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AP source: Cruz on vacation in Mexico as storm slams Texas

DALLAS (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has traveled to Mexico for a family vacation as his home state struggles with a powerful winter storm that left many residents without power or safe drinking...

2/18/2021 6:53:00 PM

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz traveled to Mexico for a family vacation as his home state struggles with a weather crisis, a source tells AP. The high-profile Republican was expected to return immediately, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

DALLAS (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has traveled to Mexico for a family vacation as his home state struggles with a powerful winter storm that left many residents without power or safe drinking...

In Austin, some hospitals faced a loss in water pressure and in some cases, heat.Cruz was a leading Republican voice even before he ran for president in 2016. In more recent years, he has positioned himself as a key ally of Donald Trump with an eye toward a potential second White House bid.

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The Texas senator, who once described Trump as a “pathological liar,” championed the-then president’s call to block the certification last month of Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory. That stand led to calls for Cruz’s resignation after a violent mob stormed the Capitol as Congress was affirming Biden’s win.

“You lied about the election. The Capitol was attacked. Sen. Cruz: Resign,” reads billboards put up across Texas by the anti-Trump Republican Accountability Project.Cruz’s office dismissed the criticism.“The left – and some grifters on the right – are consumed by partisan anger and rage,” his office said in a written statement earlier in the month. “Sen. Cruz will continue to work for 29 million Texans in the Senate.”

___Peoples reported from New York. Read more: The Associated Press »

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NatashaBertrand Cancun Cruz’ “mistake” was getting caught red-handed. Quit bashing the TED CRUZ , try to make the news is news , Now it’s not Trump they pick up on so we find Republican Senate get back on on them you guys need to find a job at a job I can’t believe he didn’t get a bucket truck and some tools so he could by himself restore power and then the dumb ass can get a shovel and dig up water lines. He failed Texas by himself. If only he would have stayed. That whole thing could have been avoided. Shit Texas come on.

Loser For someone that’s okay with building the wall; sure doesn’t have a problem escaping to that same country where supposedly Mexicans are rapists and killers. Hypocrisy at it’s best! Really?! SJSU _POLS100M Such a slime ball. The shame! Senator Cruz must resign there is no option for this disgrace and failure of leadership.

Here we go again President Trump not a around , to pick up on him . Now pick up on Ted Cruz , democrat evil, country will wake up ,the rest of them see how asleep with the gremlin And Gamel HE IS A LOOSER AND HE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. GET RID OF HIM Good example of the haves and have not.

Wow the stupidity is over whelming... Really ? The captain doesn’t leave the ship when it’s sinking he stays and calls SOS 🆘 that’s what leadership is all about WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? even he knows he was wrong do me a favor and STFU!!! His luggage didn't look like an overnight bag Jerk. Is it really a surprise that a fall-down drunk, disheveled asshole would flee his own state? No. My only question is why anyone is surprised.

Resign, we don’t need people like you TexasTribune IS HE QUARANTINING MEANWHILE? tedcruz MaddowBlog Ted Cruz was complicit in inciting an insurrection against the U.S. and supporting a coup against the government and a violent riot to stop the peaceful transfer of power. He is guilty of sedition and treason. Stop obsessing about his vacation plans.

Its OK. He should have stayed in Mexico. We have Beto coordinating phone banks and transportation for people in need and AOC raising $1 million for charities in Houston! For those of you struggling to understand the concept of white privilege these days, this is the definition...arrogant, obtuse, unaccountable, gaslighting, teflon, superior..”my daughters made me do it..” TX: summon up the courage to deal with this...$*! 14Min59Sec..tick tock

NatashaBertrand Cruz is almost as bad as the other guy! MEXICO SHOULD HAVE PUT UP THAT WALL SO THEY COULD NOT GO Typical 'poor boy type' politician showing his true colours. Where were all the Articles and OUTRAGE over Governor Cuomo sending COVID patients to nursing homes via executive order causing thousands of deaths?!?! CruzToCancun FalseOutrage TedCruz LiberalHypocrisy

His original return flight was scheduled for Saturday. Not! Self Preservation only tedcruz While you were vacationing in Cancun, I was trying to keep my family from freezing to death bc we had NO power and NO heat in -6 windshield temperatures!My elderly neighbor couple had to burn their dining room chairs to keep themselves warm. What is wrong with you!

How is this news worthy? This is just a distraction. ALL LIES He left the family dog at home to freeze while he and his family left. politifacts says this story is false. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a member of Congress from New York just raised over $1,000,000.00 (1 million) to feed Texans without food during this storm. Ted Cruz one of 2 Senators from TX has just arrived from Cancun Mexico where he planned to vacation with his family.

More...fLIES What was Cruz going to do to change anything? Yes that is right nothing. He has no powers. Only the Governor does in state matters. BS politics from AP So? Ted Cruz isn't God. Still rockin’ the David Crosby muttonchops, Texas Ted? You’ve got to get a new cowboy outfit. Try spurs with those Nikes, Lyin’ Ted. You’ve worn out the migrating muttonchops.

Where is the censure from the Texas gop? The states gop are punishing people with courage and sense who voted to convict Donald but are fine with the antics of ted Cruz? Very telling. Forgot to read the room, Ted and Heidi? Oops. Piece of human waste. AND HE LEFT THE DOG IN THE HOUSE People of Texas are freezing and dying while Cruz runs to Mexico and abandons not only his state, his people but his dog. HumanGarbage

Lying Ted Cruz was to return from sunny Cancun immediately because he got caught caught with his hand in the cookie jar and his compassion in the toilet! Make sure to quarantine since traveled during a pandemic and a country on the CDC list of places NOT to go. LyingFlyingTed If anyone else had the ability to leave, they would have. Jealousy, can be very cruel, if all in government considered their young family first in their lives, maybe this country would be so much better, tell all the nay-sayers go fly a kite!!! Keep up being a DAD first!!

The weather is a Punishment from God to Ted Cruz. The man just keeps showing TEXAS who he is — so don’t vote for him guys! Shame on you,such a hypocrite Lies , he admitted he had planned to stay over the weekend and then changed his mind by considering what his state was going through , but in truth he got caught and is trying to lie his way out of it ! Deplorable , the most perfect word to describe him and his sheep

tedcruz True character of this poseur revealed ... again. I was once already on vacation when I found out a weather crisis was imminent where I lived, and I begged the airline to let me go home early to appropriately weatherize and protect my home. Priorities When asked to comment about Ted Cruz's Cancun misadventure, Senator Hawley laughed and said, 'I don't know about that. All I know is I'm not the number one asshole in the Senate. As long as Ted's around, the worst I'll ever be is tied with Rand Paul for number two.'

