Ariana Grande Unveils 'Positions' Track List

See the full track list of @ArianaGrande's new album #Positions

10/25/2020 1:59:00 AM

See the full track list of ArianaGrande's new album Positions

Ariana Grande revealed the full track list and the list of special guests on ' Positions .'

Positions Saturday night (Oct. 24). Read more: billboard »

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Ariana Grande Reveals 'Positions' Track List & Favorite Songs on AlbumWith less than a week until its release, the singer is sharing the list of songs that will be featured on her sixth studio album.

Ariana Grande Revealed All 14 Song Titles on Her Upcoming Album, 'Positions'🚨The full track list for Positions is here!! 🚨

Here's Why Fans Think Ariana Grande Referenced Pete Davidson in 'Positions'Did you catch it? 👀 Not really 😐 Could you please explain more ?😂 I don’t know who needs to hear this but fans are crazy and unhinged. They only see and hear what they want to see and hear. They even see things that aren’t there. Nuts.

Ariana Grande Takes Over White House and Possibly Shades Pete Davidson with PositionsSee why the singer's new video and lyrics have Twitter talking. TooFab 👤💭 that’s wonderful to hear the good news 📰 I wonder 💭 because this could be a new song as she start out fresh 👥💭 TooFab Hell no TooFab Good lord, another Hollywood twit living in a gated community, who is out of touch with true Americans, yeah OK.

Ariana Grande Fans Believe She's Shading Pete Davidson in 'Positions'Some Arianators are speculating that Ari threw a subtle jab at Pete Davidson in her latest single, positions.

President Ariana Grande Does It All In Head-Spinning 'Positions' VideoThat’s President ArianaGrande to you 👏 ArianaGrande Songs trash 🗑️🚮 ArianaGrande As u should bestie ArianaGrande Yesssss