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Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

2/23/2021 6:15:00 PM

Apple ’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

Apple 's new iPhone 13 upgrades have leaked, but one will prove controversial...

“Always-On Display will have minimal customizability. [The] Current design basically looks like a toned-down lockscreen. Clock and battery charge is always visible. Notifications seem to be displayed using a bar and icons. Upon receiving, the notification will pop up normally except that the screen will not entirely light up. Instead, it will display just like you’re used to right now, except dimmed down and only temporally.”

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It is unclear at this stage whether regular (non-Pro) iPhone 13 models will get either of these upgrades. Apple iPhone 13 always-on display concept imageEverythingAppleProiPhone 13 Photography Three major upgrades here. Koroy reports that Apple will introduce an automatic astrophotography mode when pointing iPhone 13 models at the sky (a popular feature in rival phones), as well as a massive upgrade to the ultra-wide camera lens with Apple giving it “the royal treatment across the entire lineup” with a new sensor and lens. 

Perhaps the most exciting upgrade, however, comes with the news that “portrait video is finally happening. Apple has had this feature in the pipeline for quite some time. Now with the Apple A15, it will finally be possible. You will be able to record a portrait video… and then change the depth of field in post.”

As Koroy notes, “that requires some serious serious processing power” but I expect this to be a massively popular feature. If Apple can nail the end result, expect to see portrait mode videos become the hottest new trend on social media. iPhone 13 MagSafe Concerns

One area which is likely to prove controversial, however, is an upgrade to MagSafe with Weinbach saying the magnets will be “getting stronger”. Koroy paints this as a positive, which is understandable given concerns that MagSafe is not strong enough in iPhone 12 models to securely hold magnetic attachments like wallets. That said, MagSafe is currently embroiled in controversy because the magnets can

when held close to the chest. “We were all stunned,” said Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist Gurjit Singh on the findingsearlier this month. “We had assumed that the magnet[s] would be too weak in a phone to trip the defibrillator’s magnetic switch. We believe our findings have profound implications on a large scale for the people who live daily with these devices, who without thinking, will place their phone in their shirt pocket or upper pocket or their coat – not knowing that it can cause their defibrillator or pacemaker to function in a way that could potentially be lethal.”

How Apple can improve MagSafe without increasing these potentially lethal risks, is unknown at this stage.  Read more: Forbes »

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When your phone goes off in the middle of the night, it isn't usually good news.

Bruh I JUST got the 12 a month ago forbes There is no such thing as CONFIRMED. The proper use of that WORD CONFIRMED, is when APPLE CEO get on that stage and talk about the iPhone 13 features and specifications Just delete this tweet , absolutely nothing has been confirmed monsieurlynel Damn I just got the 12

Okay Why would you read a detailed summary of a video if you can watch the video by “hugely popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApple Pro)”?! And who confirmed these leaks?! Tim Cook? Looks like android phone now This is false till apple confirms it in September Samsung is best mehn👌🏼 Forbes is fake news... Confirmed

You buy an iPhone 12 and while you're still charging it, they release iPhone 13😧😿 im sorry but that looks like the google pixel and a iphone 4 had a baby دي عواره دي This same apple that sent us out of Eden apple products are obsolete after 18 Months. This is a well-known fact kthismyhealing cangtippp, lo apa tida ingin belikan gue ini

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U just made a new one and now here u are again? Battery life 'massive upgrades' yawn, can see its a USA site commenting on an USA product, not a single upgrade hasn't been on Android phones for over a year already! With way more customization options, I mean seriously, I cannot even change icon sizes, or shapes, or organise my home screen!

iPhone 13 ALREADY Please which style is the iphone 13 style? 👉🏾👌🏾 i surly won’t be getting it i’m getting my iphone 12 pro max samsung is better😌 Take my money Apple Better ✅ Did you know that the 14thHeadies opening choreography presentation was dedicated to the victims of EndSARS and EndBadGovernanceInNigeria? And that it involved Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti and Beyonce songs? You may watch the emotional performance here:

