Armenian missile killed 13, wounded 50, Azerbaijan says

Armenian missile killed 13, wounded 50, Azerbaijan says

10/17/2020 2:13:00 PM

Armenian missile killed 13, wounded 50, Azerbaijan says

Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of striking its second-largest city with a ballistic missile that killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 others in a new escalation of their conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh

More CoverageOp-Ed: Why Armenians everywhere stand with those in Nagorno-Karabakh“Azerbaijan will give its response and it will do so exclusively on the battlefield,” Aliyev said.While authorities in both Azerbaijan and Armenia have denied targeting civilians, residential areas have increasingly come under shelling amid the hostilities that have raged for three weeks despite Russia’s attempt to broker a cease-fire.

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AdvertisementStepanakert, the regional capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, came under intense shelling overnight, leaving three civilians wounded, according to separatist authorities.Nagorno-Karabakh lies within Azerbaijan but has been under the control of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia since a war there ended in 1994. The latest outburst of fighting began on Sept. 27 and has involved heavy artillery, rockets and drones, killing hundreds and marking the largest escalation of hostilities between the South Caucasus neighbors in more than a quarter-century.

Aliyev announced Saturday that Azerbaijani forces have taken the town of Fizuli and seven villages around it, gaining a “strategic edge.”Fizuli is one of the seven Azerbaijani regions outside Nagorno-Karabakh that was seized by the Armenian forces during the war in the early 1990s.

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HasanovSadig eyyublu9 🇦🇿🇦🇿 This has been proven to be fake propaganda staged by Azeri. Please do more research before you publish bs. Fake! As always . You guys are bought by Turks . Why didn't you or why won't you reports the children's hospital. The churches. The homes of people of Artcakh being bombarded every single day . Report that you fake bought out news agency . Why do you always report fake news .

Wrong Info. You guys are way behind in news . The world officials already know . The isis miletents hired by Turkey Erdoğan. Were not getting paid as promised. So they attack the Azeri . uilsm1 StopArmenianAggression 🇹🇷🇦🇿🇵🇰🖤☝️ This is fake news! your journalism baffles me! Fact check before you publish misinformation. Or did Azerbaijan pay you to write this? Shame!

Nhabibli1 PrayForGanja How about you cover the fact that the US gov. Has confirmed that they have jihadist terrorists fighting alongside with them? Or how they’re beheading civilians?StopAzerbaijaniAggression AlievWarCriminal Stop playing 3 Monkeys 🙈🙉🙊, World!!! Open your eyes!!! Armenians killed civilians in Ganja city while they were asleep!!! Who were innocent , far away from Karabakh!!! StopArmenianTerrorism kimkardashiansupportsterrorism

StopArmenianTerrorism kimkardashiansupportsterrorism AzerbaijaniLivesMatter PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGandjaCity Let’s get some insight on Stepanakert 🤔 ermeniakillscivilians StopArmenianTerror StopArmenianAggression KardashiansSupportTerrorism PrayForGandjha Gandja .... no words needed.. StopArmenianTerrorism kimkardahsiansupportterrorism

It’s appalling to see shameless comments from Armenian officials and social media users denying Ganja city was attacked by Armenian missiles,in light of recent boasting rhetoric/ threats to bomb Ganja from so called Artsakh officials. StopArmenianTerrorism KarabakhisAzerbaijan And why don't you speak about Stepanakert? Or about bombing ShushiCathedral twice...

StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianVandalism KarabahkisAzerbaijan The Azerbaijani media is actively spreading a photo in which a dead Azerbaijani child is allegedly pulled out from under the rubble. It's painful. There is just one problem, the photo was taken in 2016 in Syria ... StopAzeriLies ‼‼

They murdered babies. İs it fair? Babies!Open your eyes.We don't lie unlike your celebrities.🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 StopWarmenia StayStrongGanja DontBeBlind StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians PashinyanisTerrorist DontBelieveArmenia kimkardashiansupportsterrorism StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression PrayForGandja

StopArmenianTerrorism prayforGanja Ganjacity StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians OpenYourEyes WeDemandMediaCoverage amnesty UNICEF CNN CBCNews guardiannews France24_en CNBC Dont be silent this terrorism! Where is genevaconvention ?!!! Are you there!!! Open your eyes! PrayforGanja 🙏 StopArmenianAggression StopAttackingCivilians Stopattackingchildren StopArmenianBarbarism StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism

Have u ever looked for u family under ruins?Probably now. We dont wish this pain to anyone. But GanjaCity has been living this horror for almost 2nd time in a month! WeDemandMediaCoverage Be our voice! Someone should stop these monsters. stopkillingcivilian stopkillingazerbaijanichildren StopArmenianAgression StopArmenianOccupation

Would this be with the Grad missile or the Scud missile? The first one doesn’t reach the target. The second one, I’m going to venture to guess, won’t be wasted on such an insignificant military target. But hey, what do I know. SanctionAzerbaijan SanctionTurkey recognizeartsakh StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerror PrayForGanja PrayForGandja PrayforAzerbaijan JusticeForAzerbaijan OpenYourEyes WORLD, DontBelieveArmenia ‼‼‼

