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Apple Removes App That Tracked Hong Kong Police

Breaking News: Apple pulled an app that let Hong Kong’s protesters track the police, a day after facing intense criticism from Chinese state media


Breaking News: Apple pulled an app that let Hong Kong ’s protesters track the police, a day after facing intense criticism from Chinese state media

Apple said it was removing the app, which was criticized by Chinese state media, because Hong Kong authorities said protesters used it to attack police.

Jack Nicas Oct. 9, 2019 SAN FRANCISCO — Apple removed an app on Wednesday that enabled protesters in Hong Kong to track police, a day after facing intense criticism from Chinese state media for it, plunging the technology giant deeper into the increasingly politicized atmosphere in China. Apple said it was removing the app, called, from its iPhone App Store just days after approving it because authorities in Hong Kong said protesters were using it to attack police there. A day earlier, People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial that accused Apple of aiding “rioters” in Hong Kong. “Letting poisonous software have its way is a betrayal of the Chinese people’s feelings,” said the article, which was written under a pseudonym, “Calming the Waves.” “The app displays police locations and we have verified with the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau that the app has been used to target and ambush police, threaten public safety, and criminals have used it to victimize residents in areas where they know there is no law enforcement,” Apple said in a statement late Wednesday. “This app violates our guidelines and local laws.” Apple’s reversal on the app comes amid the backdrop of intense pressure from the Chinese government on multinational companies to stay out of the continuing protests in Hong Kong. China this week canceled broadcasts of exhibition N.B.A. games in China after the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted in support of the protests. Apple also removed the app after recently pulling the app of the American news organization Quartz from the App Store in China. Quartz has been covering the Hong Kong protests. Follow Jack Nicas on Twitter: Read more: The New York Times

Apple Is china running apple now? Companies are getting out of control, they’re not satisfied with what they have they Want to interfere in What goes on in Countries, Apple is getting too big for their boots . Tim is sucking so hard and he love it. tim_cook time to take off your pants now. Master Xi is coming 🥴

BeLightinHK If Steve Jobs still alive running🍎, how would he choose? The one who honoured the rebels, the crazy ones who dare to challenge status quo. Today when caving to 🇨🇳💰is the status quo for businesses, how would a leader who values “think differently” choose?🍎’s soul died with Jobs Threat of HKprotesters attacking HKPolice or actually the other way round?

I hope all the people you have affected by using social media against them, will bring you down with social media. You deserve what you get. The people in Hongkong are fighting for their freedom, and you help the enemy. Disgraceful It is time americans boycott any company that caves to china's demands. Apple is the worse followed by blizzard, disney, nike, Marriott, NBA, etc. I never thought I'd see the day american companies are caving to a communist country. You all are the definition of corporate greed

Big brother watching badiucao Apple what a shame, sacrificing integrity for chinazi currency

Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app storeThe tech giant said the app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it to victimize residents in areas with no law enforcement. Corporate cowards All hail the PRC Apple did the right thing. The app Endangered the law enforcement and public safety.

Apple supporting organharvesting XiJingping XinniethePooh to have HongKongProstests participants join the Uighur or Falun Gong (70 million strong in 1999; vs china Gov 65 Million (the reason they were imprisoned!)) XiJingping will CARVE out their ORGANS; Liver in 22 Days Anyone in Hong Kong reading this. Find someone who has it. Copy the program and put it on a website. You can do it. Stay strong. And spread the power 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 we all believe in you! -on behalf of much of America and the western world

Stop buying Apple products. Ridiculous Steve Jobs will be spinning in his grave. Seeing the Ness these people are doing to his company! law_harrod law_harrod Hk people needs this app So disappointed you ☹️ Apple A most famous company in the world but choose to love RMB. Apple, never ever BoycottChina BoycottApple

kowtowing me and selling ur freedom, he will give u some RMB. But, RMB can't buy FreedomOfSpeech and other universal values. think twice before action. Defend and FightForFreedom, now or never. StandwithHonKong FreeHongKong

Sports brand Vans removes Hong Kong sneaker in design competitionU.S. sports brand Vans removed 'a small number' of submissions in a gl... Actually DO SOMETHING to save the planet and save $2000 a year on gas with this e-bike! People see money more important than freedom This is the beginning of the world collapse antichinazi Shame on VANS_66

I wonder if Apple has an app that supports Antifa? At least Prez Trump is calling BS on China! Not pulling any punches like the NBA. Moreover, WhatsApp/IG/twitter should be banned coz protesters use as communication tools that also harmful to HKPolice and Govt. Am I right, Apple ? The apps is to protect the unarmed citizens themselves from police brutality. Police brutality is so serious that they can randomly arrest & attack anyone in street, even pregnant women, kids, the disabled, etc. Police also uses excessive force to protestors without resist.

Also, you have to ban the bus-checking app that shows the location of bus stops and bus arrive time coz someone might track the bus and ‘attack’ bus drivers and citizens. Apple Apple please ban the online-shopping apps which may provide a ‘weapons’ such as knifes and masks in HK coz some people would use them to ‘attack’ HKPolice and Govt.

RMB and freedom Apple has chosen RMB HKMapLive FreeHongKong FreeHK Law enforcement should be respected. A city with law enforcement is like hell. Apple likes to be the slave to a communist regime.... $$$$$ Keep telling ppl, Apple aint shit! FreeHK Last night, this girl come up to tell us how arrested protestors were treated in SanUkLing. They suffered from verbal. Physical. Sexual violence and even sexual assault . Plz. Stand with hk Dun cover ur conscience in exchange for Chinese money

China state newspaper criticizes Apple for app use by Hong Kong protestersThe Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, the People's Daily, ... When Nazi camps are invoked every other day...yet Israel, and China active participants in third word dictatorship hide&? policy! F¡ck the Chinese state newspaper. FreeHKNowwww Apple don’t give in, time to stand up, for Jobs sake.

so apple stand with money BoycottApple StandwithHonKong Apple supports chinazi chinazism Disappointed 😔 one more licks to get RMB Sorry pls update your photo for Apple Actually chinese are weird. They all said they love their country using products made in china in one hand, they migrated in oversea, posting twitter via iphone in the other hands. Apple wants to keep the profits then they have to give up the freedom and become dog of china

Apple loves money and chinazi more than liberty and freedom. Blizzardboycott standwithmorey FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Goodbye all my apple products they choose to pander to 1.4 billion instead of 6.3 billion outside China, bizarre Apple Elohim Embassy - The Raelian Movement - embassy-plan – E.T. Embassy - Elohim Embassy

Money talks and turn people who run those big companies to evil !!

