AOC raises $2M for Texas relief, heads to Houston after blasting Cruz for Mexico trip

The New York lawmaker said she will travel to Houston on Friday evening to distribute supplies.

2/20/2021 7:21:00 PM

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez raises more than $2,000,000 for relief efforts in Texas as of Friday afternoon before traveling to Houston to help in the recovery effort.

The New York lawmaker said she will travel to Houston on Friday evening to distribute supplies.

Brendan Smialowski / AFP - Getty ImagesFeb. 19, 2021, 11:07 PM UTC/Feb. 20, 2021, 2:26 AM UTCByElizabeth JanowskiRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., raised more than $2 million for relief efforts in Texas as of Friday afternoon before traveling to Houston to help in the recovery effort.

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“Charity isn’t always a replacement for good governance, but we won’t turn away from helping people in need when things hit the fan,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.The funds raised by the progressive lawmaker will go toward 12 food banks and relief organizations, including the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, Family Eldercare, Feeding Texas and the Houston Food Bank, according to the donations page.

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maddow Thanks for your hard work!!!! maddow That's the way politicians work by providing services constituents need.! She's a great ROLE MODEL FOR REPUBLICANS.! Just wish ALL REPUBLICANS WOULD LEARN FROM HER EXAMPLE.! All is needed now is to make sure that the money is used where it's mostly needed.!

She’s like that. Lovely & compassionate. But don’t you cross our girl! maddow maddow It was 5M this morning maddow Sources indicate that Ted Cruz has been in close contact with the Texas Meteorological Service in hopes that their new, long-range hurricane prediction modeling can provide him with advance notice for pre-scheduling his next out-of-state vacation.

maddow That’s right Democratics care you go Ocasio- Cortez show the republicans what’s the meaning of compassion Wow, another example of AOC not being a piece of shit... am I the only one noticing a pattern? maddow Hey Republicans, take a lesson in being a good human by AOC, that’s Red Country, there is prob more hate than respect n Texas 4 her. In these times we should b able 2 put personal politics aside & do the right thing 4 ur countryman.

Good job Ocasio!!! maddow And she did this as an American while Ted fled to Mexico. God bless her maddow I hope she is not flying! She better be driving her electric car! maddow Thank you AOC and Beto, real leaders who care. CancunCruz AbbottResign ERCOT TexasFreeze maddow God Bless Her !! maddow AOC had to show every single politician how it should be done! Every time !! Love this woman.

maddow With ulterior motives, yes... maddow Thank you for helping Texans. It is so much more than what Ted Cruz did. maddow AOC You go girl! Show up Ted in the worst light possible. Cruz is no match for a Bronx gal!!😃 maddow still isnt going to help her in getting re-elected. NY is losing 5 seats because of lack of population and she has ticked off way too may people in NY, so guess which of the five seats that are being eliminated belong to her?

From her sweatshirt sales maddow Damn her, that be-yotch. sarcasm $2.3 trillion goes to black ops projects that you are not allowed to know about. But $1.9 trillion goes into helping you and you have a problem with that dollar amount. Both are your tax dollars. Shay Talks shaytalks JoeMcNallyPhoto I thought she was on vacation in Mexico. Oh. wait .... That was someone else.

maddow Over 4m now. WayneALawson Even after raising all that money for Texas I don’t think she should go. I fear for her safety. There is too much hate, stupidity and guns in Texas. Please AOC . Stay home. maddow Hell of a lot more than flyin'Ted! I'M TEXAN. THANK YOU AOC🇺🇲👑 nelsonfan4ever Actually she raised $3.2 million

maddow It's over $4 million now maddow Kudos to AOC...anybody seen Ted...airport Meckler maddow Conservatives blast the left, yet elected like AOC go out of their way to help when Americans are in need while conservatives think only of themselves. The problems in Texas are a great example, elected who care little for the people while their rich energy friends get richer.