Shame on you LA Times for reporting only one side and the wrong side with propagated information. Azerbaijan has been shelling Armenian and Artsakh civilians and cities this entire time. Where is your coverage for that? This is not only Azerbaijan says! Please be politically correct... this is fact which confirmed by world community and international organisations... StopArmenianTerrorism DontBelieveArmenia

Ganja is out of conflict zone! PrayForGanja YAleskerova Armenia repeats second genocide against us. Khojalygenocide in 1992, GanjaGenocide in 17 October 2020. Trash how about mentioning civilians, City of Ganja that is outside of the conflict zone, and killed children? corruptlatimes StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGanja

What is the point of being an objective media if all you got to say is “says” . Be concrete while informing the world!! BeTheVoiceOfGanjaCity StopArmenianAggression Armenians are blood thirsty. Their illegal occupation of Azerbaijan will end. It's that simple A man with empty eyes. He lost all his family.

StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism nijatnamigoglu Why do you write says? Why do you write two-sidedly? Why are you still silent about everything? Armenia is the oldest Zionist Christian terrorist state. France 🇫🇷 is supporting Christian terrorists against Muslims. WTF IS U.N now? Where is U.N Human Rights Council? Armenia will pay the price for killing innocent civilians. Bloody Zionist Christian terrorists.

don’t POST FALSE INFORMATION!!! thank you for hearing our voices! Thank you for your impartial coverage. KarabakhisAzerbaijan ArmeniaKillsCivilans nytimes KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianAgression StopArmenianTerrorism azerbaijanilivesmatter PrayForGandja prayforganja PrayForGanja Ganja2020 DontBeBlind ArmenianWarCrimes

At 01:00 pm, 13 civilians, including two children, were killed when Armenian terrorists fired a rocket at Ganja, Azerbaijan's second largest city, while people were asleep. What if it's not terror? StopArmenianTerrorism babykillerarmenia PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism Shame on LA Times for not only publishing incomplete and inaccurate information, but also using it as a headline specially in a large Armenian community-based city. The world is watching this and recording it. Every fake news will be exposed soon. Stopazeriterrorism

3 of the killed were kids. ArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity ArmeniaKillsCivilians KarabakhisAzerbaijan OOPS Do your research. Seems like you just earned some blood money. Disgusting. StopAzerbaijaniAggression Do your research . Your journalistic laziness is appalling. You’re spreading propaganda. fakenews SanctionTurkey stopaliyev

Wow! Where’s the coverage of the war crimes being perpetrated daily by Azerbaijan in their efforts 2 ethnically cleanse Armenians from the area? Did u receive this AZ press release before they claimed this happened or 2 minutes after? FAKENEWS SANCTIONTURKEY RECOGNIZEARTSAKH This's ganja. PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianAggression

Wow! Where’s the coverage of the war crimes being perpetrated daily by Azerbaijan in their efforts to ethnically cleanse Armenians from the area? Did u receive this AZ press release before they claimed this happened or 2 minutes after? FAKENEWS SANCTIONTURKEY RECOGNIZEARTSAKH Vasif_Abbasov 12 people including 2 children have been killed and more than 40 injured today during a missile attack by Armenian military forces on Ganja city. It is a war crime. Those who are silent stand with injustice, terrorism, and violence! PrayforGanja

wtf kind of a circus are you guys running over there? clearly, Azerbaijan’s multimillion dollar lobbying plan has reached you too. or maybe Azerbaijan’s consul general authored this article too? StopAzerbaijaniAggression StopAliyev RecognizeArtsakh 👀 ShameonLATimes Aliyev bombs his own country and blames on Armenians! Or, maybe it’s the ISIS that do not get their promised money by Aliyev, thus bomb Azerbaijan. CHECK THE FACTS people, DO NOT BELIEVE this BS StopAzerbaijaniAggression condemnAliyevandErdogan stopterrorism

😱 LA times stands for FAKE NEES. LA Times is silent about the genocidal atrocities of Turkey and Azerbaijan against armenins. So, keep your fake news to yourselves, as you are blind and deaf when there is a new HITLER ruling Turkey who is assisting Azerbaijan with WarCrimes Armenia suffered heavy losses as Azerbaijan exerted operational superiority along the entire front line of battle, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said Sunday. The ministry said news disseminated by Armenia that Azerbaijani soldiers were surrounded is false and misinformation.

Umm, YEAH, NO. Either you fell for pre-school level propaganda or your journalists enjoy supporting terrorism, either way you're doing a horrifically terrible job StopAzerbaijaniAggression StopAliyev On Oct. 10, Baku and Yerevan agreed to a cease-fire starting at midday to allow an exchange of prisoners and the recovery of dead bodies in Nagorno-Karabakh, an internationally recognized Azerbaijani territory under Armenia's occupation.

StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerror PrayForGanja reporting lies again! Azerbaijan doesn’t allow international journalists to report from within their country. Who’s your source? Where’d you get the numbers from? PeaceForArmenia how about you report on the Azeris shelling civilians in Artsakh. SMH, shame!

