Apparently We Need To Talk About Evacuations & EVs (Part 2)

9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM

Apparently We Need To Talk About Evacuations & EVs (Part 2)

Apparently We Need To Talk About Evacuations & EVs (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1... Would Charging Time Kill You? Another common lie about EVs is that they'd take forever to escape the danger zone because they don't go very far and take 8+ hours to

Continued from Part 1… Would Charging Time Kill You? Another common lie about EVs is that they’d take forever to escape the danger zone because they don’t go very far and take 8+ hours to charge.4 The motor car is a complex device that burns stuff to produce energy that then moves it along the road.continue to find links to forced labor.SKYKOMISH, Wash.

This has led to idiotic posts saying that it would take a week to get out of Florida in an EV, and you’d be caught in the hurricane in your car.The truth is that only the cheapest and oldest EVs are like this.With the electric car it often means burning stuff at a distance (what I call the ‘external combustion engine’), the hope being that eventually all electrical energy will come from wind, solar or, more contentiously, nuclear sources.But, most people who bought a low-range EV without DC fast charging capability also have another car that’s either a long-range EV or a gas-powered car.Prior to this point, the Chinese government has denied the allegations, and companies have taken an “everybody’s doing it” attitude, but as more reputable organizations take a side here, it’s going to be harder and harder for a company to distance itself from allegations of using forced labor or benefiting from it in some way Rare Earths & Lithium The UN report briefly points out something that has much broader implications: “China’s largest region, covering one-sixth of its total territory, with a population of 25.So, you wouldn’t want to use a “compliance car” to escape in most cases.) Because of the basic inefficiency of all these methods of having a transportable energy storage system, waste heat is a problem.That’s the nugget of truth that makes these posts believable.Authorities said Monday afternoon that 71% of crews' operational objectives had been completed - which is not the same as wildfire containment.

But, the kind of EV someone would own as their only car is far, far better.Until I bought an early VW Beetle this almost always happened to me when visiting my grandparents.” On top of this, an unknown amount of rare earth minerals come from the region, with fake accounts (known as 五毛, “wumao,” or “50 cent party” government propaganda accounts) from China attacking US rare earths companies on social media any time Xinjiang gets into the news.A car with 200-400 miles of range (and more range in a traffic jam) that can recharge and get more range in 30-45 minutes isn’t going to take a week to get out of Florida.Even in my Bolt EUV (which can charge at 55 kW maximum), an evacuation as far as Chattanooga, Tennessee, to get away from an impossibly big hypercane would only take about 22 hours, total.This system passed the heated water from the engine through a maze of copper pipes that had fins laboriously soldered to them.You can split that into two days, and by the end of day one, you’re already out of Florida, even leaving from Key West (the very bottom of Florida).For other geopolitical reasons, the United States government chose to exclude vehicles with too much battery mineral content from “foreign entities of concern,” which means battery supplies for the lowest-priced cars (which qualify for the subsidies) will be restricted until friendly countries can make up the difference in supply, and for a growing industry.Better EVs that can charge faster can do this trip in less time.The Rolls-Royce version was simple, elegant and said to be based on the proportions of the Parthenon in Athens.

Even if I had to wait an hour at every charging station, that would only add five hours to a trip out of Florida.Do you know how long you’d be waiting at gas stations? At least as long, assuming you can find a station that isn’t out of gas.Rolls always fought against these infringements of its copyright, most often without too much success.The Impacts Are Too Much To List Here This will upend a variety of businesses.So, yes, in all but the worst EVs, you can still get out of harms way in plenty of time, and you might be better off than the people in the gas-powered cars.“Puddles Will Short Out Your EV!” To people who know crap from apple butter, this will sound outrageous, but it’s one I saw today coming from multiple Chinese government-sponsored fake social media accounts.Before the arrival of water pumps many cars used a system called ‘thermo syphon’ to circulate the water, the idea based on the scientific principal that warm water rises above cold water.They want to get ahead of us on EVs, so they’re trying to scare people away from them.Everybody selling in China buys at least some of their batteries from CATL.

One tweet said that rain puddles would be dangerous to electric cars.18 The first water pumps tended to leak or needed frequent attention to keep the water inside.Others were more conservative and claimed that only deep puddles and flooding would hurt them.In the case of flooding, that’s probably true, but only because it could wash away (like any vehicle would).If mounted at the rear, it was a more complicated and noisy way to warm the passengers in the winter.With US subsidies crimping the lower end of the market and keeping it away from China, the higher end of the market that could have used Chinese battery minerals and/or whole battery cells are going to face challenges in the public eye and perhaps with future government regulations aimed to punish Beijing for human rights abuses.But, the truth is, EVs are generally far less susceptible to being harmed by deep water than gas and diesel vehicles.Everything is sealed up tight to keep water out of the connectors.Without the large exposed surface area of the traditional radiator, cooling air had to be encouraged to reach the radiator core to control overheating.

The battery is not only water-tight, but air-tight.By keeping the world dependent on Chinese resources and infrastructure, it’s possible to exert pressure on the world instead of having the world exert pressure on them.Power electronics are likewise sealed up to keep water from shorting anything out.Anyone who has travelled in an E-type Jaguar in the hot summer months quickly learns that.You don’t have to worry about an alternator, distributor cap, or spark plugs getting water on them, because an EV doesn’t have any of those’d have to completely submerge most of the car before you’d have any electrical problems.Little folding quarterlights ahead of the front door glass could be turned around to give a bit of a cooling breeze, but only when the car was moving, and your feet still cooked! This was when the cockpit fan became popular, but it needed a supply of cold air from somewhere other than the engine compartment.Personally, I’m concerned about the long-term implications of playing this game.So, no, you’re not going to have problems with puddles and even flooding in an EV.

You can get away with a lot more in an EV than you can get away with in a gas or diesel-powered car, in fact.Slots in the scuttle panel (a high-pressure area) ahead of the windscreen took outside air, passed it through a fan and then through adjustable air vents on the fascia, and finally out through exit vents into a low-pressure area on the C-pillars.So, this definitely isn’t a valid point to use against EVs.People who are suffering far away matter.Here are a couple more examples (article continues below videos): “Everyone Charging At The Same Time Will Kill The Grid!” Yeah, because if you had a hurricane approaching and everyone immediately plugged in at the same time to charge their cars nothing bad would happen.6 Smart as European manufacturers have always considered themselves when laughing at the Americans, the US automobile industry was way ahead when it came to passenger comfort.I mean, it isn't like EV owners haven't already been told to be careful to charge their cars in off-peak hours….

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