NBCAsianAmerica Get over it! And stop eating dogs, KOREA. NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Well....they do eat dogs...🤷‍♂️ NBCAsianAmerica Remove him for sake of decency. NBCAsianAmerica F them NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica The Cancel Culture has a new target in its sights. NBCAsianAmerica Comedy is dead and the pc crowd killed it.

NBCAsianAmerica Pussies everywhere

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NBCAsianAmerica Sad world NBCAsianAmerica Considering Koreans eat around 1 million dogs per year then it's not a stereotype. It's a fact. NBCAsianAmerica I cannot get enough of stories about leftists getting a dose of their own medicine. I always find it ironic that it's free speech advocates on the right who come to their defense. A simple thank you Jay will suffice.

NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica They do wat dogs? NBCAsianAmerica When you're raised by leftist to believe you're special and your feelings are important... no wonder there are millions of emotional weak people out there. The leftist 'YOU MUST THINK LIKE US' crowd are making nazis look like monks. NBCAsianAmerica False perceptions that are true

NBCAsianAmerica I lived in Korea, they DO eat dogs. NBCAsianAmerica Nothing like a big plate of sweet n sour chihuahua ...mmmm! NBCAsianAmerica Notice how Leno isn’t being accused of slander though...

NBCAsianAmerica Cancel culture at its best. He’s a comedian. Like so many who have come before him, he makes jokes about life, society and the world as he sees it. Lighten up. Dont take it so seriously. You’re not that important. NBCAsianAmerica Didn't an Asian win the Nathans hotdog eating contest a few years ago🤔

NBCAsianAmerica Is it a fact or not that Koreans eat dogs? YES? or NO? If they do then what's the issue with Leno?🤔 Or are we as a society approving of dog eating now? NBCAsianAmerica At least he didn’t comment on the scarcity of cats, in the vicinity of Chinese restaurants! 🙀 NBCAsianAmerica He should leave because he’s not funny.

NBCAsianAmerica Witch hunters, I hate collectivist communities like that, they're like an angry mob NBCAsianAmerica Who gives a shit NBCAsianAmerica But it’s perfectly ok to shit on white people when ever you want. Fact: Koreans eat dogs! NBCAsianAmerica Koreans do eat dogs. They torture them because they think it makes them taste better. It's disgusting and it needs to stop. Vanderpump rescues dogs from Korea all the time. Jay is right. Leave him alone.

NBCAsianAmerica Ok but it looks like he wasn't joking

NBCAsianAmerica Lol. NBCAsianAmerica He joked about Koreans eating dogs. According to USA Today, they eat about 1 million dogs per year in South Korea. NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Relax he is a comedian. They do eat dogs over there anyway 😄 NBCAsianAmerica we can't even tell the truth without some dog eating group getting their panties in a wad?

NBCAsianAmerica What a joke... no pun intended.. toughen up NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Who cares, screw them if they can't take a joke. NBCAsianAmerica

NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Don't do it. If ya can't take a joke..... NBCAsianAmerica Jay Leno is still alive? 🤷🏼‍♀️ NBCAsianAmerica Dog's are tasty, and that's nothing to laugh at.. NBCAsianAmerica As someone once said: 'Did you hear about the Chinese Godfather? He made them an offer they couldn't understand'

NBCAsianAmerica Who'll think of the puppies? NBCAsianAmerica 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 NBCAsianAmerica Don’t these people realize that eating a dog is like, well...EATING A FRKG DOG!?!?! NBCAsianAmerica Quit dogging Jay Leno. NBCAsianAmerica Truth Hurts?

NBCAsianAmerica Filipino men eat dog for sport. Fact. NBCAsianAmerica Show some back bone NBCAsianAmerica But it is true. Dog eating is almost exclusively an Asian thing. NBCAsianAmerica My husband and I saw him at Purdue when we were grad students in '89. He has hilarious. We saw him again two years ago at the Chautauqua Institute. Worst show I have ever attended, very unfunny and inappropriate for the audience.

NBCAsianAmerica Oh FFS! Dog eaters get offended? NBCAsianAmerica Thats what you get in a multi cultural and multi racial society. A degeneration of everything. Always watching what you say and do. Thats exactly what the gov loves as they get to take your rights from you drip by drip. NBCAsianAmerica OMG so insensitive!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯how dare you, comedian!!!

NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Maybe they should address the act of dog-eating first? NBCAsianAmerica That is what jokes are meant for. When there was no internet and your sorry asses weren't able to twist public's opinion so much, people like George Mikes were writing books like 'how to be an alien' and they were praised for it. The it should be. It is a joke. Grow a pair.