AOC lives her integrity.....she cares about human beings...and she get action for others tedcruz where you at lil ted Bravo! RLAdlof Leaders get things done 4 the people because they care 4 the people. This can't be taught but it's a must 4 us as voters 2 judge who we support by their walk, not talk. The GQP party has 0 ideas 4 the people but plenty of rhetoric 2 get them elected 4 their own power & greed.

maddow Hey Ted Cruz! Q: What do we get when we combine your last two political blunders? A: A Can-Coup! Get it?! GET it? Is this thing on? Is this thing ON? Try the veal. I'll be here till Thursday. She is such a leader! WayneALawson NYStrongAndCaring 🥰 maddow Sen Cruz represents what GOP is abt. today. He wants raw power but at the least effort. The least effort is by spreading hate & conspiracy theories on Fox along w/ a base who doesn’t seem 2 mind that nothing is getting better. He is truly a snake, one that got voted in yet again.

I saw one post where she raised more than 3 million? 4 million now Humanity Over a billion dollars had been donated to Flint Michigan and they still don’t have clean water🤷🏾‍♂️ I highly doubt all of it will be used for aiding the public Betcha she only went to help POC, Racist AOC shd run for Texas senator or governor, she’s substantially a better public servant and person the SenTedCruz or GregAbbott_TX . texasisaMess

Texas, you elected Tainted Ted Cruz. How’s that working for you now? Don’t fall for it again. AOC’s helping Texans way more than Vacation Boy, Lyin’ Ted Cruz while he digs himself deeper and deeper into his dank hovel of pathetic excuses. What did she get in return ! Can someone tell her she isn’t all that and she’s not very nice! And she should not be holding any office in any politics!

Boy, all the critics must have gotten some brain damage from the cold, or they are just ignorant. She did more in a few days than Cruz did on vacation. People in need don’t care who is helping them, they just want the help. I guess the Republican don’t care about suffering Prove it No, she didn’t Allen West is criticizing her efforts, which could result in less emergency aid to the state. Please, is there one lawyer out there who thinks this is a problem and a potential case or are are we going to remain complacent until it is TOO late again? I’m asking for help.

maddow Great Service to Texas great Job Rep.Ocasio-Cortez. maddow She deserves a paid vacation to Cancun! For a day obviously. And to all those people in Texas please keep in mind she's a New York City native that's right New York City is coming down there to help the people of Texas How much went in her pocket!

AOC & all are real class acts. Remember how SenTedCruz & others SenateGOP tried to block aid to the NE after hurricane Sandy? AOC, Beto, TheDemocrats are demonstrated compassion & leadership. FreeSnowflakeCruz The news has said she is traveling to Houston for 3 days now. How long does it take to get there?

That’s right; She’s not from Texas. But Texas loves her anyway Cc: SenTedCruz , DineshDSouza , LyleLovett maddow Round that number up to $75m. The other team would. maddow God Bless AOC! What has Cruz done for the people of Texas besides abandoning them during the worst winter storm in decades that left Texas in the worst humanitarian crisis it's has ever been faced with. Worthless Cruz, Resign!

maddow $4 million + now maddow You go girl and show them how it is done 🤗 Lead by example! Great Job 👏🏽 ZekeFan AOC thank you maddow Well done. But charity is always failure! She has no essential skills, there was zero reason for her to travel to Texas, but she wanted the media attention. Every crisis, she wants the cameras pointing at her, just like Trump. Do mot feed her narcissist needs, we saw what that led to in Trump’s case.

Everybody wanna profit off misery, the money grab is crazy over there making the Covid money grab look amateur It's all politics; good or not. AOC and whomever else raised this money did so out of political oneupmanship. The US political system is dead. What remains is war and in fighting. The American people must rise up and reshape this atrocity. They're (politicians)all crazy as he

Your own govt prefers to roam the world dictating democracy whilst at home, it neglects its own citizens maddow AOC Simply thank you. maddow $4million now! maddow She has raised $4 million now. Ow_My_Back_ From Canada: I hear all the amounts of money raised when there is a disaster. But how is the money handled to make sure that it gets to those who are impacted?

