Apple loses key autos engineer to electric aviation startup Archer

Apple loses key autos engineer to electric aviation startup Archer

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12/2/2021 4:12:00 AM

Apple loses key autos engineer to electric aviation startup Archer

The move shows that tech start-ups attacking climate issues can attract the most qualified engineers.

Commercial passenger aviation generated 785 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2019, according tothe International Council on Clean Transportation.Meanwhile, the International Air Transport Associationpredictsthat air travel passenger numbers will recover to more than 85% of pre-pandemic levels next year, and surpass pre-pandemic levels by 5% in 2023.

Schwekutsch told CNBC in an e-mail on Wednesday, "While automobiles have certainly progressed, the only way to see true climate reform is by not making only cars more sustainable, but every means of transportation. And air travel clearly has the biggest opportunity to become more sustainable."

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Apple — a company known for patent squatting not innovation.Billions of reserves & best they can muster—laptops circa 2008 & iPhones circa 2015. No longer if but when they’ll die having been beaten by competitors. Keep looking at stock price really worked out well for you in past

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Twitter's new 37-year-old CEO went from Twitter engineer to CEO in just 10 yearsParag Agrawal, who has been Twitter's CTO since 2017, will take over as CEO immediately after Jack Dorsey's surprise resignation on Monday. MakeIt Somebody’s got to do it MakeIt 若いと何かワクワクしますね✨ 何かやってくれるんじゃないかと☺ 🇯🇵は老い先短い老害が私利私欲、利権死守でいつまでも居座っていて何も期待出来ませんね😓😩😓 MakeIt Amazing!

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