AP source: Hickenlooper expected to end 2020 bid on Thursday

BREAKING: Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to end his presidential bid on Thursday, according to an @AP source.


BREAKING: Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to end his presidential bid on Thursday, according to an AP source.

DENVER (AP) — John Hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the Democratic presidential primary on Thursday. That's according to a person close to the former Colorado governor who wasn't...

Democratic presidential candidate former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper speaks at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

DENVER (AP) — John Hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the Democratic presidential primary on Thursday.

Hickenlooper ran as a moderate who could unite warring factions of the country. But his genial, quirky style never caught on with a Democratic electorate hungry for a candidate who could take the fight to President Donald Trump.

It’s unclear whether Hickenlooper will now challenge Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who is considered the country’s most vulnerable Republican senator.

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JohnDelaney bro, you missing the party The senate is important to start passing bills for the American people. Need to win the senate in 2020. SethAbramson Who? I’m with trish_zornio for US Senate in Colorado because I’m sick of politics as usual which is just what we get with Hickenlooper if he decides to run for the senate position he said he didn’t want. ImWithTrish

Who There are really only 3 left who have a chance: Biden, Sanders, Warren. Last one standing will be Socialist Warren Who dis? Who? Who? I wish him the best

Verdict expected in rapper A$AP Rocky's Swedish case'I'm going to need y'all to keep praying for me': Rapper A$AP Rocky asks his fans to pray for him ahead of verdict in Swedish assault case. Pray against an assault charge? Think I'm missing something from the bible.... Remember he wasn’t praying for black social issues because he was “Hollywood” He’s in my prayers he’s innocent

New debate, who dis? Too funny!! Thank you, marwilliamson . Cool. 10 more to go In another surprising development, tomorrow is expected to be Friday. Finally. Any other Dems want to take this time to exit? This man has done SO much damage in CO!! CO PEEPS INVESTIGATE THIS MAN BEFORE VOTING FOR HIM!! He has justices/judges in his pockets. POTUS the seat in CO should be considered a HUGE priority... we need to work together to show just how evil & corrupt this man is💁

Aww but I JUST thought of the name Dickinpooper :( Who? Who?

A$AP Rocky to get assault verdict, but he won't be in Sweden to hear itRapper A$AP Rocky will find out if he has been found guilty of assault over a street brawl in Stockholm when a Swedish court delivers its judgment on Wednesday.

End? When did he start? Bye, gurl. Who? I guess the anti-socialist rhetoric was a resounding success! Too bad Democrats aren't interested in choosing any of the few halfway moderate candidates. Soon all there'll be are far left radicals and Biden the gaffe machine. Who? (Sarcasm) Can you confirm that he started his 2020 bid?

never gonna forgive this jerk for not stepping down and letting gravel go on that stage. thank god, go home

A$AP Rocky awaits verdict on Sweden brawlAmerican rapper A$AP Rocky learns his fate on Wednesday in a trial over a street... Guilty, what’s there to wait. Isn’t he in the US already ASAPRocky Come home. We’ve got the light on for you

He dropped out because the chance for a Hickenlooper to become president is even less than a Joey!!! :) Friends VoteRED I know they say don't ever judge a book by its cover, however, the term Mr. President Hickenlooper just does not sound right… it literally commands no respect. Good, he likes to hire illegals and one of them was a murderer before he ran back over the border! Hickenlooper you're a joke!

Another Dem bites the dust! Who? Who? Yeah he wouldn't win as Presdient so it's good he isn't going to proceed onto next debate See you in the US Senate sir Hickenlooper!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What am I going to do with my 100,000 HICKENLOOPER 2020 tshirts?

A$AP Rocky Not Required to Be in Sweden for VerdictA$AP Rocky will not be required to be present in Stockholm when a Swedish court publishes his verdict on Wednesday in the assault case that led to his nearly five weeks of incarceration, according to a Swedish lawyer. Meanwhile

Good. Let’s hope JohnDelaney does next thank fucking god He couldn't get momentum. I'm glad he tried. I hope he stays in the political fray. We need every great Democrat speaking up. Awesome but now we need Delaney to drop out too please thanks. Who’s gonna get his .9% of polls? Heck'nbooper Thank you, damn! 🤣

He’s going to run against Cory Gardner JohnDelaney Is anyone surprised?

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty of Assault in Sweden, Given Suspended SentenceThe American Rapper was convicted of assault for an altercation in Stockholm on June 30 but will not have to do any additional jail time.

5 days after Epstein death. He will be missed. Who is he? KyleKulinski 😂 Endorse AndrewYang and let's take the country forward! Yang2020 Close the Loop No. No. No. No. NOOOOO. CO already has GREAT progressive candidates for Gardners seat that CAN win and have been putting in the work. He cheated his way in. It's bullshit. All of you that say you want more women and POC in office but are supporting Hick need to. Heck yourselves

Good! All the candidates need to throw in the towel. Trump is getting re-elected. Who?

