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As Fresh Water Grows Scarcer, It Could Become a Good Investment

Water investing presents an ethical quandary: Are you willing to buy shares of companies that can turn off the taps for needy users?


Water is easy to take for granted. Yet the prospect of shortages in the years ahead could make water a precious commodity. That represents an opportunity for investors.

Water investing presents an ethical quandary: Are you willing to buy shares of companies that can turn off the taps for needy users?

That’s why a fund’s diversification, especially its country diversification, matters, Mr. Bloom said. Even if the United States were to tighten water regulation, other countries wouldn’t necessarily follow.

Household water accounts for only a small portion of water consumption — in the United States, about 7 percent, Professor Glennon said. The rest is used by farms and industry. And they have little incentive to use it prudently because nearly everyone in the United States pays little for water, he said.

Today, Mr. Smith might still be flummoxed by the price of diamonds, but investment possibilities of water he might attribute to his favorite market forces: supply and demand.

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A good investment to hoard water?! 👎🏼 Wow, that is depraved. NYT shouldn't be complaining about this. You push for 10's of millions of new immigrants flowing into the country. So what effect does that have on water? The environment? Trees? Wildlife? Plastics? Like most liberals, your various positions are completely contradictory.

No NYT, if fresh water becomes scarce for millions to drink, then it'll also be scarce for food production. The picture transforms into survival. Water will be nationalized. Investors, find something else, water won't be a commodity. This headline shows what's wrong with the world today. Profiting from humanitarian disasters is sickening.

You're crazy to talk like this for an essential thing to life. Instead why don't you propagate something like 'scientists must search a way to this problem'. No, the best is to see it like a precious commodity, my god. Humanity is seriously condemned. Rain barrels. Loved that arc of Six Feet Under These responses are a perfect illustration of the TriumphOfIgnorance

The fact there ISN’T a real market for water is directly responsible for abuses like the politically-driven allocation and below-cost pricing for agriculture and business and the irreversible draining of aquifers. Just gross.

Use these tips to stay safe in the water this summerThese expert tips can help swimmers stay safe from ocean dangers like sharks, jellyfish and rip currents this summer.

Just what you want; invest and pollute more of something that’s becoming scarce. ... seen the weather lately...? We broke water, now lets capitalize on scarcity! Really ? Really? I am an avid reader of your pages , but this is outrageous!! Water and air are not financial assets to be commoditised!!! This column is frankly despicable to be on the pages of the

I told my husband this years ago. Buy land with lakes and other water sources. Family will be wealthy one day. How exactly can a resource that is a right be turned into a commodity? It is at this point where a rebellion is fully justified. paolobacigalupi didn't you write this article already but it got labeled as sci-fi instead of prophetic?

New Commandment: Thou shalt profit off the bare necessities of life so only those of means survive and the poor unwashed masses die off. MAGAJESUS What a completely evil angle to take on this story

Fact check: Trump misleads on tackling lead in drinking waterFact check: Environmental advocates say that despite President Trump's claims, his administration is undercutting clean water initiatives through other regulation rollbacks. That's because he's an idiot and doesn't give a crap.... Lied he is a lying 🤥 Lying liar lies 🤥🤥👖🔥 If our water is so crispy clean get the fker to flint and have him and his family and staff drink the water there. Crispy clean I can’t belive he fixes his twisted mouth to make such an absurd comment, and his disgusting vp also.

Greed knows no bounds. Kill the rich! infinite_scream please make it stop. This is a horrible premise. serves the rich and powerful We’re gonna eat you, then drink your blood This should be illegal. More scaremongering from the NYT. How come US govt isn't developing desalination better?....cuz its giving tax breaks to billionaires is why.

2040: now, for a limited time, get one (1) liter of reclaimed water each week with your paid subscription to the NY Times! It takes tons and tons of water to make a small amount of biofuels. More water than what we get in return for benefits. Start looking there for ways to preserve this precious resource.

Is this why they ration showers at the border?

Jaden Smith Is Filtering Water in 60 Seconds for Flint, Michigan, Families'The conversation about Flint had faded from the public consciousness, and that is a problem.' Thank you ..an happy Boss day🎉🎁❤ LTMFTv In that regard, I agree with you😀 💪🏾

Nice little article about water scarcity happening and if you have money you can invest in the scarcity problem. Is this not what is basically wrong with the world? Money over values, money over life, money over Health, money over your Children's Welfare. larsonchristina Natural resources belong to all. If we want 2 base our society on moral precepts, this should be manifest in reality, not just a philosophical position Natural wealth is not made by human effort. The moral basis for respect of private property does not extend 2 commons resources

More capitalism please! VEEGEE71397087 Do we search other planets to see if they have oil? Or Uranium & gold? No of course not... we search them to see if they have water, ice & oxygen - the components essential for life. WTF do you think we will end up killing each other over then? VEEGEE71397087 Water has always been life's most precious commodity. Only human greed & stupidity has made crap like oil, gold & diamonds worth a damn. Water breeds life - what better reason to kill each other over? Here comes WWIII... no more petty money or power - control over life itself. 🙄

Nope. That logic is so messed up. It points to how we need to shift our focus away from this type of thinking, that we need to monetise everything. Makes me sick reading this. I hear Rocks are also up and coming investment vehicles as well... The wealthy like the Bush family have been buying fresh water sources around the world for years.

