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Anti-vaxxers use Colin Powell's death to cast false doubt on COVID vaccine

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10/22/2021 4:18:00 PM

Opinion | Cynical ghouls are falsely casting doubt on the vaccines because older, immunocompromised vaccinated people died of COVID . By anthonyLfisher

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

But retired Hall of Fame NBA player Charles Barkley isn't having it. Visibly groaning as his fellow TNT broadcaster Kenny Smith said he had empathy for Irving's plight, Barkley replied,"You don't get the vaccine for yourself, you get it for other people."

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Sir Charles also brusquely shunted aside comparisons of Irving to Muhammad Ali, who was stripped of his heavyweight titles when he refused being drafted into the US Army during the Vietnam War. "Ali went three years without boxing when he was the highest-paid athlete in the world. [Irving's] gonna make $17 million for sitting at home," Barkley said. 

We need more of this.Vaccine resisters can claim whatever specious and shortsighted argument they want — religious exemption, fear of experimental technology, or belief in debunked theories about vaccines causing sterility (catching COVID, however, is a

major threatto reproductive ability).But they shouldn't be lionized, because while it is a personal choice, choosing not to get the shot is also an inherently selfish one. Thanks to the never-vaxx contingent in this exceptionally wealthy country — which has had access to free, safe vaccines before much of the planet has had the opportunity — we are frustratingly dragging in the race toward making COVID endemic and less-life threatening. That would be, in essence, the end of the pandemic. 

And as long as substantial pockets of the population continue to refuse the vaccine, COVID will continue to spread and the virus will have greater opportunities to evolvemore transmissible or vaccine-resistantvariants. Older people and immunocompromised people don't deserve to live in greater danger for no intelligent reason. But some are still going to die of COVID, even if they're vaccinated. 

The people casting doubt on the vaccine's effectiveness because an old veteran suffering from cancer died of COVID complications are contributing to vaccine resistance. They're not just"bravely asking questions the mainstream won't." They're cynical ghouls.

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anthonyLfisher Mainstream media hasn't helped with framing stories about 'fully vaccinated dying of COVID' and not mentioning the profound co-morbidities. Of the dozen or so reports about Sec Powell's demise, 2 or 3 included his cancer immunocompromise. anthonyLfisher It looks like 70% of healthy people are immuncompromised.

anthonyLfisher BS....Powel died from fighting Multiple Myonoma for three years along with Parkinsons. He never had any symptoms of C-19 --he just tested positive (everybody does because it is just the flu) He is COUNTED as a C-19 death because that fits the narrative forced on us. anthonyLfisher Um, correction. Not just older immunocompromised vaccinated people. In Las Vegas there was a HS athlete that had high hopes of getting a football scholarship, took the vaccine and now not only does he have life threatening heart complications, but can't play football anymore.

anthonyLfisher 观点|愤世嫉俗的食尸鬼错误地对疫苗表示怀疑,因为年龄较大、免疫功能低下的接种者死于新冠病毒。作者anthonyLfisher anthonyLfisher 'Ghouls'? They're people. Tone down the language. Both sides in this country are awful to each other.

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