Apple Denounced as ‘Reckless’ by China State-Run Media Over App for Tracking Hong Kong Police Apple approved an app that lets users track the location of police in Hong Kong — a move that China ’s state-run newspaper criticized, saying it lets pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kon…

I'm pulling Apple from my life. Goodbye China-made and overrated and too expensive iPhone and iPad. I will find a better alternative. F.U. Apple. Maybe it’s time to boycott Apple! The anti freedom tech companies. Apple and all Corporate Types are fearful of China and the millions they will lose if they do not Chinas ass.

But hey Apple would have no issue doing that here. StandwithHK StandwithMorey StandwithBlitzchung HKPoliceTerrorism Oh, did it provoke violance towards HKPolice or did it stop hkpolicebrutality? this app aim to help the protesters escape, not attack. tim_cook, with all due respect, I’m afraid you’ve got it upside down. It’s the HKPolice that’s surrounding & assaulting HK protesters. The app could have helped them escape from awful abuses & sexual assaults in detention centers. You’ve led Apple to wrong side of history.

This app can save HongKonger from hkpolicebrutality ! Shame on you Apple

Apple pulls Taiwanese flag emoji from iPhones in Hong Kong Apple Inc. removed the Taiwanese flag emoji from some iPhones, underscoring the difficult balance the company must strike in supporting free speech while appeasing China . 🤮 It was a dumb decision to do manufacturing in the PRC. Anyone with half a brain educated in a fair market economy could have told you that back in 2010 🙄💸 🇭🇰🇹🇼

aiww They have to change name because today's Apple has nothing to do with the company they used to be. This isn't first time and believe it shouldn't the end of Apple They change to CCP value long time ago Taiwan antichinazi BoycottChina StandwithHK aiww I'm glad I don't buy apple products. If every tech company crave in by pressure from lying oppressive regime. Ordinary people will have nothing protect themself and get on with their daily life. Shame on Apple .

BOYCOTTGREEDYAPPLECOWARDS Would you delete it here if Antifa was using it to track police in USA? not cool, Apple. Those Chinese are going to buy your products anyway, why need to kowtow? chinazism ChinaziSupport911 StandWithHongKong

Apple Angers China by Approving Cop-Tracking Map App for Hong Kong Apple is the latest American company to come under fire in China after the iPhone maker approved a map app that allows Hong Kong protesters to track police movements. It is unbelievable when global companies that stand for HumanRights bow to Chinese pressure... Apple you are better than this Have some spines!

Complete decoupling is the only way to save the future of the free world. Anything less means we will continue sending our money to a regime whose ultimate goal is to destroy USA. xref: “Go down” Приблядышей по окраинаам собирать против центра-давняя политика евреев. Shame on you Apple! Self censorship and bend down to Communist China? It showed the colour of Wall Street when it comes to the choice between money and justice!

apple knee to china money BoycottApple what's next? Blizzard Apple nba Disney So now we don’t have the freedom to use a map? Seriously this is what your so-call protesters do. The bite of their Apple has poisoned The mind of Apple.

Apple needs to decide which side they're on! Can't play both lindsayisabel Apple cares more for money than anything else. BoycottApple Apple is a joke guyverhofstadt This is why Apple should be forced to open up to 3rd party app stores. So what is the answer to this dilemma, support freedom or support profit? Give in to China or give up Hong Kong people? Confused, Apple wouldn’t give in to Obama administration request for security access! Why give in to foreign power request to disallow authorities tracking?

Because China OWNS 🍎... Der. And for any trolls that think I mean that in the literal sense. Please remove your head from your butt. 🤗 Just name any country which allows police track apps available in AppStore. Friggin Tim Apple Well, I guess communism won in the end!!! youbowtousnow!!!! 🙄

I knew there was reason I haven't purchased anything from Apple. I can see all these major Corporations that China has their hooks into will only criticize America and its policies the Libtards controlling them have no real ethics. Shame o. You apple All your Apple phones are made in China. Of course Apple will comply. I’m sure China is holding that over Apple’s head.

andrewschulz what about them buddy? Lol are you tweeting from your iphone? Dear Apple I’ll be canceling my subscriptions soon . An American Patriot John Shameful Apple! How low can this go? Apple has made a choice, now it's time for Americans to make a choice! Apple is choosing profits over Chinese Peoples Humanity!

Shame on Apple FreeHongKong

I like it Apple is a coward and only interested in money. OH OH I can't believe I'm legit thinking about switching to a pixel. 😔 I think I hear Samsung singing... Boooooo, Apple! Shame on Apple! nscrowba Hey Tim Apple CEO What happened? Thought u were woke I phones made in China sell 4 $1000 Guess u cant touch that APPLE is a sellout

Wow, let that all mighty dollar run your lives & businesses. You poor thing, if you don't do what China says you might lose a couple bucks. You should be helping the people of Hong Kong if they want to be free and not prisoners of China and want to be a democracy,you should help I think people need to boycott Apple in America since they bow down to the Chinese.

So they rely on the majority of phones, android, to do it then. Why!!! So wrong! It's always the money. Always. Not buying anymore Apple products/apps... straightlinning o shit our beloved Boycott Apple Americans sport organizations should not talk about politics of foreign countries. Even in US, conservatives don’t like sport figures, Hollywood actors etc speak about politics (watch Fox).

It's all about the money Apple choosing money over humanity ! Not only the app, 1. 🇹🇼 flag was removed in emoji in Hong Kong 2. “Glory to Hong Kong” was removed from Apple Music because of political censorship

Perhaps we really need to break apple up then. What has Tim cook done to steve jobs legacy The current CEO of Apple has always managed company policy to increase profits. This decision to remove the app should not be suprising at all to those that are not ignorant of how Apple makes decisions. SethAbramson Apple would pull an app that helped Anne Frank track Nazis.

Waze should work 🤑 The White savior complex: The Chinese sell you the Apple phone for $250. Apple sticks it right up their a$$ to show their gratitude. It was colonialism that created this HK-fuey; did you think colonialism would fix it! How’d that work for the indigenous or slaves! Take a hint American companies doing business in China are promoting communism.

Apple is letting china dictate its business? Shame on Apple. Just WHY!!! Well we see that Money, or lack thereof, motivated Apple to do the rethink. How stupid are the people at Apple to have F’d with the very same nation they’re lock in a trade dispute with... looks like Cooky has be hanging around Trumpets to long( history 101) don’t throw stones!

👎🏻 Apple Lefty surrender monkeys..paper tigers et al Apple said it could be used maliciously by any one! Вы смеетесь да?Я вам и без приложения скажу где они были.Знаете где?В ОТДЕЛЕНИИ ПОЛИЦИИ.ВАУ,ВОТ ЭТО Я ГЕНИЙ,ДА? Shame on Apple. I was planning on buying a new phone. Now I think I will look at other options.