No one cares except democrats Who cares like what was he suppose to do? He doesnt control the weather. Yes people was and are suffering, I was one myself but that doesn’t mean I am entitled and expect others to do the same cause I do. And he left his poor dog behind! Everyday I wonder if it's possible for someone to set the bar any lower for the human race, and everyday tedcruz proves that it is.

bloomin3pa My 'ugly' wife and spoiled 10 yo got me in trouble ! What a man you got here Texas! It’s like the guy wants to be the most unpopular guy in the Senate! Think everyone makes bad decisions and clearly this was one. Rep or Dem tired of society taking the opportunity to run reps out. At this point it is on him to double down on Texas and earn their respect back. Hope all Texans are up and running ASAP. SenTedCruz

Have you not realized in a virtual world one’s location does not matter! Non news worthy! “Immediately” in this case meant by the end of the week. “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) give him a break hes back!! BFD. What can he do in Texas that he couldn't do somewhere else? Come on man

For all those so concerned about what Cruz is doing in his personal life WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP YOUR FELLOW STATESMAN THROUGH THIS EMERGENCY OTHER THAN TWEET! We do plan our vacations but with that said if we focused the last four years on our country instead of trying to oust Trump some of this could have been avoided. We will see more failures due to lack of focus by congress

Comrade’s Cruz flight from Cancun should have taken him to Siberia, Russia into exile because he’s irrelevant in TX and US politics due to his disregard for the rule of the law, for parroting DJT’s BIG LIE and being self-centered. Could Cruz be disingenuous & lacks Integrity? Why is there BARELY ANY PRESS ABOUT THIS. “Cuomo aide admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out” THIS JOKE OF A GOVERNOR, KNOWINGLY STUCK PATIENTS WITH COVID INTO NURSING HOMES. HE HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS. SHAME ON YOU CUOMO.

Really hilarious how the left wingers report everything that Republicans do but say nothing about what the left have been doing and where they have gone while we have all been locked down for almost a yr. he did the right thing by leaving TX in the first place because he’s a DJT enabler that “violated his oath of office to uphold the constitution”. His mistake was to NOT Resign before abandoning his constituents that deserve Real representation in their state.

Hmmmmmm.... I wonder how the Cancun locals would react to Mister “Build That Wall”? Nice to see Cruz actually make an honest statement (after getting caught) for a change. Yes, it was a mistake; what’s so hypocritical though is his recent attacks on others (CA & elsewhere) for virtually the same conduct. Not to mention his lip lock on DJTs smellier parts.

Should I stay or should I go asks Flying Ted on the Fox News show, I'll stay out of sight and fly in low, Power is out, no one will know. It was almost high noon Plane was leaving real soon I should go back I'll just call from Cancun. Individualism got you here. When asked what he was doing to help his fellow Texans in their time of need, Senator Cruz cited his role model . . .

davidbewart Verified he was booked to return Saturday. So his initial explanation was a complete lie. Surprise surprise. SimonBusby6 Was Biden in Texas? What lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who voted this guy In the office Why ? Collective suffering is not virtuous. No one that would vote for him gives a shit.

Down there and back, That’s a vacation. He done what he can its weather hello!What else can he do Everyone needs a break, jeeeez people 🙄give him a break Zodiac has an alibi... So what Cruz, you sir are an elected public servant. We elected you to lead in TX, but when the shit gets tough you bailed. Now you try to use your kids as a political shield for YOUR MISTAKE. Shame on you sir. You have no decency. Step down. You do not deserve the honor of your office.

At least you have AOC to show real leadership Just because some people say that they don’t see anything wrong with Senator Cruz going to Mexico during this crisis doesn’t mean Senator Cruz wasn’t wrong. It just means that there are more horrible people who lack basic empathy and morals who would also make terrible leaders.

Expel seditious senators is that true ap? no? no, and you know its an untrue statement, yet you're sharing it with the world to give the untrue statement further air and podium-- because? wtveryf happened to us? According to him he was basically according his kids the Mexico to make sure they were dropped off safely turn around and came right back .Is that actually what happened?

I'm struggling to stay warm and save power in my electronics and be able to get food. Whatever he likes to do or go out, is something I actually don't care right now. That would be solved at elections. He packs an entire luggage for a week and then claims he was only escorting his daughters and wife.... 🤦‍♂️ No one is going to believe that tedcruz. You got caught.

How is this bigger news than Cumo cover up? Resign This is what happens when you vote to put back the same trash that left Texas without a thought and worried about only his family! Think better do better Texas when it comes to picking ur senators So easy to have contrition, when your excuse is hiding behind privileged girls. Cruz constituents feel duped, roaring, 'RESiGN'!!!!!

When the Cartel tells you to mule their shit, you mule their shit Im actually surprised he turned around. Im sure hes done some things hes not proud of, and the things he is proud of are pretty disgusting. Bluestate1984 This turned out to be a lie. He wasn’t scheduled to return immediately. The guy literally said he changed his itinerary upon backlash. But I think he made the statement after this was posted so I’ll just...

notTrue - get copies of his original ticket through Saturday Fair enough, but if one month ago he'd told everyone to prepare for this possibility, they'd have said then what they are saying now of him. WTF do you expect jim to do? Is he a lineman? Ted Cruz didn’t commit a mistake. HE IS THE MISTAKE! He should be asked to resign immediately. There r consequences to mistakes. Not everyone is Trump who gets away with multiple murders, because of such mistakes.

itshouldhavebeenBeto Fuck tedcruz he has a deal with the devil. And a small Dick to boot. Yea left wing media has to make a tragedy political. Never let a crisis go to waste right ? You ignore the governor of NY and his cover up of COVID Nursing home deaths because he is a Democrat. If he was Republican it would ne all you could write about.

Gtfo with this nonsense He came home cause he got caught. On top of that using his own children as an excuse. POS. The ugliest man on earth, in every sense. This and perpetuating the Big Lie. Is scumbag the word? Global Warming is bitch! Bet that little Swedish girl is really upset! Price you pay.... ppl N Texas care less what that evil bastards does as long as he keeps hate alive an Cruz knows this , Y do U think they keep this demon N office, i dont feel shit 4 Texas most evil whte racist live there so i hope they all freeze accept the blk ppl that R caught N the middle

The AP is desperate for a story. Anything to bash a Conservative. Millions of people in Northern states fly South when the weather gets bad. Ted Cruz came back and got right to work when he realized how bad things were getting in TX. 👎👎 Hes all, Mean while AOC raised A million dollars for Texans in need 🥺

The GOPs needs to distance themself from the Trump family, they lost midterms, the house, the senate and the election because of him. It’s about time they find a new leader, and not a Hawley or Cruz that are brown nose. tedcruz ...fuck you - vete a la mierda - 操你 - пошел на хуй - va te faire foutre - Fick dich - 젠장 - vaffanculo - لعنت - फक यू - faen deg - fokkaðu þér - اللعنة عليك - đụ bạn - kutomba wewe - fuck thu - あなたをファック - fuck you, eh - לעזאזל איתך - ire in gehennam - 🖤

Ted Cruz is the real 'mistake' here. Cruz shouldn't have left TX during crisis bc kids wanted trip 2 Cancun.Wife coud have taken them.Time 4 him 2 Resign!Not acting in Texans' best interests!Texans shoud Vote BLUE!Dems act in peeps' best interests,helping create infrastructure adapting 2 cold weather. Vote BLUE TX!

EnarDavis1 Immediately on Saturday but was scrutinized so he returned the next day (Thursday). 🐍 🐍 Stupid Entitled!!! I am a Texan Republican Babysitting my rental investments here, could I run off to somewhere, yes I could. But stay here fighting the the battle for my tenants. At least my kids get a lesson on leadership and respect. The Republican Party has left me

He hopped on a plane to warmer weather and came right back after getting busted so he wouldn’t look bad...he should’ve just stayed...the cover up is worse than the crime 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 All the Fox news trump supporting army is defending Cruz for vacationing in Mexico.. these are the same people who screamed at the top of their lungs for Congress to allow trump to build his wall to keep the Mexicans out of America.

