Ariana and the Rose Brings NYC Legends to the Dancefloor on 'Every Body'

Ariana and the Rose is leading the charge back to the dancefloor with her throbbing new song 'Every Body.'

7/24/2021 5:00:00 PM

Ariana and the Rose emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in the music video for her song 'Every Body.'

Ariana and the Rose is leading the charge back to the dancefloor with her throbbing new song 'Every Body.'

Ariana And The Rose2020 saw a lot of clubs, venues and event spaces shut down – some permanently, others for a lengthy hibernation. But in summer 2021, people are starting to return to these long-shuttered spaces, and Ariana and the Rose is leading the charge to the dancefloor with her throbbing new song"Every Body."

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A thumping, dark electropop raver about unity and inclusivity on the dancefloor,"Every Body" comes with a video boasting an embarrassment of New York City and Los Angeles art world/nightlife fixtures, including rapper Cakes da Killa,Drag Race

the Dragon Sisters. As a glittered-up Ariana throws down in a heart made of red lights, she's also joined by Bex, CT Hedden, Laith Ashley, Madison Rose, Marizol, Merlot, Rhea Litre, Rify Royalty, Ryan Burke, Spencer Ludwig and Zero Waste Daniel."I wanted to highlight the incredible people and the spirit of the NYC nightlife and LGBTQ+ communities," Ariana and the Rose says of the"Every Body" video."Clubs and nightlife have been a home for people who otherwise felt displaced for decades. It is about a chosen family and a sense of community rather than an individual. These are the places that have been a home for me, personally and professionally.”

The"Every Body" clip was filmed in Brooklyn's House of Yes (where she's previously hosted her immersive music/art event Light + Space) by director Jason Sherwood, and previews a fall tour supporting Torres that opens in Cleveland on Sept. 13.

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