Asian American moms are afraid to take their children out in public

'No, I don’t feel safe. And yes, I do feel a little ashamed to admit that.”

4/7/2021 10:21:00 PM

Asian American moms are afraid to take their children out in public nowadays

'No, I don’t feel safe. And yes, I do feel a little ashamed to admit that.”

Kansas City mom Jollene Kuo Hastings was out on a walk with her two young sons wearing masks when she noticed a couple looking in their direction and whispering to one another.“As we approached a middle-aged white couple, I noticed their unmistakably disapproving looks directed at us,” Kuo Hastings told

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TODAY Parents. “We were coming up on passing each other when they quickly darted across the street. It was very apparent that they wanted to avoid passing us — so much so that they felt the need to get on a completely different sidewalk.”Kuo Hastings said that she still goes out in public with her sons, but she feels nervous.

“I want to believe in the goodness of people, and that most would show kindness towards children, but with the increasing amount of crimes against Asian elders, I question all those things,” she said. “I approach the public with heightened awareness right now, but I refuse to live in fear.”

Jollene Kuo Hastings said she feels it is a priority to teach her two sons to embrace their biracial identity.Courtesy Jollene Kuo HastingsKuo Hastings told TODAY she definitely has heightened awareness since the pandemic started.“I am not oblivious to people

calling COVID-19 the ‘China virus’or the general xenophobic climate,” she shared. “But I remain committed to teaching them about their cultural history so they can proudly embrace who they are, understand racism, and stand up for social justice.”In the face of hate, Asian American moms say they're raising their children to be proud of their heritage.

"I want my boys to be wholly proud of their identity," Kuo Hastings said."I have been diligent about raising them bilingual, celebrating every relevant holiday, and exposing them to all aspects of Chinese culture." Read more: »

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