You are not worried about Biden causing job losses you sos 🤮 He is like a gift that keeps on giving! 1st your vote on the 6th, then your vote last weekend . Now he leave Texas during a nightmare! Wow great for his kids! He need to resign but you won’t. He is disgusting. I can’t wait for his next gift!

TravelingTed CrookedCruz sure showed his real leadership by literally leaving his constituents in the cold. tedcruz you left your people today why would they support you for consideration as potus? Sun is always warmer on the other side of the border? Why does he need to go back to Texas while he doesn't care about Texas?

Some people serve the country and some serve themselves. What’s with these GOP’s crossing over the wall they demanded to build to keep Mexicans out? Now they are enjoying their hospitality on the flip side? Makes me wonder if the wall was just built for an ex president to receive kickbacks for construction contracts awarded .. hmmm

POS Most republicans are heartless and have no soul especially the ones that hate their ethnicity and think they’re white like tedcruz . Only stupid people vote for you! You don’t give two craps about anyone especially when you let Trump talk about your own wife! No heart or balls! As if he wasn't trying to escape the horror his fellow Texans were going thru?!? Did you notice how Beto is out there HELPING people & he lost the election. Something is very wrong with Republican voters who keep voting against their own damn interests. Praying they remember this

SenTedCruz ResignTedCruz Yes, that's why he packed two suitcases...CancunCruz ResignTedCruz Say it isn’t so, Ted. I’ll give you a shot at redemption and at my expense. You pick your weapon of choice. Run, dance, sing like a bird or debate. Come on Ted, you know you want to. LyinTed had to change his story several times before the truth came out. tedcruz Hypocrite

God help us Oh while Texans were freezing , no water, no heat, no electricity!🤥🤥 maybe you could have done something? This guy just rolls with whomever is in power one day he is saying build the wall the other day he is tearing the wall himself. Texas deserves this low life. He is a Captain of a sinking ship who leaves it in a helicopter while wishing good luck to the crew


This man lacks what some of us are born with, EMPATHY.Just look at all the first responders & millions of Americans that have worked during this Pandemic risking their lives,these are Americans!Cruz,Trump & so many others lack this gift making them takers not givers!Empathy my🎁 He acts more like Trump by the day. Care for yourself and the neck with everyone else.

What a great leader How can a child dictate where to 'getaway' on a spur of the moment with child friends. Going to a movie takes planning.. what to watch, snacks, time for pickups.... How can a child pick another country? WOW. Why not Pyongyang? What's wrong with it Staying in Texas can Ted stop the storm? Please, focus on so many thousands of news that you should give and you, what it does is omit them because it does not suit you, for example Gov Cuomo’s lies, coverups, and strong arm tactics that killed thousands

shaunking He is not a public servant. He is a republican! He must have gotten the idea from when our Australian Prime Minister chose to go to Hawaii during the worst bushfires in living history (18.6million hectares on fire).. Why can't we all just run away from our problems? Escaping from responsibility

If I was freezing and rich, I'd fuckin fly to Cancun too. Why didn’t he just go to his buddies place. 😝 mar-a-largo tedcruz needs to be censured and removed. He left Texas like a traitor while everyone has suffered. hypocrisy at its best! This is you GOP TexasFreeze TexasPowerOutages TexasDeservesBetter Texas

One thing I agree with Trump on.. and that's calling him 'LYIN Ted Cruz!' Horrible that SenTedCruz used his kids as an excuse. Any responsible public leader telling the truth would have told the kids it wasn't a good time because 29 million Texans were in a crisis and needed his help. Priorities TedCruz TedCruzFailedTexas

A well deserved family get together Family and job , Sometimes hard to please both, right? Live look tedcruz Doing his best Brando impression while he makes his speech for the press.... You going to retract this since the airlines, the friends invited and Cruz himself proved that was a lie? The Truth of Your Character is Expressed Through the Choice of Your Actions. quote

And? There was absolutely nothing the man could have done to change anything. All you liberals just need something to complain about. Why don’t you complain that you failed to winterize your own homes. Start there with yourselves A journalist is just a grown up version of the annoying kid who volunteered to be the hall monitor and was friends with the recess lady. Nerds.

SenTedCruz must resign. Too many bad decisions and people lives are at stake. what a deplorable!!! NatashaBertrand Never mind, Ted. Beto is doing your job. And doing better at it. JonLemire He threw his daughters under the bus He threw his wife under the bus He threw America under the bus with insurrection He threw Texas under the bus TedCruzRESIGN TedFled TedFledTexas TedCruzFliesToCancunWhileHoustonFreezes

His return was booked for SATURDAY. That's not IMMEDIATE. he booked his return trip today BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT. 21 have died so far and Ted Cruz decided to go to Cancun. Then lied and said he'd booked his return for today, when actually he rescheduled his flight this morning at 6am Cruzinferabruzin It's not that CRUZ WILL LOSE THE NEXT ELECTION because of a little mistake. He'll lose because the tiny act of taking his private schooled daughters on a luxury Mexico vacation while we freeze, starve and lack drinking water shows WHO HE REALLY IS. A man above the rest of us.

👎 When they have power and authority they don't give a dam about you or me while the social rich are free..Ted Cruze worsted person in the world He's not the President. Why is Biden letting people suffer and die i thought he was better then Trump Oh Blah Blah Blah. Now your trip was a mistake Blah blah Blah Blah. Resign and go back to Cancun. Bullshit, you were trying to be a “good” Dad! Blah Blah Blah! Why don’t you try being a”good” Senator Cause right now and for the past 4 years you’ve been BIG LOSER! Resign!

He should put the money he was spending back to government! Lyin' Ted made CHUMPS out of Texas, you're freezing to death & he is nice & warm in Mexico! Also Donald Rump told you radicalized MARKS to march on the capitol & said 'And I will be there with you' then he went home & you screwed up, then he threw you under the bus. GOP SUCKERS!

Turns out the source was full of crap, as shown by Teddy's itinerary. Soooooooo...there's that. Not sure why this is news. Ted Cruz is a terrible person who doesn't care about people or the country as shown by his support for sedition and his lack of support for hurricane relief. Now we know he doesn't care about Texas, which most of us already knew. He should resign.

So? Bro brought 2 swimsuits, 3 pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of underwear for a 12 hour round trip drop off? Why does he have that face, you just want know! Why tedcruz need a police escort? Talk to your constituents and apologize to them and then get to work working for them instead of trying to have them arrested for complaining.

Face it tedcruz you got caught! And, we don’t believe you were planning to come home early either!! Imagine having this small of a brain. If this was a democratic law maker all you QGOP would be running in the statehouse halls screaming out their name with a terrible plan in mind. Pretty sure everyone in Texas would fly to cancun if they could!🤣

Texas Governors should have ERCOT forgive all its grid patronage bills for this month You & Democrats more worried about Teds personal life than your own participation. WHERE IS JoeBiden in all this? If it were Trump media would have been trashing him. Where was HouseDemocrats SenateDems in all this? Nowhere to be found. Where is all hollywood Celebrities?

