Arizona's Ducey joins Abbott in busing migrants to Washington

The Republican governors are engaging in a cruel political stunt on taxpayers' dime.

5/14/2022 4:33:00 AM

.thereidout Blog: The Republican governors are engaging in a cruel political stunt on taxpayers' dime.

The Republican governors are engaging in a cruel political stunt on taxpayers' dime.

.So much, in fact, that Ducey decided to copy Abbott and, starting this week, is sending migrants from his state’s southern border to the nation's capital as well. Both stunts come at a time when conservatives are ramping up their anti-immigrant rhetoric and trying to spur right-wing fury toward asylum-seekers.

In aWednesday, Ducey claimed the bus trips, which are voluntary, are needed due to “little action or assistance from the federal government.”But contrary to Ducey’s claims, as The Arizona Daily Starnoted, the federal government has allocated millions of dollars for transporting migrants to their sponsors once they reach the United States.

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thereidout Is he going to block supply routes also? I mean, if he wants to be a fan boy, he should go all the way. thereidout Just as long as the feds don't reimburse them. It'll be interesting see what happens when their constituents find what it's costing them. thereidout thereidout EVIL doesn't exist in Nature DANGER exists in Nature OMINOUS exists in Nature UNFORGIVING exists in Nature RELENTLESS exists in Nature NASTY exists in Nature But EVIL... EVIL can only manifest thru the EVIL ACTIONS or DEEDS of Human Beings

thereidout It's a 'political stunt' to show citizens how their President and his administration are breaking US law. thereidout Bus them home.... thereidout It's a silly spite and revenge and solves nothing. I don't want these people representing me. This country needs governance not silly games.

Arizona joins Texas in sending migrants to Washington D.C. in advance of Title 42 hearingThis week Arizona began busing immigrants more than 2,000 miles to Washington D.C. Governor Ducey took the action in advance of the Biden Administration's plan to end a pandemic-era policy known as Title 42: abc15 There's where my tax money went What a stupid thing to do! Why isn't DougDucey bussing attempted abortion babies to government & private adoption agencies? Placing a baby in 18 years custody of the person who attempted to murder that child is cruel & unusual punishment for the saved baby & endangers the minor's mental & physical health!

Arizona Gov. Ducey urges social media firms to fight migrant smugglingArizona Gov. Doug Ducey is calling on social media companies to better police their platforms for people recruiting drivers to smuggle immigrants across the border. Our gov is a joke Also for politicians who lie Good Luck with THAT...

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott resists conservatives’ pleas to declare border ‘invasion’Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is resisting staunch conservatives’ pleas that he declare an 'invasion' by migrants is under way at the nation’s southern border,... What a guy I was in Cabo last week. Talk about an invasion. Their wasn’t one Mexican.

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