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Us Politics, Trump-Ukraine Whistle-Blower Complaint And Impeachment Inquiry

As a Post-Impeachment Trump Pushes the Limits, Republicans Say Little

Having expressed confidence that impeachment might chasten the president, senators are now watching as he purges perceived enemies and publicly pushes for a lenient sentence for a friend.


After expressing confidence that impeachment might chasten President Trump, Republican senators appear unwilling to grapple with the president as he purges perceived enemies and publicly pushes for a lenient sentence for a friend

Having expressed confidence that impeachment might chasten the president, senators are now watching as he purges perceived enemies and publicly pushes for a lenient sentence for a friend.

transcript Trump Calls Prosecution of Roger Stone a ‘Disgrace’ President Trump denied that his tweet praising the attorney general for intervening in the sentencing of Roger J. Stone Jr. was political interference. Reporter: “On Roger Stone, isn’t your tweet political interference?” “No, not at all. He was treated very badly — nine years recommended. If you look at what happened — I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this horrible thing. And I didn’t speak to him, by the way, just so you understand. They saw the horribleness of a nine-year sentence for doing nothing. You have murderers and drug addicts, they don’t get nine years — nine years for doing something that nobody even can define what he did. Somebody said he put out a tweet, and the tweet, you based it on that. We have killers, we have murderers all over the place, nothing happens. And then they put a man in jail and destroy his life, his family, his wife, his children — nine years in jail. It’s a disgrace. In the meantime, Comey walks around making book deals. The people that launched this scam investigation, and what they did is a disgrace.” President Trump denied that his tweet praising the attorney general for intervening in the sentencing of Roger J. Stone Jr. was political interference. Credit Credit... Doug Mills/The New York Times Asked if Mr. Trump appeared to have learned any positive lessons from the impeachment saga that threatened his presidency and prompted her and some others Republicans to criticize his conduct, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska paused on Wednesday to choose her words carefully. “There haven’t been strong indicators this week that he has,” she said. In the Oval Office on Wednesday, Mr. Trump insisted he had in fact grown wiser based on the impeachment experience — but not in ways that many in his party were hoping for. “That the Democrats are crooked,” he told reporters when asked about the lessons he took from the episode. “They got a lot of crooked things going. That they’re vicious. That they shouldn’t have brought impeachment.” On Capitol Hill, Republicans offered up general platitudes about the principle that presidents should stay out of pending legal matters. But none asked for an explanation of Mr. Trump’s handling of Mr. Stone’s case, or suggested his actions warranted further scrutiny. Instead, after three years of provocations, attacks on political opponents and allies alike, and abrupt policy reversals, Republican lawmakers fell back on a set of neutral responses they have found crucial to navigating the choppy waters of Mr. Trump’s presidency. Privately, many in the party say it is just often not worth it to challenge him in the open. Better to try lobby the White House quietly, like a handful of Republican senators did last week when they tried to intervene to stop Mr. Trump from firing Gordon D. Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union, who testified in the House impeachment hearings. But their entreaties did not work. Matters of foreign policy have often prompted more public disagreements, like a planned vote on Thursday to curtail Mr. Trump’s war powers, but they are few and far between. The handful of moderate Republicans who have broken with the president on matters of consequence — including in recent weeks to criticize his pressure campaign on Ukraine undergirding the House’s impeachment case — are reluctant to to do so again and again. Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, seemed to grow frustrated on Wednesday when reporters pressed her to reconcile Mr. Trump’s recent actions with her assertion last week that he would be “much more cautious in the future” after having been impeached. “My vote to acquit the president was not based on predicting his future behavior,” Ms. Collins said. She added, “I think the president would be better served by never commenting on pending federal investigations.” Senator Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican who chastised Mr. Trump for his pressure on Ukraine, declined to pass any direct judgment on the president’s actions since. “The sentencing is in the hands of the courts, which should make an appropriate decision,” he said. “And politics should never play a part in law enforcement. So that’s what I have to say about that.” Even Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, the sole Republican who voted to convict Mr. Trump last week, said he did not have time to get into the particulars of the case, saying he trusted the judge in Mr. Stone’s case to “do what is right.” “I can’t begin to spend time discussing the president’s tweets,” he said. “That would be a full-time job.” Democrats have watched with increasing desperation. The House still holds subpoena power, and can use its control of the federal spending process to try to curb some unwanted excesses by the administration. But the chamber just used the Constitution’s most powerful tool for executive accountability, impeachment, and failed to win a conviction. In the Senate, where Republicans are in control, some Democrats have taken to outright pleading with colleagues to speak up. Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, interrupted a Banking Committee meeting Wednesday morning to implore his colleagues to stop what he called Mr. Trump’s “retribution tour.” “We cannot give him a permanent license to turn the presidency and the executive branch into his own personal vengeance operation,” Mr. Brown said. “If we say nothing — and I include everyone in this committee, including myself — it will get worse. His behavior will get worse.” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, called on the Senate Judiciary Committee to convene emergency hearings on the Justice Department matter. But Mr. Graham ruled it out, saying he had sought an explanation from Mr. Barr’s office about the decision to change the sentencing recommendation for Mr. Stone, and found it satisfactory. “Should the president stay out of cases? Yeah, absolutely. He should not be commenting on cases in the system,” Mr. Graham said. “If I thought he’d done something that changed the outcome inappropriately, I’d be the first to say.” “I’m comfortable the system is working,” he added. Senator John Kennedy, Republican of Louisiana, chalked the Stone imbroglio up to the president’s social media habits. “This is a situation where the tweet was very problematic,” he said, hastening to add that tweeting was the president’s right and that all signs he had seen pointed to the situation having been handled properly at the Justice Department. Other elected Republicans professed a loose command of the facts or sidestepped questions by accusing reporters of distorting them. Asked whether Mr. Trump had been emboldened since his acquittal, Mr. Cornyn dismissed the idea as a “narrative,” declining to elaborate as he disappeared into a committee room. Senator Todd Young, Republican of Indiana, said he was “still unfamiliar” with “all the particulars” of the situation around Mr. Stone’s sentencing, but added: “There’s no legal issue here. It’s just a question of propriety.” Some Republicans did not even bother trying to explain away the president’s actions. “I do not have an opinion on that,” declared Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader. Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