NBCAsianAmerica This is ridiculous. South Korea has Dogs farms and they eat dogs. Many of the farms are in horrible conditions, but sadly the dog eating market still in demand. SaveDogsLives EndDogsFarming NBCAsianAmerica Well then should stop eating dogs. It's a thing in Asian countries. You didn't know that?

NBCAsianAmerica Liberals are horrible creatures, and the biggest hypocrites on Earth. NBCAsianAmerica Truth strike a nerve or something, sucks... Can't censor the entire internet NBCAsianAmerica NBCFAKENEWS carries water for unhinged leftists. NBCAsianAmerica They shouldn't be eating dogs! This was supposed to be banned in South Korea, but it obviously didn't happen. Honestly, it's sick & should be stopped. Makes you wonder how many pets were stolen & eaten by them. They skin them and cook them while their still alive. Disgusting. Sad

NBCAsianAmerica 70 yuan a kilo... NBCAsianAmerica If these people really cared they would rescue dogs from places that eat them!! NBCAsianAmerica Are the embarrassed that they eat eat dogs and cats (pets in the western world)? NBCAsianAmerica Leno will be fine. He has his bank account. I feel for all the up and coming comedians who are creatively stifled in our new outrage environment. It’s got to suck.

NBCAsianAmerica But don't they? YouTube that shit. It's no secret. NBCAsianAmerica To many in society are offended by the truth! NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Yawn. Whatever. NBCAsianAmerica Death by PC cancel culture.. Shake my damn head 🤦‍♂️ When will the insanity end? NBCAsianAmerica What makes you look uncivilized is not being able to take a joke 🙄🙄🙄🙄

NBCAsianAmerica Racially insensitive jokes? Korean do eat dog, and they have dog farm. NBCAsianAmerica Lol😂😂😂....i always go to that joke with my Asian friends. NBCAsianAmerica But they do eat dogs, it’s a delicacy meant to give men more vigor.... speak the truth and get slapped seems to be the new norm in America.

NBCAsianAmerica 🙄

NBCAsianAmerica Really?! People need to stop being so SENSITIVE... it’s a joke... NBCAsianAmerica Official response from Jay Leno: 'Screw you NBC!' NBCAsianAmerica Then they should stop eating them NBCAsianAmerica There's actually a festival where they eat dogs. NBCAsianAmerica I've been to Asia. There is alot of dog eating there.

NBCAsianAmerica Oh no, Mi Tu Low... Wee tu fuk.. ho lee fuk NBCAsianAmerica Unless nbc is beholden to any Asian entities, you tell them to get a sense of humor and piss off NBCAsianAmerica What do they think is going to happen to someone who is retired and only makes sporadic guest appearances? NBCAsianAmerica Korean Karen demands to speak to a manager. There, I fixed the headline for you.

NBCAsianAmerica But they do eat dogs.

NBCAsianAmerica 🌈🌈🌊🌊🦋We definitely need to go over some sensitivity training. Jokes are no longer acceptable, especially about non white people. We need to have “the talk” cause it is getting out of hand. Love first!resist. Hugs and giggles NBCAsianAmerica Fire all the late night idiots and bring this man back so I can laugh again! jayleno is the best!

NBCAsianAmerica What's the big deal? NBCAsianAmerica Jay Leno vs. The Dog Eaters. Put me on team Leno. NBCAsianAmerica I thought Obama ate dogs? NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica You mean 'five crazy people'. NBCAsianAmerica Kimmy. Get over it. NBCAsianAmerica Yeah, what a terrible joke to make..... Meanwhile, they actually do eat dogs. So yeah, what's the bad part, saying they eat dogs or them eating dogs? Looks like these worthless people are offended by him saying they eat dogs, but not them actually eating dogs.... 2+2=morons here.

NBCAsianAmerica Uhh, well

NBCAsianAmerica Something tells me Jay Leno don’t give a shit. NBCAsianAmerica Its a joke. NBCAsianAmerica They’re throwing him to the wolves. Which is kind of ironic. NBCAsianAmerica jay will never get that job at SNL now 😆 no one is safe NBCAsianAmerica These Asian Americans don’t like the truth.

NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica Oh good grief. NBCAsianAmerica Leftists suck all joy out of life. They are miserable and seek only to afflict others with their misery. Humor is not allowed, while perpetual victim vomit is celebrated. NBCAsianAmerica These Asian groups are all bark and no bite. NBCAsianAmerica I mean it is kinda true...

NBCAsianAmerica They should have to prove his point wrong... NBCAsianAmerica FFS 🤦‍♂️ NBCAsianAmerica But they do eat dogs. Chinese too. Why would they find that offensive? NBCAsianAmerica It’s time to stop the insanity. Don’t give money to NBC Xfinity Comcast the shit starters ☠️👈🏼 NBCAsianAmerica Let's not be insensitive about Italians eating pasta!

