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Apple TV+'s 'See' teaser for Season 2 introduces Dave Bautista as Jason Momoa's nemesis

Clash of the titans.

6/12/2021 8:37:00 AM

Clash of the titans.

Clash of the titans.

Sam Haysom2021-06-11 09:17:08 UTCWhen you've got someone as mighty and intimidating as Jason Momoa in your lead role, how do you even begin to find him a worthy adversary?Well,star Dave Bautista seems like a good place to start. Read more: Mashable »

Cars, pavements washed away as Belgian town hit by worst floods in decades

The southern Belgian town of Dinant was hit by the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday after a two-hour thunderstorm turned streets into torrential streams that washed away cars and pavements but did not kill anyone.

Apple Accidentally Leaks Cool New Apple Watch FeatureIt’s easy to slip up when the eyes of the world are watching WWDC. Apple and their ‘accidents’ Coordinated accidents are nifty. No one cares

Jason Momoa Drama ‘See’ Renewed for Season 3 at Apple TV PlusApple TV Plus has renewed the Jason Momoa post-apocalyptic drama “See” for Season 3, the filming of which is already underway in Toronto. The show’s early renewal comes ahead of i… Oh god why… We havent gotten season 2 yet and season 1 was pretty bad . Why the fuck?

Apple Subpoenas From DOJ Prompt Internal Review, Calls for William Barr, Jeff Sessions to TestifyThe Justice Department’s internal watchdog and Senate Democrats both vowed to investigate the Trump administration’s secret seizure of communication records of people associated with the House Intelligence Committee Because there is nothing else going on. Why have used a picture of Apple corporate park instead of the pictures of the people who abused their power presidential and otherwise to request the records? Trump weaponized the DOJ to make it a sleazy backroom mirror of his life style.

New York Senate passes bill that could force Apple to loosen its grip on device repairsThe right to repair is becoming a codified reality. Louis Rossmann just entered the chat. Shoutout Louis Rossmann It’s time for Apple to give customers the right to repair the devices they own 💻📱 Find out more about the Right to Repair and our campaign here: capitalatrisk apple righttorepair circulareconomy sustainability trading stocks broker investment

‎Playbook Deep Dive on Apple PodcastsImagine learning that someone you've known for 18 years is alleged to have been responsible for some of the worst violence on Jan. 6. How do you square that? More on this week’s Playbook Deep Dive 🎧 Palestinian journalist’s emotional account of her experience in Israeli prison ThisIsIsrael IsraeliCrimes israeliterrorism BDS EndIsraeliOccupation

Apple to let you sign up for services with Face/Touch ID instead of passwordsNo more passwords! na I'm good next year 'stand still, your face has been recognised by our human disintegration system, please do not resist - reason code 02599: failure to return library book' I prefer Microsoft Authenticator