Shame on you for publishing such erroneous information. You need to apologize Karabağ Azerbaycanın toprağıdır. Ermenistan işgalcidir. StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression KarabakhisAzerbajian Hadrut StopAttackingCivilians PrayForGanja PrayForGanjaCity childkillerarmenia dontbelievearmenianlies

If Armenia withdraws from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the war will end. We want the Azerbaijani Turkish people to live in peace and prosperity among with Armenians. The Armenian administration is committing a crime against humanity. First time a media covers civilians murdered in az soil. Very surprised, especially seeing that coming from L.A Times.

These people are not in the war zone. They were civilians, children. Peace-loving world, silence! We are looking for you, international human rights organizations! Armenian terror must be stopped! StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism Thank you for telling the truth! 🙏 StopArmenianTerrorisim

StopArmenanTerrorism Azerbaijan puts its own population in danger with a failed propaganda stunt. RecognizeArtsakh SanctionTurkey, SanctionAzerbaijan AzeriWarCrimes where Glendale ? Take this article down 😡 this is such a bad way of reporting the truth! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. MayorOfLA

IsrafilovTogrul Note that these were all civilians and nowhere in the proximity of a military target. If like RepAnnaEshoo and MayorOfLA your solidarity is on the basis of human rights and not on base, crude nationalism, then condemn Armenian forces’ war crimes unequivocally. Endoccupation Ugh. Let’s pray they stop murdering each other.

prayforazerbaijan prayforganja StopArmenianAggression Azerbajian PrayForGanja TERRORISTARMENIA babykillerarmenia armenianKillsChildren GanjaCity KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja HappyBirthdayNigar DontBeleiveArmenia KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation PrayForGanja DontBeBlind GanjaCity Warmenia

Then entire World is falling apart by seconds Azerbaijan is fighting for the liberation of Karabakh, which is recognized by the whole world as the territory of Azerbaijan. Armenia, on the other hand, shoots to the cities which are far from the fighting area and kill civilians WarCrime CrimeAgainstHumanity HagueTribunal

Azerbaijan Ganja KarabakhisAzerbaijan ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation DontBelieveArmenia StopArmenianTerror Not “Azerbaijan says”! It is fact!!! Open your eyes!!! Armenia launches Scud missiles to Ganja by targeting residential areas. Ganja is 62miles away from the conflict zone. The use of Scud missiles against cities is prohibited by international law. They commit war crimes in Azerbaijan StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja


Gəncə is not war zone lets start there. War zone is Qarabağ and Qarabağ is our motherland. Armenia is terrorist, child killer, they are dishonest people!! StopAzeriAggression Why the news text in your web site was changed? Official announcement about cease-fire was 1 hour ago. There is no word about 13 kills and 50 wounded. Who changed the text?

What to do? Scream? Scream for hearing our voice? Scream for opening your eyes to Armenian terrorism? Armenians bombed civil people in Azerbaijan,Gandja, again. There are dead people including children. What was the guilt of these innocent children? Reuters prayforgandja StopArmenians StopArmenianTerrorism WakeUpWorld PrayForGanja

HappyBirthdayNigar StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism BeVoiceOfGanja PrayForGanja ArmeniaKillsCivilians armenianKillsChildren SofiyaBabazadeh StopArmenianTerrorism Fuck Afmenia JusticeForGandjaVicticms ArmeniaIsACeasefireBreaker ArmeniaChildKiller ArmeniaAttacksCivilians StopArmenianSeparatism KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation

serjtankian SirushoOfficial please share as LA times is only showing one side of the story. StopAzeriAggression StopAliev StopErdogan RecognizeArtsakh ynazrn StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerror PrayForGanja StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression How much did the Azeri gov pay you for this article? Be honest. Look, if you need some money— let people know. We as a community can raise money and help you out with a small loan. But stop posting BS.

NadirShafiyev Azerbaijan is not threatening territorial integrity of any country. But wants its internationally recognised territories to be liberated from Armenian occupation. KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianTerrorism Rafiga99 PrayForGanja PrayforAzerbaijan StopArmenianTerrorism Is this all the news? Isn't there any condemnation or punishment for Armenians? Armenians continue to commit civilian massacres in history and today.KimKardashian ArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsCivilans

drbayramquliyev 🇬🇧These people are not in the war zone. They were civilians, children. Peace-loving world, silence! We are looking for you, international human rights organizations! Armenian terror must be stopped! KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism As a result of Armenia's SCUD missile attack to Ganja, among the debris of destruction young teenager Nigar Asgarova's ID card was found. Tomorrow- on the 18th of October is her Birthday. GanjaCity

PrayForGanja StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAgression KardashiansSupportTerrorism StopArmenia StopTerrorism KarabakhisAzerbaijan ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren StopPashinyan KharabakhisAzerbaijan PrayForGandja StopArmanianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAgression cnni euronews Reuters FoxNews BBCWorld BBCBreaking RIANovosty StopArmenianVandalism PrayForGandjaCity babykillerarmenian babykillerpashinian

AidaQasim 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren GanjaCity KharabakhisAzerbaijan PrayForGandja StopArmanianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAgression Usage of destructive weapons against the innocent population is obvious evidence of Armenian fascist nature! Child killers, damn it. PrayforAzerbaijan 🇦🇿 PrayForGanja GanjaCity OpenYourEyes ArmenianTerrorism

GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism Fascist vandal barbarian and criminal Armenia. Vahram Pogosyan demonstrates fascist nature of Armenia in his threat to wipe Ganja off the face of the Earth. ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation Ganja KarabakhisAzerbaijan PrayForGanja StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianTerror

hassansioo PrayForGanjaCity 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 World! Khankendi is located in the Nagorno-Karabakh. If any military objects is under attack there then why do you surprise? It’s in the war zone. The point that you should emphasize is GANJA! Ganja is 100km away from War Zona! So, the attack to Ganja is TERRORISM!

