AOC Rips Jeff Bezos For Asking For Space Money While Ex Donates Billions

AOC Rips Jeff Bezos For Asking For Space Money While Ex Donates Billions

6/18/2021 10:56:00 AM

AOC Rips Jeff Bezos For Asking For Space Money While Ex Donates Billions

AOC rips Jeff Bezos for seeking $10 billion from Uncle Sam to go to space, while his ex, MacKenzie, donates billions.

.We got AOC on Capitol Hill Thursday and asked how she feels about the Amazon and Blue Origin boss' ex,MacKenzie Bezos, recently donating nearly $3 billion of her roughly $37 billion.AOC says it's interesting to see what the exes are doing with their boatloads of cash ... applauding MacKenzie for giving it away like candy and blasting Jeff for asking the government for $10 billion in taxpayer funds to help his aerospace company land on the moon.

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🖕🖕🖕 AOC She’s really good at picking the important issues. It’s not like her district is a shooting gallery or anything. Wow, Sandy, has appointed herself as the 'hypocrite huntress'. She would be no where if it wasn’t for her ex husband making moves like this I thought she died on Jan 6th She cost her constituents Thousands of jobs by knocking down the effort of Amazon to open a distribution center in her district.

Bozo 🤡 is the Richest man in the World asking for money he already has smh. I can envision a reality where the Dems JackMa JeffBezos We'd probably misspend that money too. 😒 Says Rips 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Interesting

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He should have lots of money since he hasn’t paid taxes. Unbelievable how one person has so much to say about every topic that means absolutely nothing. Now do NASA The best ! &&&& It will require $20 billion to end homelessness in the US but the government would rather give away $10 billion to Bezos than spending on poor (because it will be Socialism or something).

He don’t pay taxes

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