Ridiculous! Apple you claimed the user will use the app to track and attack HKPolice . How can normal ppl have the power to 'attack' those fully armed police? Police who can beat and arrest citizens randomly? Just admit you love CCP's $ or find a better excuse Fuck apple this one is on you Apple A heavily pregnant woman is arrested after a stroll through the mall. Her water broke as the cops stormed the delivery suite, kept yelling 'criminal' at maternity ward.

Towing the CHINA Political line of thinking! Hongkong police now has an app to track protesters, identify whose behind the mask, who threw something and who fakingly disguise as media.

Shamils18 Apple KowTow did they threaten to close your factories 🙄 Is it right for civilians to be tracking police activities? HKPoliceTerrorism is threatening citizen daily life, this app has no intention to break the law but protecting hk ppl from hkpolicebrutality. Apple should not off load becoz CCP is unhappy. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom

Shame on Apple for selling their soul to RMB!! .apple and .Google and other tech companies only care about $$$ rather than the human rights. hongkongprotestors HongKong HongKongProstests Well elaboration of the case! The move from Apple only happened after intense criticism from CCP media. What do you think is the true rationale of Apple’s decision? RMB smells good, right? hkpolicebrutality HKPoliceTerrorism BoycottChina

All of Hong Kong Is going too boycott “Apple Svcs Shame on Apple. Another one bites the dust It’s all greed. Prevails over Principles. Absolutely hate this. Apple takes China's money and strips protestors of an app that protects them from the dictatorship and its army of police. Boycott everything Apple and NBA!!!

TerroristAttackByHKPolice everyday. It’s safe to say that if our lives are cut short by pro communist politihacks in America, apple won’t mind Mike_G_YYC Corporate America, defeated by Communism. Profit over freedom. 👍 Apple - way to support communism and capitalism over human rights. Nice company you've got going there. Did we forget your environmental policy too? geoffreyfowler WashingtonPost

So disgusting. ewarren needs to put them all in their place! appleboycotusa Please stop relating tracking police and spreading violence with freedom of speech. Is that the freedom you want? Freedom of violence? The police? What country allows it’s citizens to track police officers? Yeah MONEY TALKS! Apple caves. Sad.

LeungKinYip1 The reason for banning the APP is not strong enough as there were already over 10 APPs will explore those 'police movement' CCP is controlling the whole world by money which they were lacking of and world should yes to freedom and human rights and NO to chinazi Hongkongers Apple your hands are full of blood! You will be held accountable for any more causalities in the coming demonstrations! Shame on you

Why would they care about China’s state media. Money talks! All about the money. GREED I think this video by ploymatter is a very good description of the relationship of apple and china I guess we always knew that the chicoms had turned all of silicon valley into their bitches. Said that America no longer backs those wanting freedom.

Apple, if you know the current situation of Hong Kong people, You will understand why Hong Kong people need this app. Have u seen this? I feel hijacked by Cook cuz he highly relies on these values only when you buy apple phones. Cowards and traitors as far as the eye can see 'leading' America now. Classic symptom of late stage, failing empires. We are toast.

Pls check it. A female university student in HK who was arrested and was sexually abused during the detention. Zucc apple. Cluck apple. Duck apple. To many people are stuck on apple. Apples like the Pokémon muc, muc apple.

Liberals are really totalitarians in disguise Apple's motto 'Profit Over People'. It is like Morey or Money? StandWithHongKong yshafbshafeh apple will never upgrade to my xs to iPhone xi No wonder TheEllenShow bragged about the new iPhone 11. She loves fascism and war crimes. another day another censorship from the Communist Chinese.

1x reports of teens, family and pregnant woman getting randomly kidnapped by HKPolice on the street, and tim_cook is forbidden us to avoid these armed terrorists. Well done Apple, if they become an anonymous floating corpse, it's on you. Time for another American engineer to make a new phone and keep it inside the USA 🇺🇸

Since when all the brains are gone in Apple? There’s only order taking left. HongKongProtest I was wrong, this time both Apple and Google have chickened out. It’s a tie!

I’m glad that the Chinese Communist Party now seems to be given de facto veto privileges over any product.... smfh Why are there apps to track anyone to begin with? Flat out invasion of privacy! All these American companies are so stupid for kowtowing to the Communists. Apple goes over there for the cheap manufacturing, get’s their IP stolen, a competing phone manufacturer starts producing a similar phone, undercutting Apple on costs, and they start losing sales.

Shame on Apple Oh boy, the app is out. This app was used by Democrats to stalk the Republicans in 2016 election. How else did they know that a certain politician was eating es-CAR-GO at DeNiros restaurant. Apple made almost all of this products in China , they’ll not bash the China gouvernement because is the most important economic partner for them, follow the money !!

Apple and Google are afraid of the Chinese’s wrath but not of the American’s freedoms. Too small to stand big against oppression. Stop subsidizing these immoral companies Shame 😥 SethAbramson Money over humanity! Their soul belongs to the almighty dollar Samsung is far superior to CrApple anyway.

Spineless Let go of your dignity , then you can take the money.Apple Profits over people what else is new... StandWithHongKong there's no excuse for this action, ethics before money Apple! Freedom or money Shame China has too much power! TinaPB17 It’s always about money Always. No scruples apply anymore. The devil is greed

Joe Biden said China wasn't a threat

The Left is the Left no matter the country in which it operates. Absolutely disgraceful for Apple to kowtow to CCP and assist CCP to supress HongKongProtesters leftist syle free speech. Make it up as you get paid. all about money apple hypocrites It is a tough thing to balance: Customers vs Communist Dictatorship. How will this affect their NPS score?

Is it an American company or a chinazi company? Is the benefit greater than freedom ? HongKongProtest antichinazi fightforfreedom OhSorryCCP sorrynotsorry Love how most of you are cursing apple while tweeting form apple own devices It seems that red Apple values money over human rights and freedom, like the NBA and Blizzard. What a shame. OhSorryCCP

Apple thia act will make more people in HongKong harmed. Look at this brave girl voiced out for her treat by riot police. Please don't kowtow to the tyranny CCP but defend the universal values democracy and freedom, Apple. You should never sold those values out for RMB.

I suppose democracy and freedom don't pay well enough this days Shame on Apple to impose self- Censorship and support for the authoritarian! Don’t sell your soul for the money and CCP dictatorship. Shame on Apple BoycottBlizzard StandWithHK FreedomHK Apple. Facebook. Twitter.🧐🧐 Brutal Looks like courage isn't part of Apple's DNA, if indeed it ever was.

