Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly Throws Shade At Kyrsten Sinema's Filibuster Reform Vote

Unlike Sinema, Kelly backed ending the filibuster — a vote he called 'the right one for Arizona.'

Democrats, Voting Rights

1/21/2022 7:14:00 AM

Unlike Sinema, Kelly backed ending the filibuster — a vote he called 'the right one for Arizona .'

Unlike Sinema, Kelly backed ending the filibuster — a vote he called 'the right one for Arizona .'

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even back in the day brother malcolm knew who our real enemy was and still is, So As an independent voter He’s lost my vote and SenatorSinema is a hero! Kelly thought it would help him get reelected. Another do nothing. If you can please make a donation to Mark Kelly to thank him. He's got a tough reelection ahead of him

The Democrats cry voter suppression but what they are doing is trying to make a 'voting cheaters rights act'-They want a free-for-all with no accountability in our elections -no identifications at the polls -it's going to destroy democracy while they cry the opposite Dudes gonna get slaughtered in his next general election

He backed a temporary change...kinda Please explain why Democrats employed the Filibuster over 200 times during the last Congress, but now when the Republicans want to use it, the Democrats attempt to kill it with profession of the disadvantages it provides? Sir, you speak with a forked tongue and a two sided face.

Thank you Sen Sinema. Hold firm. One party, “be it Republican or Democrat,” should not be able to “change the rules in the middle of the game so they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet,” Barack H. Obama Uhoh.....

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Unlike Sinema, Kelly backed ending the filibuster — a vote he called"the right one for Arizona." By