Antonio Brown Accused of Raping Former Trainer, Denies Allegation

Antonio Brown Accused of Raping Former Trainer, Lawsuit Filed


Antonio Brown Accused of Raping Former Trainer, Lawsuit Filed

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed against the Patriots star.

Brown admits there was a"consensual personal relationship" between the two -- acknowledging the accuser came to his home on multiple occasions ... including a late night visit just 10 days after the alleged 2018 rape.

is being sued by a woman who claims the New England Patriots star WR sexually assaulted and raped her during 3 separate encounters ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by

Taylor claims the first incident occurred at Brown's home in Pittsburgh and the second incident occurred at Brown's home in Florida.

Taylor claims Brown begged her to continue training him -- and after initial hesitation, she ultimately agreed.

In the suit, the woman claims she screamed and cried throughout the entire incident -- repeatedly shouting"no" and"stop."

In her suit, Taylor claims she met Antonio Brown while they were both student athletes at Central Michigan University where they participated in a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group.

She also wants punitive damages -- though she does not specify an amount.

"I will cooperate with the NFL and any other agencies; however, at this time, I respectfully request that the media please respect my privacy."

Brown recorded a phone conversation with head coach Jon Gruden -- who didn't see, to know he was being recorded -- and posted it on social media.

Read more: TMZ

Good.. DMX...TROUBLED MAN or damn fool 🍺🤑 Where has she been all this time 🤔 Y'all making it too obvious that y'all are mad AF this man smfh. Try better, or how about dont try at all damn Figures And the circus continues with the clown known as AB The English language should also sue for the assault Antonio Brown put it through with those emails.

This shit dont seem right.. AMAZING, I tell you smfh. Huge reason as to why I boycott.NFL would never get my ratings foh No police report ever filed, and she kept coming back for more. If he divorces his wife like she likely wanted, they'd still be sleeping together. He didn't and this is the consequences.

Contract rape want some of that money

Antonio Brown Could Go Up And Away With Patriots — Or Land On Solid GroundThere is no middle ground with Antonio Brown. But the New England Patriots, who signed the unpredictable All-Pro wide receiver to a one-year deal Saturday, will look to find it. Duh. Cut/replace AB with Randy Moss

GerryCallahan Please dear God in heaven these rumors of this degenerate moving into Tom Brady's house must be sheer madness. DO NOT let this madman anywhere near Vivian Lake Brady. Operation get him outta here is in full effect.... That didn't take long. Bullshit... He is a pig of a man Another woman who just wants money by making up a false accusation.

I have 5 sisters and a daughter so I’m not trying to be insensitive, but I must ask how does someone gets sexually assaulted on 3 separate occasions by the same person 🤔 Interesting metoo

Jerry Rice Says Antonio Brown 'Played' the Raiders, 'He Won an Oscar'Jerry Rice thinks Antonio Brown played the Raiders like a fiddle ... Accurate. 100% true Man that was some BS, idc how anyone tries to justify it... Karma coming

Unfortunately he has to prove his innocence more than her proving she was attacked. He maybe guilty but he’s also an easy target due to his poor attitude It's funny out only came out after he signed with the Patriots, and even funnier that she went back after the first incident, and after he wouldn't 'donate' or invest $1.6 million into her company . She needs to find another way to get money because she ain't getting any here..

😂😂 Well this should be an interesting conversation at practice today. Money grab fanfuss They fuccing with him... 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 If he secretly recorded her too Will this ever stop with AB?

Raiders Release Antonio Brown And Las Vegas Reacts With Week 1 Line MovesThe drams and mercurial behavior of Antonio Brown is over in Oakland. The Raiders released Brown Saturday, and the Patriots immediately signed him to a 1-year contract. Las Vegas bookmakers adjusted Monday's Raiders-Broncos game making Denver a 2.5-point favorite. More Week 1 lines and adjustments. There's no way to know. sex porn 🏚😪 BkpBfK1

Why can't we all just agree 90% of the nfl is thugs and only thugs. Michael_Fabiano Wow, drama following AB,who knew, color me surprised. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 This seems suspicious and convenient. He signs new deal and boom 💥 now he’s a rapist 😐 Fire him! The timing tho .. hmmm 3 times wow 😮

Shit. Really? Here we go 🤦🏾‍♂️all because that man doesn’t want to play for Oakland

Bill Belichick Loves Antonio Brown; He’s Basically Said As Much For YearsBill Belichick is a liar. The New England Patriots head coach in a conference call with reporters Monday predictably was asked about Antonio Brown, the all-everything receiver the Patriots reported… NESN Even enough to tamper to get him. NESN Bellacheat will love anyone that can get him to another Superbowl. NESN It's up to TMZ. This was planned find the dirt. Hire the hackers and expose. Lol

Karma But she kept coming back🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Boy his karma bit him HARD ... mikebeavtaylor Boy oh boy stop with the BS why now because they want the bag All the drama he been in about to bring other drama out the closets now smh.....should've stayed quiet in Pitt.