Apple have changed their symbol to the 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 Apple loves communism and it’s killing of millions of it’s own people FreeHongKong FreedomInternet FreedomOfExpression FreedomOfSpeech Apple needs to stop manufacturing in China. The regime has shown its true colors. RobertFife Let freedom ring

boycottApple incoming!

boycottapple techreview Apple needs to think again. Bad idea Apple It happens to NBA Blizzard n Apple. onlymoneymatters (Not an endorsement.) Apple so woke! Boo Apple This is what the Apple CEO was saying a few months ago, this video shows how much of a piece of shit he is, and that article shows what he does when real fascism stares at him in the eyes.

badiucao NBA -ATVI_AB -Apple What's next? Wow that's pretty on American Apple I'm glad I don't Own one

Nowadays Hong Kong police use violence to every citizens. Citizens are no way to hide the police. hkpolicebrutality HKPolice LiberateHongKong HongKongAutonomy MakeHongKongGreatAgain Kids dont be surprised. Your mum peels and cuts apple for you all the time, so u thought apple is white. Its red. ITS RED! appleisred chinazi

Shame on you. People should have been more alert when Apple removed all the VPN apps from its Chinese App Store years ago Excellent deduction....Apple don't want to be on the wrong side of History. apple removes app days after being approved, that allowed protesters to track police in hong kong. apple was accused of aiding rioters.joshlingle

You Apple, wtf? Damn, Apples next update will be called NBA 2.0...

To put another way “Apple pulls tool that protects lives of democratic protesters in fear of losing out on $ on Chinese market.” Or “Apple kills democracy for $...”. Your choice. Yet another reason I will be moving away from Apple. China will censor all things on Earth soon. StandWithHongKong HongKong antichinazi standwithmorey

I ain’t know niggas ride wit China so hard rolandsmartin Like i said everyone caves to 🇨🇳 . Apple are cowardly slaves to the almighty $ - not at all shocking. StandWithHongKong SaveHongKong Thank God I don't have an iPhone. That way I won't be tempted to throw it out of my window!😤 Freedom or RMB ? Kneel down or not? standwithhongkong antitotalitarianism

Stop using apple. What you will find is that android products are BETTER. seriously

When big corporations suppress democracy Apparently China’s money talks Apple NBA Any government supports this kind of App, please allows Apple to launch it in your venue. Then see what are your police officers' reactions. This is fair~ NoNoNo, the app is avoiding HK police indiscriminately, many HK people afraid to go out because of HK police, HK people just stay at the street, then will be arrested by police any time for no reason. This app is for safety, not for attack.

US companies should support the freedoms which make their success possible. 'Tim Apple' $ucks. Apple is a terrible company Gross, Apple. Stand up for what's right. SethAbramson Time to boycott Apple for the holiday season! Cowards for greed

Gee I wonder what the phone call that prompted this went like. Let’s get that transcript come SpeakerPelosi Freedom of speech is a scam! It's money talk!! Kneel to CCP Apple, go join Tiffany and Blizzard now! OhSorryCCP America dying due to greed and racism seems almost poetic. Something is way more valuable than money antichinazi antitotalitarianism StandwithHonKong

Android? Progressive web app? Hello? No mention of alternatives? Because 'this is an article about Apple's decision'? Just a reminder: Jan 28, 2015 - Cops ask Google to remove police tracking from app ... In the Waze app, which operates like a free GPS navigation tool, users can tag ... disclosures about police and government surveillance of citizens. ...

Disgusting Hard to believe this is true. Disappointed. Apple BoycottApple BoycottBlizzard Boyits time to stand up to these American corporations censorship and active ploy against Freedom just to be in Chinas pocket

Remove again! Shame on you Apple . Apple. Coward. Shame on your move Apple 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 Chinazi AntiChinazi StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom PoliceTerrorism PoliceState PoliceBrutality Another US company kowtowing to chinazi. Since when has US been bossed by an authoritarian regime? Don’t let money buy your conscience!

WOW all about it the money Apple After this week I guess we know who rules corporate America and it’s not America China money calling the shots,smh This makes me wanna return my iPhone 11 Pro Will_Bunch Communism!!!!!! CommunismIsEvil Will_Bunch Democracy only works if profits aren’t at risk.

HK people need the map app for self defense and avoid police brutality. There's nothing wrong with freedom unless you want to make money in China. BoycottApple They also pulled qz a news app that provides honest reports that anger CCP but Chinese want. If Apple is willing to do this for Beijing, what will they do for Trump?

Joseph Goebbels would approve.... Susan_Hennessey I no longer use Apple cuz they are crap. Why is everyone bending over for a communist dirtbag? Apple probably would have pinged Anne Frank's phone for Hitler if that was happening today. Susan_Hennessey Wtf is wrong w these companies? Putting $$$ literally above people's lives..... Just like the NBA selling out for China$$$$?! Screw you NBA

Susan_Hennessey It seems that China is the most powerful. You been pushing them to censor Americans you freaks, this isn't a story except to say Apple has taken your advice global. Worst paper on Earth. Apple to FBI: “Sorry, but we won’t help you break into a murderous terrorist’s phone.” Apple to China: “Right away”

At the end it’s all about money. Shame on you Apple Apple can have China's money but not mine Apple smdh! This isn't breaking news, NYT Block every single leftist media that helps the rioters in HK. Apple should be sued for their assistance Apple this is disgusting “Privacy matters” my ass. When you don’t complain about internet censorship by big tech in the US you are part of the problem. “ Hate Speech “ is just an Orwellian term used to shut down speech an overseer doesn’t agree with.

Apple is money oriented Grrrrrr, Apple! Have a spine!

👎😡. Time to select a different company 'American' companies like Apple are pathetic. The gov't ought to tell them to straighten up or, as a first step, they'll slap a 100% tax on EVERYTHING they make. Shame on you apple BoycottApple StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom Headline: Leftist Communist Sympathizer Company Caves to Pressure to Aid Human Rights

Tech companies backing down to communist China is immoral and disgusting! Owned!!!! nba Apple Where’s FreedomOfSpeech? It’s not just a HongKong issue, it spreads everywhere now! OhSorryCCP sorrynotsorry BoycottChina StandWithHongKong Go to hell, Apple They can judge which one is the bullier, which they choose to protect. shameonapple

sorryCPC nah SorryNotSorry

Funny. You weren’t on the side of freedom when George W was President and freedom was the cornerstone of his foreign policy. Perhaps now you see how important free speech is. Except of course for conservative and Republicans. We are living in crazy times And most people will keep buying their products. In our country people won't even stand up for themselves, let alone people in another country.