PrayForGanja TNasibova babykillerarmenia StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGandja Tarlan51423052 PrayForGanjaCity Tarlan51423052 StopArmenianTerrorism azconsulatela Armenians are bloodthirsty savages! They are thirsty for Turkish blood, baby blood! They are terrorists! Do not be indifferent to this atrocity! They have occupied Azerbaijani lands for almost 30 years. prayforgandja KardashiansSupportTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity prayforGanje

Когда оккупируешь Карабах и 7 прилегающих районов с последующей этнической чисткой то это 'право нации на самоопределение'. А когда пытаешься изгнать оккупанта силой после 30 лет безрезультативных переговоров то это 'геноцид'. Смотрите не перепутайте. (c) StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression World Wake Up StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren

minaya_jafar StopKillingCivilians StopChildMurder PrayforGanjacity Turkish paid newspaper. What a corrupt world we live in. Gunay20597667 DontBeBlind OpenYourEyes StopKillingBabies StopKillingChildren stopkillingcivilians Ganjacity DontBeBlind WarCrimes WarCrime ArmeniaKillsCivilians PrayForGanja StopArmenianAggression KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation DontBelieveArmenia ArmenianTerorism

These people are not in the war zone. They were civilians, children. Peace-loving world, silence! We are looking for you, international human rights organizations! Armenian terror must be stopped! StopArmenanTerrorism MHDZDE Have u ever looked for u family under ruins?Probably now. We dont wish this pain to anyone. But GanjaCity has been living this horror for almost 2nd time in a month! WeDemandMediaCoverage Be our voice!

kema_yus Every day peaceful civilians of Azerbaijan die under missiles launched by armed forces of Armenia. Don't be silent. Don't be blind. StopArmenianOccupation PrayForGanja CNN BBCWorld Reuters AP nytimes washingtonpost FoxNews StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression OpenYourEyes prayforGanja karabakhisazerbaijan azərbaycan dontbelievearmenia stoparmenianterrorism stoparmenianaggression armeniankillscivilans

StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanjaCity I always wondered how the world is still silent to the KhojalyGenocide , but today, even in 2020, the world chooses to close its eyes and ears to the ArmenianTerrorism at GanjaCity in Azerbaijan At least 13 civilians killed, including 3 kids, 52 wounded.

Is it war or is it terrorism? ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianOccupation StopArmeniAggression Stop Armenian Terror! Armeniachildkiller prayforgandja ArmenianVandalism KarabakhisAzerbaijan kimkardashiansupportsterrorism StopArmanianTerror KarabakhisAzerbaijan 🇦🇿stoparmenianagression

StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja OpenYourEyes DontBeBlind This is nothing. If the azeris don’t stop their numbing of Armenians and don’t turn around and go back to their country we will continue sending rockets and missiles to Ganja and elsewhere. We will destroy their dam and flood their country.

Look!! DontBelieveArmenia ArmeniaKillsChildren ArmeniaKillsCivilians WakeUpWorld StopPashinyan OpenYourEyes SanctionArmenia AliyevOrman WarCrimes StopAttackingCivilians BevoiceofGanjacity GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorisim BeVoiceofGanjacity ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja

Finally 🤷🏻‍♀️ how many more people need to die before the world will start to write the truth?💔 PrayForGandja PrayForGanjaCity ArmenianTerrorism kills people in Gandja city, Azerbaijan. UN tribunal will be set up on these crimes against civilians and humanity. Money from KimKardashian has been used to fund these deadly missiles, killing 14 people. PrayForGandja PrayForGandjaCity stop terrorism

Ganja was shelled by Armenian military forces again despite the ceasefire agreement. Ganja is the second largest city in Azerbaijan with a half a million population and it is at least 100 km away from war zone!! Firing at civilians is a war crime!! PrayForGanja AynurAhmedova Terörist Ermenistan Yes yes yes

StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChild Dontbelivearmenia StopArmeniaLies How devastating it is when people are KILLED during their sleep, when children are woken up by the rocket sounds,babies are loosing their entire families and left without home? Shameless and coward armenian gov. must and will be punished! GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism

When other people in other countries sleep peacefully at night,Azerbaijani people die❗️This is not a war territory,these are peaceful people❗️Don’t be silent,your silence helps them to make even more terror❗️StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism armenianKillsChildren Terrorist Armenia killed civilians in their sleep. But Azerbaijan doesnt kill civilians while liberating its occupied territory. Can anyone shows armenian civilians who died? GanjaCity PrayForGanja StopArmenianTerrorism KardashiansSupportTerrorism

PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianAggression bevoiceofganjacity bbcnews cnn nytimes guardian nato unitednations who unicef euronews aljazeera UN UNSecurityCouncil But the world is still silent(((( cnn bbc cnni BBCWorld UN TheEconomist guardian nytimes OSCE BBCBreaking euronews GanjaCity

