As America Burned, President Trump Largely Stayed Silent

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Trump has done little to calm the violent scenes or call for national unity.

on Saturday, several of which turned to riots as night fell and tensions rose between protesters and police forces.

Instead, Trump’s comments have mainly involved calling for increased presence from authorities as a means of stemming the violence, with his lone tweet about the riots Saturday night saying as much while attacking the mayor of Minneapolis for his political affiliation. Derek Chauvin—the officer who put his knee to Floyd’s neck—has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder, as well as manslaughter, but many demonstrators are vowing to continue their protests at least until three other officers who appeared to help Chauvin pin Floyd down are also charged.

While many of the Floyd protests have spilled over into rioting, organizers have decried the looting and violence that have been seen along with the protests, saying those engaging in that are “


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nicksreimann So did all the liberal states as well...LOL

nicksreimann No, he didn't. Instead, the media went into OT keeping Mr. Trump's remarks from the public. Then you wonder why you're called 'fake news.'

That's not true.


nicksreimann Here's a story for Forbes. Minnesota AG Keith Ellison w/ Portland Antifa leader Luis Marquez, and Ellison proudly displaying his copy of the Antifa Handbook. Wait, this all started in Minnesota. Wow, what a coincidence!!! (Gibbs' Rule 39) I'm sure Forbes will be all over it. 😂


I wonder why.

So what?! He can’t construct an intelligent sentence anyway.

Fake News! Still haven’t heard from Biden, Pelosi, or Schumer yet....must be too busy coordinating attacks for Antifa.

How do you call for calm and unity from a group of people only interested in division, destruction and servicing their own personal dissatisfaction in their lives? Good luck.

Bless you all always! Peace. Amen.🙏🏻

We want action, not talk! You want a nice speach with no action? Go watch Obama videos on YouTube. We want action. We want Trump!

Yes fake Steve Forbes! When did you become a Never Trumper. SteveForbesCEO Why are you so negative?

realDonaldTrump why would you stay silent? Why not heal the nation? Certainly acting totally opposite of what Jesus would do. Christians, November is your time to vote consistent with your Christian teachings. We need a President that will lead us as a Nation under God.

Apparently you weren't listening...

So either he was calling for the national guard ir he was ignoring it. Make up your damn mind you group of bs artists

Letting the Americans see how Liberal incompetence be like.

He is a failure

That's what smart guys do

Fake news up and down. he didnt!🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤣


Opportunistic as always!!

He's Nero, but dumber

Love how this article is about Trump staying silent and literally right before it is a tweet from him in my feed 🤣🤣 That’s a journalism fail. Confirmation biased clowns. Trump hasn’t shut up. Forbes = 🤡🤡🤡

A COWARD will always Fold when he's scared. He DODGED THE DRAFT 5 TIMES, so why is anyone surprised he cant LEAD.

you guys are part of the problem, hating your President doesnt make you righteous. He did act fast, you just too busy hating him so you all cant see what he has done.

America did not burn and if the media would show the people who protested peacefully maybe things would be different. I HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS!

Anything he says will be twisted by the FakeNewsMedia The same goes for when he is silent. He can’t win but we ALL see the truth.

He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Media has made sure of that since he announced his candidacy.

He’s coming to grips with what’s coming in November. Vote2020

You and other major media outlets need to call on Trump to resign. This has gone too far CNN MSNBC nytimes washingtonpost NPR Reuters

Yup, there’s your leader...he’s been and will continue to try to be an actor... vote for him again .

Can you stop posting fake news. The entire world saw how trump handled the crisis. And he is doing his best. You sold out fake media

Is this president useful for the American's?

Forbes is doing their part to divide us. Stop already

I continue to read so many comments supporting Trump's response. However, whatever he has said or done has failed to calm or unite. So, what do Trump supporters think he's doing right? It doesn't matter what Trump does. He squandered his position way back in the VA protests.

I began following Forbes years ago for business-related articles but they've become more like the rest of the MSM now. This article doesn't even make sense. You say realDonaldTrump is largely silent but you're tracking a biased timeline of his important messages and actions. Why

He just annoyed due to the fact that the protesters outside of WH is larger than his own inauguration.

The mind is like a parachute,if open can erupt at any time.

And rational people are glad he did. No need for this shallow simpleton to bore us with his boorish nonsense.

If he opened his mouth, it would be even more dangerous.

realDonaldTrump has been the loudest, most consistent, rational voice throughout this entire anti-American horror show.


“If you’re unable or unwilling to be part of peace, your silence may help slow or stop the ticking bomb”.