Shameful “What hands are here? Ha, they pluck out mine eyes. Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.” -Macbeth, Act II, Scene 2 I THOUGHT CAPITALISM HATE COMMUNISM. CHINE OWN THEM SO WAS A BIG LIE , COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM ARE THE SAME

NBA blizzard apple Who's next ? Shame on Apple Apple has an agreements with the gov .... their lawyers advise follow the rules. I wonder what Steve Jobs would do? .Apple .tim_cook Apple HongKongProtest History iPhone Recode Hahahaha and the nationalist chinese are still using Apple not Huawei

i once complained to apple about their stupid ipad mini 2 i bought and they ignored me

Apple gonna get fed up with these government politics and start removing ALL maps from every App Store. Even Apple Maps and Google Maps. We all are gonna be planning our trips like this in 2020: Way to stand up for democracy, Apple tim_cook. I guess you were right in that old commercial: 1984 wasn't like '1984'—but thanks to you, 2019 sure looks a lot like Orwell's dark vision. What happened to the company we once respected?

Shasta_Otter Boycott Apple. Free speech is not negotiable. More pandering to an authoritarian regime in favor of the $. Where are objective principles of our business leaders. Lukewearechange Every company in the world scared of China? Buncha cowards Apple nothing but communist sympathizers. boycottspple

You know what? Shame on Apple! 21st century guerilla warfare! God's chosen ones need a good tech guy! Unfortunately that will be even more difficult to find than regular chosen. Apple? Chinese use huawei. Huawei is the best South Park right again

Shame on apple. Chinese market is everything Well done Apple Boost your sale in China while selling the hongkongprotestors out They're also pulling news apps like qz that are covering HK news. You should remove that MLK quote from your profile tim_cook - it's clearly just window dressing. Wow! It’s all about the money! SHAME ON YOU APPLE!

Time to buy a Samsung Apple Not good! It’s so sad that so many corporations capitulate to the whims of China, a key human rights violator! sad. tim cook also rakes in like this. where is his utter nonsense of social responsibility No Apple!

still available on Android play store and that's why we like open systems. FromaHKPeople1 The fall of Apple, NBA, TiffanyAndCo, Blizzard shows how the dirty CCP money is corrupting the freedom of speech in the free world. Money has such an evil power standwithmorey StandWithHongKong And so like a good company they cut the people’s throats. Yay Apple! Tyrannical POS company!

So Apple 🍎 is an apparatus of the Chinese State? Apple are cowards. The Power of China state media is threatening US now. Apple follows MTR (metro corp. in hongkong), forced to make political decision under CCP state media criticism. Free world is not free anymore. StandwithHK

I'm glad I don't own apple products Another international enterprise kneel down to ccp , FreedomOfSpeech seems not important at all in front of RMB Chinese government making things even worse with this censorship stuff. Now more people will start to support the protestors How shameful these companies are for some quids.. mockery of their feigned values.. inforthemoney

Apple is Red isn’t it? Shame on Apple !!!! Hey DonaldJTrumpJr, thoughts? “Used to target and ambush the police” what a fucking joke man. Shame on Apple Cowards Apple .... being shut down by Communist regime

so disappointed Apple Who endanger rule of law and residents most? Obviously it’s Hong Kong Police but not any apps. HongKongPolice dress like protesters damaging and hiding in MTR stations. Who will point pepper spray to passer-by? PoliceBrutality LOVELY! Does the app detect the undercover police and the paramilitary?

Apple SHAME ON YOU... 这是一个机会让美国人看清楚为什么美国制造业衰退,工作机会流失,影响力下降 Hey Apple, 'Think Different!' Really bad idea Apple I’m disappointed in you. Stay greedy Apple ShameOnApple An app like this could be really useful for protesters or even ordinary residents to avoid bumping into police. You know how terrifying and terrorists-like HongKongPolice are nowadays.

It's just a HK street map with live status..It's also helping HK citizens to stay away from potential confrontation. So sad that Apple are biased & just Standwithmoney StandWithHongKong

Who at Apple though that app would be welcomed in China? That person should be demoted . NBA,Apple...American business is now excessively reliant on the good graces of the Chinese communist party. The stranglehold that China has on US companies has to be broken. Trump has to stand firm for an over encompassing deal that would stop this before we become their vassal!

Dang this is proof we are owned NBA, now Apple 🍎 all in compliance with the Chinese government. LAS EMPRESAS GRINGAS HACEN TODO LO CRIMINAL QUE SUPUESTAMENTE HARIAN LAS EMPRESAS CHINAS...ESPERANDO QUE LES SIGAN EL JUEGO... POBRECITOS !!!! .apple use chinese 'slave workers' to build products not surprising

Shame BoycottChina antichinazi Hkmap protect people from danger and terrorist attack HKPoliceTerrorism expired tear gas are also toxic. It is an app for rescue not an app for attack. :( So American companies now cower to China? JFC We are all knocking Apple but our tweets end in this:

Apple has no backbone whatsoever BoycottBlizard BoycottChina BoycottApple BoycottNBA whosnext boycottlist Large corporations are rather cunningly being put on the spot. If we are not allowed to vote with our voices, then we'll do it with our wallets. Shame on apple Stand with California! Disappointed on apple...

Not tryna lose out on that slave labor 😂 'For the safety of the police' 🤣🤣🤣 NBA and Apple whores for $$$

Shame is Apple. Wow Apple Business trumps human rights. Apple is rotten to its core. Hadn't they unblocked the app again Confused... AppleSupport Apple now overtly siding with extremists. Corporate fascism at play. The students are so smart they’ll just create another secret one. 😂 China is wrong. Don't weave nothing down and destroy people's safety. You wouldn't want to go to the protests, just like me. If you go to work every day, you'd want to avoid the places and paths where police and protesters mix up.

Welp. Time to go back to android. 🙄 I’ll miss you dark mode lol Bowing down to a communist country shame on you Apple wtf is wrong with these companies freedom is slowly dying all they care about is money, no morals

Actually it is only an app to protect HKprotesters , providing the way to escape ... don’t trust HKPolice 😢HKPoliceTerrorism hkpolicebrutality StandWithHongKong Buy a android Shame on Apple. The once so called disrupter is just bending over to fascist media and communist ideas. George Orwell was right all the time, after all.

Really disappointed... Apple painted CHINA-RED Bow before money ... While the young are fighting for our core value - freedom. BoycottChina Giving up moral universal values and standing up for what is right in exchange for communist money!!! So is this app more dangerous than the tear gas of bullets🤔 the protesters face on a daily basis

Blizard first, Apple and disney next. More and more US companies are threatened by CCP. Would thw whole freedom of speech be sacrificed because of the economic power of China? Please joint hand with HongKong to flight for universal value against chinazi StandWithHongKong What cowardice from a tech giant.