Carson Palmer Craps All Over Antonio Brown to Pats, 'I Don't Like the Fit''Once you create that monster ...' He doesn’t have to like it...Bellichuck and Brady do i dont like his hair Lol Carson who?

couldn't happen to a nicer guy. This seems like an absolute bullshit story. He had anger issues. I guess he never was taught that no means NO! 💩 Money grab And he’s staying with Tom Brady 🤔 Something something something something just ain’t right in my KEITH SWEAT voice Yikes no wonder he wanted out of the Raiders GL Pats fans

Wow is he in Epstein's black book also the Elite

Why Skip Bayless Isn’t Sure Antonio Brown Will Last With PatriotsAntonio Brown’s 2019 season originally was supposed to see the star wide receiver lead the charge in trying to restore glory to a once-great franchise. Now, Brown is just another cog in the w… NESN We will be taking bets on how long until he is in the unemployment line claiming to be a victim. We hear ya devil NESN Which means he retires a Pat. Lol NESN Skip Bayless just needs to retire....

Wow His career is over. WTH? Why do men have to rape women? It’s practically free. True sickness. Freakin dog! Subscribe💜Subscribe☺️You can win a prize 🎁 The ghost of Al Davis is bringing the karma, hot and heavy! NFL is like Girl bye Extorted you mean How you jack off behind someone without them knowing

Slarko Neech5150

.....he misunderstood. He didnt last two days without his 💩💩💩 Why is anyone questioning the timing ? He was worth more $ a week ago AB being a jerk...again Rape me once shame on you, rape me twice shame on me, rape me three times...I'm just looking for some money, fifteen minutes of fame and publicity.

Stupid is as stupid does Fake news Omg wtf thank God the Raiders got rid of that dude!

Hey AB84 you are a scumbag POS. 🖕 This guy is a handsome, multi-millionaire, with a huge penis. I doubt he has to resort to rape to get laid. DonDadaVL Cap She’s been exposed already. Y’all late ESPNLasVegas Didn’t incarceratedbob have this story like a week ago? Hmm interesting. They big mad about the finesse they had to resort to these accusations wow

Not sure she has much of a case. Went back a third time after being sexually assaulted twice? If she was raped upon the third visit she should have immediately gone to police. 🤷🏽‍♂️ When it rains it pours GerryCallahan

Mother fucccccNN karma 😈😈 I am not saying he is guilty or not guilty but Can everyone please stop using the phrase “forcible rape!” As if there is any other kind! Tom Brady has Antonio brown living in his house as a sexual predator. Exactly the type of guy you want a few doors down from Giselle’s shower.

Jerking off on to someone’s back IS NOT rape. Lock him up! He probably learned everything he knows from Big Ben Annnnnnnd he’s not free again... It's a money grab by her Yeah, I’m gonna need to see some facts first. Hahahahah 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

BORuizTweets I can't stand this fool. At the same time, I don't believe none of these allegations. The timing of all this is suspicious in itself. How to bring down a black man; accuse him of rape Antonio “Blow it on ya” brown GerryCallahan So convenient all these women file civil charges against these rich athletes and don’t want these supposed “rapists” off the streets so they couldn’t hurt another woman. If you go civil and not criminal the case should automatically be dropped

SMH Michael_Fabiano Atlantasportguy This guy needs to take a break. thug Ok ....wait, wait. Wait....he raped her 3 times?! Listen I'm not victim blaming but I'm genuinely curious to know how it happend 3 different times?! JUST LET THE MAN PLAY FOOTBALL🥺🤙🏽

Another rape accusation KnicksCentral We don’t give no shits about AB Lol imagine coming out about your rape and everyone on the internet calls you a liar . Because someone who plays football can’t possibly be a rapist, right? BigLoo42 LMAOOO chiefs winning Sb now Kidd_Allah Accused is not the same thing as Convicted. Lets not besmirch the man's name anymore than he's already besmirched himself.

This couldn't have waited until at least week 8, leading into 9? Knock on wood if you’re with me😂😂😂 Oh my!! 😳 Season 6 episode 1 of 'Ballers' Oh my God. This dude is a fvckin mess

Marc_Bertrand Career over The timing of it all, though... The league wants him out and now. Sickening Non story, from college days what took her so long... Damn they trying to end that mans career Huh-oh?!?! 😳👀 is business boomin' now?!?! 😂😂😂😂 FAKE NEWS

Bradyyou don’t know this dude to have him in your home around your family while you’re away playing ball. wonder if he wore his helmet? Business is boomin’? Michael_Fabiano Fabs couldn’t wait to retweet this AB says “God’s plan!” Why because they play in Miami this next Sunday!!! My face when I saw this Left with more questions than answers as always in these cases.