Ask the west as both coasts steal our water

Tesla CEO Elon Musk pours cold water on fans waiting for Model S, Model X refreshOn Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, in a tweet, his electric car company is only planning 'a series of minor ongoing changes' for older Model S or Model X vehicles, not a major update. Get shrekt

Way to make a money making scheme out of possible future shortages. The rich get water the poor don't. Looks like this world is headed directions that are extremely frightening. Water shortages in the years ahead will occur due to climate change and water overuse by big corporations and rich individuals, but what if I told you those same people and corporations could make money by selling dwindling supplies to the people they’ve harmed? Brilliant!

Nuclear Desalination ... Water for sale. Like we haven’t all learned enough through Nestle’s Worldwide water rights campaigns. Now’s the time to start taking action in your own back yards, ppl. Start talking to your state legislators about what can be done to stop the “water for sale” in your state. Looks like no one read the article. Only 7% of metered water goes to households, the rest to agriculture. Harvard endowment purchased CA vineyards just for the water rights. I have no qualms profiting from Harvard endowment’s profiteering.

Become an investment so that investors can reap profits from shortages?! Good god no!!! Remember the movie Chinatown. Well it’s possible that there will come a day when the rich guys own the water. The NYT in one tweet. Really disgusting take This fraud has been perpetrated on this country since the 1960’s. Yet never happened. The NY TIMES is so detached from reality it’s stunning.

What It Means To Be India’s First And Only Certified Water SommelierWe talk to Ganesh Iyer about how to identify the quality of water, the natural spring sources found in the Finnish Lapland and Bhutan, and what sets Veen apart from other packaged water brands

I fear where this is going. Some resources, like water, should not be governed by the 'bottom line,'. conservation great, let's get greed involved in life essential water Like Wheat in France in 1788......that turned out well for (a) the rich ppl in france (b) europe (c) parts of the middle east, India and americas

I’ve been hearing this for the last 10 years. Water is life itself. Yes, let’s profit while world goes up in flames. Pretty much the American (human) way. MAGAG Perfect! Let's monetize a basic human requirement. Yay capitalism! Capitalism is evil Broke: Climate change will kill millions Woke: And here's how you can profit from it!

So. Tank Girl is happening then. Future investors could profit from death! Read more here.

Kendall Jenner's Dating History Will Make You Thirsty So Grab WaterWilling and able to take sloppy seconds, thx.

Just more confirmation that this is the bad place... What, wait, wasn't this a James Bond movie? Quantum of Solace? Nope, no thanks, saw it already. Already know how that movie ends. 😉😅😂 Maranatha Someone better figure out how to make rocks cry. Or how about we declare it a public necessity and tell wealthy investors to find some other “investment opportunity,” hmmm?

This story disgusts me on such a deep level I can't properly express it with words. Weird, so are guillotines This is terrifying. 😱 The New America - the Privatization of water, a life necessity, so someone can add to their income and make another million or so.

If the rich make water unaffordable, we’ll just have to drink their blood. Aaaand lobbyists will make it illegal to capture and process your own rain water. 6 quintillion.. but is it useable? Greed and profit as the only relevant perspectives. I wonder if there are other perspectives? Trump administration is saving water at the borders..

Yeah well tell Nestle and Coca Cola to leave the water the fuck alone already and stop exploring everyone for their resources. Agree:)) 👋👋👋👋 F them. IceOnFire The idea of treating WATER as a trade commodity is exactly why we're doomed. Oxygen is easy to take for granted. Yet the prospect of shortages in the years ahead could make oxygen a precious commodity. That represents an opportunity for investors.

Been a 30 year investment “story”. Still waiting. ‘The Big Short’ movie ended with this blurb years ago. Late. If you guys need any advice on how to make money from water, you should interview the Wolf of water rorts: Water shouldn't be traded. That's just inhuman. Quantum of Solace Every year the Mississippi River region from Canadian border to the Gulf experiences massive flooding. A federal 'infrastructure' project to move this water from there to the Southwest area would prevent the flooding damage AND open new lands to farming, etc.!

The pure evil it takes to think along these lines is disgusting. Pigs Shows picture of man made lake that fills and empty’s every year as reservoirs are known to do? Also, it’s a recycled scare from from 20 yr ago. Soon you’ll be running articles about how Canada is evil for selling water rights only to its citizens... again...

What a sick headline infinite_scream No...NOT COULD! It WILL & DOES create $$$ opportunities galore. Why not investigate WHY & HOW these shortages occur. How much of it is man made and how much is climate change? I sell bags of Air on the street corner for $1 each. $5 for a Large. Are you suggesting my prices are too low?