If you bow to the bully, you’ll never get back up off your knees.

any more coming? CharlesLaurenc8 Is there nothing these companies will not do for $$$$....😠 HKMapLive still available at the play store Google just confirms everything we already know about apple they money grubbing assholes powercable... Google & android stands with HongKongProtesters HongKong FreeHongKong

Apple is dead. Cowards Never know there's this kind of app. Anyway how much Apple got paid to remove the app? Pussyassbich cowards! It’s time to call apple to China Apple. 👎🏿👎🏿 HKlivemap is a useful map for the citizens to avoid encountering the crazy police. Apple banned it from App Store. Apple becomes to a tool who help ccp to suppress the Hong Kong people in order to the big China market!!!😡😡

The Chinese themselves have been hacking the IPhone, and using that information against the Chinese Muslims. Very disappointed Apple

RMB vs Core Values Apple cowards War is not good for everyone except the one not in it and make fun of it. Stop being an asshole, America. 'Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau' = this is a HongKongPolice unit. Bascially apple just follow what HKPolice said. Few police have been injured in HongKongProtests, let alone due to this app. Many protesters have been seriously wounded by police.

Sell out liberal Apple. DISGUSTING.... They’ve always complied with the Chinese government’s bullshit. This is no different. Apple is under the China rules now,not US!! Typical of Apple 😂😂😂 rachel_cheung1 So Apple is enabling fascism these days... yikes!

a good apple Disgusting, Apple. Shame on you Apple Apple Money is everything, right? Pressure will burst pipes. Shame! UROCKlive1 Will apple do this in America when citizens final protest our non democratic Trump? Money over democracy. The US has kept Huawei ‘s competition out of here for you, have some respect for democracy please.

bet no one will boycott apple tho like they are with blizzard Weak It's right. Don't say you guys so-called freedom. It's not based on the danger and private of great Hongkang police. What if there is an app show the place of you bad guys?

Seriously feeling very sad that even on the land of the free world, the US Apple store would need to kowtow to CCP. This app could save citizens’ lives when HKPoliceTerrorism is everywhere in HKprotests , to let citizens know real-time locations of police and protestors. DocWashburn Their wokeness only goes so far. Like the rest of the SJW community, they deal in hypocrisy.

AppleSupport and tim_cook I think you need to fix this. Don't be on the wrong side of history. The omission of Hong Kong and Taiwanese flags in iOS 13 is bad enough (should probably fix that, too, though). Way to bow down to the Chinese government. Did Hong Kong officials even say anything? It sounds like the Chinese just doesn't want the protestors to be able to mobilize or plan around the police so the protests will die sooner...

You know Apple has to obey china because all of their stuff is made there Is CCP taking over the world? It seems that it is necessary to kowtow to China if the company wanna survive in the world. Because Apple doesn’t know about HK only from shameless liars like you. Privacy matters? Nah, RMB matters. Apple Think for RMB! Chinazi AntiChinazi

Apple, a brand which has proudly represented American values, kowtowed to a totalitarian regime Tracking Police,why would u need unless it was to dodge them for suspicious reasons. Don’t get why anyone would really careTBH

Apple WTF The app is to protect Hong Kong citizens' safety. Hong Kong is a police state now. And you're doing this to support PoliceBrutality? For money? Remember when apple users said that huawei works for the chinese government. It is reasonable and legal for US companies to operate in China in compliance with Chinese laws.

Okay, but are people ACTUALLY attacking police? What warranted them to take it down? Was it just showing where the police were or were people legit seeking the police out on this app just to attack them? Shame on Apple Giving up core values, support police brutality, abuse of human rights and freedom

ANI what is modi g saying hoooo...... He is disrespectful towards the sentiments of the Hindus The same was done by rajnath on the fighter jet..... Lol.... Tumkaroo too theek aur koe karey too aprad.. Just get a life modi bakhts Boycott the nearest Apple store near you! HKprotesters So sad to know that HKonger is not worth a word. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Absolutely disgraceful. The app wouldn't have pulled under Steve Jobs. AntiCCP

Apple 🍻 As you said 'an app that let Hong Kong’s protesters track the police', may I ask which country will allow such an antigovernment and harmful to police and ordinary people APP to exist, and how could Apple a USA company can allow such an APP under their app store rules? SethAbramson Apple should have held their ground.

Whaaaaaat? That was easy, a simple 'Warning Letter' to Apple and the company bow down immediately. No further action is necessary... No wonder chinazi owns the world.... ThisIsTooSad HKMapLive Alright. Can the US still be silent on it? BoycottBlizzard Apple disgusting 'your app has been used in ways that endanger law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong.' You mean Hong Kong police right? I agree that they are a terrible 'app' used by Hong Kong government!

WBYeats1865 It has always chosen money 💰 michikokakutani Apple, for shame! Human rights $$$ You are helping facilitate the demise of freedom across the globe & directly encouraging the demise of America & democracy.

Chris61197920 America is now experiencing what Hong Kong has experienced for months. Companies are essentially taking orders barked out by the Chinese state media. FreedomOfSpeech FreeHK StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom HongKongProtests It is a shame that apple goes that way. STAND UP FOR A FEEE HKG.

maggieNYT I hear crickets from trumpkins patch We're just loosing all kinds of leverage and power all over the world rachel_cheung1 New logo,New slogan. Heard that why new iPhone can't named iPhone XI.Bc XI ( President XI )can't be repaired in China tht why Apple named it iPhone11. Now I believe it. The app exists to help HongKongers escape/avoid clashes with the police. Aside from protesters, many people, even tourists rely on the app to plan the routes accordingly. Simply put, Apple is willing to risk the lives of a bunch of customers, to please China.

Embarrassing Apple Lukewearechange Spontaneous strike 🙄🙄🙄 getongab China has won, they now control key American companies.

Apple do you know why Hong Kong people need this app! ? Because the Hong Kong police have been arrested!! Abuse of authority!ShameOnYou To help everyone understand the China boundaries, can apple and nba tell us a list of what is not allowed to say or be done in an app? Coz this list seems to be expanding

Yeah, right. You are part of China too. StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong FreeHK Apple: Yeah, we love money;D Shame on you, evil Apple! Kowtow to the power of RMB. Terror will dominate our border, 'What are we doing there?' We have our independence there, We have a future there, we have brotherhood there, we have peace. Us there, we have a will to completely finishing the issues they are trying to grind for many years in Turkey.