Azerbaijan does not just “say”. Azerbaijan shows all the proofs needed to acknowledge the act of terrorism committed by armenian forces! StopAzerbaijaniAggression KarabakhisAzerbaijan DontBelieveArmenia PrayForGanja Our prayers are with Azerbaijan. This criminal acts by Armenian terrorists must not slow down your advances. Please offer amnesty to all people of Karabakh so they can move away from war zone, deep into Azerbaijan

Majority of the photos used as war crimes against Armenia are from SYRIA Link that completely debunks the whole “attack” This should explain a lot. Be careful with the trolls people. They want to finish the Armenian genocide. This is part 2 for the Turks and Azerbaijan. Get the real facts. This is not an ok article

hlim_03 NOT ARMENIANS. ARMENIAN TERRORISTS. Everyone should be called by its names. Babykillerarmenia PrayforGanjaCity Stoparmenianterrorism Armeniakillscivilians ArmeniakillsChildren WeDemandMediaCoverage GanjaCity StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation AytacAgazade4 Why is the world silent? GanjaCity is under armenianattack again StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism!!!!! StopKillingBabies

StopArmenianTerrorism GanjaCity Armenianterrorists are killing our babies World! openyoureyes! are you kidding me? Since September 27 Azerbaijan terrorized Artsakh and this is what you chose to report without any evidence? Send someone there maybe? Oh wait I forgot you cant! Foreign journalists are not allowed there for obviously reasons!

AliyevSannur1 What was wrong with this kids? 🥺 Similar pain, different years, from the same enemy ... ArmeniaIsATerrorState Ganjacity StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja ArmenianKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism HerodotM StopArmenianTerrorism No Artsakh! No Stepanakert! There is only Karabakh! There is Khankendi! And these are our lands! Everyone can study it on the Internet! You are ungrateful nomads, our grandfathers sheltered you and you spat on us! StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism ASALA nytimes

Tonight at 00.50 armenia murdered civil ppl in Ganja using prohibited ballistic rocket,they murdered 13 civilians including 3 innocent angels & this is the fact not just 'Azerbaijan says',if u r real journalists u can investigate it,but if u r afraid of armenian diaspora in LA?! Namir62639915 StopArmenianAggression DontBelieveArmenia StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorisim KarabakhisAzerbaijan JusticeForAzerbaijan PrayforAzerbaijan PrayForGanja PrayForGanjaCity

kamay_el 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿KharabakhisAzerbaijan Timur Xaligov carries his 10-months-old daughter, Narin, who was killed with five other relatives, including her mother Sevil, when a rocket hit their home during the fighting over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the city of Ganja . ArmeniaKillsCivilians

UnitedHumanity5 Don't believe Armenia. They are terrorist. DontBelieveArmenia ArmenianTerrorism 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 azerbaijan dirty fakes disinformation Just watch how low they are 👇 (English subtitles) World,Don't be blind! Last night the Armenian army again fired on the city of Ganja.The houses of more than 20 families were destroyed. 13 civilians were killed and more than 40 were injured. Among the dead are 3 children. This is savagery, this is TERRORISM!ArmeniaKillsChild

A one year old girl named Madina who was sleeping in her mom's lap in Ganja terrorism, got buried at the same coffin with her mom. StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGandja Really are you going to characterize Armenians as the aggressor here? Look at this here '36 killed, 115 wounded among civilian population as a result of the bombing of Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the localities of Nagorno-Karabakh.

we will never forget StopArmenianOccupation PrayForGandja ArmenianKillsCivilians azconsulatela What do you mean Azerbaijan says? Come and see the facts! Who is the aggressor when Erdogan openly declares during an interview that they are going to continue the act which was not completely done by their ancestors ( the Genocide,1915)?

I am Madina. I am a 16 month old girl from Ganja. My mom, my dad and I were killed by an Armenian missile attack in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. Be my voice! ArmenianTerrorism PrayForGandja StopArmenianTerrorism Be HONEST! What benefit to Armenia is exactly truth.Nothing else.They do genocide in Khocaly and retry it in Ganja.Ganja is away from frontline about 60km.We have 13+ dead 50+wounded people there. PrayForGanja StopArmenianTerrorism KarabaghIsAzerbaijan DontBelieveArmenia

PrayForGanja prayforgandja StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism DontBelieveArmenian KimKardashianİsAChildKiller ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren CiviliansUnderAttack StopPashinyan OpenYourEyes KarabakhisAzerbajian Azerbaijan is the aggressor side. Azerbaijan together with Turkey want to perpetrate a second Genocide to form Pan Turkism. Armenia protects its native land where we have been living more than 10.000 years. StopErdogan NoMoreGrnocide

StopArmenianOccupation Lyam_o StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenians ArmenianKillsCivilians How is this journalistic integrity? Not a single real source or any empirical evidence. you are part of the problem why the US Mass Media is on such a deep state of decline. Armenians are shelling civilians in the midnight while their sleep, they are firing at schools; kids, civilians are dying..Azerbaijan fights against terrorism, and inhumanity acts of Armenia stoparmenianterorism BevoiceofGanjacity