Seriously scary More profiles in cowardice Ok what does trump have on the entire party, has he threatened them with their own certain decimation? How could they be held in their ignorant state of punitive silence for this long? This is unprecedented and highly unusual! Give it up? Say something? How to create a dictator. Perhaps Don jr will inherit the presidency. Elections are such a hassle.

Barr acted before Trump commented on this miscarriage of justice. Unlike Obama's wing-man Eric Holder, Barr is a man of integrity who does what of right. Trump is, understandably, concerned, that people tied to him are being persecuted. Btw. Barr cannot force a judge to be fair. Now, if this doesn’t just say all there is to say about them. Did they truly expect anything different? No of course not. Everyone thinks they’re immune, special. He will set his sights on them, it doesn’t take much for him to turn. Ruled by fear. Shameful GOP (- one)

These republicans are never gonna learn! They have a systemic cancer known as trump instead of fighting it they gave up. Might ass well call this the start of the end of the traditional Republican Party. Wow, it’s almost as though giving into a bully emboldens them! Purging NYT anonymous sources NOOOO!!!!! Tell us something we don't know like, 'this is unprecedented'...well, maybe something else. How about 'this has never been done before'. Um, I think I have heard that also. I know! I know! ' the Constitution and rule of law is being trashed. Come on, think of something

House Democrats eye post-impeachment pivotSpeaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to make a sharp pivot away from the heated politics of impeachment and lash President Donald Trump in another key area: the economy She’s good at lashing. That and voting for Trump's policies. Her strategic vision has been solid so far. 1) Trump peak popularity. 2) Impeachment failed. 3) Socialist non- Dem leading Dem ticket. 4) Biden all but out. Great job Nancy. It’s the economy, stupid.

Cancer doesn't have second thoughts or learn lessons. Cancer just goes for it! That's why you interleave multiple chemicals (if you're using chemotherapy)-- to make sure it's gone and can't up! (Thinking of the current administration as I type this.) Perceived enemies? Ok NYT 🙄 Corrupt Dems and their complicit slanderous fake media just keep on losing.

They can’t grapple with him. They all took the dirty money. He owns them. Mr. President what kind of President does that!!!! The corporate press is the enemy of the people. Collins had the audacity to call Blasey Ford 'confused'. The only showed concern for Sondland. A donor. Not a word in defense for Vindman, except from John Kelly (yesterday). Lesson- Republicans don’t care about the war hero’s, only the donor class. Get it? They work only for the donor class. These are dark times & will only get darker

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This might be true maybe but 9 years for lying to congress for someone that has never been convicted of crime before is ridiculous and you know it this is why the average American is sick and tired of all media And politicians we hate you .. No one cared when Obama or Bush forced people out who leaked or social media hits. No one cared when they jailed journalist or killed US citizens without due process. “Journalists” who didn’t do their job are responsible. You changed the lines for one, the rest use the lane.

GOP senators have been complicit since day one. They sign the bills wrecking much more damage than the incompetent tweets. They defend and deflect. The same ones that went in on Obama’s “post-Kenyan colonial perspective”as he wore a tan suit. Remember all that bullshit? After 3 years Pres. Trump should go after any wrong doing if there is any=Fake evidence & the persons behind it.

For lying to Congress Roger Stone should serve the combined sentences that Comey and JohnBrennan received for the same offense. PUTIN teachings......... REMOVE THE GOP ! CHANGE IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!!!! Diana98980672 Now the dumbss GOP will have to double-down on realDonaldTrump and his crimes, because if they grow a conscience now, they will look even worse.

