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Apple Back On Top: iPhone Is The Bestselling Smartphone Globally In Q4 2020

Apple Back On Top: iPhone Is The Bestselling Smartphone Globally In Q4 2020

2/23/2021 2:28:00 PM

Apple Back On Top: iPhone Is The Bestselling Smartphone Globally In Q4 2020

Apple reclaims the position as the No. 1 seller of smartphones for the final quarter of 2020, a position it hasn't held since 2016.

... [+]Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020. . Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg© 2020 Bloomberg Finance LPWhen Apple announced that, as expected, its iPhone 12 lineup would support the next-generation 5G wireless data standard, analysts expected the company would experience what’s called an “upgrade supercycle,” in which pent-up demand for the smartphone would be unleashed, giving it a huge sales boost.

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Those expectations appear to have been met.Gartner reportsthat Apple’s iPhone sales surged in the final quarter of 2020, making it the best-selling smartphone in the world. Apple has not held that position since the fourth quarter of 2016, as the No. 1 spot globally has typically been claimed by Samsung.

Apple's iPhone was the No. 1 selling smartphone in the final quarter of 2020.GartnerGartner estimates that Apple sold nearly 80 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, claiming almost 21% of market share. No. 2 Samsung sold more than 62 million phones, giving it just over 16% share for the quarter.

Samsung’s growth quarter-over-quarter declined by almost 12%, while Apple grew almost 15%.The situation was similar for U.S. sales, where Apple has long held a lead over Samsung. Gartner estimates Apple sold more than 28 million iPhones in the fourth quarter for a whopping 90% quarter-over-quarter growth. That’s compared to Samsung’s more than 7 million, which was a 25% quarter-over-quarter decline.

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