AP: Women accuse opera legend Domingo of sexual harassmentWomen accusing opera legend Placido Domingo of sexual harassment describe similar m.o.: late night calls, career talk and requests for private meetings at his apartment or hotel room. His response below. Read more: Did he say that, basically, he’s had a very long career and social standards have changed over all those decades so if he was offensive *gasp* he was just a product of the times?! Typical. What a typical response. Burn it all down. I’m so sick of this. Oh brother 🤥🤥🤥 Time to retire, PlacidoDomingo

If he comes out and says 'Guys I'm HickenPOOPED' his numbers will surge Yaaaaaaay! If any of y'all were supporting Hickenlooper, look into joining YangGang! We'll welcome you with open arms. Reference this graphic for interviews with Yang, and check out his website for more than 100 policy proposals! Gee, he's gonna disappoint the 2 people for him 😂

Another example of how far left the dems have gone. This is great news for our President even though Hickenlooper never was going to be the nominee. Hickenlooper out. rip king who? There's about 10 others that can go with him. He was just starting to break into my top 25 too

Finally Well there goes the young, hip, ethnically diverse, voter enthusiasm 🙄 One down how many to go? 'Bye 'bye Bozo. Awwwww shoot! Wait, who? more like John HickenLOSER Toodles! Hmmm President Hickenlooper ?

Who? Who? Goodbye breakfast cereal name man He never had a real chance... Nooooooooooooo And this guy was one of the few democrats that wasn’t an insane socialist- This is a good sign.. it means democrats are definitely going to nominate a Hugo Chavez type socialist .. which will help ensure President Trump’s re-election

He is a fantastic choice for a ca Uber position when Democrats win Great news! Now he can focus on that Senate seat, as he should’ve from the start. Congrats hickenlooper you are finally trending. You only gave away 90 percent as much as Bernie. Stingy and greedy. Go be a cnn analysis

What many of them should do. Take the senate. Bye bye 👋 There goes his campaign with overwhelming 1% support. Did not know he was running. I guess it's little things like that that say he's making the right choice. Hello Senate race Lol. Who? pouring out a lil raw fracking water tonite 4 u John Did he have one?

NO WAY! Now it's time for BetoORourke and GovernorBullock to follow and drop out and run for Senate. AnyoneButTrump2020 takebackthesenate VoteBlueNoMatterWho Who?

SethAbramson Best move to help defeat DonTheCon is to add to the senate Godspeed johnhickenlooper They’re falling faster than an inmates drawers! 🤣 JeffyJFR 2020 will not be a good year for any of TheDemocrats, SpeakerPelosi ...I'm just trying to be nice here, libby_pelletier. But 2024, VP watch out for that TulsiGabbard Chica. She has what it takes.

lol Should have never started it. Seriously thrilled he’s looking at a Senate run 👏🏻 Better choice Just an ego trip to say I’ve done it. SethAbramson 74 to go Never heard of him. So now we’re down to 100 candidates ?

Who? 😂😂😂 Another one bites the dust 😂 Who? 🤣🤣🤣 That’s because he can’t win! Trump2020 He’s such a great guy, I sincerely hope he runs for Senate. No one cares. KTLA No way! Why? LMFAO oh no

Chinchillazllla JohnDelaney is next. ...and they begin to fall, thankfully. The name just isn't presidential, anyway. one down, just a few more to go. anyone taking any bets on who’s next? SethAbramson Okay, now Beto. Win the senate!!! JeffyJFR Who? Good, now DON'T run for Senate and retire from politics.

SethAbramson this doesn't throw me for a looper SethAbramson Hickenlooper please run for Colorado Senate. We need a Senator who represents the constituents not McConnell SethAbramson Good. SethAbramson In related news, a man claims his credit card was stolen and tries to cancel an order of 15,000 engraved novelty pooper scoopers.

BREAKING!! SethAbramson Senate run next He was so close. SethAbramson Cool and thanks - please run for something else. We need good Dems. Chinchillazllla Rest in piss Cryptomemz Senator Hickenlooper sounds better! SethAbramson We in Colorado hope he will run for Senate against Cory Gardner. 51% approve of his run .

KTLA Lol ran out of support money

Who? Take Delaney with you!! Who? Didn't we all assume that already occurred? Who? what goes around comes around Chinchillazllla Who? Chinchillazllla hickenpooper lmao SethAbramson But but but fracking makes up a major share of my portfolio

HICKENLOOPERED Why wait? Run for senate. Higgie0 Gonna miss that hair. SethAbramson Cc: BetoORourke SethAbramson Great news! We need to take over the Senate as well as keep the House. SethAbramson Hicken-who Who? Me to my wife: 'Hickenlooper's dropping out.' My wife: 'He hasn't already?' I imagine quite a number of couples have had this same conversation.