WHERE IS POTUS JoeBiden IN ALL THIS? HE SHOULD BE THE ONE STEPPING UP WITH THE HouseDemocrats SenateDems. THEYRE TOO BUSY IN TEDS BUSINESS. Holy shit!! After he killed RepAOC I can’t believe it. More lies and BS from vacaycruz . What do you expect from a QAnon Seditionist ? 'Hypocrite! Complete and utter Hypocrite!' tedcruz

A weather crisis Whoever edited this should be fired Shame on this pig! 🐷🐷🐷 This is the real Ted Cruze. Remember that when he’s up for re-election Texas. He takes care of no one but himself! Heartless Who goes on a family vacation in February? This was a deliberate slimy Ted Cruz move. Eww. Abandoning his home and people. lol That’s so trump of him to do.

Maybe this will wake up Texas to quit electing these entititled catering to rich GOP ! the disregard of the Texas Republican governor and leadership for decades of warnings to winterize the energy grid is what put Texans in this hell. Vote the GOP out. They don’t care about you It's resoundingly clear that the Biden Administration is not doing all it can do to help with the crisis. It's amazing we can let 25,000 strangers in as humanitarian but can't lift a finger to help our own. Where is FEMA? Where is the Federal Government at? National Emergency!!

On 2nd thought, FIDEL Castro was a better LEADER than RAFEL Ted Cruz. Yes, but he said as soon as he got on the plane he didn’t feel right..(he was busted) So he just stayed 1 day and came back. As Trump calls him, “Lyin Ted” is at it again🙄 Fox and the RNC are both telling him to say Antifa made him do it...Q advises he blame BLM and el Chumpo says tell them it wasn't guess is he rockets to the top of the 2024 GOP Presidential race...

Lyin Ted went to Flyin Ted...and Back to LYIN Ted in 24 hours!!! Put the TedCruzIceSculpture by your frozen house or broken pipes! Maybe he should be called DonaldCruz SenTedCruz It fits right..Cares about no one only Ted Pathetic ResignTedCruz THE PROPLE DESERVE BETTER!TexasFreeze TexasStrong Ted, if you were Beingagooddad then you would’ve stayed the hell in Texas and helped the people LiveByExample

He should have stayed on his trip with his daughters. He can work remotely. Oil is now over $62.00 a barrel. When Trump left office it was $25.00 Discrceful WAIT!... SAME MEXICO THAT '''PAID FOR WALL?'' SAME MEXICO THAT'S NOTHING BUT DRUG DEALERS, BAD PEOPLE? Hard hitting! Texans are freezing to death, have no warm running water, and are running out of food and their homes are collapsing due to the frigid weather. Cancun Cruz, a US SENATOR takes a vacation to a country where HE VOTED to build a wall to keep its citizens out! GET. HIM. OUT. NOW!!

I wonder if FoxNews will shame tedcruz the same way they attacked GavinNewsom for going out maskless for an expensive dinner. No of course not. Silly question. And WE taxpayers paid for his snowbird escape. Ted took a page out of Joel Olsteen's playbook, and added some bits about using your daughters as human shields when the WTF cannons start firing.

ted Cruz giving background on his own story very cool Can you print this pic of Ted Cruz... That’s a stuffed suitcase for an overnight trip. TedFled Lyin Ted!!! 'I'll be hunkering down, too. With a Mai Tai' signed, Ted Cruz LOLsolidarity TedCancunCruz What EXACTLY did you want him to do? FEMA? That's Biden. National Guard? That's the governor. You should be asking why Biden hasn't at least offered to help.

That's some next level hypocrisy there 👎 Texas deserves better. Shame tedcruz TeamTedCruz You want to be a 'Good Dad' to your Daughters? Then DENOUNCE TRUMP AND THE BIG LIE YOU SUPPORTED JAN 6TH “Immediately” 🚨Reminder: It’s mandatory to present a negative COVID test or boarding a ✈️ to the US will be denied. UnitedAirlines Yet tedcruz was in Mexico yesterday, somehow took a COVID test, and miraculously got the results back in time to fly today? 🧐 WhereRYourPapersTed TedFled

Just stay there, no one needs you here or in the Senate! BS SenTedCruz dumbass TravelingTed When any rational person loses electricity they get out of town. TedCruzRESIGN BULLSHIT gotcaught Nope. Not with that Saturday return ticket. Let the man take a vacation with his family. Everyone's working to turn the power back on regardless of what any politician is doing. In fact, one less family drawing power from the grid in Texas is a good thing at the moment. Anyone who can leave Texas right now probably should.

Why Mexico though? He talks so much 💩 about Mexico and he went to Mexico?!? If I was Mexico id kick his ass put ASAP! He was expected to return Saturday but changed plans when he was caught tedcruz Remember when Marion Berry left DC just before they had a major snowstorm and everything stopped? The people did and he was toast. Hopefully, tedcruz will suffer the same fate, especially since he has already been a Traitor to his country supporting Trump. Go Beto

It wasn’t a family vacation so some research before mouthing off Game.Set.Match. Ted Cruz career is over. Then why did he bring luggage? Did he get negative covid test b4 flight, present to airline, as required by law? tedcruz cnnbrk CNN NBCNews Ted Cruz deserves a vacation in Mexico, after helping acquit our greatest president ever; Trump for 2nd time in phony Marxist Democrat’s trial of a peaceful Capitol protest. Texas Power failure due to Windmills & Solar that froze up & caused power grid to fail. Impeach Biden!

Wow to be free to travel during a pandemic. I guess he follows different recommendations. He does think he is above all. He has proven that he is ignorant, arrogant and selfish to his fellow Texans. You selfish lying pig So he took his family from a cold place with no electricity to a warm place with sun and fun. You evil motherfucker how dare you take care of your family.

Why are you not reporting on Cuomo. Seems like the deaths of thousands of elderly people would be more important. Not true. Return was initially Saturday. Look at his suitcase. Everyone is suffering in texas and this guy ran away confused 😕. Good for him. Now do all the democrats Ted Cruz if he was on the Titanic

Wait, doesn't tedcruz need to get a negative PCR Covid test before coming back to the United States? How was he able to get results that quick when he just changed his flight in the morning? Vote his ass out Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz tried and failed to give his daughter a hug in an excruciating encounter caught on camera. The Texas senator suffered the embarrassing moment during last-minute campaigning in Iowa ahead of the state's crucial caucus.

I live in San Antonio and the saddest thing is the frightened mothers with infants and the elderly who live alone. You can’t pile blankets on infants; they will smother to death! What do you want folks to do when it’s 50 degrees in their house? let’s all book a trip to Cancun! So the rich white senator took his girls to Cancun because 'they wanted to go' when his wife was completely able to do so alone and that wasn't HIS large suitcase for just an overnight trip, right? tedcruz is a horrible horrible horrible horrible human being/senator. resign

The GOPs needs to distance themself from the Trump family, they lost midterms, the house, the senate and the election because of him. It’s about time they find a new leader, and not a Hawley or Cruz that are brown nose. So the Saturday return was a fake What a loser. _si_se_puede He says he was only going for a day but photos of him show him with a large suitcase and carry on. He’s a liar.

Did Cruz have a round trip ticket with a return a week from now and traded it for a sooner trip back when a fuss was made? No one sends their kids on a trip with friends and flies with them. Is he going back to Mexico to fly back with them. Check the original reservations! Sen. Cruz excuses his behavior on being a good father. When will he ever learn to be a good elected official?