I can’t wait to pay a monthly subscription fee to, literally, stream water from my own tap. Fck you, capitalism. Wrong. Water is everywhere and easy to get to. You can run one Air conditioner all day and create buckets of water. Lib destroying America mentality Running out of water? An 'ethical quandary'. In the US?🤣😂No such thing. Shareholders are living large on over-sized profits from a market monopoly on life-saving drugs , life-saving healthcare and air pollution from industries that kill all living things. 'Ethics' is an anachronism.

Water is a public good ! Not an investment, please. Don’t Americanize Water ! Hello desalination plants on every coastline .....why is this so fucking difficult to get?!!?!?!?!?

Great. Boy, can’t wait till I can profit off the air quality. Anyone who trades in water futures is a scumbag and will die of dehydration before they ever realize a profit. Disgusting NestleWatersNA Solar Power Salt Water Desalination Plants, thinking ahead because our Elected Officials whom care about us, already have this on the drawing board. Every Continent is surrounded by Ocean, shouldn't be that difficult to provide water throughout the World, creating Jobs,jobs jobs!

The water market and water pricing are good opportunities for water conservation FAKE NEWS!!!! go ask someone along the Mississippi about lack of fresh water, better yet ask me, I live ON the Great Lakes, the lakes are 5 foot higher than they were 3 years ago FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS FakeNewsMedia FAKENEWS

Then why are Democrats overloading natural resources with illegal aliens Wait a minute....there is flooding everywhere, reservoirs are over flowing, the aquifer is filling again, where the hell did you do this study. The desert?

You think so, do you? How about Flint There is the same amount of freshwater as there always was, maybe not in the same places filling my landlord’s basement right now to help him out! Japanese PM Abe sells water service to private companies. Presenting this looming crisis as an investor opportunity is disgusting and betrays a mindset that explains so many of the woes that plague humanity. Time to evolve beyond this predatory stance no?

Horrible headline. Fuck investors. They got us in this mess in the first place. Water is a public good. Welp...here we are in nifty Post-Capitalism... The very concept that the NYT is promoting water as an investment is vile. Lmao you guys said 'how often do you see sprinklers running in the rain'. Oh God, is that a normal thing for this author? I haven't even seen a sprinkler in 10 years, this guy must live in the East end. Who the hell does that? Lol I tried reading it. Lost me immediately.

I drink your milkshake, part II Yea capitalism. *sigh* your anti-capitalist ideology / pro-capitalist reality in New York, amazes me. 'Could people thirsting to death be your opportunity to make millions? Invest! Invest!' Maybe a Water Pipeline from the Arctic? Ahhh yes a future where a well heeled few control the precious lifeblood of billions. What could go wrong I ask?

Ok Did Nestle write this article? Yeah capitalism. H2O in airports now $4. H2O in airports in the future $8. YeahCapitalism I'm sure New Orleans would be happy to donate right about now...just saying.

Water shortages...BOO! But great for people who want to make a load of money by exploiting those shortages...YAY! If you want a revolution, this is how you get a revolution. The sheer fucking inhuman avarice of capitalism never ceases to amaze. It is just pure distilled evil. The real ethical quandary here is: 'are heads on pikes too 18th century for our 21st century sensibilities, or should we just go with a soft euthanasia?'

You're saying water shortages happening and climate crisis will affect millions of people but the good news is you can make money from it? don't play with water Here comes greed I read an article years ago that stated the next world war could be over fresh water. Water shouldn't be an investment tho Didn't the investor (featured on the Big Short) who made billions when the housing/mortgage bubble burst shift his capital into this?

Climate change already creating water shortages in India. Leave it to corporate greed to capitalize on it, as the earth becomes more and more inhabitable. i think they made a movie about it late stage capitalism is a hell of a drug. opportunities for investors abound! Fun! coca cola anyone....? they are running the world dry of water as it is.... in plastic bottles

They’re destroying the world and selling it back to you Desalination! This is the worst timeline.

Yeah, this is just evil Another good investment? Guillotines. Special break for anybody making more than a million a year: 15% Off the Top How about we start a revoultion instead, and give everyone equal access to necessities instead of having 'You must be this rich to not die' BE LESS SOCIOPATHIC FFS Can you....not do this?!!

Wow, thanks! With headlines like this you’re now A PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM. No worry, the people of the right or the republicans will pray to Jesus to bring water for the poor. And the rich will get richer and richer exploiting the most important thing of the natural resources.😎😏 new york times is the nancy pelosi of donald trumps.

Eat The Rich... OUT SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!- or maybe not, when the people seize the water sources & bottling plants to begin free distribution of such a vital commodity.

Kys Absolutely fucking not. Let it get to that time so that water resources Engr will be recognized like my self. Investors gonna monetize us to extinction, and find a way to capitalize on that too. capitalism very excited for those investors! a bit less excited for the people who will die of thirst because they're poor!