And Ted cruz hands out a couple water bottles Cuz she’s a BOSS❗️ maddow The Republican electives did NOTHING to help TX. AOC helped because that’s what a representative in the government should do. tedcruz abandoned the people of TX and supports the privatization and deregulation of TX power and gas WakeUpTX ResignTedCruz CancunCruz BetoORourke

maddow If this help she has offered Texas helps her politically, just think how much the politicians of Texas could benefit for giving a damn, instead of vacations and mud slinging energy?! The men of Texas are Potters, and we aren't talking Harry Potter. Pottersville not Bedford Falls Beautiful. She is so beautiful 😍

maddow GREAT JOB AOC, love knows no boundaries. Yeah right, BS!! 4 million maddow 4m and growing now. What have the refuckicans done? Cheered that they will get to raise rates and price gouge people Will go cry in a parking lot now? The communists are violently destroying Burma maddow Ted Cruz only got a burn in can coon as bad as Moscow mitch what a circus !

AOC I think part of the reason why a fair number have animosity towards her is because she’s playing “politician” very well and quickly. While using ones political celebrity to help Texans in need is a great thing and should be done by more, the question is, what’s the real motive? She flew in and Cruz flew out...I think it’s clear who the true leader is.

maddow SenTedCruz said there was nothing he could do in Texas during the storm. Maybe Rep Cortez could give him some instruction. TedCruzRESIGN TedCruzIsATraitor TedCruzisADisgrace maddow What America does... What America is... MSM and that photo op for AOC 🤡🤡 Gran cosa,dinero donado por los republicanos

Actually 4 M and counting! maddow And CancunCruz was right beside her helping, right? Right? Let me inquire, has AOC RepAOC ever raised money to help hurricane victims in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, or even Texas etc.? Just curious. Hurricanes are a common occurrence where people often go without power for weeks on end AOC choosesupport

Where are the fckn Republicans Where’s almighty Rick Perry? Bullshit, folks face it The don’t give a shit, soup kitchens are beneath them maddow SenTedCruz taking notes maddow True class maddow Rachel, I missed you on Friday - and I dismissed AliVelshi after about five minutes. Like you, he appeared in the impeachment witch trial - a video of you lapping up something from Pocahontas's nasty piehole, and a video of him during the summer's fiery but most peaceful riots.

maddow Awesome job Rep AOC AdWestermann 4 maddow It’s up to $3m now :-) maddow It’s amazing a strong female continues to do the right thing despite being demonized for doing the right thing. Her actions speak louder than the words of people who are busy slamming her instead of helping Texans. AOC should go to Mexico on a vacation if that’s the help u want

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I hear that's $2M+ more than cruz raised You go girl! maddow 🤣🤣🤣 The ditzy AOC - president? Asked about Venezuela, she laughably opposed U.S. involvement - special envoy Elliot Abrams, she said, 'pled guilty to Iran-Contra crimes.' A little while later, she recanted, bowing to her House leadership. BREAKING:

maddow Needs to stay in NY maddow now that’s how to do bipartisan + make Dems shine maddow 4 million now maddow Her work is exemplary & commendable. But Texans will be back to blazing heat, gorge on oil and forget what AOC did for them and will be back to demonize her. AOC Stay in New York, Texas dont want you!

