As millions fell into poverty during the pandemic, billionaires' wealth soared

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive financial gap between rich and poor around the world, a new report has found.

Business, As Millions Fell İnto Poverty During The Pandemic

12/7/2021 9:00:00 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive financial gap between rich and poor around the world, a new report has found. As millions fell into poverty, billionaires' wealth soared.

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive financial gap between rich and poor around the world, a new report has found.

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Or was it the government response to the pandemic that knee-capped small businesses to the benefit of multinationals like Amazon and Walmart?For all the pearl-clutching on the Left about rich people,y’all sure do like padding their pockets when you get a turn in the driver’s seat No shit. How much did you spend on that study 🙄

It's almost like the response to the pandemic was designed to do this 😱 Let's be clear the two have nothing to do with each other. Billionaires wealth did not skyrocket because anyone fell into poverty Biden just kept on giving them bail out money to pay wages that they should have been paying. LETS GO BRANDON.

This is what happens when: Govt. locks down mom & pop but not big box stores. Govt limits the financial support to small business owners but subsidizes welfare PARASITES (who then blow the $$ on tattoos & heroin). Stock markets tank and the wealthy go bottom-feeding. If they choose not to go back to work then they will be in poverty. Can be fixed if they go back to work

The coronavirus has lead central banks to print endless amounts of money while production went downhill - FACT CHECKERS SAY Maybe because you leftists think the riots were okay and the looting was justified and totally have nothing to do with inflation Nobody going to mention the Fed & JPow here? 😅

Billionaires' wealth soared during pandemic as millions fell into povertyThe share of global wealth of the world's richest people soared at a record pace during the Covid pandemic, while around 100 million more people joined the ranks of extreme poverty, a report on inequality shows So ZaidZamanHamid was right 🤔🤔 🤔

Of by and for.. we allow it You are just making stuff up as you go along.....nice try. But your goal is to keep dividing and selling hate, misery. You make no mention of Federal Reserve's role in this. Providing easy money for billionaires to juice up the stock market, buying their company debt, etc. While poor savers got negative interest rates, specially when adjusted for inflation. Great job CNN, wag the dog.

🚨 Breaking 🚨:::::::: Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS Who could’ve predicted that this would weaken the middle class?……..just kidding it was super obvious. A 1400-year-old secret about Pakistan – Pakistan was made by Allah SWT on a dua by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Islam will rise again from Pakistan to the whole world and it will be lead by Imam Al-Mahdi. Muhammad Qasim's divine dreams

Fact check. Incomplete information. The Federal Reserve monetary policy is the primary cause for the increasing wealth gap in recent decades. And the erroneous government response to Corona escalated the problem. Dems destroyed small businesses which created the poverty We needed a report for this? People with eyes know this.

No one saw that coming.

Blood pressure rose during the pandemic, especially for women, study findsAverage blood pressure has risen since the coronavirus pandemic started, and women might be more at risk for heart-related issues, according to a study. Yes it did!!! I wonder if you control for vaccination status, do we see a difference? What a waste of time money and BP is up, I must stop now. Please quit...

Replace Coronavirus with Fed and banks Yes like the owners of media and pharmaceuticals . No mwntion of the central banks propping up the markets. 😔 Not one mention about the Federal Reserve. FAKE NEWS ALERT And MSM is part of the problem... And you put a picture of a deranged homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk great story CNN

Ik hoop the president the verenigd staten Amerika many voor people sleep street financiële famaly hulp nodig Marry Christimas. And I thought the narrative was continue to blame the “unvaccinated” for the world problems, specially for the jab not delivering the advertised and scientifically validated promises

Kids are losing interest in organized sports. Why that mattersThe number of kids involved in team sports has been falling and the pandemic may have accelerated the trend. Smart phones, videogames, and social media. Kids just aren't as interested in sports. everywhere in western world... No issue here east of LA either. Now if the headline said, organized sports’ costs are out of reach of Main Street America, it would be spot on.

Only farmaceutic and medic supply companies are earning more and more money with this 'pandemic'. Is it a coincidence? It’s just the beginning. Democrats is destroying this country in the name of if the democracy. Hope that they will learn a bigger lesson from the next election. Why do i remember this tweet? Didn't y'all post this a week Ago?

RAPE Culture Offshore Leaks2013 ChinaLeaks2014 Panama Papers2016 Bahamas Leaks2016 Football_Leaks2016 Money Island2017 MaltaFiles2017 Paradise Papers2017 Dubaï Papers2018 FinCENFiles2020 OpenLux2021 PandoraPapers2021 =LESS SANITARY-democratic-ECOLOGICAL educational projects The dog 😔 Thank you media Thank you politicians Said all the elite class

الجائحة ادت الى مزيد من العنف الأسري بسبب تردي المعيشة وتوقف وشلل اقتصادي في جميع انحاء العالم مع هذا والعالم في صراع مستمر من المزايدات السياسية وترك الجانب الأقتصادي الذي يخرج الناس من ركود عاصف Actually Biden’s policies have hurt the rich and poor in the US If only there was a solution to this...