Open your Eyes World! See the truth! Armenia making terrorism against Azerbaijan. They kill civilians. Ganja isn’t a conflict zone! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!🇦🇿 StopArmenianTerrorism Open your Eyes World! See the truth! Armenia making terrorism against Azerbaijan. They kill civilians. Ganja isn’t a conflict zone! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!🇦🇿 StopArmenianTerrorism

Since Sep 27 Artsakh has 36 killed and 115 injured civilians as a result of Azerbaijan’i aggression. Artak_Beglaryan ArmenianKillsCivilians armenianKillsChildren StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja KarabagisAzerbaijan KananHashimli PrayForGanja PrayForGandja KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism StopAttackingCivilians StopArmenianLies StopArmenianFascism StopArmenianVandalism StopArmenianSeparatism StopArmenianOccupation DontBelieveArmenia RealFaceofArmenia

ArmenianKillsCivilians babykillerarmenia StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForTartar PrayForGanjaCity Mingecevir PrayForGanja PrayGanjaCity StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians EconomicsanctionstoArmenia ExcludeArmeniafromODKB ExcludeArmeniafromCSTO ExcludeArmeniafromregionalprojects ExcludeArmeniafrominternationalprojects

Rufana80297832 PrayForGandja ArmeniaKillsCivilians armenianKillsChildren ATTENTION WORLD!!!!! İs The World Blind .. GanjaCity OpenYourEyes BevoiceofGanjacity ArmeniaKillsCivilians stopAttackingCivilians StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism 'Azerbaijan says' who doesn't allow any outside journalists

Is NikolPashinyan clean? NikolPashinyan commits crimes against humanity. He commands firing SCUD missiles on sleeping civilians in Ganja. PrayForGanja GanjaCity BevoiceofGanjacity StopArmenianTerrorism People are dying, losing their lives! This is terror! This is savagery! What was the sin of people who lost their lives in vain? BevoiceofGanjacity StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation ArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians

Bakın bu Ermeni soysuzlarinin yaptığı katliam iyi bakın buna burda 3 tane bebek öldü prayforGanjacity StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression OpenYourEyes prayforGanja karabakhisazerbaijan karabakh azerbaijan azərbaycan kimkardashiansupportsterrorism stopArmenia dontbelievearmenia stoparmenianterrorism stoparmenianvandalism armeniankillscivilans

GanjaCity DontBelieveArmenia OpenYourEyes GanjaCity PrayForGanja StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorisim KarabakhisAzerbajian ArmeniaKillsCivilians Don't stay silent! newyorkpost cnnlive politico tvnewser planetmoney tpmedia davos YahooNews seedmag espn WIRED peoplemag cnnbrk WSJ mashable BBCBreaking RollingStone France24_en Newsweek SkyNewsBreak HuffPost ndtv BevoiceofGanjacity babykillerarmenia

Open your eyes world!!! PrayForGanja ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism armenianKillsChildren babykillerarmenia TERRORISTARMENIA If you see everything and keep quiet, you are a terrorist Armenians are killing civilians. This is terrorism. Do not be silent about this injustice! You see everything very well, why are you silent ?! StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression DontBelieveArmenia KarabakhisAzerbajian PrayForGanjaCity

Azerbaijan says the reality which is hidden by the worldwide media.. Be our voice, see the truth and recognise Armenia as terrorist country StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism armenianKillsChildren babykillerarmenia TERRORISTARMENIA If you see everything and keep quiet, you are a terrorist

StopArmenianAggression PrayForGandja stopkimkardashiansupportterrorism narminnly StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja They are all terrorist. Open your Eyes World! StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism ArmenianKillsCivilians babykillerarmenia PrayForGanja If you SupportArtsakh, then you made this happen! ArmeniaIsATerrorState Ganjacity StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsCivilians

AJEnglish Cristiano CNN derspiegel BBCWorld ZDF ZDFheute UN channelone_rus UNICEF stoparmenianterorism KardashiansSupportTerrorism PashinyanisTerrorist KardashianPashinanchildkiller WORLDOPENYOUREYES PrayForGandja Aygun85405736 StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGanjaAgain KarabakhisAzerbaijan DontBelieveArmenia ChildKillerArmenian DontBeBlind GanjaCity ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianOccupation StopArmenianVandalism

PrayForGanja StoparmenianAggression stoparmanianterrorism azconsulatela Stop armenian terror DontBelieveArmenia PrayForGanja KarabakhisAzerbaijan KardashiansSupportTerrorism StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression DontBelieveArmenia ArmeniaKillsCivilians armenianKillsChildren PrayForGandjaCity kimkardashiansupportsterrorism

Are you still saying that Armenians are not terrorists? StopArmenianAggression babykillerarmenia bevoiceofganjacity StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaIsATerrorState ArmenianKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism stoparmenianterrorism stoparmenianoccupation prayforganja dontbelievearmenia justiceforazerbaijan prayforazerbaijan

World plz open your eyes! Dont be blind! childkillers ChildKillerArmenian ArmeniaKillsCivilians Reuters TheEconomist Reuters cnni ntvru what is the sin of children? StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGandja KarabakhisAzerbajian WakeUpWorld DontBelieveArmenia ArmeniaKillsCivilians

Think that, last time you kiss your child. StopArmenianTerrorism narmin_mn StopArmenianAggression Barbarian attack to civilians in mid of the night! Ganja is not war zone! But GanjaisUnderArmenianAttack will be more stronger and we will liberate our lands from occupants! GanjsStrong PrayForGanja Open your eyes!!!!!! STOP TERRORISM! STOP ARMENIA!