Are we ready to abandon capitalists and their media collaborators? DisasterCapitalism TheQuietPartsOutLoud Are you kidding? You all are CRIMINALS Do these investors not realize you can turn sea water into drinkable water through a filtration system? I mean if investors want to be dragged through the streets by angry mobs, go for it...

Just look how well that strategy worked in Flint! And no one's getting punished for poisoning a city! Some people don’t like to put things in definite corners, like good and evil or left and right, but I am not those people. This is straight up pure lawful-evil. And that’s the worst kind. Dehydrate Capitalism

Um capitalism, when people need water to live they will gladly charge you 1000 dollars a bottle, I mean it's just supply and demand, get out of here with this sick disgusting shit. And if they can’t afford the water, just let them eat cake! That title sounded like it would raise awareness to a growing problem... but that last sentence somehow contributed to making the problem even worse

hey new york times, what the absolute fuck

it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism What the absolute fuck?!!! Are you going to write a similar article about death camps any time soon? 'Liquidating millions of people is dirty work, but it can be lucrative, too.' Get your head on straight, New York Times. Did you write this with a straight face? Do you realize the implications f what this means? There is no ethical quandary in this situation—it is immoral. Period.

I think it provides a great opportunity for us to inflict things on investors Woot for the Investor Class! I gotta get onboard, look out everything else!!!! Guy from big short is in on it So you’re saying we need to destroy capitalism before they kill us making a profit at the world’s end.

As energy becomes cheaper, desalination becomes more and more practical. Israel got 55% of its water supply from desalination in 2016, there's no reason we can't do the same. Perhaps energy production and desalination technologies are the better investment opportunities. When the wealthy control the masses through water rationing and they decide they don't want to send rations to the journalists writing critical work, who is going to write that story?

Praying for that giant Earthquake that make new real estate! Lex Luther’s plan was brilliant even though the movie was eh. No more Hollywood, but lots of new beachfront! We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror. We live in a sick country

Water is a human right. can’t wait until they find new ways to horde such an essential need Why do you sound so fucking happy about that? Doing a lot here for your image as providing a public service rather than, say, aiding the wealthy elite

same energy Nice! Nothing like making some good profits off of water! ... and presumably you'll advocate killing any wildlife that has the temerity to attempt to drink your profits. You really can't sink any lower. and just think of the investment opportunities in the guillotine sector Yay, capitalism: here's an essential resource, how can we make it scarce and then make people pay more for it? Sure, the result is poor people dying, but that's the price to pay for the greatness of capitalism!!!

Hell yeah bro this is epic 'The spice must flow ...' Micheal Burry has been investing in this for years. This shouldn’t be a thing.

guillotines for investors It's almost like catastrophic changes to the environment are good for rich people to capitalize on further. No actually water is a human right idiots 🌝 WTF? Profiteering health care and education isnt enough for you NYT? You literally want to take away people's water, too? Despicable!

So glad i cancelled my subscription. this was bad and you’re bad Is this the new “dying is really good for our bosses” take the fuck? Late stage capitalism. The beginning of the end.

Bottled water is already a billion dollar industry. See libs, if you melt ice we'll just have to take the water Sharpen up the guillotines gross anyone ever think about how our economic system might be kind of immoral? Really glad that this is in the US paper of record and not, say, a sounding of the alarm that we should be taking steps to fight water shortages. Y'all are pigs.

Next steps: 'not poisoned food' 'Real food' 'oxygen' Who killed the world? I don't understand how anybody is able to act as an 'investor' regarding the shortage of the most vital substance in the world... I call them pillagers and terrorists.

And people wonder why commies and Nazis are starting to return to the public sphere Holy shitballs you guys suck. And yet people made fun of Greene's plan in Quantum of Solace. It's shit like this that makes me think guillotines won't be enough. We're gonna need wooden stakes soaked in garlic. immortan joe wrote this

HumansOfLate what stage of late capitalism yada yada yada 'Lets just com-modify water while people die from dehydration' And you wonder why people are losing their fucking minds. sounds like you guys need your head checked the 'truth' is a point of view 📸

The person that wrote this should suffer from dehydration. Every day it becomes more clear that either we start hanging these greedy fucks from streetlights, or our children die in an apocalyptic hellscape. Guess y'all know my vote. BuyYourGunsNow This is pure evil. Yeah, I don’t like advocating violence, but before that happens, maybe we should actually literally eat the rich. Who thinks like this? What broke you?

osamabishounen If every single member of the new york times was rendered for their nutrients it would make them a precious commodity Can't wait for the ecofascism to really kick in! the real money is investing in guillotine futures probably should just end that thought at 'water is easy to take for granted', my dude

I think it's about time we whip these things out again. issoesquerda água vai virar commodity Whoever decided to print this is a monster. Starting to think capitalism may be bad infinite_scream *sigh* You should cancel your publication. And the person who wrote this should kill themselves. thing is, utilities outside the u.s. tend to be crappy investments. risk of nationalization is often high (or at least regulated profits are risk of being arbitrarily reduced). also, people have been beating the water drum for some time; people overestimate commodity scarcity.

