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Arkansas police officer who flipped pregnant woman's car faces no charges

Arkansas police officer who flipped pregnant woman's car faces no charges

6/10/2021 7:04:00 PM

Arkansas police officer who flipped pregnant woman's car faces no charges

Footage of the incident from July 2020 has been released as the woman launches a lawsuit against the state trooper.

Newsweek."I'm upset that I have to represent Miss Harper in this case. But I'm doing it so that I don't have to represent someone else for the same reason a year from now."In a statement to Fox 16 defending the use of PIT, Arkansas State Police Colonel Bill Bryant said:"There's a fundamental state law none of us should ever forget. All drivers are required under Arkansas law to safely pull off the roadway and stop when a police officer activates the patrol vehicle emergency lights and siren. The language of the law is crystal clear.

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"Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle displaying the signal to stop, the driver must pull over and stop."Should a driver make the decision to ignore the law andflee from police, state troopers are trained to consider their options. Based on the totality of circumstances, a state trooper could deploy spike strips to deflate the tires of the vehicle being pursued, execute a boxing technique to contain the pursuit slowing the driver to a stop, execute a PIT maneuver or terminate the pursuit."

Bryant added:"In every case a state trooper has used a PIT maneuver, the fleeing driver could have chosen to end the pursuit by doing what all law-abiding citizens do every day when a police officer turns on the blue lights—they pull over and stop."

Arkansas State Police has been contacted for further comment.File photo of a Miami police car with lights ablaze, responding to a call on August 11, 2010. An Arkansas State Police officer is being sued by a woman whose car he flipped over using a maneuver to end car chases.

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You can’t reform this Shocker, the police did a shit thing. where exactly does he live? I've got a package for him. It just proves the highest priority for cops is writing chicken shit tickets to average citizens. Protect & Serve will always take a back seat to collecting that money for the cops criminal masters, the politicians.

Never run from the cops! I hope his car gets flipped He'll probably get a raise and a medal He should be charged with attempted involuntarily manslaughter...if that's a thing because that's exactly what it was! Cops like him are the exact reason we have the 2nd amendment. Since they appear to have no desire whatsoever to hold themselves accountable to anyone or anything, they should not be too surprised when people start carrying out their own justice against them.

LibertyTre3 of course Can’t wait to see BLM March for this woman *check race of woman* Oh nevermind

Video shows moment Arkansas state trooper flips pregnant woman's car Arkansas Police dashcam video shows the moment a state trooper caused a pregnant woman's car to flip on its top with a so-called pursuit intervention technique or PIT maneuver. wtf... Is this the same woman who decided to run from police while pregnant All cops are criminals

Isn’t that how ya’ll get pulled over? Nothing to see here. Ridiculous It's like the government wants us to hate them and their wicked enforcers. Wood chipper feet first Can't tell you how unsurprised I am right now. Let us know when he gets run over by a semi on the side of the highway. Joke If I pulled a pit maneuver on a civilian I would be rightfully put in prison. Cops need to be held accountable as civilians. EndQualifiedImmunity

This is exactly how the Hillside Strangler Bianchi in LA Ca.1977-1978 was able to obtain the women he murder by posing as a police officer in an unmarked car with flashing lights. Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Right. Now?!?!?!!

Arkansas woman suing police after brief chase ends with her car flipped on its topMotorist Nicole Harper was two months pregnant and believed the crash had killed her unborn baby. DefundThePolice EndPoliceBrutality EndQualifiedImmunity I support the police, but not in this instance. He should have at least waited, following her until they reached an exit. .. this is insane. The cop should be prosecuted for attempted murder

I missed the part about her plans to get even. Elizabe29599604 unreal Figures. Smh

Nicole Harper incident throws spotlight on police's use of PIT maneuverHarper was two months pregnant when her SUV was flipped over by an Arkansas state trooper trying to force her to pull over. Good! Has the identity of the trooper who elected to do this come out yet?

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Garden Grove police officer charged with assaulting homeless people while on dutyA Garden Grove police officer has been charged with threatening and striking homeless people while on duty last year. When will this savagery end😪 This can’t be reformed. Lets see what that Spitzer DA does to this clown. I know nothing. He came out the other day saying in OC they will get if you are a criminal. Start here Mr so called DA.

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