A Latina from The Bronx does more for Texas than Texas does for Texas. God Bless You AOC maddow Make that 4 million now! Thank you AOC! maddow AOC is amazing. Her tireless, non partisan help to those in need is an attitude which every politician should strive to have. The Real Deal. AOC maddow Exactly what COULD tedCruz do? Maybe 1/10th of what AOC did, but he didn't even try. And to the folks that want to give him a pass cause he couldn't actually turn on the electricity. She's done more for TX than you too! DSouza

maddow Photo-ops and other publicity stunts work for AOC: At height of pandemic, AOC holds photo-op with Sen. Schmuck Schumer (D-NY) in Corona, Queens - AOC's district and, in April, most infected zip code in America. NY Post article: Is there anything she can’t do? 😘 maddow This is the first thing she has done that make sense!

maddow Can't wait for President Ocasio-Cortez maddow Republicans eat your heart out, you could not have given the Democrats a better opportunity to show how public service works when you have the right people in positions of influence and power, they can make things work for the people they serve,Americans

4 maddow 3 million. You think AOC will really donate that amount? maddow maddow I don’t see anyone but democrats trying to help why is that maddow Blast Ted Cruz Give me a break Mz. BigShit! We don’t want her in Texas for a photo op Texas thanks you!! maddow Her legacy can never be taken away from her. All the good she has done.

The best senator in Texas......... is AOC. maddow She’s got the stuff that Presidents are made of - that is true leadership - community above self maddow Love AOC. maddow You go girl! AOC Leadership maddow This is the state of today's GOP. Beto & AOC have done more for Texas than CancunCruz, WhereIsCornyn, and AsinineAbbott combined. TexasCanDoBetter! The problem is Texans struggle to admit they are wrong about anything. FixItTexas

maddow Please be careful and stay safe. Now this is a true humanitarian. Really representing the people. Not tryna escape to thaw oneself in a sunny Cancun. maddow Excellent maddow $4,000,000 total. maddow $4 million+ maddow Here's another sample of AOC's big mouth: maddow Texas politicians don't want their power grid tied into the rest of the country so they can avoid regulations. When their grid screws up THEY should pay the price, not all Americans.

maddow This is what a decent human being looks like not one that runs off on holiday when their state is in need. Republicans sniffing Donald trump butt , meanwhile democrats are sharpen up their🔪 for midterm elections 2022 . its going to be sting big time . maddow Hope she flips off the “retweeter-can” while she’s down there!!! Good for her & her humanity! Just like Beto & EVERYONE lending assistance during this disaster!!!

maddow Over $4million maddow AOC refuses to condemn terrorist attack on ICE facility - shootout left attacker dead. RepAOC: 'Marginalized people have no choice but to riot.' Like I say Republicans are like those empty tin cans. All noise. 😂🤗😅 She rocks. maddow Kinda makes you proud to be a Dem, eh?

Well... I hope it goes to those who need it! maddow That’s really terrific maddow The world's most dangerous place - between AOC and an NBC camera. Here's her REAL legacy - driving New Yorkers out of their city (and state): 'One MILLION people have fled NYC and the tri-state area - NJ, CT and LI - in the last nine years.'

maddow Yep. Will they still say it is her fault I’m ready to vote for her on a presidential ticket just saying. I am ready. maddow Thank you Jesus for a real Political Concern Person Sc36446048Mona Well done AOC...❤️❤️❤️ Meanwhile Cruz was busy to move himself and his family with Police escort to the airport with final destination Cancun, leaving his dog Snowflake at home in the cold. He doesn't care for his pet. Nor his fellow Texans.

maddow So pleased that she’s showing her human side. It's at more then $3 million. Republicans be like, who needs $3 million dollars? maddow That’s what a leader looks like. Without government involvement I so LOVE this woman! maddow That’s the difference between a Democrat who cares and republican who says he cares

JoeMcNallyPhoto Awesome, good for her. maddow How much has FlyingTed raised? JoeMcNallyPhoto how much has Fled Cruz raised? maddow Oportunista maddow Ocacio , Beautiful Thing maddow She’ll be President one day. maddow Best way to “fight” back! maddow $3.2M maddow Interesting thought here: Everyone GOP hates her & would rather die than help her. So the people who donated to help Texas (Virulently Red State) are Democrats. Instead of FU Texas, it was 'How can I help people who need it, regardless of Political Affiliation.