Gonna have to sell kidney for charger, earpods and case any iphone 11 and 12 users should lend me it to me before they go for 13 thank you Let's goooooo another version of the i-phone 6 except more expensive 🚮 got tinted windows and called it a change So they're straight up copying the Pixel's camera design, going with a textured back 'akin to the Pixel's', and adding an automatic astrophotography mode? Might as well call it the madebygoogle iPhone.

we only care about the computers Perfect now I might be able to afford a used iPhone 12 when the fools rush to update theirs .. I just got my iPhone 12 Pro literally 3 weeks ago 🤡 I would so get a razr flip phone but I am totally tied into the apple ecosystem- not sure I would be comfortable switching to android.

BUT I JUST GOT THE 12 ألفي مبروك بقى اربع كمرات eylaf_73 that's the ugliest phone i've ever seen isnt it the same as the 12 Propaganda article Apple promoted. Read with pinch of salt Looks the same icymotive AYO WHERES TGE CHARGING PORT finally Already? Dang Can they wait like a year or something, maybe two? Wtf they’re really just forcing their hands down our pockets.

Already? Time is flying! Man Apple needs to slowdown and just make new phones every 3-5 years and not 6 months since the consumer isn't gonna feel great that they got a 12 while 13 is coming out soon and could've got that model instead but what am I saying it's just the same specs and have a cheap phone.

I still have an Android ROTFL! 🤣🤣🤣 😍 500 airtime giveaway follow me and retweet drop number crediting a lot today Uuuuuuuuh yikes Bro.... They brought back the iPhone 5 design..... I'm definitely buying that. campise_mary 👀 How exactly is this confirmed when the information is coming from a blogger and a leaker, regardless of how “influential” they are? I did not see an Apple source confirming any of this information. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for the iPhone 13 (Pro Max edition) but slow down.

I’m on a IPhone 8plus that’s still rockin perfectly. the slogan for iPhone should be... More extraordinary than the most beautiful woman in the world. wtf is everyone going crazy over an iBone for? I swear they think they are the most beautiful women in the world for a discount..... Just gotta ask, BUT WHEN THE FUCK DID WE GET THE IPHONE 12? I THOUGHT WE WERE ON THE 11 STILL

WHY IS THE CAMERA SO BIG HELP 😭 A 4th camera Some of us never owned an iPhone, so Fuck you, Forbes. Is it bigger than a toaster? nomms lissavzqz jajaja Jas_2nice 😳🙄😩 another Iphone what a surprise lol 😆 How many more iPhones can they possible make? I wonder what new upgrades it has. 'massive' a 120hz screen is not massive lol

Apple is fucking annoying. I just got the 12 Nah, I’m good. Tweeting from a perfectly satisfactory 6s+. All apps work. Pages load fast. Has a headphone jack. you all still letting apple fucking shit and piss on you and still charging you $1000+ for a phone with no charger? 🤨 your loyalty is ridiculous.

Snooze.... boring. why is the iPhone 13 trending when it comes out in September🙃 girl Massive click bait As usual there are no “massive upgrades” coming. Just apple playing catch-up to the rest of the phone market. They adding another camera? I just upgraded to the iPhone SE last month 😂 cancelledbot Hmm apple is just so confused🤷

joeyday Mark40Lewis realgadgetspot QuadTTony jarron jddjensen TechnOwen It’s 12s Nah, I’m fine with my $100 second hand iPhone from the marketplace 😎🔥 Oh boy! What did apple change this time? Did they... 😳 add another camera OscarPatino6 new iPhones 🤦🏾‍♀️ imma still get it tho lol so it’s not confirmed lmao

IPhone copies Samsung and says 'here, we've got the newest tech' When my iPhone 7 Plus kicks the bucket, then I'll buy one. You buy an iPhone 12 and while you’re still charging it, they release an iPhone 13....WTF😭😭😭 Big Sur is crappier than Windows Vista. Dont do it. The hardware doesnt matter if the ios screws everything up.

