As he ignores election defeat, Trump pardons turkey

11/24/2020 11:07:00 PM

Pres. Trump pardons Corn the turkey, part of the annual presidential turkey pardon—one of the few public events the president has participated in since his election defeat.

In a longstanding tradition, presidents pardon Thanksgiving turkeys.Drew Angerer/Getty Images, FILEWhile President Donald Trump continues to resist the American tradition of conceding his election defeat, he took part in another time-honored tradition Tuesday: Pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

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The annual event typically serves as a light-hearted reprieve from the partisan rancor of Washington, with the president delivering remarks stuffed with bad puns and concluding with a playful pardon of a turkey.This year, the atmosphere surrounding Tuesday’s pardon was notably more subdued. The president has largely remained out of public view since his election defeat, not taking a single question from reporters in the three weeks since and has instead fired off angry missives on Twitter falsely claiming he won the election.

He has also largely ignored the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country, holding one event touting progress with vaccines while failing to acknowledge the U.S. COVID-19 death toll passing 250,000.Ahead of Tuesday’s event, the president made a surprise appearance in the White House press briefing room, where he delivered remarks for just over a minute to tout the stock market and vaccine progress before promptly departing without taking questions.

Susan Walsh/APPresident Donald Trump walks out after speaking in the Brady Briefing Room in the White House, Nov. 24, 2020, in Washington.In the first major sign of the president accepting the reality of his defeat, the Trump administration on Monday formally recognized the Biden transition, freeing up government resources and outgoing and incoming teams to coordinate. The president subsequently tweeted that the cooperation did not amount to a concession.

Despite the president's relatively quiet public presence since the election -- most days, he has had nothing on his public schedule, and he has spent his weekends golfing -- he made an exception for the annual turkey-pardoning tradition.Drew Angerer/Getty Images, FILE

The National Thanksgiving Turkey Butter stands before the start of an event where President Donald Trump gave him a presidential pardon in the Rose Garden of the White House, Nov. 26, 2019.This year’s turkeys are named Corn and Cob and they hail from a farm in Iowa.

The White House posted a poll on Twitter, asking people to vote for which turkey they’d prefer to take the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey. As of noon on Tuesday, Corn had a nearly eight-point lead on Cob.As the president now contests the results of his own election loss, a joke he made during the 2018 turkey pardon has taken on new meaning. At the time, the president joked that the losing turkey, Carrots, was refusing to concede defeat and was contesting the election results.

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“The winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the White House website. This was a fair election,” the president joked to laughter. “Unfortunately, Carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount, and we’re still fighting with Carrots.”

“I will tell you, we’ve come to a conclusion: Carrots, I’m sorry to tell you, the result did not change. It’s too bad for Carrots,” the president joked.MORE:Trump-Biden transition live updates: No Trump concession amid official transitionBut while only one turkey wins the official title of National Thanksgiving Turkey each year, the reality is that neither turkey will lose its life as a result of the White House ceremony.

The lucky birds typically go to Virginia Tech University, where they live out the remainder of their natural lives at a facility known as “Gobbler’s Rest."This year, Trump said, the turkeys will head to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where veterinarians would care for them and members of the public could meet them.

The tradition of the president pardoning a turkey can be traced back as far as President Abraham Lincoln, who spared a turkey from becoming the family's Christmas meal at the intervention of his son. Read more: ABC News »

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Una de las 3 mil cosas que me valen 4 hectometros de corneta realDonaldTrump just leave in silence and go to pay your karma 😉 He should be the TURKEY Except NO PARDON He should have disappeared after home alone 2 hes got no respect for the Serving military and NO RESPECT FOR THE ONES WHO FOUGHT FOR THEIR COUNTRY Left on the streets no treatment Nothing but his ego and himself scared of jail when he goes

Trump you will NOT get a PARDON. The only pardon Trump gets is him saying pardon me as he move pass the guards and other prison to his fancy cell. Hey ImpeachedOutGoingMoronInChief realDonaldTrump.. just saying.. And what do YOU SAY to the OVER 200 THOUSAND DEAD AMERICANS WHO WILL NOT SHARE THANKSGIVING WITH THEIR FAMILIES THIS YEAR, BECAUSE OF COVID?! ENJOY YOUR THANKSGIVING SUPPER WHILE THOUSANDS MORE DIE WITH EVERY BITE YOU TAKE! But then, YOU DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT VOTE!☠️☠️

ABC: Why do YOU say Election Defeat? We don’t believe the Election is certified yet; but that’s typical you - jumping the horse & not telling the truth! 🤥 Shame on you again! When will you ever learn, or you just don’t care if truth be told! Give it up! 👎😣🖤 So fake news ! Fake ! Did he pardon the whole bird or just the white meat?

Naturally, he pardoned the white one. What happened? Is it already Dec 14th?🤔 Cornpop? I wish he’d go back to the basement He feels at home with turkeys. Too bad Corn didn't bite his nuts off 😂😆😄 President Trump you are the president of this country, not Joe Biden. He is an illegitimate president. We, the people will always support Donald Trump as our president and Never Joe Biden.

Waiting in Biden... He may have given a pardon to that turkey but he will be the real turkey needing a pardon in a few months. No pardon in state Court. It won't be long before he is asking the turkey to pardon him. Michelle sleeveless gowns & there’s an uproar, cleavage nearly showing classy🤦🏾‍♀️the irony. I said what I said,stand on it.

