As Trump threatens to ban TikTok, Sarah Cooper mocks him, again, on the platform

As Trump threatens to ban TikTok, Sarah Cooper mocks him, again, on the platform

8/1/2020 10:03:00 PM

As Trump threatens to ban TikTok, Sarah Cooper mocks him, again, on the platform

After President Trump threatened to ban Chinese-owned TikTok, Sarah Cooper took to the app to impersonate him yet again and explain'how to tick tack.'

TikTok,whose primary user base is Generation Z,is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. Earlier this month, the president told Greta Van Susteren that he was considering blocking the app from operating in the U.S. as a form of retaliation against China because of “what they’ve done to this country and to the entire world” in regards to the coronavirus.

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Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo has said thatTikTok is a national security threatthat exposes users’ data, though no proof has been offered showing such supposed breaches have been used against the U.S. TikTok responded to the claims by insisting in a statement that it had “never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would we do so if asked.”

Cooper, meanwhile, has become one of the app’s biggest draws. The 42-year-old saw her videos go viral this spring in the midst of the pandemic.Advertisement“People are having a good laugh when it’s really hard to laugh,” she told The Times in June."Trump is an amazing comedy writer without realizing it. There were so many moments I was able to use. I put the video out within a few hours of him saying those words. A lot of people said they saw the parody before they saw the real thing, which made it not only good content but newsworthy.”

In a review of her satire for The Times,theater critic Charles McNulty called Cooper“a postmodernist with a satiric slyness and a genius for editing” whose “timing is uncanny” as she “italicizes with her expressions the variations in his wobbling.”Cooper said she views her TikTok videos as a way to force viewers to reckon with — or fact-check — some of the president’s most outlandish statements.

“It seems like we’ve been gaslighted for 3½ years,” she said. “Now he’s saying ridiculous things that make no sense, but people are nodding and no one is calling him out. That frustration is part of the reason why I wanted to do something like this.”

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So, the famous Sara Cooper. Who’s the retarded chick Who? No one knows or cares about Sarah cooper. News worth paying for is no longer a thing at the LATimes. Children are running the place. sigh 🙄 I see its a slow news day at LAT Looks like her gravy train for NOTHING is about to come to an end. 1. Who the fuck is Sarah Cooper? 2. Who gives a fuck what she says?

Did she mock Adam Schiff for speaking out against tiktok? How is this a news story, is it that slow today? Maybe report on the go huge ass fire in Riverside County. Sarah who? Not sure “mocking” is an accurate description. She’s literally just moving her lips to what POTUS says. If it’s funny, it’s because of what POTUS says. And it cannot be the HOW - by definition - it’s WHAT he says. And frankly, it should give us all pause. POTUS = joke!

TikTok the most stupid platform ever, illiteracy conquers the world! Who? even trump loves sarah cooper... Oh look, some facts. Is she going to take on Bezos, at Amazon, for why he banned it there? Everybody get yourself a tiktok_us account and mock trump TikTok till Nov. 3 🇵🇷🦅Vote Other governments agree...The evidence of Chinese spying is there...But the LA Times....Orangeman still Bad!

Cool She gets todays C_upid St_unt Award. How is this news? A lot of Pro Communist folks on TikTok She's dumb...Ted Cruz: How is allowing the Chinese Communist Party the power to monitor & spy on our kids—and steal their personal data—in any way consistent with “free expression”? I thought y’all generally opposed government surveillance? Or is it OK when done by communists?

Yes we don’t need the Chinese Communist Party stealing our information TYVM. LA Times are you really going to these lengths to defend tiktok just to spite Trump... this is not only sad but disturbing! Stop threatening me LA Times is not a legitimate news gathering organization. It is merely DNC propaganda masquerading as honest journalism. There isn't an occupation worthy of less respect than an employee of the LA Times. Including streetwalking crackwhore.

She’s got 2m followers on twitter she can continue to mock him minus the CCP’s interference in social media Isn’t freedom of speech GRAND Am I supposed to know who Sarah Cooper is? L.A., please... These are the officials working for the Chinese Government! I ❤️ sarahcpr

Critics Convinced Trump Wants TikTok Banned Because Sarah Cooper Is Driving Him Nuts'Sarah Cooper is being mean to me! I don’t like it when girls are mean to me!' mocks one Twitter wag. India and Japan are in on it, apparently. Some things are just laughable.....this is one of them Shes not even funny

Trump to ban China-owned TikTok from USUS President Trump's move comes following a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which investigates deals affecting US national security. Will ban * Afflicted by Sinophobia.

Trump to order China’s ByteDance to sell its share of TikTokPresident Trump will reportedly order China’s ByteDance Ltd. to divest its ownership of the popular U.S.-based video app TikTok. China banned US apps in its country. US buys chinese app money money 😂

Microsoft Reportedly Considering Buying TikTok As Trump May Force U.S. SaleI am a Texas native covering breaking news out of New York City. Previously, I was a Forbes intern in London. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University. This means tik tok coming back to India? Microsoft satyanadella Why would you do that? Coming from best class enterprise solutions to this cheap video App. Take your Sway app to retail consumer to counter this. Look at the trust deficit TicTok carries. I don't believe you can play around with the brand 'Microsoft' Here comes Bill Gates to rescue CCCP enterprise and its agenda......

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Teen Fave TikTok As Trump Ramps Up PressureMicrosoft is in talks to acquire TikTok, the hugely popular Chinese-owned app, just as the Trump administration considers taking action against the app — including banning it. Still won't use it. i can't believe such a thing Chinese owned app is going Microsoft.

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as SaturdayPresident Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he will act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States. awh:( is the big baby upset Tik tok should ban trump instead Will JustinTrudeau man up ban app too?