AB is a little freak . Painting backs Is this guy for real? Me: *inserts AB into fantasy lineup* One hour later: *aaaand it’s gone”

GerryCallahan If AB's lawyer's statement is to be believed this case will last about 10 seconds. Woman drove (by herself) from TN to AB's house in FL arriving at 2am. This was *10 days after the supposed assault* Oh Lordy. Obviously him denying everything and making her out to be a gold digger is standard protocol but wow if this is true, he's fuuuuucked...

Im sorry but if I were raped, Id not stop fighting until my rapist was in prison rotting! Money would never even enter my mind! The safety of all other women would be my priority! This accusation is bullshit! Big 🧢 Michael_Fabiano The difference now. FuckAB

TheSAFERbarrier I don't even watch football and I'm tired of hearing about this guy. TomBrady Patriots Great pickup... realDonaldTrump was soooo right about the media, they're evil.... I didn't wants to do it, but I believe he'll be getting my vote next year.. No question the next for years will be pure hell for the facilitators of false accusers. When is a good time to accuse a man of rape?😨

Wtffff She an old Memphis thug ho nail his azz send him back to a popeyes grill nflcommish Karma... Just bcuz AB is an asshat doesnt mean hes a rapist ffs! I hope a false accusation is never made against your son, or brother or Dad! God be with you if it is!

Don't rape any women name Karma! She is a BAD BITCH 😂 And isnt it interesting this woman wants money! Not AB in jail for rape! Hmmmm sorry but that right there tells me this is absolute bullshit! Its the same shit as what happened to Big Ben! And here ppl are bringing his name in to this as if he was charged and tried and convicted

Ridiculous. Even if it is true, it's her fault for continuing to work with him after the first 2 'incidents'. It's not true though, she is just a salty side-chick who is mad that he cut ties with her. Now allegations on Antonio brown do they want more money out of him he wanted out of Oakland now this

Shit has to stop...... Huhhhhhhhhh? Its very chilling that we are now at a place in this country where a woman just has to say a guy raped her and the ppl on social media and everywhere else start a witch hunt on the accused. An accusation is not proof of 1 damn thing! We are innocent until proven guilty!

1053SS 😂😂😂 That's odd

I call bs on this... The timing of it all... I’m Shocked Lol..TMZ is the National Inquirer 2K Oh lawd what's next with this man 🤦 I’m not an AB fan . This is crazy tho . So the woman let him rape her 3 times . Was she a hostage ? If this happened why would you continue to be around someone that raped you once ? Why wait till now ? He had money then .

Now y’all playing with this man life! He going to be Finals MVP Michael_Fabiano HE MOVED LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND GOT STUNG LIKE “AB”. 😅😅😅 The Accusations sound wacky. TheAutumnWind80 FuckAbFuckAbFuckAb

First question I have... was the trainer female, male, gender fluid aka unspecified? MeToo RedMamba707 All you people saying let's wait and see are the same ones saying Tyeek should be banished for life before the investigation ever concluded. Them double standards Hmmm, the timing of the accusation seems pretty fucking suspect.

ALL we need is the accuser's name to be is Malik Yoba and the cipher is complete I wonder if New England can cut Brown and owe him nothing like Oakland did. He would then go 30 million guaranteed to 15 million guaranteed to zero. Have fun with that one Patriots Fake. So why wasn’t this already mentioned why wait till he’s on the pats

Imagine Being a white man sticking up for him when he refers to you as cracker🤣🤣🤣🤣PATHETIC

Liar When they want u they want u and they going make sure they get u Lets wait and see what facts come out on this. The fact the woman is going right for the money says a lot to me though as a woman. Just sayin The key to a good accusation is timing. One missed beat, and the media won't bite. PlaysOfTheWeek mono_molina ya valió AB

Woman or man? Good lord Antonio. Please donate your brain to CTE research tomorrow Antonio Clown First he's accused of being a trader now this. Get off this man's back bruh! christnemaddela Wow, what timing!

Make what you will of this. 1053SS He fits right in with the Patriots Fake. She just money hungry 😋 TheAutumnWind80 🤷🏽‍♂️ Lol Nah I don't believe this one Of course. This sounds like someone trying to extort money from him. I can guarantee that if someone raped me I would not go back to their home 3 more times, post pictures of us on FB. 15 minutes of fame is never a good look.