NBCAsianAmerica The irony here is a country eating itself alive NBCAsianAmerica Aisian country's do eat dogs. I'm confused on the insensitivity. NBCAsianAmerica People in America 2019 are soft. NBCAsianAmerica From a cat’s point of view, nothing to complain about. NBCAsianAmerica How is it racially insensitive when stating the fact that Koreans DO eat dogs?

NBCAsianAmerica I have been to several Asian countries, and I know for a fact that some of them do eat dogs and cats. So I don't see what the problem is. The only ones complaining are Asian people that have only lived here their whole lives I bet you. NBCAsianAmerica No they are not. NBCAsianAmerica List of Asian American groups please...?

NBCAsianAmerica That shit right there is why SJWs suck balls NBCAsianAmerica 😂😂😂😂😂😂 NBCAsianAmerica A comedian told a joke......the Horror NBCAsianAmerica They just feel guilty and ashamed for eating the dogs. NBCAsianAmerica Don't they have a really big dog eating festival in S Korea? NBCAsianAmerica sounds like someone struck a nerve? hit a little to close to home?

NBCAsianAmerica Koreans do eat dogs.

NBCAsianAmerica Liberals. Ruin. EVERYTHING NBCAsianAmerica Stop giving into this crap!! People are offended by everything..... NBCAsianAmerica 👏🏽THEY 👏🏽DO 👏🏽EAT 👏🏽DOGS NBCAsianAmerica Koreans literally eat dogs though. They have entire festivals about it. NBCAsianAmerica It wasn’t a joke. Like it or not; digs are still used as food in South Korea. Get off your high horse NBCAsianAmerica

NBCAsianAmerica Pesky hate facts NBCAsianAmerica Please. Good grief. NBCAsianAmerica Thanks Dems. Comedy is dead. Ugh! NBCAsianAmerica Gaegogi boknal SouthKorea NBCAsianAmerica In this age of scientific advancement would it be possible to have a humor gene implanted into some people. I'm offended, that they are offended. cancel culture cancel culture cancel culture

NBCAsianAmerica People need to get over themselves and their fake outrage. If you don't like Jay Leno then don't watch him. Everything is going to be okay I promise. NBCAsianAmerica They do or don’t eat dogs? NBCAsianAmerica Don’t they? NBCAsianAmerica Somehow, he'll scrape by.💵💵💵 NBCAsianAmerica Get over it

NBCAsianAmerica When you're a comedian everybody is fair game I don't think there is a group that he hasn't joked about. NBCAsianAmerica Triggered NBCAsianAmerica It’s a joke. NBCAsianAmerica Once had Chinese nationals from the PRC living near me in Irvine and they ate a small dog as if it was a normal thing to do. By Western standards many of the Chinese and Koreans are barbarians, so spare us the PC nonsense.

NBCAsianAmerica Nobody has a sense of humor social media is ruining our society and snowflake can cry now. You used to write a letter to the editor showing glimpse of intelligence.

NBCAsianAmerica Oh ENOUGH 😩 w/ the overkill of Political Correctness. He’s one of the nicest guys, & sorry... He was funny, which was his job, & that of His writers. Don’t like him, Don’t Watch🥴 You Have a choice, so stop the demands to appease personal discontent 🤐🚫 NBCAsianAmerica YES!! 1,000,000 dogs were eaten in Korea last year. MAKE SURE TO HIDE THIS AND DECRY LENO FOR TELLING TRUTHS.

NBCAsianAmerica Well its funny.....and hes a comedian....soooo NBCAsianAmerica It’s just a joke calm down PC crowd stop killing fun NBCAsianAmerica Ahhh shit another hurt feels? NBCAsianAmerica Then stop eating dogs! NBCAsianAmerica Yeah so I was just in China and had dog’s a winter dish NBCAsianAmerica They just won assholesoftheday award

NBCAsianAmerica This article is a joke. NBCAsianAmerica Sum yung sun did not like jay’s comments This PC bullshit is getting so old! He’s a comedian and it’s not racist if it’s true! They do eat dog meat in the east. Want a tissue? It was funny 17 yrs ago and it’s funny today. Get a life! Is everyone as sensitive as the alphabets?

NBCAsianAmerica Do people wake up and see what can offend them daily? Who fn cares NBCAsianAmerica You can’t regulate comedy, puritans. NBCAsianAmerica These people do realize he’s a comedian right? NBCAsianAmerica So they are calling themselves dogs? A logical interpretation of a well known saying.

