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Apple’s streaming service is cheap, but how does it stack up against Amazon, Netflix and Disney?

Viewers will weigh cost, content and convenience — and whether they have the time to watch all that content.


Should you pay for Apple+? Time to finally dump Netflix? Here's how to decide between all the streaming options:

Viewers will weigh cost, content and convenience — and whether they have the time to watch all that content.

That all depends on how much consumers want to pay and what they want to watch. Experts have found most families are willing to pay up to $50 a month for streaming services, typically paying for up to three services.

The cons: There’s not really much of a back catalog of shows and movies to pick from — not yet at least.

Disney Plus The pros: The Disney Plus offering will have everything from Star Wars to Bambi. “It’s really great for families with children,” Pichman said. The service will go live Nov. 12, replete with 7,500 episodes from various Disney shows and 500 movies — and that’s just the start, Pichman said. “They’ve got a lot of runway with those series to do a lot of spin-offs,” Pichman noted.

The cons: “Netflix is starting to look expensive in comparison,” Pichman said. While the Netflix basic plan is $8.99, the premium one is $15.99 a month. And some of the new programming coming out now leaves Pichman a little underwhelmed. “The content coming out now feels a little rushed,” he said.

HBO Now The pros: It’s a clear leader in quality programming, Pichman said. The outlet has “huge well-known shows, arguably some of the best” including TV icons like “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” and more recent hits like “Big Little Lies,” and “Succession.”

Apple shares have been up 37% this year compared to a 15% gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.85% and an 18% increase for the S&P 500 Index SPX, +0.72%

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Rumor has it you can have both. None of them. Get out of the house!!! Talk to your neighbors, go to a restaurant and bar, ... you know, be human. And for the sake of humanity, don't watch cable news. lol no netflix RideOrDie Brother had it when movies delivered. Have had it before TMobile made it free. Has great movies (old/new) StandUp + original series. PMHT

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