A leader of L.A. pandemic fraud ring gets more than 10 years in prisonEncino real estate broker Tamara Dadyan gets 10 years in prison for role in family fraud ring that yielded $18 million in pandemic business loans A DIME IS A SERIOUS STRETCH 120 MONTHS. DAMN. What did she do? It wants you to pay.

😡 It was not the Pandemic but the Government response (ie lockdowns, school closures, etc) that has caused any increase in the wealth gap. Give Americans their freedoms back and watch the wealth gap shrink. Continue the mandates and fear and it will get worse. Bidumb is building back better. 🤡 Well the gov’t shut down small businesses for almost a year while deeming big businesses essential. Then the party in charge blames the big business for having a huge year.

And this is news; This is life…. That's the good 'ol' American way. Why does the media have to break our hearts with a photo of a down & out person with their dog, of all things! I’m beginning to despise this country! It’s anything BUT the “United” States 😤💰💰💰🤮 Duh🤦 They make it mandatory for me to get Vaxed And the Rapistcops Rick steroids Ostrowski Anthony masturbater Hall LIVONIAPD and MichStatePolice Mike little penus Murphy harassed and threatened me cvspharmacy Redford MICHIGAN. No Law and Order here!

Strictly's Rose Ayling-Ellis makes powerful confession about deafness during lockdownStrictly Come Dancing's Rose Ayling-Ellis reveals heartbreaking confession about her deafness during the pandemic - read how she navigates mask-wearing and lip-reading my best cousin awesome share lot of love 🍻💙

Also 'everything' is more expensive now - due to - primarily - bad policy's by the current administration this hurts the poor especially It’ll be tough for some to get through that eye of the needle. TAX THE RICH That was the plan from the Beginning OperationCovidSuccessful Somebody's meat is somebody's poison. The wheel of fortune always brings the down up, and up down.

Because a lot of Americans spent all of that 'free money' that the government gave us on goods and services from corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc and didn't do the responsible thing and put it toward bills, an emergency savings, or invest it in a stock. The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive financial gap between rich and poor around the world, a new report has found. As millions fell into poverty, billionaires' wealth soared.

Is that a coincidence? Multinational corporations reported record profits because of government decisions. There should have been a one time COVID Tax on those profits used to prop up small businesses that weren't allowed to operate during that time.

Have You Booked a Reservation for Your Trip Through Airport Security?Airports including Seattle, Los Angeles and Newark are letting fliers reserve time slots for their trip through security, partly in response to the stresses of travel during the pandemic. Watch👉 who cares Common sense is trending somehow

It wasn't Covid that did it. It was the Democrats and ppl who bowed before the governors, who forced local businesses, churches and organizations that helped the poor to STAY closed. While Democrat billionaire Donors got Really Rich.. looking at you Amazon, Walmart 2 name a few You understand billionaire wealth soaring was the whole point, right?

Here in the US start with the rich paying their fair share in taxes and state and local governments caring enough to establish effective programs to assist those suffering in poverty daily. When American-hating democrats (communists) have power, homelessness, crime, and other forms of human despair increase dramatically. The wealthy aren't the problem. Socialism is. Cartels, thanks to democrat open borders, are setting up shop in our cities at alarming rates.

Orchestrated? All FAKE That's d most unfortunate aspect. It speaks volumes of our inhuman approach,whimsical attitude n a great amount of arrogancy,while dealing wid pandemic.Anyways, world has been long divided on financial gap b/w poor & rich. It was however expected to bury this gap in trying times.

Because you owners robbed the people You mean to tell me that forcing small businesses to close down making people go to the big brand stores made the already wealthy more so. And forcing millions of people to quit their jobs and stay home has had consequences? Well I'm shocked What a strange coincidence🙄

And we have turdo bringing in more refugees on our dime. Goverment keeps passing these upward transfer of wealth bills. 9 knew billionaires were made this year. Tax the rich hasn't worked since it started in 1913 but politicians do hold and control more wealth though. The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive age gap of CNN journalists raping underage age girls. It used to be, CNN employees used to assault women of legal age but since the pandemic, they’ve turned to children still in grade school.

And this is “news”? How is this news? How could one not even know this as its obvious and require a news article to let them know? That is the whole point of this exercise, maybe if you actually reported news and not party propaganda, you would have published this a year ago when it started. This was and has been the obvious outcome all along!

