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Apple iPhone 13: 8 Things Nobody Told You

Here are 8 things nobody told you about Apple iPhone 13:

9/21/2021 5:36:00 AM

Here are 8 things nobody told you about Apple iPhone 13:

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As well as eight iPhone items, there are three Apple Watch nuggets, too.What you missed at the keynoteGoodness gracious, there was a lot in the Apple event. Here’s a scattershot selection of items that either weren’t announced on stage or got swamped in the noise.

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1. Cinematic mode is dog-friendlyAnd other animals and objects. You can achieve the same bokeh effect in video with your dog or another animal as well as people. Which is pretty cool.2. The new MagSafe Wallet works with Find MyMore than that, it’s smart enough to be patient. Before you get a notification on the iPhone that the wallet is no longer attached to the iPhone, there’s a pause. After all, you may simply be fiddling with it to remove a card, for instance.

3. The cameras on the iPhone Pro and Pro Max look identicalLast year the Max’s snappers were much bigger than on the iPhone 12 Pro, but this time they look the same. The iPhone 13’s cameras are significantly bigger than on the iPhone 12, too. Actually, the real takeaway is that this year’s iPhones all have very big cameras.

4. No, you still can’t see the battery percentage onscreen, darn it.You may have heard by now that the extra screen real estate on the new iPhones has not been used to show the battery percentage onscreen—not even on the iPhone 13 Pro Max! No, to see it you still have to swipe down the screen from the top right corner.

True, I’m used to doing that, it’s almost instinctive now, but I’d love it if it was there on screen permanently again. Some have suggested that an iOS update could fix this, but after extensive enquiries, I don’t get the impression this is in Apple’s plan.

iPhone 13 in new pink color.Apple5. The macro camera goes plenty closeAs close as 2cm, or less than an inch, to be exact, so you can get really, really up close.Of course, the Pro iPhones also have a bigger telephoto zoom at 3x instead of the 2x on the iPhone 12 Pro and 2.5x on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

6. The Pro cameras have identical functions as well as looksWhere the Pro iPhones differed last year in their camera capabilities as well as their design, this time they are exactly the same.7. No, last year’s cases won’t fitThe latest phones are such close dimensions that you’d think last year’s cases would fit, but no. First because the camera panels are different sizes, and second because some of the buttons are in slightly different places.

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Apple iPhone 13: 8 Things Nobody Told You Apple Unboxed has much more stuff, including exclusive interviews, reviews before you can read them anywhere else (no, I mean anywhere), long-read features, comparison pieces, news items and more. Because, you didn't ask me 🤷🏼‍♂️ Tech Interesting

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