Apple bow to China after NBA, Blizzard_Ent, TiffanyAndCo, CX , and many others.... What a shame !!! Soon or later government will bow to China. boycottchina antiChinazi Refused - Reviewed & approved - available on App store - now retracted Response from hkmaplive, creator of the app. Thread: kise_q Another bow down to CCP

既然那么多人像疯子一样敌视中国,那就让我们做好抵抗的准备吧 kaming CCP is eating the world. FreeHongKong Apple Shame Apple...Did you feel that? stevejobs just rolled over in his grave. Apple has shown who their real colors are. First the InfoWarsMedia app now this one. Freedom of speech os not juat for those who agree with you or me. We must be free to think and feel! Humanity comes first. I’m sick that I’m holding an iPhone in my hands.

„Here‘s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. (...) And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.“ - Apple, 1997 cheryl_kernot Perfectly shows the dangers of closed platforms

JuliaZh78646308 Come on. Have a backbone.

It is just use for protecting the HongKongProtesters themselves, but not to attack the HongKongPolice . Too bad that Apple decided to kowtow to CCP...... shame on you, for joining the tyranny. FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong I wish more Americans and everyone in the democratic world can put more concern on this alarming situation. Apple is assisting the AUTHORITARIAN CCP government to enforcing ‘legal actions’ to harm basic human rights.

Apple: Nah it’s just American values, Chinese rmb is more important standwithmoney antichinazi Why . Don’t you think the government is tracking them. Is their government right in all matters when the people want a democracy. Which one is right here . A communist oppressive government or it’s people that want fair rights?

Apple is Huawei. Period HongKong police are abusing authority and doing terrible thing to HongKong protesters. However Apple still stand with HongKongPolice bowing down to the China govt. HongKongPoliceTerrorism Apple is just another big company which bow down to China for RMB. It may be fair to say Apple does not have a choice if they want to operate in HK, which is actually more complicated than just money. This is a great example that a 'controlled platform' wouldn't serve people and justice, which is why we need open platforms.

.tim_cook apple - this is really disappointing. I trust you and the company to look at the biggest picture possible when living up to Jobs. This is far from that standard. I loved my Apple products but... c’mon FreeHongKong

Stop China’s export of self-censorship to the free world. Kneel down once, stay bent forever. StandwithHK Americans are stupid, they will only be influenced by populism, I support Apple. SethAbramson Always about that dollar, Apple? Time tim_cook stand up for democracy and doing what’s right b Why Apple why

Apple, hv you even got inside the app to see how to use this app? This app can show where the dangerous area is, not only for HongKongProtesters, but also foreigner in HongKong. It shows WHERE and WHEN the TEAR GAS release! That is what I used to remind my family where to go secupp and there's 1 guy fighting the Chinese. Just 1.

Huge L for Apple siding with a corrupt state. antiChinazi Most Badass Epic Speech in Hong Kong Protests [English + subtitles] Yesterday was NBA, today is Apple, who will be the next American Company kowtowing to Communist China?!! Phony Apple cares more about $$$ than human rights

Apple you are turning a blind eye on the murder that you could stop. steph93065 This is funny! The NYT is “outing” Apple who supports the NYT propaganda machine, who is now on board with a democratic China whilst Apple succumbs to Communism, which the NYT propagates here in the US. Crazy! Why is everyone so shocked all of our companies went to China years ago they don’t care about laws or democracies they care about money and what happens when they starve the poor and beat the helpless? The companies get what they deserve.

🇭🇰people just using the apps to avoid meeting with the hk police because hk police has gone crazy. A pregnant woman has caught by the police. pnjaban This is why Trump will win. Let every US corp. bow to China! Tim Cook is an idiotic wishy washy pussy , dumb enough to allow that app to be added in App Store in the first place. he has no sense , no vision , no guts , no taste, the iPhones just get more and more tragic each year. By adding and removing , he displeased all sides.

The distribution of Hk police force when 🇭🇰citizens started to go back home after working in weekdays. You can see the difference. A red af Apple. Until when will the companies realise that kowtow cannot bring peace, but more suppresion and indulgence of evil. We should be brave enough to stand for freedom and justice, but not apologise for doing the right thing. sorrynotsorry

The distribution of Hk police force when 🇭🇰citizens are working in offices in weekdays.

could you allow apple to have an app like this in America? Targeting law enforcement? Disappointing, please StandwithHonKong Here i thought for a second maybe apple would have the spine to stand up to CHINA StandWithHongKong hkprotest antitotalitarianism WBYeats1865 This confirms APPLE has expired. Never thought this once forward thinking company would cave to China.

It’s just a platform for users to submit live information. An app showing factual information. Anyone can use it for their own purpose, you can go to the police to show support if that’s what you wanna do. It’s unreasonable and unfair to assume people use this for ambush. Shame on Apple! I hope HK people can boyscott apple now.

Apple caved and gave China what they wanted because they don't want to cause issues with their manufacturing in China. Apple and China are perfect for each other - neither one has any ethics! What's next for Apple? Torturing and eating dogs like their buddy China? Disgusted

Apple fall again Just to do this 🍎 is clever enough, they know what is forever. Look at Kurds, fool dogs are used to be betrayed, that's losers' fate, only fate. Today is Kurds, tommorow is H.K. riots & T.W. suckers, lol Money is my core belief! SethAbramson I don't understand why people still buy Crapple products, go with Android and live free!

Shame on you, Apple. This app is important tool to keep young citizen safe as police is arresting and assaulting people randomly just because they look young. yangyang_cheng Profits over People. LOL FUCK APPLE Too bad Apple WEAK AS FUCK

money talk,china rules this world,USA is part of china,if you disagree,it doesn't matter,casue we 1.4b Chinese believe it,that is good enough Shame on timapple Money over freedom of speech 🤔🤔 what’s next Apple ? Considering to launch an iPhone XI ? Dernières nouvelles: Apple a retiré une application qui permet aux manifestants de Hong Kong de suivre la police, un jour après avoir été vivement critiquée par les médias officiels chinois

The app is very useful for innocent citizens who dont want to be involved in clashes. Why pull the app? StandwithHK HKPoliceTerrorism HKprotests Steve Jobs :Stay hungry Stay foolish Tim Cook: Stay with China's money FU TIM APPLE! It is estimable! Luckily that, we can use web version Thanks Apple , App is not a must as web apps nowadays are very functional and mature to use.

And just like that.. Apple became the commies. How Hong Kong citizens avoid HKPoliceTerrorists and PoliceBrutality without this app? CHINESE DEMOCRACY NOW AppleSupport Apple in the rebellion biz? Good to know. Meet Google, support China govt. Apparently, they have chosen 🇨🇳 market over America. ali I'm glad I switched to Samsung a few years back just to not have a phone made in China. Galaxy Note 10 + is awesome. I'll never go back to an uncurved screen.