Mexico’s response to Cruz visit “When Texas sends its people here, they’re not sending their best. They're sending seditionists & Insurrectionists. They're sending deserters. They're sending Ted Cruz”. We are sending him back! What did anyone expect from a piece of garbage Nut screws and bolts.. there fixed your headline

How WICKED do you have be not to even realize how this appears. Most you people are screaming about the power outage like it's Armageddon. You can get through it. Pick yourself up get your head on straight. And work the problems Someone tell this asshole he ain't welcome here Ha Ha, fuck you Texas, you voted for him, live with him.

Ted Cruz is an example to all Texans. If you're cold, go to Mexico! They have lots of nice, warm beaches. Make America Great! Go to Cancun! He was just being a good dad, y'all. I mean who among us hasn't flown his or her daughter down to Cancún at the spur of the moment? Amirite? justlikeus gooddad whatelsecouldhedo

Yeah. ‘Anonymity’ cause they’re lying? tedcruz another example why he needs to be voted out ! See folks this what us black an brown people telling about with this Dam New Republican Party DGAF Trump put some shit in water that will not go away ever an Greg Abbott never his ass whip but yall Already know what they will say cause Rush Limbaugh can't CYA any more

Lol, Texas insurrectionist Senator Cruz leaves the state while his constituents suffer in the infrastructure mess they created. No electricity, water, heat, food. How’s that deregulation working for ya Texas? The country you want to succeed from will bail you out again. Ted Cruz doesn’t care about poor people.

I always pack a week’s worth of clothing in a big suitcase when going on a day trip. Always. LIES. He did NOT plan to retuen immediately. His retuen was booked for Saturday eve. He only changed it at 6am this morning because he got caught and shamed for his disgusting behavior. DO BETTER Bullshit. He was supposed to come back Saturday. Quit peddling his lies.

This is such BS —why do you repeat it? So he lets his wife and daughters hang out in a dangerous country with all of those people who he wont even let into the USA because they are so rapey and drug fueled? OMG!!! CARTEL! KIDNAPPING! MULES! CARAVANS!!!! Just look at that conceited snarl. Nero fiddles while Rome burns. FledCruz

Damn Mexico sent him back. He’s as dirty as that nasty beard Another Trump !!! The Devil 👿 Sen. Cruz booked his return ticket from Cancún to Texas at 6 a.m. Thursday and was initially booked to return on Saturday, source with knowledge of the situation tells NBCNews. - PeterAlexander MSM has given more coverage to SenTedCruz being in Cancun during the TX blackouts than they gave to Pres. BarackObama when he was not in the Situation Room during &after the Benghazi attack or when he traveled to Las Vegas for a DNC campaign fundraiser one day later.

He was smart to get his family out ahead of the storm. If you choose to stay and ride it out and you don’t prepare then that is on you Texas Rise Up! Demand the resignation of the corrupt- Abbot and Cruz. What was Cruz to do if he had stayed in Texas? He is useless anyway. Plus the “free market” and deregulation brought this about will take care of itself

deserter Nope he had no return flight till saturday. Booked one back after getting backlash then threw his kids under the bus like he does his wife. This is the other reason tedcruz is a bitch! It’s not like Ted Cruz is in charge of the electrical system, this is a state issue. nobody believes him GOPComplicitTraitors will say they do but please!

Love thy neighbor as thyself — but screw ‘em & let ‘em freeze to death if you got vacation time in Cancun —Mark Rafael 12:31 TedCruz Texas Expected to return immediately after he got caught. He had planned to come back Saturday. So glad his kids are safe and warm. Mine has been without electricity and water for 3 days.

He didn’t think anyone would notice his little trip. Oh, well, the only thing worse than his being gone is his being here. 🖕🤬 The airline said his original return flight was for this Saturday! He re-booked today’s flight THIS morning at 6am, because he got caught! What a liar! Texas he is lying to you!!!

Remember, Texans, Sen Cruz will help Donald Trump before he lifts a finger for you! He pulled a Trump 😂🤣😂 I so think he needs an Ornery Onion teeshirt ... maybe this one! KateMerrill Yep. Cause he was contacted about the negative press. He should of stayed and e-mailed in his resignation .. No. He IS expected to return after getting caught. He WAS expecting to return Saturday.

This will be on file. TedCruz TedCruzRESIGN CancunCruz ResignCruz He came back because people found out. But why he didn't think they would, is really stupid. He didn't have to chaperone them. He's not up for reelection. And his staff ordered a police escort to the airport. Unbelievable. Leftists care way too much are people on the right taking vacation.

Um, make sure that fucker quarantines for two weeks - preferably in a jail cell. tedcruz SenTedCruz FlyingTed TedFled TedCruzRESIGN FledCruz SeditionHasConsequences TraitorTedCruz The question is; do we really believe Cruz would have come back from vacation early, if the media hadn't published the fact that he was going to sunshine and warmth while people who elected him were in serious trouble I guess he didn't care!!

Cuomo is the real important news they just trying to take the attention away Oh Please - Ted Cruz was on his way to vacation in Cancun He returned because he got caught - You should question your source's veracity and never use that source again. Maybe if texans could make better decisions when voting this asshats probably maybe this wouldn't be happening to them but ... Ugh nevermind 'DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS' 😂keepvotingtepubliCONS texas🤣🤣🤣

Good job Ted Cruz. Now that you took a short mini vacation. Start working and do not worry about the fuss people are making about your trip. Just stay away from Trump lies and you will be alright. He got busted! The source lied. He went there expecting to stay several days and changed his ticket at 6 am this morning after shit hit the fan. Lying sources do not deserve anonymity.

Lotta luggage for an overnight trip. If this was a Democrat, the GOP would be having a hissy fit. To help TX, go to BetoORourke and sign up to call seniors. Yeah he will return sometime on Sunday when the cold snap is over and in the mid 60's. What a guy! Big luggage he had for a one day trip. His wife couldn’t take the girls by herself?

Did he get the required Covid test before returning? Fuck Ted Cruz. It is NOT a weather crisis- it is a power grid crisis. Big difference No surprise here. But if trump wanted him to argue to the Supreme Court on behalf of Arizona or Pennsylvania, he would drop everything. Who’s the guy with him? No one should take a vacation ever.....

Maybe he's smuggling some thieves and rapists for the new administration (it's a political exercise)? how do you say 'Tone Deaf' Damn that kool-aid must be strong in Texas. castingbyally I'm not sayin'. Look, not that hard! We want facts, not lies! Hispanic man travels to cartel-controlled Mexico, leaves daughters there and returns with noticeably larger suitcase. Someone call ICE and DEA. tedcruzmule

Awww just like Don Don Well he is a cold-blooded snake so ... self-preservation The cartels can keep his POS ass. He changed his airline ticket - he was staying until Saturday 😳 Ehhh , no es-peake ingles y my name is Jose Jimenez no el Senator Cruz from the frozen estate of Tejas orale . Cruz TedCruz Texas republican coward Cancun weekend

Sorry to ruin your vacation, Ted. Sincerely, an outraged nation. CanCruz Ted changed his return flight after he got busTed. TedFled Flyin' Ted “Wanting to be a good dad, I flew my kids to Mexico and left them there” What happened to Mr. Cruz? artytrace SunburnCruz 😂 Kids were out of “school” this week? I know there was President’s Day Holiday on Monday.... but, all week? And, are the kids back in school?

