Argentinian Beef Empanadas

The addition of green olives and raisins in the filling is essential.

6/14/2021 7:39:00 PM

The addition of green olives and raisins in the filling is essential.

For these baked empanadas, Gaby Melian says the addition of green olives and raisins in the filling is essential.

Christine5/31/2021These empanadas absolutely rock. I've made them with ground beef, chicken, and turkey, and once swapped out a bell pepper for a poblano-- every time, it's been great. I freeze what I don't cook off immediately, and they're so easy to pull from the freezer and throw into the oven! Thank you Gaby!

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AnonymousCape Cod, MA4/3/2021Yum! Any time I can do part of the work ahead is a win! Really like making and sharing these empanadas. If I have extra filling, I like to eat it over rice. The flavor is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your skills and heritage with us. You are a blessing.

ChristmasCockpitTexas1/21/2021Following this recipe, it turned out ok. Baking in the oven it came out very dry. I didn't let the meat sit, I used it in the Empanadas immediately after cooking because we were starving. Also, I fried a batch and those turned out way better, and I used Goya's frozen Empanada discs as one of the previous reviewers suggested.

NatFort Lauderdale, FL12/17/2020I believe the author intended for us to use Goya "discos para empanadas". Living near San Antonio, TX, I found these easy to find at the local grocery store. They come 10 to a package now (instead of 12) so I bought three packages. Unfortunately, almost all of the pastry rounds were broken so mine are not nearly so pretty. Also, it took much longer than 15 minutes for them to defrost. Better to allow at least 45 minutes. Next time, I will make the discos from scratch. Note that they are more like a frozen pie dough - smaller, of course, and a bit thinner - not like the puff pastry that many of us are familiar with. Because we are only expecting 11 at our South American wine tasting, I decided to use only two of the packages. And, I cut the filling recipe in half. I had a bit more than enough filling for the 20 empanadas.

Carol LittleSouth Central Texas11/7/2020SO GOOD!!! I've made them a few times now, and everyone loves them. I omit the extra sugar added to the recipe, but definitely keep those raisins!LaurenChristPhiladelphia9/19/2020I made empanadas with my grandmother growing up, very similar recipe, only she always put hard boiled egg pieces in each empanada ❤️

AnonymousVieques PR9/12/2020This recipe is SO good, the filling is absolutely delicious. I couldnt find the Goya empanda dough so I used normal puff pastry mix with a little egg wash to give it some color, and it still turned out fantastic. All my friends couldn't get enough of these empandas!

KrissyHamDallas, TX9/6/2020So much amazing flavor! My husband used to work out of Miami and ate a lot of empanadas. He said these were the best! Score! Sent some to work with him and got nothing but huge compliments back. The thing that took the most time was finding empanada wrappers. It took me three tries, but found them in our small Mexican grocery store. I absolutely will make these again, but I will wait until we are having people over. It made a feast!

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Kelly Likes CakeTexas8/27/2020Using "puff" pastry really made these feel more like desserts... also didn't love the flavor combo. Have made other empanada recipes that I vastly preferred. Won't make again.AnonymousSouth Carolina, USA

8/6/2020My tween children made these with a dough made with freshly ground rye, Einkorn and winter red flour mix. My family scarfed them down!ktullossdc3389Ladue, Mo8/5/2020Delicious! Made these last night and my wife was so happy. Froze some so they didn’t all get eaten. Having a few while she is at work. Lol.

AnonymousMOM74 - goes to show how mediocre you are!herchelPhilippines3/19/2020Doug recipe Dough ½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted, slightly cooled 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp. kosher salt 6 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for surface

smilemerlynEroda1/18/2020My husband and I both studied in Argentina so finding good empanadas were really important to us! This is the only recipe I will make! Honestly tastes like so many memories we both hold near and dear to our hearts! Thanks for the recipe, Gaby! You're a gem!

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conniealw of course tasty and delicious!

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