Covid-19, Eric Clapton

Covid-19, Eric Clapton

Anti-Vax Hypocrite Eric Clapton Breaks Own Vow, Plays Venue With Vaccine Mandate

Musician who swore never to play a vaccine-mandate show goes ahead and does just that in New Orleans

9/20/2021 7:10:00 PM

Anti-vax hypocrite Eric Clapton has broken his own vow never to play a concert that requires vaccines

Musician who swore never to play a vaccine-mandate show goes ahead and does just that in New Orleans

Clapton made his grand proclamation against vaccine mandates in July, shortly after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that vaccine passes would be required to enter nightclubs and venues in the U.K. “Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021 I feel honor-bound to make an announcement of my own,” he wrote. “I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.”

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Slow. . . .brain? BRENNA EHRLICH, who do you think you are? Cocaine is expensive. Rolling Stone is washed up and not relevant anymore. How does it feel to be rolling stone magazine ? ? The venue literally has a provision that allows testing an option for those not vaccinated. You know that provision he wanted made for all people to attend in his quote you provided. That's it. the only hypocrisy here is calling this journalism.

Written in true bigoted fashion. Remember you guys lied about a rape? God can change his mind anytime he wants to lol How about an article explaining and apologizing for the fake news ivermectin story? Junk rag. I didn’t know Clapton was anti-vax. What the fuck?!?

Eric Swalwell says J6 rally like holding 9/11 vigil for the hijackersRepresentative Eric Swalwell said: 'Radical Republicans are celebrating cop killers and terrorists at the U.S. Capitol.' Why are there so many angry and dissatisfied Caucasians, in our country? God I love this dude - A Republican conservative Republican who tells it like it is - it's unfortunate he does not have a future in the party because the party has been taken over by people who think ( Jewish space lasers cause California wildfires) - and SATAN I meant weirdos. On anniversary of 9/11 Trump kiss up to cops in New York ..A week later he support cop killers.

But did he do Layla... Money talks Rolling Stones--What happen to the old Rolling Stones I used to know! Shameful Gaslighters! Brenna Erlich should be ashamed for writing this article. Rolling Stone has lost it! Totally disenchanted with celebrity anti vaxers. People’s negative reactions and comments to are straight up ridiculous. Go check yourself, folks and attempt to use your brain.

I vow never to see Clapton in concert again. Aint gonna break That. Tss. You can call him hypocrite in an opinion article, but not in a news headline. Be kind Rolling Stone Magazine ♥️ The man had a horrible experience with the vaccine. Is he not allowed to have an opinion or change his mind? So are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris anti-vax hypocrites?

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😳 vanmorrison At least he made it …. checks notes….. a few weeks. Lol. That’s still pretty good for him - probably more restraint than he showed with friends’ wives. Or anywhere near a bag of cocaine. Great man and Amazing musician. And he's right about the shoots too! if you read your own article you would know that your headline is a lie.

FIXED IT: 'Anti-vax, hypocrite, immoral, dollar-worshipping, and overrated musician Eric Clapton...' I don’t know which intern is posting this tweets 🗑🚮 It’s all about the benjamins Smoothie King isn’t the name of a musical venue, it’s the main arena in town. And Eric plays what in your eyes is a safer show and gets criticized for that too?

He's just playing that grumpy old man card, now.

Protestors March Against Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes in Brooklyn - PAPERIn a prominent Puerto Rican neighborhood in the heart of Bushwick, a large congregation of protestors gathered in front of 1559 Broadway on Wednesday, September 8. This bodega was the location where two men were recently stabbed. Abimbola Adelaja and his friend were inside when they were violently attacked by several men and called anti-gay slurs.

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AC/DC sang it well, “MONEY TALKS” Who could have ever guessed that the guy who said this on stage is an awful human being? …hypocrites do make good music I suppose. Money changes everything... Money can alter a lot of principles. No difference between what he said and providing a negative test at all is there?!?!?!

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He lost all credibility when he released Layla unplugged. An abomination. He has memory issues I suspect Sapa is real. Are people paying money to watch this old codger play the same 3 blues licks for 2 hours? A once respected publication, now an embarrassment ridiculous Money talks. Money talks to the old fart

Is keith Richards vaccinated DAYUM tell us how you really feel Rolling Stone :)

Stop shaming anti-vaxxers, let's counter their arguments insteadOpinion | Making fun of anti-vaxxers who died of COVID-19 is a dark indication that we've all surrendered to the disease. By AShihipar AShihipar AShihipar I have plenty of sympathy for those who were brainwashed/conned/groomed to believe in wild conspiracy theories (often donating money to suspect causes and buying dodgy cures etc) but if someone spends their life trying to endanger others, my sympathy level is slim to none. Sorry. AShihipar good luck

He’s toast 🤣 At first I thought this was all about Trump until I read the caption again. Like praying for the vaccine after getting sick. If he will only make an Anti-acoustic pledge and get back to what he does best Goede muzikant, vreselijke jager, domme antivaccer. It’s shocking that money may seem to overcome stupidity….while the stupid guy who takes the money remains stupid,

You’re obviously obsolete Is this like you covering events where the help wears masks and no one else does Eric Clapton is a guy who plays guitar really well and that seems to be the end of his redeeming qualities.

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You guys throwing shade and I’m here for that This guy? What about the Oklahoma gunshot victims? Won’t anyone think about them? Fairly predictable. 😷😴😴 O sea que no nomás tiene la mano lenta... También el entendimiento. Qué decepción. No sabía que era tan bruto. 😒 Remember when Rolling Stone was relevant? Pepperidge farms remembers...