'Are you a junkie?' Joe Biden bristles when reporter asks him about taking a cognitive test

Joe Biden bristled Wednesday when asked about his cognitive ability, snapping back at CBS reporter Errol Barnett.

8/6/2020 8:32:00 AM

'No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?' Biden said during the interview with CBS reporter Errol Barnett.

Joe Biden bristled Wednesday when asked about his cognitive ability, snapping back at CBS reporter Errol Barnett.

USA TODAYJoe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, bristled Wednesday at a reporter's question about taking a cognitive test, comparing it to asking his interviewer whether he was “taking cocaine” or “a junkie.”President Donald Trump has attacked Biden for his mental capabilities while boasting about his own performance during a cognitive exam. The clash prompted a question to Biden about whether he'd had a cognitive test during an interview with Errol Barnett, a CBS reporter, for the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

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"No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?"Biden saidduring the interview, a full version of which will air Thursday. "Come on, man. That's like saying you, before you got on this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?"

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Donald Trump received a perfect score on a cognitive test. He's asking Joe Biden to take the test because people made Trump take it. it's only fair if Biden takes!! Biden gaffes another racist comment too. Of course the media gives him a pass. Crazy guy took test and allegedly passed? Naming five animals enough to counter delusion.

Last week Biden said he took cognitive tests. Which is it? Yup, we Americans have picked about the two worst people in the US to run for President. Any one of you is probably better than Trump or Biden. Maybe we deserve the disaster we get. Why not use the most delusional part about drug test, cocaine and being an addict. Joe Biden has dementia

Um...I think he said more than that. Something about asking a Black reporter about being tested for cognitive ability, err strike that, being a junkie. No blatant racial stereotyping there... I would hardly call that “brisling”. I would call it recognition of absurdity. Because he knew he would fail it. He is senile!!

Trump must be shaking in his pants!!!! Right? You'd have to be an idiot to take a test that is designed for mentally ill people with brain disorder. Biden may be a bit slower at reaction and sure we all forget a few words here and there but in no way is JoeBiden needing a cognitive test at all. VoteBlue2020

After repeatedly saying he has taken tests. Joe Biden needs to step down. Then he mumbled something about a drug test. No joke, watch the video. Watch the video; he needs to be tested😂 KeepAmericaGreat2020 We really need more younger and more energetic candidates for a better America ❤ Biden is unfit for presidency if he cannot only take the cognitive test but pass it as well! All hes got holding him up in the election is simply his name.

Because you’re losing it dude. Your pundits tell you what to say. Joe is ... lol, imbeciles don't know they are imbeciles Hmm, why did you omit the rest of his statement from your tweet ? But didn't Biden himself tell America that he DID take a test ? Yep, I believe that he did. jewelleuschke Called him a junkie! He's so out of touch. Almost everyone has to take a drug test to hold a job. Old man Biden is clueless about the common people BidenCognitiveDecline

Well, because you’re on tape bragging about being tested all the time, that’s why. So Biden does NOT think CovidTesting is important. ? ? what.?!? Don't go for it Joe. It was a trick on Trump! The fool. They were only making jokes about him. Don't fall for it! Because he’s hiding from a debate... if he can’t handle a debate he can’t handle being President

He MUST. Someone that loose track EVERY time that spokes live should take the test. Not necesary for me, his speeches and age give me a clear picture that he is uncapable to run the country. He called a black journalist a cocaine junkie- but media protection of Biden is shameful Yeah clearly we see the man is in some stage of dementia. Media should show more of his interviews. Makes for good comedy but is also sad.

344 million Americans, Granpa Alzheimer Biden is the best we Democrats have? You left off the best part! “Are you a junkie?” Person, woman, man, TV, camera......yep still got. I’m ready to step in at any minute. Just let me know when I’m needed. Quite right, Biden has no problem with understanding facts...

No test needed...he’s a few bricks short of a full load Amerikkka is in baaaaaaad shape. Either Rump or Mr. Crime Bill will be her next prez - if there are no shenanigans. P.I.T.I.F.U.L. Wonder why his campaign said he had taken one. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Joe’s going to be a comics dream if he gets elected and if they actually let him talk and answer questions

Watch the entire clip ... wow ... I sure hope Biden has a lot of smart people to fill that cabinet. He looked ridiculous. By comparison Trump compared to Biden is a demented fool For the 1000th time, the cognitive test trump took is given by reputable doctors when they suspect a cognitive problem. No problem, no test. No need to test Biden absent symptoms or problems w/ cognition.

I'm going to vote for whomever runs against Trump, but that interview clip is chilling. Biden is just brutal and needs to hide until election day. Ok well you guys who are defending this please don’t get upset at the debate when Trump makes him so mad he spits his dentures out and start dropping f-bombs.

