Are you a stress eater? Here's how to break the cycle

Are you a stress eater? Here's how to break the cycle

4/7/2021 5:32:00 PM

Are you a stress eater? Here's how to break the cycle

Pandemic eating problems like comfort eating and cooking fatigue can affect our mental and physical health. A dietitian helps us handle them.

Rewarding yourself with food is an old habit that’s easy to fall back on when life gets you down. Remember when you used to get a lollipop after a trip to the doctor or a special meal after a big game? These types of treats teach us from a young age that food can reward us for our pain or hard work, so we have to undo that thinking to break this habit.

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Stop labeling food as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’Using labels like these can make you more preoccupied with less healthy foods or make you feel terrible after eating them. Remember that you can enjoy all foods on a balanced diet, and there are healthy aspects to enjoying less nutritious fare. For instance, it qualifies as self care if you order pizza to take a night off of cooking to fit in an

or just some quiet time.Eat less healthy foods when you want them.When you reserve them for treats, it sets up the idea that less nutritious foods need to be earned. They don’t. If you eat them mindfully when the mood strikes, they’ll be less alluring with time.

Develop a list of non-food rewards.If you’re in the habit of rewarding yourself with food, think of other ways to treat yourself that are realistic right now. The most helpful replacements will feel special, but they don’t need to cost money to do so.


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