Jay Duplass, Tribeca 2021, Tribeca Film Festival

Jay Duplass, Tribeca 2021

‘As of Yet’: Film Review | Tribeca 2021

‘As of Yet’: Film Review | Tribeca 2021

6/15/2021 9:33:00 PM

‘As of Yet’: Film Review | Tribeca 2021

Taylor Garron and Chanel James co-direct this film exploring two friends learning to communicate during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted, among many other parts of life, how people communicate. As conversations migrated to Zoom, nonverbal gestures — eye contact and subtle facial expressions — were harder to discern, making it more difficult to talk about needs and set necessary boundaries.

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As of Yet,a new film directed by Taylor Garron and Chanel James, delightfully, if slightly predictably, tackles those challenges.Like many New Yorkers, Naomi (Taylor Garron) has spent the early days of the pandemic trying to stave off boredom by cobbling together a routine, leaning into retail therapy and dressing up just to feel alive. She dances around her apartment, cooks semi-elaborate meals, Facetimes with her family and schedules virtual happy hours with her friends and cousin. She’s also started a video diary, although she’s not really sure why.

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“This is the clearest proof yet Bolsonaro is engaging in pork-barrel politics”—patronage in BrazilToday on “The Intelligence”: Brazil reverts to pork-barrel politics, hints of a return to commercial supersonic travel and the price of having black hair in a white world P Deus me ajudem pfv 🙏 Sou diarista tô a meses sem trabalhar por causa da pandemia,desesperada,passando p muitas necessidades c minha família Meus cachorros estão sem comida. to devendo o aluguel, não sei mais o que fazer Pix 2f3d2e35-9497-4380-b9dd-595819050e85 wow The real genocide is China! When the world will wake up?