Was he allowed to skirt COVID testing to return to the US? Busted He was not expected to return immediately. He was suppose to be there until Saturday. He and his spokespeople are liars. When tedcruz originally purchased their tickets, he was scheduled to return next Sat. I wonder what made him change his mind once he got to Cancun? LyingTed ResignTedCruz

The POS got caught, had to come back early. He probably will blame AOC for this like every lying Republican. TedCruzIsADeserter With TX emergency services slammed, he requested a personal escort through Houston airport, I heard. La-di-dah! Wait, he’s from Texas? A doctor fur-miliar with the Senator has confirmed that Sen. Ted Cruz does in fact belong to the invertebrate family. (invertebrate = creatures without a spine).

SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! how about going after the President for taking naps all day and doing NOTHING to help the people in Texas. Joe MUST BE IMPEACHED He's lying. He was planning to stay until Saturday until he got busted — and saw that Beto was actually saving people. everything that's rotten and putrid about our nation is embodied in SenTedCruz

He is toast. Cruz seen flying to Cancun with wife and son. This excuse he needed to take daughters there sounds like a bald-faced lie. Because apparently his kids deserve more than the rest of the kids in Texas. God bless him. The 'immediate' return was standby, because he was caught. Make no mistake - he was planning to stay in comfort while his constituents freeze to death.

Whiny ass world we live in Imagine if AOC did something similar?! His original return day as confirmed by United Airlines was Saturday, February 20, not today. He is lying. Texas needs to Vote 🗳 these republicans out of office! Like he's going to be of any help, anyway. He's a knucklehead. Not sure why anyone votes for him.

He is obviously gravely concerned for the Voters of his state. Yup, sounds about white. A wealthy, indifferent, republican son of a bitch. Why don’t you stay in Mexico, you’re better off there than here Hes a liar. Maybe tell your kids work comes first.. and with weather conditions like they were, they should stay home and not travel.

NatashaBertrand Despicable NatashaBertrand Original booked return flight wasn't Saturday? Let Mexico keep him. And what about the 2 week quarantine his children will face - oh snd him also. Keep the guy we don’t need him Not only an anti-democracy fascist, but also an out-of-touch elitist. tedcruz is a total waste of a Senate seat.

Did Cruz forfeit a WH bid over a Cancun jaunt? tedcruz COLD BUSTED! AND YOU BLAME YOUR KIDS! If you’re going to be at Houston -IAH this afternoon 3:50pm, tedcruz would love to meet with some constituents return immediately because he was caught Sure, here he is heading back to TX with his 'overnight' bag. 😆

You can stay at his place if you need a restroom! Yal wanted him to come back like Jesus and change the weather! Learn survival skills michiganders Lies. Its proven he changed his ticket from sat to today Get the facts right and dont spew bs. I must be missing something. How are the Texas airports functioning normally?

NatashaBertrand Here on out known as 'Taking a Cruz' He was only returning because of intense backlash. He had no intention of coming back today. Trump was right about one thing...LyingTedCruz NatashaBertrand Selfish Cancun Cruz. This is a “weather crisis”? I’ve got a ton of snow and single digits through Saturday. This isn’t a “weather crisis”. This is an infrastructure crisis.

Hes a pound shop Dracula tedcruz should be there passing out paper towels to keep the Texans warm!! 🔥🧻🥶 At what point do we realize that tedcruz isn’t about Texas; voting to acquit Insurrection artist after assisting in the attempt to overthrow the election then escaped to Cancun while 4.1 million homes in Texas were without power and water amid the worst cold weather in 30 yrs.

In two years, his supporters will vote him back into office. They will put their political party over their own safety. Not only was Sen. Ted Cruz was part of an insurrection that led to the deaths of five people, he decided to flee the state of Texas, a state in the midst of a deadly winter storm that has left most of the cities and suburbs without power. Shame on him.

What did you honestly expect of this Trump Wannabe... straight out of the Trump Play Book. They want that border so bad and there he goes to Mexico! Scandalous all he had to do was stand at the edge and hug that wall and go back home secularjen Had a shit-ton of luggage for a guy 'returning immediately'... Fuck him and anyone that buys his BS

He can never be President. After his part re: The Capitol insurrection and now showing no leadership in the state of Texas. He should be expelled or voted out when the time comes. Wow what a dick move! secularjen Has anyone told Ted he looks like shit with that beard? Only because he got shamed into it...

And you could have had Beto who gives a shit about Texans. By the way you swooned over Elon moving all his shit to Texas . You know he’s 100% solar and a electric car manufacturer. Toooooooo late. Does he think we're stupid to think he only dropped off his daughters? Nobody goes to Cancun for the night! You got caught!

2/2 I think he has buried himself by issuing a statement that his kids were off school and asked to go! It would have (maybe) been slightly less despicable if he’d said this had been planned for months. But no, he wants us to know he decided to go on vacation THIS WEEK!!? It's amazing how generous and understanding people are to their *own* party. If it was a Democrat that was vacationing in Cancún while his constituents were freezing to death in their homes - it'd be the top story on Fox News.

Should of booked that Carnival Cruz Fucko! 🥴 meerkatrodeo Only because he was caught! he must have had a date with his buddy Yea sure, let’s see your one week of Bermuda shorts He does not give a Fuck... he knows nothing will happen to him just like trump🖕🏼🖕🏼. 💪🏼💙 Maybe it’s because he’s Hispanic? Crazy Joe said they don’t even know how to use the internet

Using people stimulus money too MSM just say it: HE HID BEHIND HIS KIDS. The GOP is not for the people, it’s for themselves cruzShowUsYourTicket Just like in all other things American, RepublicansAreTheProblem. Crosarionews What a piece of 💩 Worm. Republican zombies defending Ted Cruz sad He flew there for a vacation that’s right not because his girls asked him to come along and be a good dad… He was getting out of Texas

Once this pandemic is over is shaming officials for going on a vacation going to be a thing!? So if Biden did this would all you people saying it’s ok still say that for Biden ? VoteHimOut Stay in Mexico, we don't want you back. Ted Cruz tedcruz lived up to his name and cruz'ed the hell out of Texas leaving his constituents behind to do like Mayor Boyd said and fend for themselves. Coward.

What is he going to do , use his fire 🔥 power let him take a vacation so what it is what it is . He left 'All His Messes Back in Texas!' If you thought Ted Schmooze was going to stick around to help alleviate the crisis, the suffering, think again. He's working on his tan! TedCruzFliesToCancunWhileHoustonFreezes TedCruzFailedTexas TedCancunCruz TedCruzIsATraitor

He’s such a good dad. Wanted to personally make sure they arrived at their destination so he flew with them. That suitcase was awful big for 'planning' to go overnight only, he's only coming back because he got caught CancunCruz He went to go meet his Cuban government get his next set of directives

Don’t act like you people care about Texans, this is just a political move once again by the media. If your not helping our state, then keep your mouth shut. Instead of bashing others by your false narratives and fake news, try helping others who are in need. Mark my words. Cruz will say his plan was to fly down to Cancun along with his family to guard their safety and to get them settled. He will say he had planned to fly back back to Texas the same or next day.

LyingFlyingTed FledCruz Needs to trend. TurnTexasBlue This tedcruz aka Rafael, TedFled TedCancunCruz tedcruzcancun Cancun Not true. Originally booked for Saturday. Mmmmmmmhm. It gets much worse... for Ted. oh man! just keep him there! Wouldn't you? I would have gone someplace warmer if I could. Stop pointing fingers and start with the one that looks back at you in the mirror.