Duh. Needed a little filler today, huh? He is a Tyrant!! Lock him up!

I Swear Like, Every Famous Person Ever Commented On Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Instagram PostAnd it turns out, celebs love the 🔥 emoji. did i have to care? TBH the celebrity comment I was looking for / interested in, was BradPitt's, if only he had Instagram.... She’s even less talented than Steven Van Zandt, if that’s even possible.

Roger Stone jury foreperson's anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors This ain't government of the people as our forefathers envisioned it, it's what Republicans have made of it. Yesterday they acquitted a criminal, today he's retaliating against patriotic Fed. employees & corrupting our justice system. Boldly and in our face

Remind us again Suzzie, what lesson did he learn? Republican Senators voted to keep this sob. 🤪🤪🤪 The GOP has lost the opportunity to distance themselves from a president moving the US into an authocracy. One now has to assume that that is what they let them admit it...put your cards on the table GOP!!!!!

Maybe GOP have prostituted themselves to trump by accepting campaign funds from the super pac for loyalty? Seems Trump’s intervention in the Roger Stone sentencing shows Barr’s DoJ is ready to trash all norms and traditions. It’s a slippery slope endangering the 1st Amendment rights of all Americans.

Courteney Cox Looks Identical to Jennifer Aniston in Birthday PostYou can’t unsee Courteney Cox looking EXACTLY like Jennifer Aniston after this! 🤯

I remember when Senators were somewhat condescending toward Presidents that come and go every 4-8 years. Where did their cowardice and subservience come from?

Political maneuvering is one thing, but the corruption implied here is another thing entirely. If it wants to remain a legal and legitimate organization, the GOP needs to get a handle on Trump, or else find another candidate in 2020. More NYT BS THEY.....DON'T.....CARE Gutless pukes. Less than little. Impeaching him twice would make him worse than Clinton Just sayin'

FAKE NEWS MEDIA is the enemy of the USA!!! Spineless and soulless is no way to go through life. But that's how Republicans like their senators.

Ashley Graham Shares Photo of Her Post-Baby Body After 3 Weeks'Raise your hand if you didn’t know you’d be changing your own diapers too.' 😂 ashleygraham is showing off the real part of postpartum.

Cowards Oh give me a fuckin break. 🙄 Trump: Implements final solution gassing to death millions of undesirable Americans. Collins:“I think the president would be better served by not mass murdering Americans, I hope he'll learn his lesson”. I dont believe for 1 sec they thought he would 'learn a lesson'... the only one they learned was to bend over and take it!!! novaseline

HOW MUCH LONGER can they all feign ignorance Their 'Hear no evil, see no evil' strategy is in tatters at this point. 'Purges.' My god you people are absolutely hysterical, in both senses of the term. Please have some chamomile and put your feet up. Maybe a cold compress on the forehead. Feeling sick for my country

Well as of a few weeks ago Susan Collins has surpassed Mitch McConnell is most unpopular U.S Senator, not an easy feat. FlipTheSenateBlue They are not unwilling to grapple. They are all to happy to assist. Trump gets to trash the country, and they get a president who is all too happy to spend trillions for pet projects for their States and those projects are used as bullet points for campaign speeches & materials.

Ashley Graham Shared a Candid Instagram Post About Her Body After Childbirth'Raise your hand if you didn’t know you’d be changing your own diapers too,' Graham wrote. Good for her, takes time for any body to adjust

Proving the Republican Party is NOT about America first but instead they are about Republican Party first. Only time can tell, whose shit is stinkier! You all created this monster!....Deal with it NOW! It would have just been easier to write, 'Susan Collins is an idiot and needs to lose her job.' Suuuuuure It’s time for justice

Absolute craven jellyfish cowards. And they know it. They are beyond useless self centered careerist- they have become a tool of silent destruction. They have abandoned their duty to protect and defend the Constitution. Now they are the threat they pledged to defend against. Telm the truth. The GOP is ok with it.

Purge them all . Trvmp’s Vichy government.

Please don’t take this as criticism But, You Don’t Say! Oh Please.... you shameless partisan DEMS and your Propaganda Arms in corrupt media... To expected so deal with fools. Well they have had their gonads removed so it stands to reason I guess They’re all spineless. The whole lot. First Trump went after the press, then the witnesses, then...…..finally he came for the US Senate, but there was no one left to fight for democracy.

'Trump's- learned-his- lesson' is a Senate euphemism for I'm a coward. I don't want to get involved in this Because it was an obvious deflection from the beginning and was never sincere. Cowards! It's just so sad, that the Republicans Senators don't have a morals are values anymore, it's all about self interests now, how can you back a man who is so unfit

jackie chan Send Stone house arrest at Sen Collins home I really cannot wait until Susan “I’m Very Concerned” Collins gets beaten like a rented mule in November. *internal screaming*

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