Artemis I Path to the Pad: NASA Series Trailer

8/12/2022 2:10:00 AM

Through Artemis, NASA will once again land humans on the Moon. But before that can happen, we must first launch our Space Launch System (SLS) rocket—the most...

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Building NASA's most powerful rocket. Rolling it out. Launching it to the Moon. It takes a team of thousands. Here are some of their stories. “Path to the Pad,” a five-part series about the Artemis I flight test starts Aug. 12:

Through Artemis , NASA will once again land humans on the Moon. But before that can happen, we must first launch our Space Launch System (SLS) rocket—the most...

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Watch NASA's trailer for new show on upcoming lunar mission | Digital TrendsAs part of the build-up to the highly anticipated Artemis I lunar mission, NASA is releasing a new five-part series called Artemis I, Path to the Pad. How dafuq is this a “digital trend”?

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NASA to Stream Artemis I Rollout, Briefings on Science, Tech PayloadsSeveral small science & technology payloads will hitch a ride with Artemis I, our uncrewed flight test around the Moon. They're seen here tucked into their dispensers, set to launch Aug. 29, 2022. NASA Artemis & industry experts share what's in store: Artemis Who else thought this was a soup bowl at first glance? 🤣 Artemis So now we're launching avocado's into space? Artemis What are they intended for? Are they for when crews arrive on the moon?

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