World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

Arizona governor orders schools to reopen to in-person learning by March 15

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has issued an executive order that requires schools to offer in-person learning by March 15

3/4/2021 12:11:00 AM

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has issued an executive order that requires schools to offer in-person learning by March 15

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

Austin city leaders slam Texas governor's decision to lift mask mandateFrom CNN's Konstantin ToropinTexas Gov. Greg Abbott makes an announcement in Lubbock, Texas, on March 2. Justin Rex/APThe day after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he would be lifting the mask mandate and"opening Texas 100%," the leadership of Austin has strong words of opposition to the move.

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Austin Mayor Steve Adler said that the move is a breaking of a promise and an attempt to deflect from other issues the governor is facing."Governor Abbott said he'd be guided by the science and the data and yesterday he broke that promise," Adler said today at a news conference this morning.

"There is no explanation for the governor's action other than trying to distract us and the media from the failure of the state to protect us from the power outage," Adler added.Travis County Judge Andy Brown noted that"with just over 5% of our community vaccinated, this is no time to be lifting the mask ordinance

."Brown said that county and city leaders will"do everything possible to still require masks in any way possible under that order, and under the law."Brown also noted that some businesses have told him that"they still want to be able to require people to wear masks — they want people to wear masks."

Abbott, however, suggested that business leaders were behind the move by releasing three statements of praise from state business associations in a news release this morning."The Governor is striking the right balance by removing the heavy hand of government and allowing businesses to operate as they see fit," Glenn Hamer, CEO of the Texas Association of Business, wrote in his statement.

"As other states in the country keep restrictions in place, Texas will spearhead the economic recovery," Invest Texas Council Chairman Ron Simmons said in the release. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

Justice Department to investigate Minneapolis policing practices after George Floyd's death

The Justice Department has launched a federal civil probe into policing practices in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd and the murder convictions for ex-cop Derek Chauvin, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Wednesday.

My daughter's been teaching at Higley School district most of this year. What school closures? No extra precautions, nothing. so sick of both of these people. SenatorSinema EndTheFilibuster give Kristen a call 833-311-5030 Mih k có yêu câu cao,tim ban nc lam quen đê chia se cs,nam nư đêu đc ạ There are no shots for children but let's go ahead and expose them. What us wrong with people. They can sit and play video games or watch tv for hours but it's a problem to learn on line during a pandemic smh

Arizona Education and child care workers are placed in the group Priority Phase 1B which has been reached statewide. Counties largely determine at what level to distribute vaccines. Some counties have advanced to Phase 1B, which includes essential workers and adults with high-ris School is almost over...just stop with this junk

Hey Gov are you making sure that teachers get vaccinated and that there are funds spread equally to all school districts so that all schools can implement safe measures ? Rushing it can be costly . EndgameJan21 i.e. avoid Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Arizona. If you are going to force them to go back to the classroom they have got to be vaccinated.

Teachers give up decent wages, time with their families (how many of you get paid for 8 hours daily but work 16 hours with no pay nor benefits on the additional 8 hours?), spend extra time going to school events and advising clubs out of a sense of duty/heart to the students, get Educators are heroes. Until politicians paint them as lazy, soft, entitled, and selfish. I’m calling on Ducey to find the school in Arizona that is least prepared to keep the students and staff safe and then volunteer in that school for a week after his order goes into effect.

🖕🏿 These GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPBetrayedAmerica wants this pandemic 😷 never ends. Good Good luck with that. Lol the south don’t give a fuck... very metal of em 🤘🤘🤘 Is Arizona prioritizing vaccines for teachers? What is scary about this is some kids parents can be autoimmune compromised, can have grandparents in the home and kids are little germ sharers. Kids can still die from COVID and kids trials on Covid vaccines are still in process. +

Doug Douchey is aptly named. What is the point? Two months left in the semester and by then most teachers and staff will be vaccinated. But Ducey wants to please Der Fuhrer. Insane. Pampered teachers and their all too corrupt unions will only keep moving the goal lines. In the mean time sixteen year olds have been out on the front lines bagging groceries, preparing food orders, etc for the past year. these teachers should be sacked.

The Republican Party needs an enema! I just left after 35+ years. God. I am SO SICK of Repugycans. Jesus fucking christ. It could all be so simple but you'd rather make it hard Doug. Why? Just as we are about to get on track. A few months more to suppress a pandemic that is killing folks. We can all get there as Americans, CantWe.

He's just trying to sound like FL & TX. He already backtracked as is his MO. After not doing anything Doug Ducey is stepping in with an EO that basically legitimizes the status quo (most schools already offer an in person opportunity or are planning to after spring break) but Ducey STILL does nothing to support our public schools with actual support

So, food for thought. My district was already slated to return on the 18th. I’m not upset by the mandate. I’m upset by the lost of time. We got this news today. Halfway through our workweek which happens to be the week before spring break. I haven’t been in my classroom... As long as they’re implementing safety protocols like hvac upgrades, crack classroom windows, masks, social distancing, getting addtnl buses, hire more drivers, hire more cleaning ppl to clean the school 24-7. Reopen safely with a plan.

Uh, most schools in AZ are already open and have been open for a while now. And students also have option of doing virtual school. Um, not sure what he’s talking about. They don't call him doofus Ducey for nothing. Fuck that stupid ice cream man. Foolish So sad to hear so many parents so desperate to get away from their own chosen responsibilities that they would commit the crime of child endangerment. Warnings of pandemics have been around since before I was born. Some of us chose to listen & be childfree to save them. choices

“Offer” so they can have that option but not use it This is NUTSSSS! If a teacher or student dies he should go to prison! Ducey's announcement was not even needed-schools here in Arizona already has a play to get back to in-person learning-now, they've got to fix this 'decision'- Hope the kids don’t transmit the virus home to at risk family members

Muốn tim 1 người có thể đồng cảm và chia sẻ suy nghĩ đông viên nhau những lúc khó khăn Yes get the youth back in school buildings Dumb politicians, every single life matters Which I’m sure includes language barring any lawsuits that parents may want to file against the state when their children are infected.

That's awesome 👌 They're doing these things showing they are in no need of the COVID package, this is a fuck you to Pres. Biden . They're still all taking orders off DT to undermine, in hopes of ruining his term so they can win 22-24, this is all games risking our lives. They have to exspelled ‼️ Leading by example, following the actual science!

It has become citizens against the crazy governors. CNN - how many state Governors have been vaccinated across the country? I’m betting all of them. There is an issue that the ones vaccinated are now determining it is ok for the non-vaccinated to get back to school. Every teacher in this country should belong to a UNION!!!!!!!!!

Is he related to that crackin reporter Peter and his (I think he’s a drinker) dad, Steve or what? Crazy that all kids aren't in school still What are they going to do drag the kid to school and arrest the parents if they refuse to comply? About time we get back to normalcy, get these kids out of the house and back into a normal American childhood!

Teachers should do their jobs and take care of the students. If you have the vaccine take your ass back to work or find another job. Let’s attack citizens who vote for us... solid GOP messaging! Too many idiots making rash decisions These GOP governors: Are the mental hospitals open yet. Asking for republicans 😂

Good job Arizona HolyMidweekService 하나님께서는 거룩한 교회를 찾고 계십니다.