SuMoh7 I sure didn't want that right leaner as our president.

Every Dem presidential candidate would be better than what we have now. Greatly reducing the probability that there will ever be an interstate highway called “The Hickenlooper.” JeffyJFR Good. CoryGardner could use a replacement. Really well-written, informative story about a politician I should know more about but didn’t.

izzysroses And another one bites the dust... ❌ ❌ Announcement made over a PA in a Costco . Largest crowd he could find Support Romanoff2020 to defeat Cory Gardner and become Colorado Senator Who?

jeffgoldesq Senator? Who? Oh yea, that dbag. Who? And from now on he will be addressed as a 'Former presidential candidate' -- which admittedly has a good ring to it. Who? WBAP247NEWS Wow. Who saw that coming? who ? Good KTLA Who? JonLemire Who?

Yang!!! 👏👏👏 He is way better than most of them Good Expected as Democrats don't have time for moderates. Looper who 🧐🤔 Hickenlooper supporters if you are on Twitter. YangGang 👏🏼 And announce he’s running for The Senate seat currently occupied by Cory Gardner, I hope.

JeffyJFR First time I heard of him. We got Romanoff2020. All the rest should follow suit. Dems need new blood. Biden, no. Harris, def no. Bernie, next... and so on. Seriously, who else is out there? Oh man...whatever will we do? Who? He’s not qualified for the presidency, he can run for Congress or the Senate.

JeffyJFR WAIT !!!! This guy was running for President ? 🤔 KTLA And no one cares. Noooooo please don’t , you are right there

It’d be great if JoeBiden BetoORourke CoryBooker and PeteButtigieg would swiftly follow suit so we could get serious about what needs to happen in 2020. _Politics Who🤔 NOOOOOO 2_many_boomers Who? StrongScot DrewStandsUp not the great CO Gov! 😉 webertom1 Who? One less Jeb. DemocracyJourno ...and take down Gardner so we can begin to fix the country.


Who Made enough CASH End? It never started... Who? KNX1070 Because president Hickenlooper is completely ok! Good! Time to vote that little weasel Cory out i myself am thinking about quitting too. I have my film coming out next year. Who? Trump2020 Celeste_pewter I hope more of them do this! butnotEWarren Bye, Bye! BernieSanders2020

Shocking Damn, he came so close. Almost got to 1% Needs to run for Senate and oust Gardner! cbs11jack Wise move. Party before ego. Please run for Senator Hickenlooper Can’t wait to call Hickenlooper U.S. Senator Hickenlooper!!!! Run for Senate!!! Hickenlooper2020

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You was never in it boo. UMMMMMM.......WHO?!?!?! Who is he Well no kidding. No one saw that coming Oh, was he running for President? Who knew. If JohnHickenlooper leaves the race to go pick up a senate seat in Colorado, he’s an American hero. It could change the senate for a generation. Who Wise decision, sir.


Never heard of him He did a lot for Colorado and I supported his run for President, but running for the Senate is the best thing he could do at this time. DemocracyJourno Finally! He’s a great guy/I love him/run for senate/change the damn senate to get things done/move mitch out of there Too many problems with that last name

Genuinely good guy. Loved him on the daily show. Dude needs to make a difference in CO now I like him. Hope he runs for Senate. Out of money aNd no botes At least 10 more should follow suits especially those who are polling at 4% or less

Who? Who Condolences to the seven people who wanted him to win. Who? Who Wait... he was running for president? That was done before it began lol! Who? I'd he runs for Senate, I will donate

Didn’t realize he started a bid. Good for him. Me too. Helllllooooooooo SenateFloor senate bet he supports Bernie on the inside but won't outside. TheRealRevolution feelthebern NotMeUs takemoneyoutofpolitics Trump gonna run unopposed lmao. MAGA2020 Lol Finally some good news Awesome! Come back to Colorado and get rid of Gardener!!!


The story of the next 6 months will be Yang’s steady rise while the rest fade into the background YangGang Senator Hickenlooper. That’s what Colorado needs. Who? I pray Hickenlooper runs for the senate. I appreciate all his strides in CO and I think we need him as the senator from CO! Run, John, run! It usually takes Republicans 8 years for their failed economic policies to cause a recession..Trump is doing it in 4.

Let us remember the fallen. HungryForPowerGames JohnHickenlooper One down, many more to go. And to think we all though it ended months ago. I guess that’s what liberals call persistent.

Who I’m ending my bid, too. I think more people know me than Hickenlooper, so I expect Breaking News about me shortly. I probably was polling higher than him and Swalwell. I hope he runs for Senate now!! Welp.. Who? Who? who will inherit all of his supporters? 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you, sir!! Country over party!! Cc BilldeBlasio

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