Common sense former Governor Christi went to beach house in NJ island during a Declaration of NJ state of emergency. What a genuine Texan representative. I’ll bet he went to get water. CancunCruz If Ted “party down” Cruz would resign from the Senate, he would have more time for his presidential campaign. Little problems like the whole state of Texas freezing to death wouldn’t get in his way as he strode manfully towards the White House. Swine.

On brand! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! woooow..... How do I put this? What a pile of dog shit SenTedCruz is. Americans . you were warned . The News Press & News Network Anchors are doing it again during this urgency of vaccine shortages / shut-downs / business closures / frozen, malfunctioning wind turbines as Pres Biden signs US 'off' alternative fuel so valuable to families of Texas.

Not flying private. Amateur Ted Cruz is clearly unable and unwilling to lead during a time of true crisis when Texas citizens need help the most. People are dying while he abuses local Police resources to get himself to the airport as quickly as possible so he can put Texas in his rearview mirror. He never should have went in the first place. That may have ended his political career. I sure hope so. I hope Texans vote blue next time because it's the Democrats that have jumped in to help out.

Was it his mum This should be the end of his political career. morgfair Trump & GOP do not care if they get caught. They only care if they get punished. - interview on AMJoy SCHMUCK Yep he abides by that old republican saying. When the going gets tough the tough leave the country until it blows over. Myisshahoe We need to show up to the politicians houses with the Guillotine more often

I dont know who needs to hear this rn ... but Ted Cruz house is empty... maybe the 2 he line at HEB looking a bit long he, as a helpful neighbor, shouldn’t mind us borrowing a cup of milk, or some blankets... or that original Van Gogh ... u know.. neighbors help neighbors... RawStory Breaking911 funder washingtonpost NYDailyNews NBCNews ASavageNation FoxNews ananavarro politico CREWcrew thehill PalmerReport WSJ seanhannity TheRevAl MadisonSiriusXM greta CIA FBI TimesofIsrael IngrahamAngle limbaugh DHSgov DonaldJTrumpJr

Totally who they are. What's wrong with those ppl? So what? Doing what a Democrat does is news? Biden played video games during a pandemic Good time to revoke his passport. “Expected to return immediately” because he’s facing so much slack. You don’t “expect to return immediately” when you’re rolling around with several bags.

Lying Ted now says he was not going to stay and just took his family to Cancun & coming back today! LIAR!! If our families are freezing dying hungry and can’t travel, and barely getting to the grocery store then his family can’t go anywhere either dammit!!!! Piece of work. So there are not Wonderful places for him to visit/vacation at here in the United States? He has to go to a foreign country and spend money there? America not good enough for him?

Check to see if he's an American Citizen! An immigrant against immigrants and a man of God that left his people for vacation when in need of guidance and leadership. Are there any decent leaders leaders in the GOP? Cruz 20never. No. TedCruz can stay in Cancun. We know he's trash. We're just dealing with busted pipes and the ill effects of no heat, no water and no lights. Don't mind us you SOB.

What a slime. Maybe Mexico shouldn't allow anyone in their country that had a hand in building the wall. The cheek of tedcruz 🤮 When the going gets tough, the rich go on vacation. What a slap in the face to Texans. CruzToCancun be like good luck not freezing to death. I'm out !!! ByeFelicia. Wow what a arrogant jackass. TedCruz CruzResign Mexicans Mexico

Hoping he is stuck on an airplane for 18 hours. The nerve of this a-hole. Your constituents are suffering. Some are dying. I currently have no power or water. This is not the time to chill at a resort in Cancun tedcruz SenTedCruz. You could not be more tone deaf. Wow, the people supporting him, “reap what you sow” and the people that don’t, and I pray it is the majority! Remember when you vote!!!

Give the man a break. Ted went on business. To sacrifice the still-beating heart of a snow-bound Texas consumer. To appease the ICEPOCALYPSE god who frosts Natural Gas and Coal Plant altars that accounted for 3/4 of Texas’s lost megawatts—and to curse Texas windmills, of course. You get what you vote for

Texas and Texans deserve better. SHAME tedcruz Who’s surprised? This guy has (0) leadership qualities. He’ll pull a Trump move and blame his travel on the paparazzi and their cameras. This is heartbreaking, it hurts to see Texans like this ...these are my folks...we are good hearted people, peaceful, this man in NO TEXAN...

His vacation is now a victim of CancelCulture 😂🤣😂 How were the Airline tickets written? Returning when? Ted Cruz isn’t 💯% honest and not trustworthy. He targets the sellout-enemy of American democracy and people over self interests. Including, massive tactical disagreement, distraction and destruction.

TEXAS right now 😭😭😭 In other words, he got caught. The hypocrisy is loud and clear. “Do as I say, not as I do!” 👇🏽 This guy is useless. Beto doing more than Cruz. Can SenTedCruz get any scummier? ted cruz is an amazing man! he should get infinite vacations! why dont you let one of those other people take his position because they wont be as good as him but ted needs a super long vacation. as long as possible

BETOforGOVERNOR JOEJAWORSKIforTXAG Lets look positive😂He flew there to share the Gospel with Mexican people and put their hands in Jesus's hands😂😁 WTF does Biden have to do with this? Is your MAGA hat on too tight ? clairecmc you were saying when the senate is in recess don’t call it vacation! 😂😂

Of course, SenTedCruz doesn’t care for his constituents. CorruptAndComplicitGOP Maybe he’s concerned he’ll be implicated in the insurrection and is looking for a place to stay? As long as they are secure and fine, none of these guys really care for the people. Honestly. And right on time, here is the mainstream media covering for Republican depravity Good job folks 🙄

interesting that he brought a carry on AND a personal item to just “return immediately.” He’s only flying back to save face. His office is going to claim “he was flying with his family to make sure they got there safely” (yet he was pictured with a rolling suitcase). Bought that return ticket recently since he’s on standby for an upgrade.

morgfair Maybe he should just stay. Permanently. Why the hell did he go to begin with? GOPHypocrisy TedCruzRESIGN shaunking That suitcase didn't look like it was prepared to return immediately Pig Raise your hand if you want to escape all your troubles and visit sunny Mexico. aka (the place over the wall) TedCruz

Why is anyone surprised by his behavior CancunCruz Not to worry - Joe Biden is going to FIX EVERYTHING! Just listen to him, he is going to bring this country back to the PROGRESS PROGRESSIVE PROMISE! In bad need of a Shave and a Haircut !!! SenTedCruz While you were running around licking the arse of POTUS45, you failed to prepare your constituents for the Storm of the Century. Your main concern is saving the QANON, White Supremacy platform that you think will carry you for the foreseeable future. URBEDISMADE!

? No family vacations are allowed? Did he meet Jennifer Cudd (Capitol rioter who was allowed to go on a work retreat in Riviera Maya, Mexico...down the road from Cancun)? The Mexicans need to build a wall to keep self-serving American white men out! god he sucks so much When the going gets tough, the tough get going to Cancun.