Bro wtf 👀 We knew it was coming. Hope he has evidence to prove he didn't do it because THEY have already convicted this outspoken uppity BLACK MAN smh What did he expect after all the games he was playing with the Raiders it ain't going to be that easy AB84 Patriots Garbage vvwhat a POS. What is coming tomorrow There is more I am sure

Michael_Fabiano Broke the news last week! Damn AB they trying to get you bad, now you a rapeist after all this time🤷🤦🤔so you make big moves that alot of folks didn't like so Britney Taylor all of a sudden after 3times finally say you rape her..smh!

.-. I thought everything was going good for Antonio brown .-. Special rules for special fools When we black men start winning, they always come for us. They seem to always come for us on a sexual charge. So she’s been raped for 2 yrs and just now saying something. I’m getting tired of this American playbook.

So she willingly went back to his house after he raped her? Apparently this is from his legal team .. UPDATE .. SremmLifeIsaiah I guess the raiders did a perfect decision letting him go we don’t look as bad Mexican_Skittle Is the attorney handling this case Avenatti Just wondering. Go Pats Why does she come back after the first time? How does she have a man standing behind her jacking off till he buys?

I'm no AB fan but the story is clearly ridiculous and a blatant money grab.

Of course. Let’s ruin a niggas career cuz I’m a hater She says she wants compensation. Damn a police report. MrBigChest Is this ever gona stop. Oh here we go 🙄 PlaysOfTheWeek 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AB84 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Money chaser Michael_Fabiano Buh-bye now

They coming for him now. Mamba Mentality 🐍 SilverBlack2Day This guy is one sick dude! AB84 BattleToadsJimy he can’t get it together Pats fans told me I’m horrible for supporting Tyreek. Can’t wait till they defend this guy Just when u thought it could not get any worse and can only go up🤡 Welp.... this is all I can say about that....

This is crazy...

GodsPlan RaiderNation Boomin LMFAO stop y’all really trying the most Damn, karma comes fast. He and Robert Kraft have more in common than one may have thought! Patriots AB84 He is a piece of crap. And I’m not surprised. That’s what those people do. harb2g This guy is a non-stop shit show lol I’m reading this article.... and she still engaged him after the first and second time?

Wow, great timing! What a coincidence!

malachizoutlook Yall got the text messages? Lmfaooo patriots fans spent all summer virtue signaling just for their team to sign a rapist 😂😂 Karma is a He’s never in the new for something good or positive. I’m convinced he’s a menace to his own demise Guy needs help shekosaiko No police called no police report, I’ll pass

Colin_Engel60 I hope he still has his toe tapping moves in prison otherwise there will be one less tight end in lockup!

Unfortunately this idiot might get away with it, hope not. Imagine Tom Brady right now. He just invited this guy to live with him in his house with his wife and kids😬 this guy should just be out of the league already. himtoo Antonio browns a shitty person Who would have thought MeadowbrookRoad Michael_Fabiano Pats fans rn

Got damn LIES!!! Andrew Luck: I’m gonna be a big deal this offseason. AB: Hold my prescriptions. If this man has Text messages saying he raped this woman and it wasn’t consensual and he feels bad. I can’t ride with AB but he’s gonna need to be proven guilty. They did this to my man Kobe too.

Marc_Bertrand CurtiAntony His Patriots career may be shorter than his Raiders one! How did they end up in the bed. Was that a training session? Lmaooo yeah he raped us raider fans too Turns out Jon Gruden was the victim in all 3 incidents. antoniobrown Her name is Britney Taylor? Sounds made up. AND jus like that DONE He's done!(far as football)Regardless of innocent b4 guilty...

Should have stayed a raider where that’s legal

Yikes TomBrady is it awkawrdly quiet in the house right now? Its hard to believe that anyone that says it happened 3 times... I have never been raped or sexually assaulted. But I feel like I would never be around that person again. I would find a reason after the first time. Not just continue on like it was normal.

Marc_Bertrand Glad this is happening now before he suits up. Maybe Tom Brady DOESN'T want AB hanging around his house afterall! incarceratedbob good call man All of these stories sound the same. As much as he hates Big Ben...he sure wants to be like him 🤦🏽‍♀️ hopefully it’s not true Let me guess its a white woman.... Lmaooo.. The idiots never learn

YES!!! Karma gonna get this loser Lmao this dude Marc_Bertrand These were old old incidents.. so wtf VT_3LL0 UrinatingTree Let me get my 🍿 and 🍵.. The fantasy football gods really don't want me to play him in fantasy football this year We went far too long without any AB News

What a upholding citizen 👍 Ban him for life now He’s a dbag. But she kept training him after 1,2,3 incidents and then didnt go to the cops. She just wants money? I call bs and I hate the dude Uh oh AB84 AB84 sounds like trouble incarceratedbob 👀 edgraney This fukking guy... In the words of Shaggy: 'it wasn't me!'

Go Patriots

Boom. And there it is.

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