Anyone for a turkey trot through the front or back door. newyorkcommuter Bob, Did the USSS change Trump’s name to ”Corn” to get Donald and Melania out of the White House bunker for the TurkeyPardon 7 For a President who claimed he has done a great job for the last 4 years couldn’t come up with his own speech from his brain to pardon a turkey during the traditional Thanksgiving ceremony. Sad that he’s reading word by word. realDonaldTrump cnnbrk CBSNews

Too bad he won’t be getting pardoned when he’s no longer president and gets thrown in the slammer Nobody knows turkeys like trump. Actually, he only pardoned the white meat. Trump is the new Carrot, goes to show not conceding was the plan all along ..... These 5 words weren't hard to remember for you, either

Trump pardons Corn, and I don't care CNN; ¿How racist are Trump & Melania? Trump; I pardon you🦃 White House; ¿Why? Melania; Becose, torkey it is whittee, offkourse! But I reelly reelly don't kare! Do you? Go ahead & kill the stuped torkey. Trump; My wife's the best ever!😍 Mike pence; She's a real genius👩‍🎓😂😂

So, what happened to 'Cob'? He'll end up dinner? LOSER refused to accept result. LOSER wins by Trump logic. Does pardoned Turkey LOSE?🤷‍♂️ STONE COLD LOSER 1 term out “LIKE A DOG” LAUGHINGSTOCK! realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse VP Mike_Pence GOPLeader GOPChairwoman GOP IvankaTrump jaredkushner EricTrump donaldjtrumpjr

No more blonde hair? Sounds about right Which one is the turkey? Which one is the turkey ? This turkey ain’t getting pardoned .... I really hope he and his Republican cohorts enjoy their thanksgiving and their “ vacation “ while many thousands are standing in food lines just to get a meal, that’s what they think make America great again is for the rich and uncaring

Melanie looks like she’s counting down to the divorce lawyer appointment He doesn't act right, and he will NOT pardon for his criminal acts. One turkey pardoning the stop, Leavenworth for little donnie and his clan! TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsACriminal That's a big turkey...and the bird is pretty large too.

Is melanie not wearing a shirt under her coat? She's anxious to get back to her regular job. Two turkeys talking. Perfect Corn said, ' he prefers to be pardoned by Potus's that when don't win their second term concede with dignity and character'. 🦃🦃🦃's 'We don't claim him' Jim jones performing a miracle

Has jonkarl recovered from his temper tantum? wow 트럼프 업적중 하나는 미국이 중국의 경제종속 에서 벋어난 일이다. Nobody cares The Emperor with No Clothes is doing something honorable by sparing a turkey. There is great symbolism here. Not to dig to deeply but the house of cards is falling like a hatchet that most can recognize. Great Businessman? Negotiator? Stable Genius? No-it-all? Christian? Leader?

If he's getting a Trump pardon, that turkey DEFINITELY did that shit. He’ll be wishing he was the turkey soon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Speaking of pardons... Its the same hand move like holding a bible or putting a flower wreath at arlington... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Nightline Does that mean that he’s going to eat Cob? 😬😬 Only “duty” he has carried out

No funny, idiots Corn the Turkey was facing indictment related to the Mueller probe and also had ties to questionable transactions the Trump Foundation made He's huge! The turkey is the only thing that deserves a pardon here. Let’s be sure it’s understood it’s only the turkey that gets pardoned. I know a professor who speaks turkey. Who translated the turkey said. 'Gobble, gobble, gobble'. Which means in English, 'Give it up already'.

The most work he has done since entering office. So he'll honor the noble tradition of turkey pardoning but not the noble tradition of transfer of power. Probably just me, but 'corn' being used in this sentence is kinda funny. TheView He should turn his hand towards himself TheView Is he pardoning the whole Turkey or just the white meat?

Updated results Joe Biden 51.1% 79,914,451 Agolf Twitler 47.2% 73,830,602 He’s had a lot of practice issuing pardons. If you want to know why COVID relief is tied up in Congress, one key reason is that Republicans are demanding legal immunity for corporations so they can expose their workers to COVID without repercussions. Dems don’t want you to die for a check. That’s what we’re fighting over.

snootid damn y’all close like that? All Turkeys for harvest are all white ... at least no one killed it for dinner . Finally something he’s qualified for Of course he would pardon a white turkey Did he also sign the one for himself? Trump is in great spirits despite what the msm and the left has done to him. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople

trump & nancy Corny TheView Thrilled this is his last one of these, things. Good bye terrible President. TheView That’s his favorite thing to do, pardoning. Was kinda hoping for a replay of the Bald Eagle! This is why he didn't touch the bird why he look like it hurts to speak 🤣 I will be so happy when I don't have to look at his face anymore, or his family. TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021

Too bad for you there’s not a trump’s pardon day According to the Secret Service, Corn is President Trump’s code name. 45 should never be allowed to use the words 'very and great' ever again. Trump is like: 'Are you watching, President Biden This is how you pardon a turkey.' Trump wishes he could pardon the biggest turkey of all, himself.

Now watch him steal that poor bird's identity 😳 🦃 😄 S/o Corn, go do big things king Ahh.. thanfully not the other way around.. Trump does not deserve any pardon once his reign is over! If we are completely honest, this is definitely not a beloved tradition. It’s absurd and stupid, exactly like this disaster of an ex-president. Now just pack your shit and get the hell out of our house. Thanks!

Wow the Turkey pardoning an actual turkey. this is terrible news Wear a mask Mr. President. You just pardoned the turkey, don’t kill it with Covid! What a goon