As Biden touts an end to America’s ‘forever’ wars, conflicts drag on out of sight

As Biden touts an end to America’s “forever” wars, conflicts drag on out of sight

9/22/2021 11:59:00 PM

As Biden touts an end to America’s “forever” wars, conflicts drag on out of sight

The U.S. military remains locked in low-level insurgent conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.

Story continues below advertisementStephen Pomper, who served as a White House official during the Obama administration and is now chief of policy for the International Crisis Group, said Biden’s desire to pivot away from war is understandable as Americans have grown weary of the financial and human cost.

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Advertisement“The reality is that the United States is not anywhere near ending these wars,” he said. Biden’s apparent statement to the contrary “is good politics,” he said, “but I worry that it’s not going to be good governance.”A senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity under ground rules set by the administration, said Biden’s mention of “turning the page” referred to the departure of U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

Story continues below advertisement“While ending the war in Afghanistan represents a historic break with 20 years of U.S. policy, the president made clear that it fits squarely” with the need, as Biden said in his address, to face today’s terrorism threats, the official said in an email.

But while Biden cited security alliances, financial tools and economic development as means for addressing far-flung extremist threats, he made no specific references to the ongoing missions in places such as Iraq and Syria, where the combined number of U.S. troops exceeds the number stationed in Afghanistan when Biden made his

.Advertisement“We’ll meet terrorist threats that arise today and in the future with a full range of tools available to us, including working in cooperation with local partners so that we need not be so reliant on large-scale military deployments,” Biden said in the speech.

Story continues below advertisementThe president’s first remarks to the General Assembly come as he attempts to refocus government resources on priorities at home, including deep political divisions and the coronavirus pandemic. On foreign policy, Biden has also shown himself willing to risk opprobrium in taking steps to anchor U.S. strategy around competition with China, as he did in a new deal to

share sensitive technologywith Australia that infuriated France.Biden’s political challenges are mounting as he faces congressional pushback over his handling of Afghanistan, where the Kabul government fell to the Taliban amid the U.S. withdrawal and a hastily arranged American evacuation effort was marred by violence and disorder.

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AdvertisementThe president has repeatedly defended his Afghanistan policy, arguing the exit was a necessary if unpleasant decision after 20 years of war. Officials have said far less about the ongoing counterterrorism missions in at least five countries that grind on largely out of sight of the public.

Story continues below advertisementThe low-boil campaigns have also attracted far less congressional scrutiny than the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan did at their height, except in instances when U.S. troops have been injured or killed.Critics have challenged the notion that the United States can truly end insurgent wars while continuing airstrikes from afar, highlighting disagreements about how to define when the United States is at war or engaged in hostilities.

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