NBCAsianAmerica Don’t touch Jay Leno or any comedian.... tell your audience to grow up NBCAsianAmerica NBC, known for pushing the false Covington High School and Jussie Smollet canards and other identity politics is being chased down for failure to adhere to the politically correct guidelines from leftist activists. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

NBCAsianAmerica Asians angry because a comedian did his job. 🙄 NBCAsianAmerica Get a life. And BTW some do eat dogs. NBCAsianAmerica Is this the line to feign outrage? NBCAsianAmerica

NBCAsianAmerica Stop eating dogs NBCAsianAmerica My phone just broke. Is there any Asian available for repair? NBCAsianAmerica Enough with liberals being offended by a joke, get a ride NBCAsianAmerica Eventually the left will come for you. Katiemay70 NBCAsianAmerica Thanks NBC for diverting / deflecting / distracting from reality and facts and re-focusing on pop culture instead of our American President, Adloph Mussolini Jerry Springer Celebrity Apprentice, Rush Limbaugh Oxycotin, 'You can grab them by the pssy if you're famous.'

NBCAsianAmerica They cook live dogs in China Yulan Festival NBCAsianAmerica Have they learned how to drive yet? NBCAsianAmerica They've no sense of humor. Perhaps in bad taste, but humor nonetheless. Grow your skin. NBCAsianAmerica Wah. The Perpetually Offended cult has yet another reason to pretend to be offended.

NBCAsianAmerica I wonder who has brain. Def not this dude. He is so irrelevant now

NBCAsianAmerica Clearly they don’t understand the “jokes” part of this 🤦‍♂️ NBCAsianAmerica Stereotypical? Sure. But not racist. If it were a cow, pig, and chicken and he said it looked like an American fast food menu, there would be 0 stories about it. NBCAsianAmerica Correction: Joyless morons are calling for him to be fired.

NBCAsianAmerica Who gives a shit NBCAsianAmerica They do still eat dog in Korea... WTH? NBCAsianAmerica Its a frivolous call to part ways but it was also crass thing to say yet partially true as sadly they do eat dogs in Asia and some people in Canada & US etc where ever they are still eat traditional foods.

NBCAsianAmerica Yeah fire that racist shlthead! No more Kang-Poo chicken for him! NBCAsianAmerica People need to grow a pair! NBCAsianAmerica This is getting ridiculous when you go after Leno. Besides eating dogs in Korea is a real thing just not as much recently. No reason to cut ties he wasn't talking about Americans with Korean roots

NBCAsianAmerica I don't watch this crappy show but I don't think Jay would say anything wrong. People now are too Damn sensitive.

NBCAsianAmerica get Jussie to replace him! NBCAsianAmerica Honestly, Jay has always been a jerk. NBCAsianAmerica PC culture 👎🏽 NBCAsianAmerica Is anybody else starting to side with people who have checkered pasts because they are being unfairly attacked? NBCAsianAmerica Don’t like someone’s views, get them fired. 🤷‍♀️ 2020 is gonna be lit

NBCAsianAmerica This is ridiculous NBCAsianAmerica I didn't hear the remarks but comedians have no sacred cows - nor should they. Sacred cows give power to racist commentary. NBCAsianAmerica Stop getting offended

Jay Leno and Shin Lim on "America's Got Talent". Justin Lubin / NBC “We understand that humor often can be used to try to connect, open doors, or defuse a situation,” Jiny Kim, vice president of policy and programs at Advancing Justice | AAJC, told NBC News. “Unfortunately, Leno's attempt at humor serves no purpose and plays on stereotypes that are hurtful and close doors on understanding our diverse community.” Leno, whose show “Jay Leno's Garage” airs on CNBC, (which is owned by NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News), and NBC declined to comment on the situation. According to Variety’s report, fellow judge Gabrielle Union had called on producers to report Leno’s joke to the network’s human resources. However, insiders told the outlet the issue was brought to an executive on the set but not to the department. Union’s contract on the show was not renewed after the season ended. The Asian American groups note that Leno has made the racial group the subject of his jokes in the past. In 2002, the comedian did a bit on Kim Dong-sung, a South Korean Olympic short-track skater who had been disqualified in the 1,500-meter speedskating final . In a monologue, Leno remarked that Kim"was so mad he went home and kicked the dog, and then ate him." “Jay Leno has repeatedly used this tired stereotype throughout his career — it was offensive 17 years ago, and it’s still offensive today,” Jiny Kim added. “This behavior must stop.” The Council of Korean Americans, another group that demanded NBC sever ties with Leno, explained in a statement that the comedian’s jokes “are offensive and propagate false perceptions of Asian Americans as suspicious, uncivilized foreigners engaging in repugnant practices.” Abraham Kim, executive director of the organization, noted that though some may brush Leno’s remarks off as harmless humor, the jokes aren’t innocuous, especially when taking into account the little coverage Korean Americans receive in the media. “The problem is that Korean Americans, who are not well-represented in the media and entertainment, are being disparaged and misrepresented by these comments made by public figures like Jay Leno,” he said. “Mr. Leno continues to repeat these comments in different settings.” Kimmy Yam