Are Bennifer recreating the 'Jenny From The Block' video?

Are Bennifer trolling us by recreating the 'Jenny From The Block' video? (via @TheAVClub)

Jenny From The Block, Jenny From The Block

7/27/2021 10:57:00 PM

Are Bennifer trolling us by recreating the ' Jenny From The Block ' video? (via TheAVClub)

TV writer Caissie St. Onge is convinced Jen nifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are making a shot-by-shot remake

AdvertisementBut with all the interest in their relationship—including tabloids writing about Lopez looking at schools in L.A., perhaps to move her family there from Miami, and anonymous Deuxmoi receiving email submissions about Affleck planning to propose (again), it’s all starting feel a lot like the “Jenny From The Block” music video. Affleck was even photographed copping a feel of J.Lo’s famous butt recently. So, would it be

thatoutlandish to say that maybe, just maybe, the back-on couple is recreating the iconic music video?TV writer Caissie St. Ongeintroduced the conspiracy theory that Bennifer have been meticulously planning a shot-for-shot remake of the “Jenny From The Block” music video

. Over the weekend, she posted a collage with her “evidence” on Instagram, captioned:“Let’s examine the evidence I’ve compiled so far. This May, Ben was seen wearing the watch JLo gave him IN the orig JFTB video! On seeing this, my immediate first instinct was… they are remaking the video. Am I a witch? Yes. Did that mean I was right? We’ll see. On June 14th, B & J were snapped at a dinner together, by paparazzi. People focused on the fact that it was their 1st public kiss since rebooting their romance. *I* focused on the placement of everything at that dinner, including the angle the paps were shooting from. Very similar to the shots of B & J at dinner being secretly shot by paps in JFTB vid! Jen even seems to be wearing a similar up/down hairdo. Did this confirm I was on the right track? Not just yet. I said, “Call me when they are on a yacht together. That’s when I will know.” WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY! Ben, Jen, yacht, bikini. Kissing. Did he kiss her ass on the yacht? I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out when the video comes out, which I am now 98% sure must be happening. IF ANYONE SEES BEN PUTTING GAS IN JEN’S CAR, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY. ***A lot of people are nervous that if what I prophesied was true, it means the romance is a sham. Folks, no. That is not what anyone is saying here. I believe the romance is as real as it was the first time, ok? I’m here for it & rooting for them. But I also want this video. I saw cream colored cropped cargo pants on @eloquii & I might buy them to wear w/a cream colored newsgirl cap, even tho that outfit will look stupid on me. I will wear a frosty lip again! cc: witnesses @busyphilipps & @michcoll

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P.S. If they are not remaking this vid for 20 anni, the only other explanation is they are subconsciously reenacting every scene from it without realizing b/c it was such a pivotal time in their lives. Which would be deeply romantic. BUT ALSO DEEPLY DISAPPOINTING TO ME!”

St. Onge previously talked about her theory on an episode of’ podcastBusy Philipps Is Doing Her Best.During the episode, she said, “I have a weird theory and I hope it’s a theory that doesn’t upset people or bum people out, because even if my theory’s true, I’m still cool with it. I think it’s a possibility, [the music video] was in 2002, we’re in 2021, so that means that we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of ‘Jenny From The Block’, are they shooting a shot-for-shot remake?”

So, let’s see how well St. Onge’s theory holds up:The dinnerOn June 14, Affleck and Lopez were photographed kissing for the first time in nearly two decades while at dinner. In the pictures, Lopez has her hair in a ponytail while sitting with Affleck, just like she does in the “Jenny On The Block” music video. But, unlike the scene where she appears to be crying but actually has something in her eye, their June outing

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. So yes, though sheiswearing her hair up in a similar style, the theory doesn’t quite land with this particular part of the music video.

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TheAVClub It is a mimic of the American experience. Make a fake performance, keep insisting and they will buy it.

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