maddow Great production, a humanitarian good mix with news bites seen around the world. This was truly a great show with the added benefit of illustrating what a NY House member can do better than a Texas Senator. Cruz fails again but no worry Texas will overlook as the Lone Star state maddow I hope AOC never gets tired of making fools out of republicans

maddow Thank you so much AOC! We need you down here. Our state leaders are useless! 😭😭😭 maddow Cc: tedcruz maddow Russia will hack all of it away before it is sent. They control everything now. Thank you Rachel Maddow for your bravery exposing Putin every night maddow Money where her mouth is at least! What did tedcruz do? Vacationed

maddow $3.2 million last I heard. maddow Less than 24 hours later over $4,000,000 has been raised for Texas at this amazing woman's leadership. maddow 3 million maddow She is so sexy. Actually $4 million now... aoc aoc helptexas maddow How much did TedCruzCoward raise? maddow Hey, tedcruz, what have you done to help Texans during the freeze? The pandemic? Ever?

maddow Shoot, I need to speak with her! I am 13k from being completely debt free....Help me AOC! She is a fucking superstar and that’s just the best way to describe her!! May God bless her and the state of Texas with her efforts maddow Patriot HumblePublicServant CountryOverParty Selfless DecentHumanBeing NYstrong ThankYouAOC TexasStrong

maddow She's a hero, at least she's mine. If 20% of her colleagues had the heart/brain/selflessness to get in there and get their hands dirty and do even just a fraction of this, well we'd be in a much better place wouldn't we? 💕 to AOC It’s up to $4 million now maddow 👏👏👏 maddow now at $4 Million!

Leadership. maddow Please update this story. It is more that 3.2 million now maddow It's up to 4 mil now maddow Thank you AOC, from Houston, TX. maddow Shame on her. She is just doing that to shame Ted Cruz. (*Sarcasm font*) sujata_NY 4 million $$$ now ☺️ Trump took joy in ridiculing AOC, here she's doing somthing to help Texas. With his huge clout to do better, he has done nothing, choosing to be quite in comfort instead whilst his followers suffer, it's true what has been said about him, that he has little time for his followers

Thank you AOC! Don’t listen to the haters! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 And Ted Cruz gets dunked on by AOC...again. Thanks aoc from a texan It goes to show how awesome AOC is!😘 Dallas SnowStormCrisis Helping Americans that is duty of elected officials no party pettiness - Bout time she did something constructive

Gee SenTedCruz could you at least say thank you to AOC DonaldJTrumpJr want to rethink your comment that it is the governor’s problem and no senator should get involved. Seems GregAbbott_TX and Costello could take a little of his donations from oil/gas to help out. Is she gonna work hand in hand with Cancun Ted?

and tedcruz spends tax payer dollars on a trip to Cancun during a statewide crisis. Don't you just hate socialism! Imagine! Doing nice things for others in another state? What was she thinking about? Why didn't she just go on vacation in Mexico? Oh wait! That's what republicans do! lifepath23 Remind me, what did tedcruz do again

3 million now can we get a substantial intermission between political theater acts? Make that 3 million. She doesn’t bring Guns and Bullets , she doesn’t bring Hate and Looney Tunes,, She brings Hope. Swear an Oath to that instead of a letter Q and your a WINNER! StuCrew86 Here you go, champ. In our little hypothetical scene you’re a junior Fla. Rep. struggling to win Medicare For All etc. in Congress & WH. Texas happens. Can you also raise $2mil AND handle people calling you liar b/c you still hadn’t passed M4A yet? I’d vote for you👍🏽

To all the Cruise defenders who snapped back with what couldʻve he had done? She's planning on running for President when she grows $3.2 million. Fix the story. Hope Texans know how lucky they are in this bad time for the help of New Yorkers like AOC. “But but what do you expect tedcruz to do? He can’t do much.” Yet AOC helped fundraise more than $3M from hundreds of miles away.

