Freebritney, Entertainment, Live Updates: Britney Spears Addresses Court Over Conservatorship

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As Britney Spears speaks in court, #FreeBritney supporters will rally

Britney Spears is expected to address the court during a hearing about her conservatorship. Follow here for the latest.

6/23/2021 11:47:00 PM

Britney Spears’ court hearing will take place in Los Angeles this afternoon, but supporters of the FreeBritney movement are rallying across the world.

Britney Spears is expected to address the court during a hearing about her conservatorship. Follow here for the latest.

Britney Spears will address the court todayBritney Spears will remotely address a courtregarding her conservatorship, a legal decision to appoint a guardian to manage the finances, medical decisions and overall daily life of another person.This will be the first time she addresses the court since her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham III, filed to suspend her father Jamie Spears as the conservator of her estimated $60 million estate last year.

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Jamie Spears has been the conservator of his daughter's estatesince 2008after a series of personal issues played out publicly for the singer. Despite several rounds of hearings in the past year, Britney Spears has not spoken publicly about her situation. It is unclear what​ — if anything — she will say when she takes the stand remotely today.

No matter what Britney Spears reveals, many fans will be listening intently. In recent years #FreeBritney — a movement which claims Britney Spears is being kept against her will in a legal stranglehold that denies her many basic personal freedoms — has gone viral, garnering attention from fans and celebrities alike.

Virtually all of its adherents' ​claims — such as that Spears does not handle her own social media, that she is not allowed to drive or own a phone, and that she has been threatened or prohibited from criticizing the arrangement in public — are strongly denied by those close to Spears or involved in the conservatorship.

Superfan Megan Radford, the creator of #FreeBritney, said she has played several different scenarios in her head about how the hearing will go."I'm nervous, but I'm trying to set those nerves aside ... I hope that she feels, for the first time ever, possibly, the support that she has behind her,” Radford said.

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Britney Spears Conservatorship 2021: Spears To Speak in CourtIn Britney Spears conservatorship 2021 news, Spears is expected to address the court about her 13-year conservatorship on June 23. It’s enough.

Britney Spears will directly address Los Angeles court on conservatorship todayThe pop singer is expected to appear in court, via a video link, later today to speak directly to the court and the judge to request her father is removed from her conservatorship

Britney Spears expected to address conservatorship in court: What to knowNewsLive Today’s the day!!! Sending love to britneyspears you got this!!! 🍀 💚 NewsLive DireWagesOfSin A dense, dark cloud of God's glory has descended upon Kismu, Kenya/ Now is a sensitive time. The Messiah is coming soon. depart from all sins. Repent!! Prepare the Lord's Way with Holiness NewsLive FreeBritney FreeBritneyNOW EndConservatorshipAbuse 😡

Britney Spears Gets Her Day In Court—And A Chance To Reclaim Her $60 Million FortuneThe hearing follows a new report that Spears has been trying to remove her father from the helm of her conservatorship for years, claiming she’s taken advantage of financially.

Sam Asghari Supports Britney Spears Ahead of Her Court Hearing🚨 Sam Asghari wears a FreeBritney shirt ahead of her court appearance today! As he should. 💯

Britney Spears in Court: What Is a Conservatorship and What Does It Mean for Your Finances?The legal battle unfolding between Britney Spears and her father has highlighted a little-known court proceeding called a conservatorship. Here's what you need to know. Let her have it and then he can say told you so when she's spent it all in a few years. FreeBritney CONservatorships harm the people they are meant to protect.