hope those kids in the sweat shops get a raise More pixels for those FBI wanted selfies plus end to end encryption right into the NSA/FBI servers. Headphones, chargers, and legal support not included OMG Mad OH Needs a new iPhone.... currently owns a 6s plus wants a 12 pro max now is considering waiting for the 13th 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

Unbelievable apple don’t give a f€!people out here purchasing these phones every year for 1500 for a better camera what are you taking photos of outer space gimme a break Look guys it’s a Pixel Just like any video game ( Madden 21, 2k) or anything else, if you can just release a new product every year, its not a good product then

So many 🐈 would be 🔥 in Nigeria. If you know, you know1🤣🤣🤣 _Phontane Woah! Are they upgrading it with a whole new color? That’s a game changer iphone...Y'all milk us dry o..God dey! oh nah- Don’t really care I’m fine with my iPhone 11 me who bought the 12 Damn I just got my 12 Samsung is obviously better.

Finally, they did more than sell the Iphone 5 and 11's lovechild! This is what the Iphonr 12 should have been! Still no pink 🙄 3333Boost are you going to cop wow, we’re already at 13? That camera design... Nice. Did they finally make use of a full screen.? Massive upgrades? I literally only had the 12 for 2 months, can y’all chill out?

Didn't the 12 come out like 4 months ago or smth I’m still waiting for 120hz display, micro LED, 4K display..... ALREADY? DIDNT WE JUST HAVE THE IPHONE 12 LIKE 2 MONTHS AGO OR SOMETHING- Do you know if you purchased 1000 bitcoins in 2010 for 80$ you will be able to purchase thousands of iPhone 13 in 2021? BinanceSmartChain buythedip iphone13 bitcoins

Ew BradeyHarrelson Touch ID or fuck off apple. 95% of us don’t need endless upgrades to a fucking camera. The S21 Ultra in an Apple body. Is that a phablet ? Apple needs to stop it’s not even cute anymore Galaxy is better. just drop the price, so I can buy it already ysmnjcc 😍😍😍 As far as I know, it’s never a GOOD thing to read that basically putting a phone in your shirt pocket could be lethal.* (*If that person has a pacemaker.)

Currently on oneplus 6t might go Apple I got the 12 like 3 months ago chill Hope this means people with medical devices can use it without the threat of being killed by magnets. BREAKING: apple will be releasing the official phone for Swifties iphone13 taylorswift13 taylornation13 Still waiting for the iPhone9 Apple

This shit is just like any Football game. Same shit every year not even a real upgrade and people are still buying it. How stupid are people byeeeee i just got the 12 on christmas 🙁 taelovesflowers I love my IPhone 8 Plus lol. DTFMANUEL by the time it's in stores, iphone 14 will be released This shit fire af 🔥

make apple great again Apple Nothing much to see here. - Highlights. Magnets but not to big but bigger. That’s it. A month later: Apples iPhone 13S+ with more features (that we coulda just put on the phone that came out a month ago)... But whatever you zombies will buy so fuck it Price $1,399 It just looks lika a pixel 4

all features nabbed from android phones that are a couple years old. moving on... So we getting wireless wires? 👀 I think what's dumb about all this iPhone 13 is they will add AOD and say only the 13 can do this. When we all know its software and any iPhone with AMOLED can do it. I will be very surprised if they allow other devices to have AOD

What is iPhone 13 that I can’t afford 🤦🏼‍♀️I just don’t like the shape of it🤦🏼‍♀️you guys took us back to iPhone 5 in disguise I literally just got the 12 too smh 'Massive upgrades' I just want usb c charging Imagine who noticed 13 pro does not have charging port.... so lemme guess wireless charging cool but what if am off road or off grid how do I charge easily? Do I have to carry wireless pad everywhere 🤷‍♂️

Like longer battery life? Stronger glass screen? Massive standard storage included? Gosh, every new iPhone I wish I had bought a Samsung 😫 ❤️