Is she bring it in the suitcase? More than that Canadian born Senator from Texas. Ella tiene sus méritos, no todo se trata de hablar y hablar en el Congreso. It's almost like she gives a shit about human suffering, bizarre. AOC a typical “socialist” thinking of others and sending aid Texans when she should be off to Cancun with CancunCruz to get away from chilly New York! Who would want “socialists” like AOC running the country when we could have greedy GOP like SenTedCruz and HawleyMO!

sowell_matthew Bravo AOC! Bravo BetoORourke! You guys are what we need in the world right now. You are a hero 🌹🌹🌹🌹bless you 🙏🏼☃️ What’s “occasional cortex” going to do? AOC is a real leader 💪❤️ Where in the world is Rafael? Probably should have raised that for people in her district. Always On Camera gotta be on camera.

More than 3 million. She needs to.Her fault The Republicans say she is the problem. CBSMMiller She is the truth The future of the Democratic Party. Being a good Catholic: helping the people from the State that you know hates you the most, and that are likely to keep on hating you even after you have helped them. Kudos Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. USCCB AOC Pontifex Pontifex_it JamesMartinSJ CNN FoxNews

Govt officials always slow the response down, due to security. Donate to the non profits that have boots on the ground. Some non profits have partnerships with businesses to get truckloads of supplies to people who need help. Pick one, donate. small1ldy1 As of 1:09 pm today, she’s raised over 3 million.

Hey SenTedCruz , this is what a real leader does!!!! Photo op She must have gotten back from Cancun on an earlier flight and gotten right to work! SenTedCruz tedcruz heidiscruz What did you do for the people of Texas while they were going through a crisis of no heat, not water, empty store shelves? Oh, you weren’t there. I see. Deplorable.

That’s wonderful! We love someone who walks the walk!!! I see what AOC doing 😏👀 lol she's going to take it and put it in pockets of politicians selected by her and it will do nothing to help anyone in Texas. I'm not a fan of AOC or her politics but I will high five anyone that helps people in need. How about taking about this in the context of unity. Instead of framing unity as bowing to Republican failed policies.

I ❤️this woman Emolclause Thank you AOC! Emolclause OK, now, THIS is a leader and a HERO! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Go AOC you are the one. That’s probably $2,000,000 more that Cruz has. More support honey.....they shouldn't be so low. She is wiping the floor with Cruz. Love it! $3.2M and still going. Don't let the mistake and disappointment of the past control and direct your future, If you really need a legit opportunity that pays you up to $6000 within a week and $1950 daily Ask me how. Clear your debts today. Ask me how or Inbox me!!!...

Emolclause Admirable leader! Зря она такое богатство прячет Emolclause Hey tedcruz , how much money have you personally raised for Texas since the storm? tedcruz SenTedCruz 😂 Indeed! The GOP has failed the state and their constituents. I am also blaming the Democrat-run cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin for failing their people as well. This was truly a collective failure of BOTH parties. They should have done better.

I didn’t go to Cancun, and I’m not even from Texas Great job Alex, this is the type of representative we need in thecapitol not the fat cats That work for votes and special interest. Yeah baby! She is selling partisan “unity” while Gronk level spiking the football on the most vile elected member of the GOP. This is what America politics is all about, good form Congresswoman.

Great job Rep.Ocasio Cortez Conservatives tried to use the Texas disaster to slam AOC and the Green New Deal. And what does she do? She raises $2 million to help the state. AOC is stacked! I bet not one Republican from the State of Texas has thanked her either. This is called being a leader and serving others!

she shouldn't raise a damn penny for that state let alone millions. she definitely shouldn't be putting herself at risk by traveling and dealing w the masses and physically showing up to put the actual work in herself. nope nope NO. let Republicans help their red ass state Hero billie4short1 The political party of an Angel is called P.U.L. which stands for Party of Unconditional Love. Thank you, AOC you're an angel 😇 ! P.U.L. together!

She is a literal saint,, the United States dont deserve such grace This money went to ActBlue which is not a government agency. It's the Democratic Party, which is not where people get their safety and assistance from in the US.