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Asia-Pacific markets open higher after U.S. jobs report missed expectations

Asia-Pacific markets set to trade mixed after U.S. jobs report missed expectations

5/10/2021 2:49:00 AM
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Asia-Pacific markets set to trade mixed after U.S. jobs report missed expectations

U.S. nonfarm payrolls were weaker than expected in April, with employers adding 266,000 net jobs.

shed 1.5% over the same period."A big miss for non-farm payrolls was another case of 'bad news is good news' for US equities on Friday. The 266k addition would in normal times be extremely impressive but it shocked the market that was expecting nearly four times that number," analysts from Australian bank ANZ wrote in a morning note.

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Asia-Pacific markets set to trade cautiously as investors worry about inflationFutures contracts tied to Japan 's Nikkei 225 and Australia 's benchmark ASX 200 pointed to opening losses.

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