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Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

2/23/2021 12:14:00 AM

Apple ’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly Confirmed

Apple 's new iPhone 13 upgrades have leaked, but one will prove controversial...

“Always-On Display will have minimal customizability. [The] Current design basically looks like a toned-down lockscreen. Clock and battery charge is always visible. Notifications seem to be displayed using a bar and icons. Upon receiving, the notification will pop up normally except that the screen will not entirely light up. Instead, it will display just like you’re used to right now, except dimmed down and only temporally.”

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It is unclear at this stage whether regular (non-Pro) iPhone 13 models will get either of these upgrades. Apple iPhone 13 always-on display concept imageEverythingAppleProiPhone 13 Photography Three major upgrades here. Koroy reports that Apple will introduce an automatic astrophotography mode when pointing iPhone 13 models at the sky (a popular feature in rival phones), as well as a massive upgrade to the ultra-wide camera lens with Apple giving it “the royal treatment across the entire lineup” with a new sensor and lens. 

Perhaps the most exciting upgrade, however, comes with the news that “portrait video is finally happening. Apple has had this feature in the pipeline for quite some time. Now with the Apple A15, it will finally be possible. You will be able to record a portrait video… and then change the depth of field in post.”

As Koroy notes, “that requires some serious serious processing power” but I expect this to be a massively popular feature. If Apple can nail the end result, expect to see portrait mode videos become the hottest new trend on social media. iPhone 13 MagSafe Concerns

One area which is likely to prove controversial, however, is an upgrade to MagSafe with Weinbach saying the magnets will be “getting stronger”. Koroy paints this as a positive, which is understandable given concerns that MagSafe is not strong enough in iPhone 12 models to securely hold magnetic attachments like wallets. That said, MagSafe is currently embroiled in controversy because the magnets can

when held close to the chest. “We were all stunned,” said Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist Gurjit Singh on the findingsearlier this month. “We had assumed that the magnet[s] would be too weak in a phone to trip the defibrillator’s magnetic switch. We believe our findings have profound implications on a large scale for the people who live daily with these devices, who without thinking, will place their phone in their shirt pocket or upper pocket or their coat – not knowing that it can cause their defibrillator or pacemaker to function in a way that could potentially be lethal.”

How Apple can improve MagSafe without increasing these potentially lethal risks, is unknown at this stage.  Read more: Forbes »

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🔥🔥 Come on man. I’m still on the 8 My iPhone 11 is a few months butleng hleng Apple! Design~wise Apple has messed up on this one Do you think that the constructors would have always the same rhythm on 20 years ? The rhythm of show a new phone each year Nawa o iPhone 1 sef I never use😢. This is the ugliest piece of hardware I’ve seen in the past years. Besides of introducing a 10-years old design it has this horrible camera bump and even worse selection of colours. Can’t comment on screen but that yellowish tint compared to other OLEDs looks strange too.

Wth again? It looks nice Why was Trump banned? New 📱, who’s this?! 😆 sosospay I’m gonna need Apple to rest a bit man 😂😩. I’m still on the 8 plus. When is enough enough? iPhone 13? Didn’t the 12 just come out.