As COVID-19 Cuts Deadly Path Through Indiana Prisons, Inmates Say Symptoms Ignored

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29,000 inmates across the nation have tested positive for the coronavirus — of those, 415 prisoners have died. Prison officials in Indiana say their prisoners are getting medical attention, but inmates claim 'you must be almost dead to get outside help.'

On Tuesday, April 28 demonstrators outside Westville Correctional Facility protested conditions in the facility.Scottie Edwards died of COVID-19 just weeks before he would have gotten out of the Westville Correctional Facility in Indiana.

Edwards was serving a 40-year sentence for attempting to kill someone in 2001. He would have been released to home detention on May 1, but died on April 13. The next day the Indiana Department of Correction sent out a statement that indicated Edwards' symptoms came on suddenly:"The offender, a male over the age of 70, who did not have indications of illness, reported experiencing chest pains and trouble breathing on Monday.

Since the start of the pandemic, prisoners and their families have contradicted state officials about the conditions inside Indiana prisons. Many inmates report they've had no way to protect themselves from close contact with other inmates and staff members. They believe contracting the disease is inevitable. Indeed, 85% percent of the prisoners tested at Westville have been positive for the virus. Many of them were housed in the same dorm as Edwards.

His fellow prisoners say Edwards couldn't even make it to see medical staff on his own — they pushed him in a wheelchair. Each time, he was sent back to his quarters.

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Trump declares: 'Capital Punishment for all crimes, they should have behaved themselves,' Trump reportedly said to an underling.... 🙄

Just here to see all the pro life comments about how they should be left to die.

Inmates lives certainly do matter, and they cannot be left to die. On the flip side, let us hope that those same inmates might reconsider acts that will end them back in jail when they are released. And no, we shouldn't release dangerous criminals. We've seen that outcome.

So 0.014 percent of the prison population had died from corona and we should be concerned!! Y’all seriously need to adjust your headline. Hardly a “deadly path”

VP Pence country!

Why did a few celebrities get CV in the hype period of early March, but after that nothing?

Using these numbers the Case Fatality Rate for prisoners is only 1.4%. The nation as a whole has a CFR of 5.8%! I would love to have that explained.

So a .014 mortality rate...


Sadly, I think we found the only test group to uncover true statistics.

God bless Trumps leadership in protecting all Americans. His signing into law the First Step Act was a big step in the right direction. BLEXIT

ONLY when realDonaldTrump needs them, then after election, back they go for another 25 years to life. VOTE JoeBiden PRESIDENT 👍

Note to protestors, Try “offender” next time.”

That's right, and giving them masks won't help. They must be released

The good news is that they saved Manafort & Cohen, by letting them go home to serve their sentences. WTF

A much simpler solution would have been not to end up there to begin with, would it not?

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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