16th month old baby killed by ArmenianTerrorists .His father also died in terror Armenians !!!ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsCivilians PrayForGanja ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsCivilians Criminal Pashinyan directs his aggression against children and women, because he can not fight against the brave Azerbaijan Army. ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation Ganja KarabakhisAzerbaijan

StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression DontBelieveArmenia Gence PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGanja Azerbaycan Azerbajian StopArmenianOccupation StopPashinyanTerrorism StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianOccupation PrayForGanjaCity GanjaCity Azerbaijan does not say, it SHOWS EVIDENCE, all armenians do is whine about the conflict zone (Khankendi) being bombed where there is no civilians left and play victim! ArmenianTerrorism OpenYourEyes DontBelieveArmenia

16-month-old Medina died as a result of a terrorist act committed by Armenians in Ganja yesterday. Medina's father and mother were also killed in a rocket attack yesterday. Only Medina's older sister survived from Shahnazarli's family. Not War, it is Genocide PrayForGanja CNN BBCWorld Reuters AP nytimes washingtonpost FoxNews StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression OpenYourEyes prayforGanja karabakhisazerbaijan karabakh azerbaijan azərbaycan kimkardashiansupportsterrorism stopArmenia dontbelievearmenia

ArmenianTerrorism ArmenianKillsCivilians ArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsChildren StopArmenianTerrorism GanjaCity World! We are screaming,hear our voices!Open your eyes and see what’s happening now in Azerbaijan, Ganja. It’s not war,it’s massacre which Armenia did today in the middle of the night.Tears are falling.. what was the fault of this babies? PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism

ArmeniaKillsCivilians babykillerarmenia StopArmenianTerrorism GanjaCity KarabakhisAzerbaijan 🇦🇿✊ Gandja GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayforAzerbaijan UNICEF SofiyaBabazade1 Further update: More than 15 civilians killed, around 55 are wounded. Rescue operations continue. Armenia's policy of state terror must be stopped.ArmeniaKillsCivilians

There is literally no country in the world called 'Republic of Artsakh'. It is a fiction. An imagination. A fantasy. Fake. It is not found on any official map. Frankly, listening to members of congress and other elected U.S. officials talking about 'Artsakh' is embarrassing. ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmenianTerrorism

wilk3ns BeVoiceOfGanja On October 17 at 1:00 am Ganja-located far from the warzone was hit by ballistic missiles by Armenian Armed Forces. As a result12 civilians(3 children)were killed and more than 40 were injured, civil infrastructure facilities were damaged. babykillerarmenia PrayForGanja Look here. She was only 15 years old. Tomorrow would be her birthday, but she was murdered by Armenian missile attack in Ganja. Please, do not be silent for massacre. babykillerarmenia BevoiceofGanjacity

Turkan97645598 StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression nwtimes TRTWorldNow AlJazeera SkyNews CNBC NPR nprpolitics newyorkpost politico tvnewser planetmoney tpmedia davos YahooNews seedmag espn gadgetlab cnnbrk WSJ mashable BBCBreaking France24_en Newsweek ABC BBC CNN CNNPolitics FoxNews rtenews FRANCE24

PrayForHumanity PrayForGanja PrayForGanjaCity ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren ArmeniaChildKiller StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation DontBelieveArmenia Timur Xaligov carries his 10-months-old daughter, Narin, who was killed with five other relatives, including her mother Sevil, when a rocket hit their home during the fighting over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the city of Ganja. babykillerarmenian

Terror state Armenia again attacked to Ganja. They intentionally choose civil buildings very far from war and night attacks. Either they are so dumb thinking that no one will know about it. How shame! They come to the end (of out limit)!!! bevoiceofganjacity ChildKillerArmenian StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism KardashiansSupportsTerrorism

Timur Xaligov carries his 10-months-old daughter, Narin, who was killed with five other relatives, including her mother Sevil, when a rocket hit their home during the fighting over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the city of Ganja. stoparmenianaggression NasimiAghayev ArmeniaKillsChildren

The crimes committed by Armenians against the civilian population of Azerbaijan do not end.StopArmenianAggression ChildKillerArmenian StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism KardashiansSupportsTerrorism UlkarNryva GanjaCity is far away from the conflict zone and this attack did happen! The conflict zone is internationally recognised as a part of Azerbaijan. StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression

StopArmenianAggression samirbejanov OpenYourEyes ArmenianTerrorism donsupportarmenianterrorism StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation CBC CNN BBCBreaking guardiannews JohnTory StopArmenianOccupation NasimiAghayev PrayForGandjaCity GanjaGenocide IamGanja StopArmenianTerrorism bevoiceofganjacity