Please check the apps replied below Hey, Censorship HongKongProtests FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong Apple I swear. We drop and fold when it comes to that nation. Fuck China!!!! They are slowly controling all resources and then everything because they implanted everywhere. The world needs to stop relying on their cheap labor and consumerism. fuckchina

SheilaGunnReid Glad that I moved away from Apple.

getongab Looks like Apple values nazi china over HK democracy. Bad look apple. Apple I am disappointed in your decision to support human rights abuses in communist China. In response I will be cancelling some of the monthly subscription services I have w/you and I will delay purchasing a needed MacBook Pro while I monitor your choices.

dodoma88 BoycottApple tim_cook love your passionate articles on equality and LGBTQ pride. It seems innocent young children being beaten and tear-gassed by corrupt cops isn't in your narrative. StandwithHK Shame on you Apple Throw iPhone away! maggieNYT And the world caves in from the pressure of is own greed.

SHAME ON YOU Apple Are you making the iphone for chinese or for the world ? This 'sorry to CCP' game is getting dull, any more cooperations wanna do the same? plz be quick.

first, HK Police is indeed the threat to the city when these insane objects run ard and make random arrest while exercising brutality on whoever they lay hands on. second, HK Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau is a dept under hk police! what do u expect them to say Been an employee of Apple certified dealerships, been an Apple certified technician, been using Apple products for decades now. Been. I hear that there are alternatives out there.

steph93065 Gotta keep their Communist masters happy. fchollet Good thing I had common sense since Apple existed and don't buy their products anyway. never ever buy an ipad or an iphone ! apple's behavior is corruption it is betrayal of democratic values shall chinese communists buy apple products, but everybody who cares about freedom and democracy should not!

We’ve been knew that Apple was known for kissing China’s ass so are we really surprised? ali Apple cowards Tim Cook just wants money and forget about our constitution and bend to the dictators Sell your soul for a dime

Apple The app is used to protect the citizens from hongkongpolicebrutality and various kidnapping. The lucky one will be found, Dead. Many of them are still missing. The earlier you make the app available in AppStore, more lives could be saved. Please. StandWithHK I was considering switching to iPhone because of its air drop function. However, the HKMapLive functions well on my android phone. As a citizen who abides by law, I need this app to stay away from danger of potential indiscriminate arrests & attacks of HK Police. Goodbye Apple.

dun they know that APPLE not just stands for state-of-art technology, but also represents common values that shared by people with enlightened minds and of superior quality. bowing to china, they actually degenerate their brand while helping China to bully on! chinazi chinapple Save HK! Meanwhile, Disney has deleted winniethepooh website in the region of hongkong selfcensorship ChiNazi disneytookaside XinniethePooh

tim_cook I guess Apple is truly a worldwide corporation. So sad that stockholders are all that matter when you stand so strong on other issues. And yes I own and love Apple. HongKongProtests hongkongstrong FreedomOfSpeech values profit aapl Thank you Apple for joining the 2nd Apologies to China Contest. OhSorryCCP StandWithHongKong

Selling soul to the devil. Well, I know where apple’s priorities lie. Shame tim_cook spent thousands on your products. Never again.

Gosh the kowtowing’s fast OhSorryCCP Profits first. People last. These types of app shouldn't show up in the app store in the first place. Most of the people here have no clue what's happening in HK and yet just blindly follow whatever your media is leading you. Thank you free media for spreading the hate against China.

wdamidoinhere RMB$$ Core Value Shame on Apple Cosa que me vale verga Boycott Apple? No! CCP boycott but real Hong Kong Protestors, they smash! Be like them to show your support. Smash your nearest Apple store like they did to Xiaomi, Starbucks and many other brands in Hong Kong! justice not violence, hongkong rioters are killing people!

gariamray Mesh network, sideload. And if you'd like, check out AndrewYang Chinese state media and wu-mao users are ruling the internet now without bloodshed and nuclear weapons. Everyone hoped Apple would stand with us and defend CCP in our battlefield but once again they failed. Android users better install hkmaplive before Google kowtows to China.

LoreyJeanene Let this serve as a lesson to all of us the next time we r told to stand behind American coorperations & not increase their taxes; They will sell us all out to the Nazi in the WH without batting in eye, too. Coorperate America is destroying America Apple EatTheRich

On 1 July 1997, when the United Kingdom ended administration for the colony of Hong Kong and returned control of the territory to China. You can remove the app, you can't remove the bonds of HongKongers. BoycottChina chinapple Everyone is afraid of China I would need the App to avoid meeting HongKongPolice who are brutal and out of control now. Apple let me down this time. PoliceState PoliceBrutality HongKong

Boooooooooooooo!!! The largest company in the world in terms of market cap, yet too fragile for RMB OhSorryCCP HongKongProtest StandWithHongKong Could you please indicate an App shows every police on a map for US App Store , anyone? Oh no! Now how will we find the nearest donut store? Police officers are what scare ppl the most now in HongKong, they do not care who you are and they can do whatever they want. WHY Apple would remove an app just for keeping the locals here safe?

SethAbramson What happened to Mark Zuckerberg? It’s as if he’s joined the fraternity of fascists who are fighting democracy everywhere. Apple needs to get out of China.... I was going to finally break down and get an IPhone 11. lolz... Thanks for the reminder of why I will NEVER own an Apple product.

SethAbramson They will just get it from somewhere else. China’s biggest fear (and threat to existence) is that folks in the mainland will want the same freedoms as the ones folks in Hong Kong want. I once had a cab driver in China tell me that too much freedom was a bad thing. Disappointed. Another one bowing down for money. OhSorryCCP

Bad Apple Apple is China's BITCH It’s a sad day for democracy Shame on you Apple profit over human rights

And everybody is bitching about the NBA. Corporations are all righteous except when big money is involved. Change China into America and give it a second thought Steve would be spinning in his grave Maybe they can use Waze for this. Another American company falls, how many are left? antitotalitarianism antichinazi FightForFreedom

Apple did a right thing Apple said it was removing the app, called from its iPhone App Store just days after approving it because authorities in Hong Kong said protesters were using it to attack police there

AP source: Barr tells people he might quit over Trump tweets

'Good Times' Star Ja'net DuBois Dead at 74

Nevada town hall live: Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPolitics

Harry Styles Debuts the Mary Jane for Men

Barr has considered resigning over Trump's interference in Justice Department matters

California Plans to Apologize to Japanese-Americans Over Internment

Bloomberg would sell business interests if elected president

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