The Big Divider. November cannot come soon enough! DumpTrump2020.

This. Is. Intentional. From the start, this has been the endgame. They needed a spark: RIPGeorgeFloyd. trump and republicans are trying to hold onto control any possible way they can. They HOPE protestors die/get corona so they can’t vote in upcoming local/natl elections!

You are pathetic Forbes. The people see what’s going on, It’s so obvious.

Oh you really are ignorant! Behind closed doors to media (thank a God) WH was hugely ingluemcing states. Had not President called MN Gov Walz we would still be burning in Mpls/St Paul. So don’t lead Americans into hopelessness & fear because of your limited perspective.

Worst president America has ever got

He letting the masses see how DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

He’s worthless

Fake news

Would you rather he talk more right now?

The hypocrisy of the GOP is stunning, the GOP is the Racist Party. For years they have been the party of the skinhead, the Nazi, the KKK. Remember Richard Spencer's 'Heil Trump'? David Dukes praise of Trump? The GOP has spent years advocating that Hispanic & blacks are subhuman.

The CAT has got his Tongue

Ah No Forbes. Also, these are local matters- local government and state.

Fake news

Thats what he wanted I think

what is he supposed to do? 90% of the rioters hate him from the bottom of their hearts and every move would enrage them even more...

Its the duty of the governors! If they want the national guard, they should speak up and stop 'lazying' around!

It's probably a good thing. He wouldn't know how to calm down the situation, show empathy or not further divide people. He isn't capable.

That’s exactly what DanScavino wanted!!!!

Really? Has he? I am pretty sure I've heard him speak for several days.

. Comparing Biden with Trump, one doesn't know calculus and one (Trump) knows. . So, you know who can solve the problem. .

Our country, as history will show


Because the media just twists his words and creates false intent of his words? Media has been fomenting the riots before they began

He has stoked the fires from the start. The media didn't have to do anything.

Fake news Mr. President Trump is saving those silly and navie people. Your country will only be burned by CCP

I feel like we are watching a civil war in this country. Sadly, this country is more divided than ever. This is an all time low in America right now.

Wait... what? Who cares

This headline doesn’t even pass a basic sniff test

. America is not burning. America is being sabotaged. Trump is dealing with the enemy. .

He likes to falsely claim he did the greatest this and the greatest that...well buddy you are in fact the greatest failure the office of president has ever seen. His answer to everything is democrat this or republican that. How can America be great with you leading the way.

Yes, he could have at least invited them over for tea-Now you tell us Forbes what you would do

What could he possibly say that would actually help the situation or provide any kind of reassurance that he cares. He’d make it all about him as with everything else! 🙄 TrumpHasBloodOnHisHands TrumpResignNow WorstPresidentEver BeBest


Have an intern say to maybe face check his tweets and all hell brakes loose. That’s some 3rd world dictator type of crap

realDonaldTrump while disappointing that we don’t have a leader who can bring peace to our country, we’re actually GLAD you are staying largely silent. Your words do more harm than good. Stay quiet. Go away. Stay irrelevant as usual.

He will stay quiet. This is his handiwork.


This isn’t true

Cause Trump doesn't care and we are giving him what he wants dont fall for the dumb stuff BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS

Not true he called ANTIFA a terrorist organization which many thought they should have been designated years ago

Thank the Lord for small favors! The less he speaks, the better off we all are!

He's in it way over his head—Some RW dimwit suggested they'd rewrite history in his favour. It's ironic the very platform he uses to twitter his nonsense is recording his legacy—no one's going to forget this mess—110k Dead—40mil unemployed—riots on the street—market about to tank

I call bullshit. If he had not talked to Mn dumb ass governor we would have had to have a 4th night with looting/burning!


Trump wants a civil war.

He's letting the governor's handle it. Which is his method for most things.... Honestly. Our police chief rocks in Phoenix. Local leadership matters.

I only wish he would stay silent instead of fanning the flames.

Forbes?!!! Reallyyyyy Hahaha how biased is the media funded by a group of rich democrats!!! He spoke about that at Space X launch 🤦🏻‍♀️

Forbes cant even figure out if KylieJenner is a billionaire or not. Stay in your lane, supermarket tabloid.

That’s funny! Trump was not silent at all! However, you still will not find one word from Schumer or Pelosi! MSM=marketing arm of the DNC MAGA

America's been burning everyday for the most vulnerable just now the fires big enough for high dollar clowns to see from there Ivory fucking towers



He has no integrity

Could have stopped after the first 4 words.

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