Democratic National Committee, Democratic Debate

Democratic National Committee, Democratic Debate

Are too many Dems running for president?

Are too many Dems running for president?


Are too many Dems running for president?

A historically-large field of Democratic primary candidates is vying for the party's presidential nomination. Does this large group help create a bigger tent for Democrats or is it muddling their 2020 message?

Why there’s debate:The large field of candidates has raised concerns that voters might be overwhelmed by the choices. Some also worry that lower-tier candidates are taking up debate airtime that could be used to help voters decide among the frontrunners. Others have also suggested that some candidates remain in the race to promote themselves over the earnest desire to compete for the presidency.

What’s next:Barring a surprise dropout by one of the top-tier contenders, the debate stage for the next Democratic debate in October will be a bit more crowded. Each of the 10 candidates in Thursday's debate has already qualified. They will be joined by the wealthy hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, who recently met the donor and polling thresholds to participate. Primary voting will begin with the Iowa caucuses in February.

At this early stage, any candidate could break through.

“A surplus of candidates will give Democratic voters what behavioral scientists like me call ‘choice overload.’ Simply put, having too many choices can make it harder to make a decision, and this is likely to have a profound — profoundly negative — effect on the 2020 campaign.”

“While the Iowa caucus is just a few months away, many voters are still undecided at this stage. The state of the race could adjust rapidly as more voters start to pay closer attention and make up their minds.” — Grace Panetta, Business Insider

The large Democratic field is an advantage to Republicans.

“428 days away from Election Day in 2008, polls forecast a Hillary Clinton-Rudy Giuliani race, rather than Barack Obama versus John McCain. At a similar point in 2012, Rick Perry led the Republican field." — The Economist

So many voices muddles the message of the party as a whole.

“From homestate newspapers to political activists, the calls for 2020 presidential candidates to drop out and run for Senate have been growing louder, especially for the candidates from competitive states who have failed to break through on the national stage.” — Kate Grumke, PBS News Hour

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I don't remember this many Democrats in 2012 or 2016. No have everyone of them run...same old story. That’s what the primaries are for. 😂

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