Then when your water stock prices skyrocket you can sell short and swallow your cash when you're thirsty. I'm sure there will be plenty of thirsty people around to help you with that. Thanks for the tip, ! Can't wait to get rich profiteering off the hunger and thirst of the multitudes left destitute by environmental and social collapse.

Theres this magic thing called reverse osmosis which turns salt water into fresh water....just saying Eww What the hell? DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW YORK TIMES PEOPLE Do you understand how ghoulish you sound? I hope y'all drown in the rising waters We have plenty of water. I invested years ago and have not yet seen a return on my investments

Keep watering them lawns people. No seriously, don't! where is our hero guillotine gorilla That represents an opportunity for investors. Jesus Christ

Let me piss in their mouth then Privatization of water is the ultimate evil. Anyone involved in profiteering off our collective resource should be tried for crimes against humanity What... the hell... are you all doing? y i k e s. delete this. This is how you know that the rich own the governments of the world, and even the well-meaning rich fail to understand the problem with that. The coming environmental crises will give us all a lesson in the value of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Whoohoo hellworld keeps on chugging along let's get PUMPED for these investment opportunities Immortan Joe made a smart investment in the commodity of water.

It may also represent a considerable opportunity to revolutionaries. Is this headline a joke? Jesus now we are going to die of thirsty Why is fresh water growing scarce? Where did it go? If glaciers are melting shouldn't we have MORE? Or...is it getting poisoned? Investors? You going to make money off a natural resource?

If there’s a human need or suffering there’s always some wanker trying to profit from it and thanks so much for helping them do that in the pages of your newspaper. And when we are done with water, I predict the next precious commodity will be AIR. That is both scary and very disturbing. The concept of investors graciously handing out water to the masses. See Mad Max 😳

yes, let us consider how investors can make a profit... that is the appropriate takeaway from this situation F this Drink the rich

I feel like if we are talking about running out of water, we have a bigger issue than “How do I get rich off it” (More so, how do I not die of dehydration...) Excise me ... who the fuck ok’ed this headline? instead of reading that, read this Remember, your life is only worth as much as you can afford to pay.

Psychopathic. What? I have a business idea: anyone who proposes to make money off of a necessary resource is instantly killed, saving humanity trillions of dollars and millions of lives

Just how immoral can you be? Neoliberalism: An Introduction Neoliberalism is a hoot TheGldDragon Like in the movie mad max This is gross. You people are gross. What the hell is the matter with you What is it for some company to start early draining the swamp, (heard that somewhere), purifying and storing it for their future use and profit?

This requires a revolution. Enough.

I think I saw this plot somewhere before... Making money off of something every living thing needs to live is heinous in every way, and the fact that any of us think that way is an indictment against our society if not our entire fucking species We're doing great, humanity's *definitely* gonna make it. 👍

NYT headline in the year 2030: “Water Scarcity is Good Actually: The Case for Immortan Joe” this is an extraordinarily bad take from the new york times, known bad take havers Getting rich by exploiting thirsty people is only an ethical quandary if your ethical compass is severely misaligned. This paper has gotten gross.

Let’s do it

Can you imagine seeing water shortages and thinking, 'Sweet, a chance to cash in!'? It's sociopathic. Capitalism is a death cult. In San Cristobál, Coke is already cheaper than water because Coca-Cola bought the rights to the majority of their fresh water supply. This is an opportunity to ensure that investors keep their money grubbing hands off our water supply.

As current power makes this planet more and more unlivable lets give you these reasons for being an unethical shit. Ready the Guillotines Investors in guillotine factories, sure

Instead, perhaps investors should maybe be sealed in a vault deep beneath the earth where they can't fuck anything else up THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN WhiteHouse TheJusticeDept JudicialWatch TomFitton WIREDScience BlacklistedNews USATODAY ggreenwald no NO Ghoulish headline Literally investing on mass starvation. capitalism

Why am I reminded of that quote about the next big war being fought over water? Not to make this exclusively an dunk account, but, uh You mean it gets worse than companies like NestleUSA NestleUSA tapping into local community drinking water supplies, trucking it out, running it through a britta filter & selling it back to me at 1000’s the times the cost of it coming out of my tap?

This is am actual James Bond villain move. It's the plot from Quantum of Solace.

I think Nestle has already an advantage as it has taken the lead to buy bottlers and springs and aquafiers all over the world. Their CEO stated that water was not a human right, that it was a commodity just any other mineral. The future wars will be for water, not oil how do you not have a worse ratio for this garbage?