Is it Dementia or Alzheimer's that he obviously has? Rambling speech Trouble coming up with the right words & using the wrong ones A hard time-solving problems Getting angry or upset easily, sometimes lashing out Delusions, such as thinking a distant person is trying to hurt him You left out the part where he asked the black journalist if he was a junkie.

C’MON MAN... High quality Cosmetics and upcoming apparel line. Interested People check the link & Shop Now cosmetics beauty makeup skincare makeupartist lipstick fashion beautiful mua What else did Joe go on to say in that same interview, I said knowingly. You forget the part where he asked the black reporter if he is a 'Junkie'.

Yes The test Trump brags about having 'aced' is only ever recommended to be taken by patients suspected by their neurologists of showing symptoms of the onset of dementia. The fact that Trump's docs think he needed it is very telling indeed. Com'on man And then continued on to prove once again that he should probably take a cognitive test

UNFIT The test may reveal no cognitive presence! And calls a black reporter a drug addict If it was Trump that called him a junkie or made an example with the cocaine crack the reporter would be on CNN with Don Lemon shedding his fake tears and milking this story. It is pretty obvious how scared the democrats are of this.

None of the president candidates can speak/pronounce properly. 😱 Man is crazier than a rainbow trout in a carwash BIDEN: 'No, I haven't taken test. Why the hell would I take a test? C'mon man. That's like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?'

He also said a bunch of jibberish too. Listen to the full clip. Exactly, Biden doesn't have to prove he's literate competent physically mentally emotionally or spiritually fit to lead a nation He's done it, he was VP for 8 yrs He has a track record Trumps trying to show he's cognizant We all know he's NOT I havs np doubt Biden would pass test

He must of forgot! Kids and young people are not immune to the coronavirus! One more time : Kids and young people are not immune to the coronavirus! Trump is ignorant and misleading USA after having more than 157000 deaths! Vote! Everybody over 65 get this test at annual physical. Biden is making this a big deal - Why?

dementia Perfect answer. People don’t take those tests unless something happens to you. The fact that Trump was asked to take one by his doctor should scare the shit out of people. Trump only took the test bc his staff was looking for a way to 25 him. He couldn’t finish his sentence when saying the people can judge my physical and mental fa fa fa. im a Democrat. Biden isn’t the guy we need in there. Sorry the DNC f’kd is again

We all know that DT is the Captain of Distraction & will soon commandeer all public announcements and make JB’s no-test decision a primary issue. A lot of you didn’t watch Biden‘s full response and it shows. Please tell JoeBiden to take the cognitive test, so he will understand how quickly his brain is diminishing.

And you expect a person who tests not to lead America?! Preposterous! I will Create Verified Facebook Business Manager Or Ads Account Express 24 Hour. Order Now Facebook USA UK Canada India Fiverr SocialMedia business marketing marketingstrategy DigitalMarketing All the more reason why he should take a test.

hmmm... gotta love our gerontocracy! CBS--come on man --Bristle--he laughed it off because only a Con man with dementia would be bragging he picked out an animal but maybe failed the last 5 questions--dude Trump U failed more than that Psst Joe - we have the answers to the test: person, woman, man, camera, t.v. You get extra points for that order too. realDonaldTrump

Did he then try to fight the person asking questions? I haven’t taken a test. I’m saving them for people that actually need them. I wear a mask everywhere and social distance. Why would I or Biden when he’s doing the same? You ask dumb questions and then act like he not going to get upset, media isn’t the best all the time

PBS Judy Woodruff asked basically the same question to Jill Biden-what about your husband's cognitive ability? Perhaps we might ask Judy Woodruff the same question of her own cognitive ability and CBS Errol Barnett too. The only one in question is DRUMPF. Hey Donald you claim to have been tested, but I don’t believe it , somebody is lying and we all know who it is , don’t we Donald justSaying


Why should he ? His dementia is getting worse. Media and democrats should be embarrassed. Hey askin for help is anyone willing to donate a $1 to my sister, nephew & I, I lost both my jobs due to COVID I filed for unemployment but waitin for the benefit and we dont have any food & bills comin up if you can help we would be super grateful Venmo or Cashapp MattMartins147

I need no test. My mind good. Me Tarzan. You Jane. He said more than that most of which was incoherent if Biden was running against anyone other than Donald Trump during a global pandemic he would lose by double digits America will never be great if we can’t figure out how to get along. We must draw strength from unity

Biden hidden brain is sliding He just doesn’t see the rhino in the room. You forgot the part where he asked the reporter if he was a cocaine junkie...

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Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nominationJoe Biden will no longer accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, officials said Wednesday, in the latest and strongest sign that the Democratic National Convention will be almost entirely virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. TRUMP WINS! Exemplary 👏🏽

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