GanjaCity PlayForGanja StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism DontBelieveArmenia Zhralyva04 PrayForGanja ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmeniaKillsChildren BabyKillerArmenia StopArmenianTerrorism GanjaCity GanjaStrong StopArmenianAggression Not my problem, bro ArmeniaKillsCivilians WorldWakeUp OpenYourEyes PrayForGanjaCity StopArmeniaTerrorism StopAttackingCivilians

SofiyaBabazade1 StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity OpenYourEyes donotbelivearmenia DoNotBeQuiet StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsCivilians PrayForGanja BevoiceofGanjacityUN UNHumanRights UNICEF RedCross hrw Refugees amnesty freedomhouse EU_Commission EUCouncil Europarl_EN intlcrimcourt HagueInstitute

BeVoiceofGanjaCity PrayforGanja StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians ArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja OpenYourEyers StopArmenianTerrorism Armenia is a childkiller! Don't be blind! unicef ArmeniaKillsCivilians BeVoiceofGanjacity StopArmenianTerrorism Zhralyva04 PrayForGanja GanjaCity StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism ArmeniaKillsCivilians EconomicsanctionstoArmenia ExcludeArmeniafromODKB ExcludeArmeniafromCSTO ExcludeArmeniafromregionalprojects ExcludeArmeniafrominternationalprojects

gulxatun1 We want justice! It is not peace! StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity Nigar92109798 StopArmenianTerrorism GanjaCity PrayForGanjaCity WorldWakeUp mm_ayn GanjaCity PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGanja And they proud of its Terrorism. No comments ArmeniaKillsCivilians GanjaCity

UNHumanRights openyoureyes Xeddija Humanity is finally dead. If these events had occurred in any European country, you would react quickly ... Were you on the side of the truth? Fuck all who do and support this! Do you know SCUD, a ballistic missile, is restricted in its use due to massive destruction power. Regardless of everything, Armenian army used it against innocent civilians in GanjaCity StopArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsCivilians Karabakhisazerbaijan DontBelieveArmenia

Xeddija Everyone who ignores these events is a liar! O world, you are a liar ... Be on the side of the truth at least once, take the side of the truth. StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianOccupation PrayForGanjaCity PrayForGanja kimkardashiansupportsterrorism !!! PrayForGanja PrayForGanjaAgain PrayForGanjaCity DontBelieveArmenia StopArmenianTerrorism ArmerianKilledChiled

StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggerssion emera1d9 Armenia, which deliberately bombed the GanjaCity, which has no military base, 100 km from the WAR ZONE, with a banned ballistic missile, is committing a WAR CRİME, ignoring the Geneva Convention. This is clear evidence of their BARBARISM StopArmenianTerrorism

PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsCivilians KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation DontBelieveArmenia karabakhis_az Karabakh StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism Don't stay silent! newyorkpost cnnlive politico tvnewser planetmoney tpmedia davos YahooNews seedmag espn WIRED peoplemag cnnbrk WSJ mashable BBCBreaking RollingStone France24_en Newsweek SkyNewsBreak HuffPost ndtv BevoiceofGanjacity babykillerarmenia

NargizSleymano1 bevoiceofganjacity PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression ArmeniaKillsCivilians Shahin_085 StopArmenianTerrorism bevoiceofganjacity ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianOccupation Armenian terrorists can’t fight with dignity on the battlefield, they kill civilians ...

geminixemin Ganja city was hit by SCUD missiles launched from Armenia in an attempt to disperse horror among peaceful population which has nothing to do with the conflict zone. Appalling. Who will stop this? ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianAggression KarabakhisAzerbaijan GanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism BeVoiceOfGanja Terrorisme ArmeniaKillsCivilians

gultachasanova This is Ganja. This is the result of ArmenianTerrorism. StopArmenianAggression StopAttackingCivilians This is 3rd attack to Ganja during last 21 days by Armenians. Overall more than 100 dead and wounded including children and women. Kids orphaned as a result of these terrorist attacks. StopArmenianAggression PrayForSabah

Being despair! The picture of his son found but not himself BevoiceGanjaCity StopArmenianTerrorism Armenia attacked 2nd biggest city of Azerbaijan ,Ganja. Please note war is going in Karabakh which is Internationally recognized region of 🇦🇿. 🇦🇲 Is attacking GanjaCity far away from conflict zone killing children!! childkillerarmenia StopArmenianTerrorism PrayForGanja

stara41270953 Those who are silent about what terrorists are doing are also terrorists Ganja is a civil city out of conflict zone. Armenia breaks Military Law attacking the territory of Azerbaijan, where there is no war! Civilians are killed during the night while sleeping StopArmenianAggression Looks like Turkey won't be pushing the Armenians around like they did 100 years ago. Good for Armenia..

Russia, France, USA! Please, help civilians and children bombing by Armenia at midnight while sleeping in Azerbaijani Ganja city! Urgent Help! OpenYourEyes ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression KarabakhisAzerbaijan StopArmenianOccupation ArmenianKillsChildren ArmenianTerrorism

horrible Azerbaijan shells Capital of Artsakh for over two weeks straight with cluster bombs and flattens the city. How about you cover that. People of the world. Please help. My child needs urgent surgery. He has a heart defect. If you can help, go to my profile, all the information about my son's condition is there. If you don't have surgery anytime soon, my son will die. Please help save your son

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