Please get photos of him as he gets off the plane in Houston.🙏🏻 They voted for him. That's their guy. Report that. The people who vote for him are being DupedToDeath When cowards get caught doing something naughty, this is how they react People freezing to death in Texas & Ted Cruz is like His usual lack of leadership shines through. He is devoid of any leadership skills... compassion or empathy for us Texans. It's 58 degrees in my house; the same temperature as Cruz's cold heart. That's ok...Beto O'Rourke is doing his job for him. 🤬🤬

Just when you think tedcruz can’t be any more of a dick... THIS JUST IN: Mexico offers to pay for border wall! Most conservative thing you can do is suck on the ding dong of the guy who called your wife ugly Mexico should cage him at the border for a few months.... The “Make America Great Again” “patriotic” senator runs to Mexico for comfort & solace, leaving his constituents to wallow in pain and suffering- and freeze to death. Lol

Shamed into it. Was Hurricane Katrina a “weather crisis”? That phrase dramatically diminishes the nature of the emergency Texans are facing right now, . It would serve him right if squatters moved into his home while he was away. Just saying. People are getting desperate. And an insane number of Texans will likely continue to vote for him, because 'aT LeAst hE AiN't nO dEmOcRaT!!!'

TorontoDDG Straight trash. I will say it again Conservatism is all about self Ted just wants their votes. Conservative noun: a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc. In America HYPOCRITES. Why “sources” and anonymity? There seems to be ample photo evidence be was at the gate and on the plane.

SMH Now all you Texan know he has you back.😂🤣😂🤣 He thought that if he actually wore a mask the entire flight, nobody would notice he was fleeing the state during a crisis. He’s actually lucky the photos were of him on a plane and not on a beach, like with Christie. CancunCruz Nah, sorry Mexico, y’all can keep him. We don’t want him.

Even if it’s true, isn’t it nice to know that while his constituents freeze and Covid runs rampant, poverty and food insecurity soar, tedcruz can afford to fly business class overnight and back. Parasite TexasFreeze VoteThemOut Imagine that. Texans are climbing the wall to get into Mexico because Mexico has something the so-called 'great' state of Texas does not - i.e, a working power grid! Oh the irony. I feel sorry for Texans who were duped into electing frauds like Raphael Cruz and Greg Abbott.

He shouldn’t of left in the first place. Texas, this guy is and has been your worst enemy along with Abbott. They took you out of the National grid to fill their own greed. sohmer got to get a break before March 4th's big gathering for Trump's inauguration He didn’t plan in coming back until he turned his phone back on. He never intended on coming back this soon. We all call bullshit. SenTedCruz

He practices nothing he preaches. maggieNYT Cruz Charlatan State government and local job When is the next election to vote these guys out? Ana_gol tedcruz are you returning to resign?!!!! Too late. Is he returning home to Canada? MidwinCharles And got a police escort because people were mean last time he was in the airport.

And now he’s coming home, tone deaf 'The repulsive Republican saw the rage tweets and PR nightmare that awaited him, and kicked his family to the curb and hightailed it back to try to spin it in his favor, according to himself.' There, I fixed it for you. Well he did go to the school of Trump. We really can't expect too much. Trump always went golfing in the face of crisis. Ted goes traveling to literally get away from it all. Not much support for those actually experiencing the crises. Like Trump with Covid and people dying.

Good for him. One less person on the grid right now. Love y’all! Ted for Pres! Ry_Bass Where is Biden it’s a natural disaster? If that was Trump you’d be freaking out Ted Cruz in Mexico? Mexicans will be willing to pay for that wall to stop personas non gratas like Ted Cruz, from crossing. doesnt matter.. those fools will vote for him again after milking the socialist piggy bank to rebuild everything they own

Boebert pushes more disinformation even against her own home town and districts accomplishments. Biden went on a weekend vacation, can’t remember the headlines about that 😕. Remember when this was a huge scandal over on Fox 'news' ? 🥴🤣 'Biden flying to Delaware despite CDC warnings to avoid travel | Fox News'

Profiles in patriotic hypocrisy... TedFled TedCruzRESIGN TedCruzIsATraitor Only returning because he got called out for it. If no one had done that, he would have skulked away and stayed there like the rat coward he is. Position position position, what a have! This is established blase behavior from Cruz. He doesn't actually do anything and hasn't for a very long time. He relies on voters' habitual voting patterns and his only focus is to post social constructs that gets his voting bloc 'upset' about perceived social 'threats'

'expected to return immediately' Sure...once everyone knew what he'd done! Leadership requires sacrifices. Should have built that wall.... Hahaha he went on a break 😂 what’s the big deal ? (Senators can’t fix power cuts that’s electricians job). BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz flying to Iowa to reassure 2024 primary voters that he absolutely cares about his constituents, the people of Texas...

The Media now is attacking Hispanics who are successful/ Racist RacismAgaisntHispanicTedCruz Gee don’t come back with covid... i’d be real sad... Who says public shaming doesn’t work anymore? tedcruz is ever horrible word you can imagine people are in Texas a state he say he love and represent are ❄ with no 💧 or 💡even with little to no food and you basically saying 🖕🏽 you the people in texas, the people of texas need to make him resign, the power is in the people

POS Who cares lol? What’s he going to do turn into the sun and melt the ice? Only returning because he got caught. POS Didn’t he learn anything from Trump on how to manage a crisis? It’s his own damn fault. Inly returning because he got caught. Lol..too late maggieNYT Why return immediately? Damage Is done, enjoy the sun Teddy!

America First, starting after this vacay in Cancun. PassMeTheSunblockHeidi JonLemire Raphael is on it, y’all! maggieNYT Utter BS. Who, in their right mind, flies to Mexico only to fly right back?!?! 🙄 Oh. I see the problem.....'right mind'...guess that precludes TedFled What a scandal I don’t get what’s inside the brain of those that vote for people like this . Liars and deceivers like Ted Cruz and host of others like him that don’t care about anyone but to enrich themselves.. While Texans are in crisis , he is tanning himself in mexico!

bethlevin I'm not sure that flying back after having been caught in the act is an improvement. He'd be better off staying in Mexico at this point. And America would definitely be better off. 🤣🤡 maggieNYT This was a Senate “recess” week and we’ve been told they have “recess” to meet with and help constituents. This was not paid vacation week! And if it had been...

I was smart enough to vote against tedcruz. Texans are yall tired yet? Tired of the bulllshit? Or will you demonstrate your ignorance and vote for more? JonLemire Montezuma’s revenge is way better than hypothermia. tedcruz Don’t let the wall hit you in the ass on your way back. JonLemire I hope Montezuma has his revenge on him.

TEXAN People, Y’ALL need to VOTE Ted CRUZ OUT OF OFFICE! He does NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE or any situation you are in. QUIT putting these DISGUSTING GOPs in Office. They are only for themselves! They are OPPORTUNISTS NOT LEADERS! WHEN WILL Y’all LEARN! I don't personally follow him but this story is ridiculous! People take family vacations. Family vacations happen on personal timing and it's not up to anyone else or anyone's business when they take it. The timing was probably due to the 2nd absurd impeachment attempt.

JonLemire Right After him & the other trumpers dehumanized & treated the People in Central America like vermin, how is it he takes his family to vacation there, without anyone telling them how they feel about it? BillBishopKHOU Texas y’all _Politics Oh, the privileged. What's the use of being one if you don't act like one? SenTedCruz

After he got caught, he is coming home. Just like Rick Scott was going to give away our Florida beaches to the rich landowners until he got caught. just so Im clear, you're saying instead of fixing the weather in his home state like a good Senator would, this guy went somewhere warm? Gotta be a weird vacation to travel and sit for 2 weeks then come back and sit for 2 weeks. Or is he just exempt from all of that because white guy travelling.

It’s been going on for days. He’s coming home because he got caught.