Nationalize water access. Thanks for telling on the psychopaths Nope, because once it becomes scarce enough, it will be need to be gov ran so people don’t die of dehydration L’eau est vie. Baise les riches. Guillotine time, anyone? Wouldn't we expect market forces to minimize demands and enforce new sources of water supply? Like for example recent news from Israel cleaning salty water from the sea. Water is by no means special as a scarce resource.

It's a shame that the water has to take a back seat to the opportunity for investment. Errrrr nope that’s how you get dead rich guys really fast

Eat the rich. While you invested in water, I invested in the blade. Love how often y'all have been confirming I made the right decision when I cancelled my subscription. One of the negative externalities of capitalizing on water shortages is guillotines s/investors/assholes Next week: 'Once taboo in America, many millennials are embracing socialism. These investors are asking why.'

This is such old news! Investors already scarfed up these investment opportunities many years ago. Exploit water scarcity for profit Vulture capitalism protected by threat of force? Literally the plot of Quantum of Solace This explains why plans for reservoirs, replacing crumbling water pipes, and building desalination plants never came to anything. Creating shortages creates a market.

Damn, I didn't think it was going to be Tank Girl for the win. WaterAndPower LifeForProfit

This is ghoulish. Just tell us their names, NYT SHUT UP me, getting in shape for some “investing”: Brawndo has what plants crave 🌱 Absolutely not. This is morally wrong. Privatize air next? Hell yeah, monetize that rot Is this advertising for the next Mad Max movie? Can we stop with the rampant unethical capitalism?

TonyBakercomedy There's a special place in hell for people like you.

Some people think they have the right to live. The world is near collapse. Investors can profit off of this! We are the home of responsible journalism This is evil. What you wrote here? Literally evil. Even with the 'ethical quandary' thing underneath. There is no ethical quandary. There is 'I don't think it's okay to withhold access to the foundational requirement for life for profit' and 'I am a straight-up villain'.

disgusting shhhhhhhh don’t give them ideas Ah, capitalism. See y'all at the water riots Immortan Joe irl mad max time bold of tim gray to attach his name to this

By that logic, so will investing in guillotines. So basically this comic, only with a completely straight face “Millions of people dying from thirst and wars over access to fresh water is bad, yes. But also, is it?” California Government DUMPS Fresh Water into the ocean to create a sacristy You are horrible people

Yer all wet! ghouls This is a repulsive headline. Shame on you NYT What the hell is wrong with you?

time to invest in guillotines Perhaps a reduction of the Investor Class would reduce demand? So making bottled tap water a “necessity” wasn’t enough? Now it’s time for the price gouge? Unrestrained global capitalism is literally making the planet unlivable! These 3 Smart Investments Can Make You Even Richer!

Isn’t that the plot of a James Bond movie? Sick. Eat the rich. Really, NYT? This is what evil looks like. Oh my god y’all. I don’t even know what else to say about this horribly unethical and amoral take. Have you guys noticed that you're monsters for even printing this? No? Yeah, I figured.

This is all part of the pre-planned water wars. evil malignantnormalization hypercapitalism whatsupwiththat Water is up to 60% of a human body. Soon it will only be affordable to private equity managers. Have you seen Mad Max sir? Try charging for water when people need it and I don't believe it will go how you think.

I predict water will be the ultimate tool that people will FINALLY acknowledge we have problems with our environment. Why do we always need a precipitous to make us act epaawheeler ivankatrump latimes This should definitely end well, profiting off necessities when they become scarce! And publishing a pov that really doesn't need to be heard from ever.

I could be wrong but isn’t this how Mad Max started? WTAF is wrong with you? Late again to the party NYT. This is from 7 years ago Nationalize all potable water sources. Ban privatized water. Eat the rich.

I knew that once they convinced us all that bottled water was better that it would just be a matter of time when water would be made a commodity with capitalist price-fixing it. We better build cisterns and catch the stuff as it falls from the sky. Why don't we simply rid ourselves of the rich? Wow, just wow

Whoever wrote this i hope you feel dead inside That's... is that really going to be your take? That the coming climate apocalypse represents 'an opportunity for investors'? Seriously? What the Hell is wrong with you? Can you please print the names of everyone that thinks this is a good idea Finally a headline bad enough to replacemy number one fav 'Letting robots kill without human supervision could save lives'. Grats gang, see you in the post apocalypse!

Wow. We have lots. 🇨🇦💦🇨🇦💦🇨🇦💦. Looking forward to the water wars

Good job transforming your country into a hellscape, America. To think you started off with so many advantages. love to hoard water supplies while people suffer from unstoppable heat death!!!!!!!!! Math is math. Keep multiplying and see what happens. Eat the rich Or, we could begin treating it like the natural resource it is.

Do you have any suggestions where to start investing? What is the current price? One gallon equals one African kid’s soul? Investors are at least 59% water themselves...🤷🏽‍♀️ Nestle is one of the worst!!!! They were stealing water in California during the drought there despite the fact their permits had expired! They do the same thing all over Canada as well! Their CEO does not believe that clean water is a human right! BoycottNestle

We'll take that water if it comes down to it. Go ahead and waste your money. delete this Hope those investors aren't too invested in their own heads! Ah, just what I needed to read this morning Ghouls. This is some evil, heinous shit. Framing like this is one reason why I cancelled my subscription after reading the NYT faithfully for almost twenty years. Another reason is David Brooks.