Nothing new. Some want help. Some are ok with being on the streets. There are literally no shelters in my state has room. They started building tents on the side of the highway. Then some do move into hotel. It's impossible to pay Market rent even with 3 jobs and a diploma 😏 That was the plan folks. It will only get worse. Many African countries never shut their economy down and their Covid rate is the lowest around the globe. 😏 MoneyGrab

This is why cryptocurrency is the future! POWERTOTHEPEOPLE

😭😭 It was the fault of the government’s response to it that caused it. While me and my mom struggle to even be in a house and not homeless in San Diego. 3 months past due on rent, dad who passed away recently, both me and my mom disabled, no more family left to help, SSA doesn’t pay enough for rent and bills. These stories burn me up. Just over it.

God’s is showing the population he’s worried about human that’s forgotten to thinking he’s going come back.🙏🙏🙏 Ok but gotta clear this up y'all 😒 The two things are completely unrelated. Someone achieving great success doesn't mean someone else has to fail. The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the massive financial gap between rich and poor around the world, a new report has found. As millions fell into poverty, billionaires' wealth soared.

Joe Biden never signed stimulus checks into the bill. The $1400 was already set up by DonaldJTrump

FED BOJ print money to buy big company in their stock market to help rich and his own asset. and fear Chinese money to buy stock. When SE Asia had crisis, you didn't allow small country to QE and come to buy cheap asset in our country. But when you, print money. This GAP cause by QE of FED EU BOJ who print enormous amount of waste money. It drive the inflation. Cost of living increase, everything is expensive. How the poor can save. Home and Land is expensive. Even middle class who work in Google, they cannot effort to buy home

That's what happens when you shut down small business and their employees and only let corporations owned by those billionaires to operate. That's horrible. Hi I am an Afghan, I was threatened by the Taliban Whipping my family My house was looted and set on fire I hid in a shelter. I need help. I have to get a lawyer to get asylum in a country If you know of a charity, please introduce me so I can save my family with their help.

Yup the drug companies have made record profits after scarring people into paying for vax. Drug companies get richer and richer. And even knowing this, democrats still follow the gospel of the Woke Elites. Mind boggling. Those evil billionaires. How dare they keep people employed and the country supplied during the pandemic. How dare those healthcare workers try to save lives before the vaccine.! Congress and potus. Lets go after billionaires for tax and healthcare for not getting vaccines

The wealthiest people benefit when everything goes south. Guess what is going to happen next?

2,219 health facilities have been destroyed WHO still nothing to say bec DrTedros his alliances TPLF destroyed it NoMore Within six months or a year, more people will become homeless, mentally ill, due to the torture by the government worldwide, the suicidal rate and the drug addiction rate will increase.

The gap is too big for us, and too small for them. Maybe we should be in charge of how big a gap it is, not them. Of all the intelligent people in the world, someone must know a way to even up society Exactly. Covid deaths could be avoided by implementing early treatment protocols with therapeutics, but then BigPharma and the globalist empire wouldn’t be able to mandate the vaccines, and forever boosters. Get it yet?

Bill Gates bought you. All world know it. Greetings from Finland The pandemic has a devastating economical and social impact. Especially for those already living in poverty. Thank God. The world can breath now😂😂 Such was the case pre pandemic..give me some real news CNN That's what they wanted

Excellent Capitalism at work! Tax the Rich. Lol Politicians and govt did this.... what a joke Wonder why they want to keep it going? 🤔 Government assisting the elite. Defund it all. That's why the virus was released - To create a New World Order It happened when the government chose winners and losers. Tons of governors should be on the way to jail for what they did

A fucking virus didn’t do that, multiple govts did. You and all other news stations helped them. You’ve enabled one of the biggest transfers of wealth off the backs of billions of hard working individuals who have been hosed this entire time. And now we are in fighting over bs Not shocking at all! That was the whole point of creating an overreaction to a mild situation.

Shocking that closing down small businesses while leaving Walmart, Target and Amazon open made the rich richer.

At least that didn’t happen in America! Th Child Tax Credits lifted damn near everyone out of poverty they’ve been saying. Also could be one reason why we have nothing to purchase with that money. Government printed all those $$ and the billionaires ended up with it. Predictable. You misspelled 'government response.'

Just to think they bout make you roll up your sleeve for new dose of that jabby jab jab. DailyReminder Thanks government. Thank you Communist China. How will we get back the 6 trillion we spent from China? Hi I am an Afghan, I was threatened by the Taliban Whipping my family My house was looted and set on fire I hid in a shelter. I need help. I have to get a lawyer to get asylum in a country If you know of a charity, please introduce me so I can save my family with their help.