Monopoly And Antitrust, Breaking News: Technology, Mobile, Epic Games, Gaming Software

Monopoly And Antitrust, Breaking News: Technology

Apple says it rejected almost 1 million new apps in 2020 and explains common reasons why

The disclosure comes as Epic Games' antitrust case against Apple has focused on App Store's failures.

5/12/2021 1:29:00 AM

Apple shared some statistics about its app rejection process: -It rejected almost 1M apps that were submitted for the first time -It rejected almost 1M updates -215k apps were removed because they collected too much user data or other privacy violations

The disclosure comes as Epic Games ' antitrust case against Apple has focused on App Store's failures.

Epic's lawyers have argued that Apple's App Store is a "walled garden" that hampers competing software makers and that Apple's rules are applied unevenly to different developers.Epic also said Apple's process is imperfect, sometimes allowing malicious software to be approved for the store, and that Apple's own employees sometimes say its process is not good enough to prevent fraud. In the trial, Epic Games questioned Apple senior director Trystan Kosmynka, who runs Apple's App Review department, and got him to concede that Apple does make mistakes on some apps it approves or rejects.

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Apple said in a slide deck presented in the trialthat it has used a combination of 500 human reviewers and automated checks to review roughly 5 million apps per year, including updates, between 2017 and 2019, with rejection rates ranging from 33% to 36%. Apple employees argued at the trial that the number of mistakes it makes is tiny in comparison with the scale of its App Store.

Apple has defended the App Store as an essential and indivisible part of its business, saying it's the only way for consumers to install software on an iPhone. Read more: CNBC »

Thousands join Budapest Pride march against anti-LGBTQ law

Thousands of Hungarians joined the annual Budapest Pride march on Saturday to support LGBTQ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools.

Is Epic Games' showdown with Apple turning into a mismatch?In a high-stakes lawsuit the could have big implication for apps and mobile gaming, Epic Games has at times seemed to help make Apple's case as much as its own.

Apple pushes back against Epic claims to defend app payment system Epic Games v. Apple got into the weeds Tuesday, as the gaming company’s main economic witness clashed with an attorney for the iPhone maker. Apple’s case could start as early as Friday. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook is scheduled to be the last witness.

Wind, Solar Power Made Strong Gains in 2020, IEA SaysThe International Energy Agency raised its 2021 and 2022 forecast for renewables, including wind and solar, after last year’s added capacity exceeded the prior year’s increase by 45% thanks for this news In 2020, China's renewable energy generation will reach 2.2 trillion kilowatt-hours, accounting for 29.5% of the total social electricity consumption, an increase of 9.5% points over 2012. China ranks first in the world in the scale of renewable energy development & utilization. I bet the wind coming out of DC is stronger.

Global renewable energy grew at fastest pace in two decades in 2020 - IEARenewable energy grew at its fastest pace in two decades last year, led by China, and will continue to grow in the next two years, a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) showed on Tuesday.

Early 2020 census data stir fears of possible Latino, Asian undercountsInitial numbers from the Census Bureau's 2020 demographic snapshot have left experts and advocacy groups worried that people of color, particularly Asian Americans and Latino Americans, were undercounted. The Asian Americans didn’t want to walk to the mailbox and risk getting assaulted by the particular group that keeps attacking them. To bad they can't cancel out the trump census and redo it 100%. Hey how about a recount! Are the numbers questionable What harm could that do

Trump 2020 Election Lawsuits Lead to Requests to Discipline LawyersCourts and licensing bodies are weighing whether some of the failed legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election were frivolous or improper and warrant punishment for the lawyers who filed them. Release the Kraken of the juducial system..🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 So, that means we are never going to get to see the Kraken released? 'Weighing?' Like it's not a dead certainty that these were frivolous and highly unethical actions on the part of these people? If there were any justice, Giuliani, Powell and others would have been disbarred before the end of 2020.