Shameful. I grew up thinking the NYT was the most prestigious and trustworthy news source in the world. Now you can't trust to be anything more than FOX news tailored for those with IQs above 70

I can't wait to meet the CEO of my local water enterprise! The article makes clear that water cannot directly be traded as a commodity like oil. Instead, the article highlighted a number of funds investing in more water-efficient technology and infrastructure. Why the outrage? Is investing in renewable energy technology bad now too?

Congratulations, Trump voters. Your kids are going to die in a war to protect water profits. Oh my God go to hell. Fire the editor that approved this article. What in the actual f$%k is the matter with you people? Let’s monetize off people dying from dehydration and promote it in America’s most read newspaper!

Water must ABSOLUTELY not be privatized. Of course RePugs are trying to. It’s disgusting. In fact we must remove all Nestle leases from anywhere in America. Instead let's start murdering the rich before they horde all the water to crowdfund an artisanal water brand while climate refugees claw at their community gates attempting to find water

what stage of capitalism is this

This is what eco fascism looks like. Watch this space!! How about no. damn sounds to me like “nationalise nestle” Exciting opportunity for everyone else to turn these investors into liquid Damn a heck of a lot of people are gonna have to be killed aren’t they What is wrong with you?!?!?! What are you going to use all that money to buy when there's nothing left on the planet

Worst take ever.

Isn't that the plot for the Tank Girl film? This is straight up evil and you are evil. You know, investors who support the same companies that trash drinking water. How quickly do NYT editors forget? This 2011 OpEd warns that the Ogallala aquifer is in danger: 1 of the largest, most critical WaterIsLife sources to Mid West farmers. Polluting the Ogallala Aquifer Psst! You cannot drink or eat money.

How About Investing in Fixing The Flint Water Crisis? The Water Advisories on Indigenous Lands and Territories? Oh yeah, Right. That doesnt Fit your narrative. We dont need more like Nestle stealing water for Profit. Oh hell no. No one should own our water and sell it to people. Just like no one can own the air and sell it either.

Yes the corporations destroy the water and then try to sell it back to us can't wait for ten more opeds on this very same paper about how global climate change isn't bad, isn't happening, or is actually good. This is your take. Really. With all the flooding a story about shortages? Investors looking to exploit water scarcity for profit represents an opportunity for snipers.

I guess Dr. Michael Burry is ahead of the curve in that. Cool, nice work The New York timrs This is despicable PR for companies that profit off human suffering and water deprivation. Disaster capitalism. DoBetter

Nestle has been doing it for decades. As has Dannon. We have one earth. One. The solution to pollution is not dilution - it’s STOP POLLUTING! Coca-Cola owns the water in several regions of Mexico and diabetes and obesity has shot up in those regions. BRILLIANT INVESTMENT! Immortan Joe, chief investor. Did no one watch the Big Short!?

FFS sociopaths 🌝 You are gross. Just like Mad Max: Fury Road! Wasn't that guy the villain in that movie though? There's never been a better time to invest in h20coin

Water is the new Oil/ Gold strike, Mattdamon and buddies getting rich, it's not charity for them. Build Osmosis Water Plants, pipe it like oil. Israel is showing California how to do it. Jesus. As long as the investors are protected! ewarren You're gonna need a plan for this. Now they want to take our water and monetize and privatize it. It worked so well in Flint.

Sick take. 25 years ago this was seen as an opportunity. How many towns’ water utilities are owned by corporations (international too)? The Great Lakes are overflowing. Literally. I hear there's a lot of money to be made running concentration camps these days, too. No. That would be extremely immoral. How about we take back our publicly owned water resources from Nestle? Nationalize Nestle now! Take back our water! nestle stolenwater banNestle

This is immoral

The sociopaths are reporting from inside the newspaper. Funny how you used an old photo of a lake that is currently barely able to hold the water it has now after the rain refilled it a while ago 'That represents an opportunity for dueling Fremen.' Repulsive When you say 'investors' do you mean 'hateful tyrants', because that's how most normal people would refer to anyone who sees drought and dying of thirst as a chance to make money.

Late capitalism is a helluva thing

What the fuck is this story Hope better sense prevails and we look beyond profit/loss for basic needs like water WTF...... Thank you capatilism. Seriously? You’re advising people to invest in water so they can profit from people’s desperation? We're getting plenty this year Buncha jabronis. What the actual fcuk s wrong with you? Human suffering, climate apocalypse, repeats of Flint, but the take you run with is 'opportunity for investment'?

Water should not be a commodity that you invest in or be sold only to the wealthy? Instead use this money to protect it for all. If corporations invest billions in infrastructure to support that type of business the government will never back them down. It will already be over.

if they gate off the water they better not be surprised when it turns to guns If this makes you angry, Nestle is doing the exact same thing right now in Flint, Michigan. In fact, Nestle bottles gallons of fresh water from a nearby town to sell for profit, water that could be more helpful keeping the citizens of Flint safe and healthy.

Solution: More immigration! Vile vile vile vile vile sentiment. Vile I've read somewhere : 'Whiskey is for drinking Water is for fighting ! ' 🖖 Invest with me and get a free pair of boat shoes A good investment? Damn. That's sounds pretty sleazy, too monetize the basic human requirement for life. But hey. Making a profit is more important, eh? 😎

This has to be the most cynical, nihilistic, enraging fucking take possible. Hey genius: nestle and coke already bought up all the water. You’re really checking the powerful here

Great. Just what we need. I’ll have to subscribe to stream water from my tap. ffs, are we humans really this terrible? Population is the issue. It's 7.5 billion now. Double that and keep doubling it. There just won't be enough of anything for all those humans. How's that for sundowning boys and girls.

Yup. Same people who made money off of war are now investing in water. bigbusiness *Sighs epically*...That represents an opportunity for investors. *Water is growing scarcer* Capitalism: when the revolution comes whoever wrote this is first up against the wall President Scroob, line 2.... billburr So Flint is now a fucking Beta test.

how do you invest in public domain..... New York Times won’t let you look at their stuff without signing in. I don’t like that Funny how the labor and time of a doctor is a “basic human right” but food and water isn’t. The first step in protecting water supplies and water quality is protecting a watershed’s soil and vegetation.

I don't think I have the words to adequately express how angry the framing of this article makes me. We're running out of water, so someone should exploit that and make money? Get all the way the fuck out of here with that. What the hell are you actually saying? Are you saying water is a privilege? Is that where we’re at right now?

We in Scotland deserve to make money offf of this! Oh, just fuck off.

Death to Nestle Just finally watched 'The Big Short' all the way to the end? Quantum of Solace Ah yes profiting off shortages in resources that people need to live A cool and good thing to do that definitely won't end in violence Start cleaning and transforming seawater into drinkable water you fucks. Water isn't gold, it's a humanneed/right

There's about 90lbs of water in a 180lb billionaire. Stop! Even the Red Hats will understand when water and air are commoditized. Maybe. 🤷🏼‍♂️ MONETIZE 👏 THE 👏 ROT 👏 Oxygen too.

This is sick. And high lightens the needs for both creating clean water,recirculate and finding better and cheaper methods to produce water, They already sell a liter of water for over a dollar by taking city water which costs a couple of cents, running it through a filter/R/O and bottling it. How much more gouging are they entitled too? Now if they would take runoff rainwater or salt water...

This is like a half step behind Spaceballs becoming a reality This represents an opportunity for corporations to ration water and charge a fortune for it. What a twisted and cynical proposal! Go ahead and join Nestle in this barbaric scheme. Wow. If anyone was thinking our society wasn’t as fucked up as it seems, that notion went flying right out the window. This is disgusting. Nestle is already making billions off of stealing all the damn water, why encourage more?

Water is a utility it should be in State hands. It is basic need, it should not be in hand of foreign greedy fat cats. Hip Hop Hoodios - 'Agua Pa' La Gente (Live on LATV)' via YouTube water shouldn't be a buissnes but a human right

Cool progress. Looking forward to 2040 with the header: 'Air is easy to take for granted. Yet the prospect of shortages in the years ahead could make air a precious commodity. That represents an opportunity for investors.' From the archives? Wow, this just makes me love capitalism all the more! Why? It’s been a good investment. I’ve seen that preached for a while now. Whether it’s an ethical investment might be another question for another day.

Monetizing it will just exacerbate the water wars that already exist in vulnerable areas. This is a HORRIBLE idea. At least pretend to have some morals for Christ's sake. Y’all this is not what we’re going to do. No. This is what we’re doing, isn’t it?

Reminder to any thirsty sunbelters looking north towards the Great Lakes with dreams of pipelines that you ain’t gettin a single goddamn drop of our water (thank god for the Canadians) building huge, wasteful, cities in the middle of the desert it’s so fundamentally dumb *sighs* WTF is NY Times suggesting in this article, shame on you!

already started years ago. Way to be up with the times! They are digging their own graves 🤷🏻‍♂️. When shit hits the fan, they think people are going to follow laws? 😂😂😂😂 No govt should have the right to sell water it’s a community resource Water should be a protected resource not a commodity held by corporations who will decide who lives or dies.


Isn’t that what Michael Burry’s doing? Really...?...try living in a house with its own well-known you'll never take it for granted...ever Ya think. somebodybringussomewater ariverrunsthroughit wtf Water monopolies are older than me. The NYT is only interested now to add to the global warming hysteria. Try addressing something important like population control.

What's next! Air? Ugh.


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